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  1. They only mention that it will be shown later this year, not sure when exactly. It is also a mid budget film to be distributed by warner bros korea. I also have watched the original and I am sure Ji min will not go that path, no nudity for sure. Romantic scenes I am sure but with taste. I have watched a short film of the director and I can say that our ji min will be safe. Just like OSN, she has her limits and that is what I love about her. Just like you, I can't wait. It is her first full romantic film so I am sure she will give her best
  2. @hjm_osn Dazzling/TLIYE has one of the best twists ever in the world of kdrama. I think everyone was really surprised in episode 10. This drama is one of ji min's best and made me really cry
  3. I am looking forward to Josee NJH said he accepted the movie because of the story and beautiful visuals. Doing a remake is also a bit challenging as they will always compare the original to the remake but my hopes are up. Once in a lifetime love, so romantic @tok-soompi Nice to know that our ji min is having some rest. But I am becoming greedy. I hope they will start Here very soon
  4. Oh I have been missing a lot here lol. Been quite busy. I am glad to see new members of the thread. Please feel free to post and welcome to ji min's thread I think it helped that ji min has hosted entertainment weekly for a long time. She is used to hosting. Also, she is frank and direct and she is not afraid to speak her mind. I find her really good in engaging in conversations. She has the wit and the brains @hjm_osn I think that the lowest in ji min's career is the time of HJMe. She was heavily criticized and crucified for a project that most of the fault is in writing and part is bad directing. It took ji min 3 years to pick a drama after that sigh. She has declined a few dramas and I am very thankful as she has made a very good decision declining those dramas. Those dramas that she declined are not good. Thank goodness she picked familiar wife/wife that I know. The drama also helped her promote Miss Baek after. Then Miss Baek is shown, good reviews on her acting then winning most of the awards for best actress. Then TLIYE and OSN. Imagine if she has picked another bad/lackluster drama, I guess it is the end of her career, scary. Thankful in her recent choices of projects lately. Other rabid fans out there can't crucify her anymore She is at the peak of her career and I am really looking forward to Josee and Here
  5. I am going to watch familiar wife again for the nth time lol. Familiar wife is also shown here as well on our dialect so the more I miss it. This is one drama where our ji min showcases her versatility in melodrama and comedy So nice to know it will have remake in Japan yay @Chrc I think I need to rewatch HJMe again. Maybe because the pressure and criticism then was so high reason I was not able to enjoy it. I will watch it again one of these days
  6. For those of you who have not watched familiar wife/wife that I know yet, please do watch it. Especially for married couples, this is a must watch Missing her so much
  7. I think HJM is most beautiful in this melodramaCinematography is also so beautiful in this. NHK is a she lol. You're right, they are together in JTS and also together when Ji min visited the Philippines. Padam padam was one of the initial dramas of JTBC when the cable channel was just starting. I think the ratings then is already considered high considering JTBC is barely new
  8. One of her dramas that I love, Padam Padam And this was also penned by NHK, the same writer of Here. That is why I am eagerly anticipating for the dramaI hope we can have some news on it
  9. ^I think what we learned from this pandemic is that we will never know what lies ahead. So we should be doing what we love to do and not do what others are telling us. We should prioritize our own happiness. We should not live to others standards but our own. Han ji min is one of those stress relievers of mine and I am thankful for everyone whose contributing to this thread
  10. @Lawyerh Thank you so much chinggu. I will confess, I am not too techie as in I only know how to post and nothing more lol. Been very busy with life and work just like @tok-soompi. Let me know how I can help We can't post IG anymore, then YT and twitter may do
  11. ^i can't relate as I have not watched the series yet as I don't have time. So busy with life and work. But if this will be BH first venture into producing drama series, I think we can expect ji min in it. I trust ji min's choices so I will support her whatever it is. If the film Josee will be featured in Cannes, does this mean that some can watched the film there? I hope we can have some feedback if the film is good or not Can't post IG anymore but it was mentioned in naver article.
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