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  1. Hello!!! So I'm not the only one who can't get over this series. Yesterday I decided to check out the video of their last scene at the cafe. When the opening notes of "An Ordinary Man" started to play as Lee Ji An stared at Park Dong Hoon and he stood up slowly, I felt my heart constrict. Really. It's still gives me a visceral reaction I wish that LSK and LJE team up again in an equally compelling and subtle drama. They have such beautiful chemistry, the kind that would have spawned rumors of scandals and relationships if they had been closer in age and of the same status (I.e. if both were kpop idols)
  2. @justamom so looking forward to what you can share from the script. I don't know why some people can't see the love between them.
  3. Hello everyone!!! We're all back! Been looking at the IG clips of LSK at Cannes and he looks so much younger and relaxed. He's the epitome of a Park Dong Hoon finally comfortable in his own skin. And those clips of him and LJE at the awards ceremony... Ah. Happy Dong Hoon and Ji An. I couldn't help but see Dong Hoon in the way LSK was being very solicitous towards LJE. @justamom you bought the DVD box set??? Oh wow. I would love to get that if only for those watercolor renditions of scenes of PDH and LJA walking together. I don't know why but they just evoke this very deep emotion in me. I feel both deeply melancholic yet peaceful and hopeful. This drama still gives me a lot of feels! Do they come with English translations? I really hope LSK and LJE get to work together again but let it be in a film. And let it be helmed by a director like Bong Joon-hoo.
  4. @hank marvin I watched Dong Yi too but not Jang Ok Jung's drama. But from what I've read online, King Sukjong fell in love with the lowly water maid and made her his royal consort. And among all his consorts, he had the most number of children with her. And Yeoning was his favorite son.
  5. @hahanzyy wouldn't be surprised if they had to do that. You could see that there were changes because the continuity and flow of the Yeongjo - Yeo Ji arc suffered. I felt like they just arrived at the destination (i.e. already being in love) without having gone through the journey (i.e. falling in love). I would have loved to see those moments between them. I'm pretty sure if Ara had been healthy, Yeo Ji could've still been a court lady, but she would definitely act more like a king's guard than a court lady, perhaps to Yeongjo's frustration. And she would have probably joined him whenever he stepped out of the palace, especially when he visited the Hwalinseo, to always protect him like she promised and make sure he's alright. That would have been really nice! But then, maybe if she had been healthy, her character might have been killed off in the end because they would have already spent time together as lovers. I mean, the songs were all pointing to that direction until Ara got injured. So it was probably a good thing too because they kept her character alive until the end of the drama
  6. It's been a week since this drama ended and I'm going through withdrawal. Decided to rewatch my favorite clips from different episodes to help me get over it. I'm planning to do a rewatch coz I'm discovering nuances to the storytelling that I failed to notice the first time as I was too busy taking everything in.
  7. @hahanzyy i feel you. I'm still checking out IG and Twitter for the regular updates. I wish the series were longer so there would have been time to tell all the stories that needed to be told. There are bits and pieces of behind-the-scenes clips on IG but most of them have no subtitles and they're only parts. Here's one that I found:
  8. @hulya.23_d801 Those GIFs are beautiful! I love the overall theme of those last scenes. Cherry blossoms and Yeongjo and Yeo Ji's clothes echoing the color of the blossoms. It seems to speak of hope and a new springtime, both for the kingdom of Joseon and for the two of them in particular. Of course, I love the way they smiled at each other. They just seemed so happy. @ross27 @hahanzyy I was actually quite surprised by Yeo Ji's confession. I wasn't expecting it at all. But I loved the way she did it. It was so in keeping with her character and personality: straightforward, no embellishments. She said how she felt and meant exactly what she said. If you think about it, that confession was hard-won. As compared to Moon Su and even Yeongjo, Yeo Ji isn't the emotional type. She doesn't look very comfortable expressing her feelings. So for her to admit to him that she loves him is really an indication of just how much she trusts him. So much so that she is willing to be emotionally vulnerable in front of him. And I also loved how Yeongjo reacted to her confession. He looked so humbled and grateful to her for loving him. I just wish he hugged her a bit tighter. He looked almost afraid to hold her that time.
  9. Hello @oceluna. Yeah. Park Moon Su and Yeo Ji remains one of the loose ends. If there had been more time to cover the development of Yeo Ji's feelings for Yeoning, then perhaps the issue of Moon Su's unresolved feelings for her would have been covered as well. I would have wanted to see scenes where Yeo Ji talks a lot more about Yeoning even to Moon Su and he starts to ask her what's going on with her. And he begins to notice how concerned she seems to be over Yeoning's welfare. I would even want her to have initially opened up to Moon Su about her plans to ask Yeoning to make her a court lady and that's when Moon Su starts to suspect that Yeo Ji has feelings for the prince. But I guess this story arc had to be sacrificed because the drama needed more time to cover the critical events in Yeongjo's rise to the throne and early reign. And of course there was the matter of Go Ars being sidelined due to injury. As to Yeo Ji's position, I think it would be safe to assume that she's now part of Yeongjo's retinue of court ladies. Queen Inwon did say that that was her intention all along, knowing how her stepson feels for her. And I think it's an open secret in the palace that she's allowed direct access to His Majesty. Notice how she was in the immediate vicinity of his rooms when the assassin attacked so she was able to stop him? And she was allowed entry late at night after he met with Dal Moon about letting Yoon Young live, that time he confessed his feelings. And of course in the last episode when she came to him to console him and confess her own love. From what I know based on my readings and other historical dramas, one doesn't simply enter the King's palace. One has to be summoned by the King, or given permission by him to enter if they request to see him. So safe to say Yeo Ji already had a privileged position in the palace. It just wasn't said what exactly that position is.
  10. Hello @realistic2280a . About the kiss, yes, I did watch Go Ara in "Hwarang" and noticed a similar behavior when PSJ kissed her. Come to think of it, perhaps that's why some viewers say she has "no chemistry" with her male romantic leads. Maybe when it comes to the part when she has to act out love scenes, she becomes conscious and maybe a bit embarrassed. Or maybe she has set boundaries on how far she will do such scenes. There are actors who are like that; they don't do love scenes in their projects due to personal beliefs. But at least in "Haechi", I saw her respond to Jung Il Woo's kiss. It's just that the camera cut to a shot of her hands and then a long-distance shot of them after that. I'm also not surprised at the execution of this scene. This is the same writer that wrote "Dong Yi" and if there's one thing I noticed about the way she writes such scenes, they're quite conservative. In "Dong Yi", Ji Jin Hee and Han Hyo Joo only had one kiss scene and their lips were just pressed together before the camera cut away to a distant shot of them. Every other romantic scene after that was just handholding (with only Ji Jin Hee actively grasping while Han Hyo Joo's hand remains limp) or a hug where the actors' bodies don't come into contact with each other so they only hold each other's shoulders and very lightly at that. You'll notice the same way of handholding and hugging between Yeongjo and Yeo Ji. If you haven't seen "Dong Yi", check it out and you'll see what I mean about this writer's style.
  11. I hope some of the talented viewers of this drama would make an updated MV of Yeongjo and Yeo Ji. There are hardly any on YouTube and the ones for the soundtrack don't have the latest scenes yet. That would be really nice. If I had the skill to do that, I would. Speaking of soundtrack...so did those lyrics refer to Dal Moon's tragic love for Yoon Young all along?
  12. Annyeong!!! I've finally watched the finale. Well, offhand, I would say I wish this drama were a bit longer. It would have allowed for some loose plot ends to be tied and some things to be expounded. I would have loved to see more about the respective backgrounds of Park Moon Su, Dal Moon and Yeo Ji. These three are part of the main characters of the drama and it would have been good if they were given more exposition. I would understand that the writer may not have decided to say more about Park Moon Su because, being a real person in history, there must already be a considerable amount of information about him in books. But this is a drama and it would have still been good if we were allowed to get to know him a bit more. As for Dal Moon and Yeo Ji, I'm assuming they're both fictional because I haven't found anything about them when I looked up King Yeongjo. The drama doesn't give any indication whether or not they are. Yet since they were made into characters that were important to Yeoning, it would have been good to know more about them. Until now, I'm still confused by the character description of Dal Moon saying he's a famous clown...unless the word "clown" is the closest that they can find to translate the actual Korean word used to describe him. About Yeo Ji, we don't really know if she was loosely based on anyone in Yeongjo's life. He had two queens and four consorts in his lifetime, and perhaps nameless concubines or other women he may have been involved with somehow (In fact, at this time in history, Yeongjo already had one queen, at least one consort, and two young children). But they did not merit any entry in the annals of history because from what I've read, the annals only focused on the King and notable personages. They never wrote about ordinary people. That was the reason why there was very little information about Yeongjo's mother because she was a peasant. So maybe there was a real "Yeo Ji" but information about her is not prevalent in history books. Having said that, I would give credit to the overall excellence of this drama. Truth be told, even if there was no romance arc in the story, Prince Yeoning's rise to the throne and the events that transpired in the early years of his reign is exciting and compelling enough to watch. The romance is just icing on the cake. I would give credit to the way the writer and director developed the characters and the portrayal of the actors. They made them real. There were no one-dimensional characters in the drama. Yeoning was as flawed as he was talented. Chairman of Congress Min Jin Heon was not what one would call a good and benevolent man, yet he cannot be described as evil. Same thing with Chief Justice Jo Tae Koo and the other nobles that Yeoning encountered at some point in his rise to the throne. All of them were just used to doing politics and keeping power a certain way. They never realized (or perhaps never had the guts) to do things differently for fear of the risk. Prince Mil Poong, Yi Tan was a violent man, yet if you were to understand his history, you would see him as pathetic and broken. Yoon Young was a victim of her poverty and her desire to escape a hopeless life. Yi In Jwa was a man eaten away by vengeance and the trauma of losing influence and power despite being born with royal blood. I can go on and on. In the end, I felt for them all because they became real human beings to me. Going back to the romance, some were of the opinion that it was unnecessary to the story and forced. I would think in major part, that had to do with the sudden injury suffered by Go Ara. She missed 6 episodes in total. I think if she were healthy, there would be more scenes between them that show how her relationship with Yeoning develops. It would have given a more solid foundation to their later interactions in the story. There was also the tendency of the writer and director to kind of execute romantic scenes in highly stylized fashion. And I think they dragged on the Yeo Ji obliviousness for a bit. They could have put in little moments early on where she starts to become aware of Yeoning as a man and starts to notice that her feelings for him weren't the same as those she had for Moon Su, Ah Bong and Jang Dal. Anyway, she was already starting to see herself as a woman in his eyes and often asked him if he saw her as one. To me, the romance between Yeoning and Yeo Ji gave another dimension to the character of Yeoning as a man. If he was able to open his heart to someone like her, then that same quality and openness also gave him the ability to open himself sincerely to others. That was one of the major reasons why he managed to win over his enemies and obtain the loyalty of his people. So the romance isn't so much about Yeo Ji as it is about Yeoning. I'm really moved by Yeoning's transformation and growth from the man who once thought he wasn't worthy to be king, to a man who has embraced his destiny and looks at it as an opportunity make changes to his kingdom. Every time he made a speech, whether it was to his court officials or to the ordinary folk, I felt his sincerity. (And I will especially love his conversations with Minister Min. That man became Severus Snape to Yeoning's Harry Potter.) In the end, it was beautiful to see how at peace with himself he looked, despite his exhaustion, and the fact that he knows that he will still face so many challenges ahead and that he might make mistakes along the way that would hurt himself as well as others. "Haechi" was a surprise. I hope more viewers get to discover it even after it has aired. It may not be perfect, but a drama is more than the sum of its parts and if it managed to move the feelings of those who watched it and made them care about the characters and their struggles, then it would have achieved its goal.
  13. Subs are out! I will finally get to watch the finale.
  14. I only got to stream the last 15 minutes or so but...it was beautiful! Though I'm not sure how I can reconcile that with history. There were notes on the last screen when they showed King Yeongjo's smiling face but I'm not sure what it is. Hopefully, the subtitles will translate those notes though they're probably referring to how long he reigned as king. I can't wait for the subs to come out!
  15. Waaaahhh. I can't livestream! Stupid lagging signal.
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