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Han Ji Min 한지민 ♥️♥️♥️ - [Newest Drama] Hip/Behind your Touch [Netflix]; [Upcoming 2024 Drama] Acquaintances/Between Greetings[SBS]


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Han Ji Min 
Birthday : November 5, 1982
Education : Seoul Women's University - Social Welfare
Height : 1.6m
  • Park Yoochun  [1 2 3 4]  "She doesn't feel like a celebrity". "I think I met a great person. It was like I got a great present when I met such a great partner as Han Ji Min.”   
  • Hyun Bin [link] “Prettiest actress I worked with”.
  • Jung Jae Young [1 2 3]  "I thought a goddess came down to the earth."  "She is very pretty by looks and at heart."
  • Lee Seo Jin  [link]  "Han Ji Min is really nice and kind."
  • Singer Kim Junsu [link]  “Fell for actress Han Ji-min from the drama”. 
  • C.A.P. Teen Top leader [link]  "I was captivated by Han Ji Min sunbae."
  • Singer IU [link] “Han Ji Min is Korea’s prettiest actress.” 
  • Singer KCM   [link]  "Ideal type is Han Ji Min."
  • Director Lee Byeong-hoon [link] "A bright actress with a clean appearance". Her small body frame incites men to protect her". 
  • Rookie Actor Cho Seung Hyun [link] "I really, really like actress Han Ji Min. I like her acting. She is straightforward but feminine as well.I want to meet her."
  • Lee Jun Ki [link1 link2 link3] "Ideal lover is Han Ji Min". *He had been consistent in saying that he would like to work with Han Ji Min*
  • Lee Jong Soo [link] *Chose Han Ji Min among the beautiful actresses until the end*
  • Kwon Sohyun 4minute  [link] "thinks that Han Ji Min is beautiful".
  • Yoon Doojoon BEAST [1] "By looking at her looks she is really beautiful but she is very kind. If there was an angel on earth, it's probably that noona,really".
  • Uhm Tae Woong [link]  "Seeing her in person, she's pure and pretty."
  • Kim Jae Won [link]  "I liked it that Han Ji Min didn't have a princess complex ".
  • Eric Mun  [link]  "She's adorable and what she does is adorable and pretty".
  • Director Yoon Jong Chan [link]  "I could feel the gratefulness from the woman who acted her hardest." 
  • Joo Jong Suk [link] “She’s such a good person. The first person I think of when someone says ‘kind person’ is always Han Ji Min. I think of her as a good friend.”





Acquaintances: Coming 2024

Hip: Behind your Touch 2023

Yonder: Beyond the Memory 2022

Our Blues, 2022, Lee Yeong Ok

One Spring Night, 2019, Lee Jung In

The Light in Your Eyes , 2019,

Kim Hye Ja 

Familiar Wife , 2018, Seo Woo Jin 

Jealousy Incarnate , 2016, 

[Hwa Shin's blind date](Ep. 11) (Guest Role)

Dramaworld , 2016, Herself (Guest Role)

Hyde, Jekyll, Me , 2015, Jang Ha Na

Rooftop Prince , 2012, Park Ha / Boo Yong

Padam Padam ,2011, Jung Ji Nah 

Cain and Abel , 2009, Oh Yeong Ji 

Yi San , 2007, Sung Song Yeon 

Capital Scandal , 2007, Nah Yeo Kyung

Invincible Parachute Agent, 2006, Gong Ju Yeon 

Great Inheritance , 2006, Yoo Mi Rae 

Wolf , 2006, Han Ji Soo 

Resurrection, 2005, Seo Eun Ha

Jewel in the Palace , 2003, Shin Bi 

Good Person , 2003, Oh Soon Jung 

All In , 2003, Min Soo Yeon [Young] / Angela 





Happy New Year  2021

Josee, 2020

Default, 2018, Lee Ah Reum 

Miss Baek ,2018, Baek Sang Ah 

Her Story , 2018, [Hye Soo’s Ethics Teacher]

Keys to the Heart, 2018, Ga Yool 

Two Lights: Relumino, 2017, Ahn Soo Yeong

The Age of Shadows , 2016, Yeon Gye Soon 

Salut D'Amour , 2015, Min Jung

The Fatal Encounter, 2014, Queen Jung Soon [King Jeong Jo's stepmother] 

The Plan Man, 2014, So Jung 

Detective K: Secret Of Virtuous Widow , 2011, Han Gaek Ju 

The Cut , 2007, Seon Hwa

Blue Swallow , 2005, Lee Jung Hee 




Rooftop Prince [link  link] 
Padam Padam [link]    
Cain and Abel [link]                      
Yi San [link]
Capital Scandal [link]
Rough Cut Movie [link]                                                    

Secret Reunion Movie [link]                                                       

In Love and the War Movie [link]                                                      
Most Beautiful Goodbye Movie   [link]                                                
Psychometry Movie   [link]                                               

11 A.M. Movie   [link]
Cold Eyes Movie   [link]
Plan Man Movie   [link]
King's Wrath Movie Press Con   [link]
Way Back Home Movie   [link]
SeaFog Movie   [link]




Happy Together: Season 4, 2018,

(Ep. 1) 

Three Meals a Day: Sea Ranch, 2017,

(Ep.1-3) (Guest)

I Live Alone, 2013,  (Ep. 216) (Guest)

Running Man, 2010, (Ep.105-106) (Guest)

Infinite Challenge , 2005, (Ep. 88,92) (Guest)





2008 Donation to Comfort Women [link]
2009 Danbi Africa Mission [1 2
 3 4 5 6]
2009 Rural Village, Philippines Mission [link]     World Special LOVE Videos [1 2 3]  

Han Ji Min Secretly Visits Cagayan de Oro City, Phils. [link]
We’re Already Friends — Han Ji-min’s Philippines Donation Book [link]  

Fan Signing Videos [1 2 3 4]
Join Together Society Campaign [2007 link   2008 link   2009 link   2010 link]  [2011 1 2    2012 1  2    2013 1  2]
Korean Beauty Han Ji Min to donate for hungry people in the world [link]  
Han Ji Min Donates her voice for "Ending Note" [link]
Han Ji Min delivered the proceeds from the movie "Low Voices" to the Korean Council for the Comfort Women [link]




2019 Best Actress ("One Spring Night") MBC Drama Awards 

2019 Best Actress ("Miss Baek") (55th) BaekSang Arts Awards 

2018 Best Actress ("Miss Baek") (39th) Blue Dragon Film Awards 

2012 K-Drama Star Awards: Excellence Award, Actress ( Padam Padam )   Video
2012 Mnet 20's Choice Awards: 20's Female Drama Star ( Rooftop Prince )  Video
2012 Seoul International Drama Awards: Outstanding Korean Drama Category -Best Actress ( Rooftop Prince )  Video  Video
2012 Korea Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award, Actress ( Rooftop Prince )  Video
2012 SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Park Yoochun ( Rooftop Prince )   Video 

Top 10 Stars ( Rooftop Prince )   Video
Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Drama Special ( Rooftop Prince )  Video
2011 Asia Model Festival Awards: BBF Popular Star Award  Video
2007 KBS Acting Awards: Best Couple Award Kang Ji Hwan ( Capital Scandal )  Video
Excellence Award, Actress ( Capital Scandal )  Video

Netizen's Award ( Capital Scandal )
2007 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries ( Yi San )   Video
2005 KBS Acting Awards: Best Couple Award with Uhm Tae Woong ( Resurrection ) 
New Actress Award ( Resurrection )  Video
2004 KBS Acting Awards: Best Actress in a One-Act/Drama Special"Deja-vu"





2014 Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival: Honorary Judge Melodrama Section  Video  Video
2014 KOPA & NIKON Press Photo Awards: Won for "Photogenic Actress" Award Category
2014 Barrier Free Film Festival: Honorary Ambassador  Video
2013 Swiss Tourism: Goodwill Ambassador  Video

2012 National Tax Service of Korea: Model Tax Payer Medal  Video
2012 Korean Divison of the United Nations Environment Programme: Goodwill Ambassador Video  Video  Video
2009 Ministry of Health and Welfare: Minister's Citation


Jo Sung Mo - Piano [link]
Oh Se Jun - Endless Memories [link]
Asia - I Don't Know [link]
Lee Jung - Da Shin [link]
Jung Yeop - Without You [link]
Wheesung - A Story I Can't Tell [link]
Shin Seung Hoon - After Saying Goodbye [link]
Kim Tae Young - Requested Story [link]
Ari - Fool Love [link]


Translations by Mariella - Sang Sang Plus [pt1-pt2-pt3]
KBS news clip
Royal Blood?
Stalker rumor blogpost 
"Faints on set" news clip 
Yi San news clip
Star Focus article 
Pictures w/ grandma netizen's reponse 
Yi San clips
Thowysg's posts [1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16]
Baidu [1 2 3 4]
Han Ji Min Goddess of Light Albums [link]            
Han Ji Min Fanpage Albums [link]

한지민 채널          bonheur yang        zherlthsh han       zombieeeeist

Plan Man Movie Review "Showbiz Korea"

Plan Man Main Lead Interview "Showbiz Korea"
[Star Date] Meet 'Han Ji-min', a graceful Beauty! 
[Star Date] Han Ji-min (한지민) - The goddess has come to meet her fans in Hongdae! 
Ask Us: Han Ji Min "Showbiz Korea"

Wedding Date Han Ji Min
CeCi Cover Shoot Behind-The-Scene
Allure Magazine 2012
ELLE 2014
Stila Cosmetics
Jaeger-LeCoultre Event
Han Bok Fashion Show
Andre Kim Fashion Show

DENIM Fall/Winter Collections

Happy Bath [1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13]
Aritaum [1 2 3]
Mamonde  [1 2 3 4 5 6]
Hannule [1 2 3]
Danahan [link] 
KTF  [1 2 3 4 5 6]
Yipseju [1 2]


Han Ji Min Official Facebook       Han Ji Min Baidu       Han Ji Min Naver     Han Ji Min DCInside     Han Ji Min DaumNet




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Guest bonababy

she is really cute.Her and UTW has a sweet love chemistry in resurrection.

She has very good acting skill as well.Wish her luck.

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Guest thesarahchong

She's so beautiful in a very clean, innocent manner.

And the strange thing is that for some reason she reminds me of Lee Boyoung.

And I find a lot of similarities with "Good Person" and "Resurrection" in that they were both suspense series... anyway, she is a wonderful actress that definitely needs more recognition.

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Guest Dahee Fanel

I love her. She's can be cute and beautiful, all at the same time. And she's such a great actress. :)

I have a more "full" profile of her. I'll post it here later.

In the meantime, some pics:






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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest a_lot_dumb

i didn't watch dae jang geum, could anyone possibly post some pics...???

however i did watch Resurrection, the best drama i ever saw in my entire life, and i own Jo Sung Mo's Piano.

Oh! So that was where i saw her from hehe

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Guest rochinipark

can someone post her dae jang geum pics here.cos i'm seriously not rememberin her in tat drama.i think i got her confused between park eun hye.tats her name rite <_<

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yes, she is in 'jewel in the palace', one of the doctor colleagues of jang geum. incidentally i saw her on the kbs drama awards night. this girl should get a fashion stylist. she was wearing white knee length boots to match her white, strapless mini dress which doesn't wok. she looked ridiculous to say the least.

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