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  1. OMG can you please do monthly BinJin recaps from now on?! Thank you so much for that. That might have even been a more romantic read than Pride and Prejudice!
  2. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure this is the bag.
  3. Thanks for tagging me @evilGeniusness! I definitely was NOT expecting a mention on Soompi Holy cow, this is awesome, thank you @PeachesAndCream. There I was quietly writing my delulu BinJin/RiRi fanfic to entertain myself not realizing people are actually reading. It's the BinJin drought, I tell you. And from now on, I consider the time spent on this forum as research. @evilGeniusness Amazing list of excellent writers! And yes, BinJin is a lifestyle indeed Fanfic is helping us get through this drought and this LDR. Fifty-five days since Baeksang and the last BinJin sighting but who's counting?
  4. HB’s off to Jordan. BinJin’s officially in a long-distance relationship. Cue: BinJin nation weeps
  5. And so it begins! They should’ve made these shirts instead. Bench, it’s not too late.
  6. More HB x Bench. Philippines, when are you lifting quarantine rules? I need to sort out my travel plans so I can attend the HB fan meet. Oh, and to visit family and friends too, OBVIOUSLY. Manila, here I come!
  7. NEW HB FOR BENCH VIDEO! Okay, Bench. You’re forgiven for that hostage situation paper background fiasco. Almost. You’ve redeemed yourselves. And saranghae to you, too!
  8. Feature on HB in The Philippine Star: “My mind is filled with images of Hyun Bin. Hyun Bin to the right of me, Hyun Bin to the left of me. That is the effect of this Korean actor on fans after watching his K-dramas, the most recent of which is Crash Landing On You (CLOY).” I had to double check that I didn’t accidentally write that intro myself. Hyun Bin on life, happiness, fitness and modeling for bench 'The current COVID-19 situation made me realize the value of everyday life. We can overcome the situation if we work togerther and not lose hope.' https://www.philstar.com/lifestyle/sunday-life/2020/07/05/2025644/hyun-bin-life-happiness-fitness-and-modeling-bench?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&utm_term=Autofeed
  9. I think my radio silence demonstrates my deep disappointment in where the show’s heading. Le sigh. They’ve really switched gears I’m almost not sure we’re even watching the same show anymore. Ugh. I can’t stand the inconsistencies in DH’s character. She goes from agreeing to be his girlfriend, telling NE to get lost, pushing HK away AGAIN, kissing him, then feeling uncomfortable when he gets too close. What the hell’s going on?? Is it just me? Someone please explain! I’ve been watching and loving DM for the feels and now all I feel is disappointment. Dinner Mate, eating with you has become uncomfortable.
  10. Yesterday: Bench Today: Hollywood From famine to feast. @ElectricHearts BAHAHAHA! LA grocery and golfing 2.0. Can we handle that?! LA stans, let's talk! @itspeanutbutterjellytime WHJGTRYXVN!!!!!!!! Can you imagine BinJin dazzling on the red carpet in Hollywood with their matching golf tans? Oof *fans self* I just realized there's a CLOY reference for every moment in life. Or maybe that only happens when you've got CLOY brain everyday? This one's for you guys. @QueenieBee It definitely sounds like a sophisticated version of Hunger Games. I have a feeling BinJin turned down previous Hollywood offers because they were the typical token Asian hottie/villain roles. This improved version of the script must be really meaty for SYJ to consider the project.
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