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  1. I thought the presscon will be tonight. I was surprised of the pics in instagram they look good together. I am just hoping for a great chemistry and relatable story
  2. D-2 before one spring night's premiere. I forgot that the new 9PM timeslot for wed-thurs dramas will premiere too this wed. Will that be a good thing? That we will know this week. Not sure what shows this drama will directly compete to but as always, i wish this drama will rate well and will be received well. Good things come in threes right lol. Fighting ji min
  3. @nidcha202reviews are mixed with SITR. I have watched it. I like the PD, most of his dramas i like. The only drama that i have not watched is heard through the grapevine but i also plan to watch it once i have time. The dramas of PD ahn pan seok are mostly melodrama and how can i say it, human dramas where in it deals with topics that are both sensitive and not easily talked about. SITR is for me 50/50 because first half is very watchable, chemistry is overflowing but the 2nd half, a bit hard to continue. I think it has got to do with the mother which i am not used to watching. I find her quite annoying lol. But the story is something that might be happening in real life. If the writer improves and adds more conflicts which is an improvement for SITR, then it will be great D-2 to the premiere. Hoping the press conference is today or maybe tuesday or wednesday hahaha. The promotion of this drama is too inconsistent so we don't even know when to expect the presscon or the full teaser. Ratings ruler for wed-thurs ended so it is up for grabs. I hope this will rate well, please drama gods. And han ji min's last 2 dramas have rated really, really well. I hope it comes in threes
  4. D-3 to one Spring Night. Since i am not expecting a decent promotion since it has been only 3 days away before the premiere, i will just hope we have a full teaser before it airs wednesday lol. I am just hoping for a relatable story and great chemistry. Really looking forward to this. My favorite actress and favorite PD in one drama, that is all that matters. Can't wait
  5. Happy Sunday everyone. Looking forward to the full teaser of her next drama which i hope have one and will be released soon lol. And also her choice of her next movie. Since i already watched the original movie of josee the more that i am curious if she will accept the offer D-3 to One Spring Night. Good luck lee jung in
  6. Some pics from kim hye ja's event I have finished watching josee, the tiger and the fish. It is a bitter sweet love story but i think the passionate love is part of it but i am sure if ji min accepts, it will be tamed and written as per her limitations. I am not sure why they can't pick an actress around nam joo hyuk's age(the female lead sometimes resembles kim tae ri). I will just assume they have seen the chemistry from the 2 from their last drama and ofcourse ji min can give justice to the role. Let's wait and see if ji min will accept this movie
  7. Not that i'm complaining but I hope we can also the other cast character descriptions. I think they really are delayed when it comes to filming which is not a good sign Jung Hae In Talks About His Character’s Hidden Secret In Upcoming Romance Drama “One Spring Night” May 18, 2019 by E. Cha Actor Jung Hae In has shared his thoughts on his starring role in MBC’s upcoming drama “One Spring Night.” “One Spring Night” is a new Wednesday-Thursday drama about the romance that blossoms between two ordinary people looking for love. Jung Hae In will be starring as the warm-hearted, upstanding pharmacist Yoo Ji Ho, while Han Ji Min will play the role of Lee Jung In, a librarian with a realistic outlook on life. On May 18, “One Spring Night” unveiled new stills of Jung Hae In in his role as Yoo Ji Ho. The newly released photos show Yoo Ji Ho lost in thought as he sits alone outside a closed pharmacy. Not only does he have a melancholy, wistful look in his eyes, but the crumpled paper cup in the pharmacist’s hands betrays his anxiety and unease. Additionally, a second paper cup by Yoo Ji Ho’s side seems to indicate that someone had been sitting with the pharmacist before leaving him on his own. Jung Hae In revealed, “Yoo Ji Ho is a character who was traumatized in the past. Because of that, he is typically extremely cautious with his each and every word and action.” He went on to add, “I’m working hard to act out each moment [of the drama] with sincerity, so that I can properly convey that state of mind.” “One Spring Night” is scheduled to premiere on May 22 at 9 p.m. KST.
  8. D-4 before the premiere. Long term boyfriend is also good looking. No wonder lee jung in will be torn between the two
  9. It's hard to tell if ji min is dating someone or not. But i hope she is. It is always a great feeling to have someone by your side. She is also too busy so she should be dating someone very understanding of her job. That's the news that i am really looking forward to D-4 for one spring night. Actually initial reactions are mixed for this drama. It is because SITR is good the first half then falters in the 2nd half. May the writer improved this time. Can't wait for the full teaser
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