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  1. Hello to everyone on this forum. I'm looking forward to this drama. I became a Jung Il Woo fan through "Haechi" and I haven't seen him in anything else since then. I mean, I know he had this recent drama set in modern times where he played a chef but I prefer him in historical dramas. Would anyone know if there's already a specific date when this will be aired?
  2. Happy New Year, everyone! Here's hoping that 2021 will be a much better year for all of us. And maybe we'll even get a bit of good news from our OTP. Whatever happens, the ship hasn't sunk as far as I'm concerned, no matter how quiet they both seem to be lately. For all we know, the silence is a very good sign. They both looked very happy and content in their latest photos/videos. I just pray that the source of that happiness and contentment is each other. Keep the faith, chinggus!
  3. Here's hoping SSH and SJH would have a happy Christmas together, along with their families.
  4. Whoa. They were mirroring each other long before they even met. This must really be destiny.
  5. I don't believe in tarot card readings but this is cute. Anyway, fortune telling or no, all I have to do is look at them and their actions in their BTS and Japan interviews and I already have the answers that give me hope.
  6. Agree @huckleberrymoonriverSSH has confessed before - in SJH's own BTS clip no less - that he really likes her. And in the KNTV interview, he categorically said that she's the first one who comes to mind when asked with whom he wants to have dinner. Anyone who doubts the meaning of his words is in total denial because he was very straightforward. SJH is the one who's more reserved about her feelings, but you can still see that she doesn't reject his attentions and seems quite delighted in his company.
  7. Did you see the new BTS at Victory Contents and Dinner Couple IGs? Made me miss them so much. I can never get over how beautiful they are together!
  8. @SexyDolceVita in my opinion, if it were true that SSH had a girlfriend all this time even when they were still doing DM, he wouldn't have acted that way with SJH at all. Otherwise, that would have been irresponsible and insensitive of him. I never saw him as the kind of person who would act that way. On the other hand, I don't think SJH would have tolerated such behavior if she knew that there's a woman out there who might get hurt because of it.
  9. Hello, all! Haven't commented lately...RL and all that stuff. Anyhoo. Was quite surprised after reading recent posts here about some commenters over at IG claiming that SSH has a non-celebrity girlfriend and apparently badmouthing (?) SJH in the process. I haven't seen those comments myself in the DM-related IG accounts and posts that I regularly check out so I can't really say much about it. All I can do, like the other shippers, is stand by what I have seen SSH and SJH do and heard them say in their BTS clips, especially where SSH is concerned. @hrkharis
  10. Hi @hrkharis thank you for the detailed explanation. I'm sure they still have a lot of photos with different styles of execution that we haven't seen. But I'm sure they're all beautiful. As for me, what I look forward to are the BTS photos of them even from their photoshoots coz I know that's where their spontaneous reactions are captured.
  11. They look so prim and proper in that shot on the sofa. If I hadn't the other photos of them leaning towards each other or standing or sitting shoulder to shoulder, I would think they were just friends.
  12. @hrkharis @SexyDolceVita I hope they finally found their true love in each other. I hope the reason why their previous relationships didn't work out was because they were just meant to prepare them for each other. And maybe the reason why they stayed single for so long and suddenly found themselves immediately close to each other after only knowing one another for a very short time is because they were destined to meet each other at this point in their lives. After what we've seen in their BTS, I just can't imagine them being with anyone else anymore.
  13. @airgelaal maybe they were referring to that part of her who likes to cook. Dohee couldn't cook.
  14. After seeing clips of SJH in ILA with the subs, I'm beginning to think the reason why she remains single and unattached until now is because of the kind of woman she is. She seems very independent and knows her worth and what she wants in a relationship. She won't settle for anything less. I think her mindset is that she'd rather stay single and wait rather than enter into relationships that she's (or the guy) not fully invested in. I think that kind of independent and strong-willed mindset intimidates most of the men who want to court her. That's maybe why she and SSH hit it off. He's not i
  15. Now that is what you call CHEMISTRY. Even in photos, you can feel this thing that somehow attracts them to each other and the viewers to them.
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