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  1. Sorry SJH, but these 2 are so good together https://www.instagram.com/p/CFq0G3QJ7yX/
  2. By the way, I guess she blocked a pretty view with her left hand. I'm sure, her fan-boy was disappointed
  3. I was sure, that he was there, but now we have evidence. hehe. I just hope, that victory contents will never let us die from hunger
  4. he was in his own outfit, so he just came to see her. It's obvious.
  5. We can't forget, that Woo Joo is in danger just because she is Chairwoman granddaughter. She tried to kill her when she was a baby and she could try to do it now. So it's better for Ji Min to find out the truth faster, so they both could protect the girl.
  6. It's a win-win deal. And I'm sure, that his (and all other actors) career was affected by covid19. So his participation in a new show is a good thing.
  7. I never thought, that in-laws actions could be judged as non-supportive. Not only Se Mi was in pain.
  8. @victorycontents deleted their post with this BTS everywhere. What's going on?
  9. But I thought, that police should investigate who called them. If it's true, then why she decided to return to him now? To become miserable once again? And I don't think, that Ji Min forced her to so it.
  10. Ok, I'm in. And my first question is: who called the police? Eun Soo passed out, her husband was dead, so who? And the next question is: why Se Mi agreed to divorce Ji Min? That one mistake (as she still thinks so) wasn't enough reason to agree.
  11. In comments @victorycontents promised BTS video with DH as Dan on Monday.
  12. yes, it was that episode. But in preview for episode 4 I found interesting scene So, they used that dress even in preview, but in the episode they used red dress. Strange mistake. New bts video. I think, he wanted to grab SJH hand like he always did https://www.instagram.com/p/CE_b5s4pUCx/
  13. Yes, this outfit I recognized, but the rest... But maybe the filmed with different outfits for posters. Just like they did in the scene with red dress. We can see DH in a different dress in that scene in a trailer.
  14. new mystery from @victorycontents https://www.instagram.com/p/CE8ud4dJHbL/ I cant remember this outfits. Any ideas?
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