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  1. Holy cowyejin! EdnaMode_101 here, author of Stay Another Day. I wasn't expecting a mention on Soompi today, much less by @wap! *silent squeal* Such a great list of all my favourite authors. Totally made my day. And thank you @Nenski So much love for this fandom
  2. I'm supposed to be working on a news story but I was procrastinating and accidentally made this instead. Now how do I turn this into an actual job?
  3. OMG can you please do monthly BinJin recaps from now on?! Thank you so much for that. That might have even been a more romantic read than Pride and Prejudice!
  4. Thanks for tagging me @evilGeniusness! I definitely was NOT expecting a mention on Soompi Holy cow, this is awesome, thank you @PeachesAndCream. There I was quietly writing my delulu BinJin/RiRi fanfic to entertain myself not realizing people are actually reading. It's the BinJin drought, I tell you. And from now on, I consider the time spent on this forum as research. @evilGeniusness Amazing list of excellent writers! And yes, BinJin is a lifestyle indeed Fanfic is helping us get through this drought and this LDR. Fifty-five days since Baeksang and the last Bi
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