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  1. @tok-soompione of the comments said ji min is in another movie theater lol. It's great that ji min supported their movie
  2. Ji min was so pretty in the tune in for love premiere. She looks so fresh and rested
  3. I find her so so beautiful in this awards night. Rooftop prince days Missing her so badly. I hope she accepts another drama before noh hee kyung's drama. Am I too greedy lol
  4. Miss Baek will be broadcasted Sept 12
  5. Kakao audition for han ji min Happy weekend everyone. I hope we can have some news on her next movie or drama. Been missing her
  6. ^she is definitely close with her. Don't know her too. It seems she is a good friend not only to ji min but chae jung an too. They have the same circle of friends. I wish i can see ji min get married someday. That wedding of her friend is fun and lovely
  7. I already found the picture that i was looking for. But it was in the instastory of neih212. I don't know how to post it lol
  8. What do this mean? Will this be a good thing for the actors and actresses under each agency? Their parent company is now kakao
  9. There's no doubt our ji min likes to drink
  10. Ji min was able to watch hae in's new movie
  11. @unknown12i agree chinggu. It's not about the age. I think in OSN, ji min has a line about marriage that is so true. She will get married because she wants to but not because she is of age. We do care about biological clock but at this age and technology, it does not matter anymore. She can have a child even if she married late. I want her to enjoy life and take the time to know and eventually get married. As i said before, i prefer a non celebrity. I am sure ji min knows how to detach her character to her true self. With all the divorce brouhaha around, it is scary to date co stars lol. Even if she is secretive of her private life, I am sure she has dated a co star and I am sure too that she has learned a lot about it and she is very careful now. Thank you @tok-soompi. That is what i am looking for but I remember there's a better picture where both are standing. I will also look for that pic. Kumao chinggu
  12. @tok-soompiI know there's a picture of ji min and bae seong woo in one of the awards where our ji min won best actress. Do you remember that chinggu? Can you post it again? I am just excited for their upcoming drama collaboration. I was really impressed by bae seung woo in Live. He is such a brilliant actor No wonder nhk wants to work with him again. And i am excited knowing that our ji min can work with him
  13. I take back my word lol. Ji min is also close with her one spring night co stars. She's enjoying her little joys in life
  14. @tok-soompiI don't even know how to sort it by actress list lol. But when i checked her profile the last time, i agree that it is not updated. I wonder when ji min's contract will end with BH. Not that i want her to transfer but just curious I can't wait for noh hee kyung's new drama. I am loving Live. I think I really like all her dramas. I think i have watched mostly all. Her drama just tug in my heart strings. I think i have cried the most in her drama the most beautiful goodbye. I can't wait her collaboration with our ji min, jo in sung, shi min ah, njh and most especially bae seung woo. BSW is such a brilliant actor, can't wait to see him and ji min in one frame
  15. Just being nominated is already an honor. But ofcourse, i hope Miss Baek wins
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