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  1. I think in a way this limits the viewership of this drama. To be honest, I think one of the major factors for the success of other Kdramas (like those on TVN) is their availability on other drama platforms like Netflix. Oh well. Still no available subs for ep 14, I think. @Wook's Fan oh gosh! Please no! Not another trope! And one that will further lessen the chances of KHL and WDH spending more time together in the last 2 episodes. That would mean all those sweet moments in episode 14 and the kiss in episode 11 are the last we'll ever see of Hae-kyung amd Do-hee. If they do that, then I will really conclude that these Kdrama directors and writers have a sado-masochistic sense of drama.
  2. Only on IQIYI and for VIP accounts only. I also checked out Dramacool and Kissasian and both still have them raw.
  3. Maybe Do-hee was saying it in an ironic way. Perhaps by "no other choice" she meant that what she feels for him doesn't give any room for any other option except to give in to her love for him, despite her fears. I hope that's what she meant. Sometimes nuances in language can be lost in translation.
  4. May I just say that, although I'm thoroughly annoyed and disappointed with the way the writer handled the plot development in the last few episodes, it hasn't lessened my love for Kim Hae-kyung and Woo Do-hee? Yep, despite the seeming inconsistencies with Do-hee's character development, I still love her. And of course, we all know that, out of all the characters in this drama, Hae-kyung seems to be the most consistently written. I've always had the opinion that the strength of this drama lies in the organic and genuine chemistry between its main characters and episode 14 proved that again. Those scenes with Hae-kyung and Do-hee were just so natural. When he saw her in his kitchen and he hugged her from behind, I really felt his sadness and grief, at the same time the love he had for her and the underlying gratitude for her presence in his life. And her genuine concern and affection and love for him also shone through this scene. It was beautiful in its simplicity, both in dialogue and execution. This. This is the magic formula that made Dinner Mate's premise and initial episodes so wonderful to watch. It was like watching intimate moments between these two people, being an invisible observer of their journey into healing and love. Makes me wonder what happened that the writer seemed to have set aside this magic formula that's been holding this drama together all along.
  5. Been onboard that ship since I first saw their initial stills for this drama. Their chemistry was just leaping off the page! It kind of reminded me of those old Hollywood partnerships, wherein the actors had such chemistry that it carried the whole project. I think this is what happened with this drama. I don't normally ship actors in a drama, regardless of how explosive their chemistry may be. But with SSH and SJH, it's so hard not to! For one, they're just physically and visually compatible. Their photos are just so beautiful that I often find myself just staring and sighing. And then there are their interactions behind the scenes. Their dynamic offscreen is just so natural and genuinely warm that it makes you think that what you see onscreen with KHK and WDH is most probably a projection of what goes on BTS. That's why their acting looks so natural and effortless. If anything is starting between them, I think it's quite nice that it looks like their fellow actors and the staff seem quite protective of them.
  6. Hi, guys! I know at this point we have a lot to say about the direction this drama is taking as far as its plot is concerned. I have a lot of thoughts on that but if there's one thing positive I would say that this sudden detour into the makjang has done, it's to showcase the acting skills of its leads. The best thing for me from Episode 13 was the first part, when Jae-hyuk and Dr. Kim were at his office for counseling. The acting was so on point and of such a caliber that I really felt like I wasn't seeing Song Seung Heon and Lee Ji Hoon anymore. Their characters really came alive for me in that moment. It was a powerful image of a broken, mentally disturbed man juxtaposed with that of an objective, logical one and how the second one suddenly broke down. The manic light in Jae-hyuk's eyes was really frightening and you could see how LJH imbued his acting with all those nervous tics and slight shifts in expression that ordinary people like Do-hee and Geun-woo wouldn't recognize as telltale signs of an underlying mental condition. But these are warning signals that would be very apparent to a trained eye like Hae-kyung's. Then there was his shift from this seemingly quiet and mild-tempered demeanor to sudden desperation and panic. All the while, we are also made privy to Hae-kyung's reactions. At first, he maintains a very objective and pragmatic air, taking down notes and observing his patient closely. Then when he hears Do-hee's name and the way Jae-hyuk spoke of her - the shared intimacy with Do-hee underlying his words and the implication of Do-hee putting more importance on Jae-hyuk than Hae-kyung with her lie - we see how he suddenly breaks. You could actually see how the expression in SSH's eyes darken, and they become red-rimmed and start to shimmer with tears. The expression on his face was a mixture of shock, disbelief, outrage and a deep feeling of betrayal and sadness. Then that sudden eruption of violence when he stood up and hit Jae-hyuk. Brilliant piece of acting from SSH and LJH! We've all been talking about the chemistry between SSH and SJH but I think it's about time we also gave a shoutout to the chemistry between SSH and LJH as well, and their level of skill which allows us to lose ourselves in their characters. Were it not for this skill, we wouldn't be despising Jae-hyuk so much or loving Hae-kyung. I hope this cast gets to work on another, meatier, more challenging project together, perhaps an indie film where they can make use of their acting chops.
  7. I'm going through the early episodes, especially episodes 5 to 8 and I really, really miss the dynamic between Hae-kyung and Do-hee, the push and pull, and the undeniable sexual tension. The sudden shift into melodrama territory has put a damper on the overall mood but I really hope we get back the warmth and ease and comfort between them soon. Anyway, look at these wonderful stills I found! https://twitter.com/analia_ikonic/status/1280116374673784838?s=19
  8. Hello! Hello! Hello, everyone! How's everything? Just wanted to share this. Not sure if it's confirmed though. I can't read Hangul and I only translated the tweet. https://twitter.com/tailorcontents/status/1279962882386452480?s=19
  9. Maybe Hae-kyung has taken to bringing her to the office and picking her up at night. But she took the bus to her parents after that incident with Jae-hyuk at her apartment. I seem to recall her saying in the first episode that her parents' house is too far from her work, that's why Ah-young arranged to have a place for her at the company's expense.
  10. https://twitter.com/zapzee_net/status/1279720505075920898?s=20 Sharing this review of the drama. I do share some of the sentiments of this review, especially the part when the reviewer said that the quality seemed to have gone down when the plot went towards the direction of their exes. The reason why the drama was so good in its first half was the way Kim Hae-kyung and Woo Do-hee's relationship was unfolding, through shared meals and conversations. Unfortunately, there were less scenes of these moments between them when they became a couple. Worse, the drama seemed to spend more time on the exes, rather than the story of the main characters. There are so many undeveloped plot points in the drama that would have been more compelling in their character journey, such as the arc of Kim Hae-kyung and his mother, and that of Do-hee and her own parents. There is also the story of Ah-Young and Dr. Hyun-ho. Yet these arcs were hardly even touched upon in the last few episodes. Instead, they spent so much time making No-eul act all petty and Jae-hyuk act all weird. And I personally think they spend too much time with that paintball game. It could have been cut short without taking anything away from the story. And then the drama made Do-hee act totally out of character in the last episode by making her lie to Hae-kyung about Jae-hyuk. And she didn't seem to be bothered by it the very next day. She was shown having breakfast with her parents as if nothing happened, and having coffee and laughing with Hae-kyung, as if she never lied to him about something so important to their relationship. At the very least, I would have expected her to come clean about her issue with Jae-hyuk to her mom. A conversation with her mom the night she rushed to her parents' house would have been good because it not only would have been expected, but it would help in making her mother understand her daughter's heart (and drive the development of the relationship between her and her mom). And I would have expected the drama to show some sort of restlessness in Do-hee the next morning as she talked to Hae-kyung. I'm sure she could sense that Hae-kyung knows something's going on with her but he's being such a gentleman that he respects her prerogative in sharing these things with him. One of the worst things, I think, for a drama or a film or book to do is to alienate the viewers or readers from the main characters. Whereas everyone once loved Do-hee very much, now they're starting to see her as effectively sabotaging her relationship with Hae-kyung with her secrecy. She's always been a forthright and honest person, so the lies regarding Jae-hyuk doesn't make sense in the context of her character. This negative reaction to her character might worsen if the drama persists in using the old noble idiocy trope, which is also not in keeping with the kind of person Do-hee was written to be. I do understand that there needs to be some cathartic moment for the main characters, a conflict that would drive the plot development as well as their character development as well. If Jae-hyuk and No-eul have to be instrumental in that catharsis, then I'm fine with it, but it should be done in such a way that it makes sense. And these characters must also make sense. I kind of get that Jae-hyuk's actions five years ago when he just left Do-hee and his obsessive desire to get her back now is driven by his mental state, which was also brought about by his childhood trauma. However, No-eul isn't so well-developed. Her motivations are unclear so the only thing we get from her single-minded determination to get Hae-kyung back is that she's selfish and narcissistic and she sees him as a means to feed her own ego. Even if that were really the case, a bit more of character development on her part would have worked wonders for the drama. I would have wanted to know why someone as perceptive and intelligent as Hae-kyung would love someone like her. And quite deeply too. I really hope the writer and director steer the drama back on course in the last 4 episodes. We already know it's a done deal coz they've posted photos of their wrap up party. Whatever they may have shot, that's how the drama will go. We can only hope that they worked something out to salvage the near-disaster that was episode 12 and that they have managed it in 4 episodes without it being rushed. Otherwise, we will be left again with the tragedy of a good drama being ruined and an excellent pairing in Seo Ji Hye and Song Seung Heon being wasted. In all honesty, I think what elevated this drama is the excellent chemistry between these actors and how they made us believe that a deep and intimate relationship can truly happen between two people, even if they don't know each other's names. In the end, this is what may save this drama as well.
  11. https://youtu.be/7XbkXT-Ua7s Here’s a nice fan-made video on Kim Hae-kyung and Woo Do-hee. I wish there were more of these.
  12. https://www.instagram.com/p/CCHvi_Gg985/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Have you guys seen this photo that SSH uploaded to his IG a couple of days ago? Looks like him as Kim Hae-kyung and he's on the piano. Wow. Just when I thought I couldn't love his character more...
  13. @starrynic maybe they will show that version of the kiss scene in a flashback for future episodes. Speaking of kisses, I hope we get one or two more. I’m also afraid that MBC might think, heck, we gave them a kiss that lasted more than a minute! That should be enough to tide them through the rest of the drama! (Because MBC is a mainstream television network and might be more consrvative than a cable network like TVN). And then all we’ll get are cute smiles and very little skinship. Duh. Another thing that I hope they don’t do, because hello! Our couple is in their thirties. They’re adults. I hope they take a leaf out of the 2016 SBS drama “Doctors Crush”. Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-hye had about two or three kisses and they were really well done. Suited for their characters’ ages. And mind you, they weren’t those close-lipped kinds, where it looks like the actors just stuck their faces close together.
  14. @Wook's Fan I must admit I'm a bit bothered by the fact that the drama seemed to have jumped immediately to Im So-ra suspecting that their much sought-after guest, Dr. Kim Hae-kyung, and their resident B-class producer, Woo Do-hee, are dating. There should have been a scene first where she realizes that her friend's email adversary and unnamed dinner mate are one and the same. Or, the drama could have explained this by a flashback scene at the camping site. It's plausible that So-ra stayed a bit to find out who Do-hee's mysterious Jeju Man is. She did, after all, set them up to go camping together. Then after that, she should have confronted her friend about it.