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  1. She will grace the cover of Allure February Donginbi latest ad. I am glad she is still so visible even if she does not have a new project in the horizon
  2. So beautiful in red https://www.instagram.com/p/CKAaK-mJ4ut/?igshid=1e0304coa7opi Not sure if this is current https://www.instagram.com/p/CKBGkqypst1/?igshid=44t30d72wfoy
  3. @tok-soompiwhenever I came across a fanmade video with ji min and other actors, I feel happy because I know those are fan wishes of having their favorite actors to collaborate with our ji min. And I can say that it has not been the case 5 years ago. A lot of perception on her has changed due to her really great projects. And they know ji min's capability as an actress now. Always a proud fan here I always lurk daily and not posting much as I am so busy. Start of the year so a lot of pending work due to the holidays. Thank you chinggu for keeping our thread alive Looking forward to J
  4. I hope she found one very soon. As her grandma wished, a nice, gentle and kind hearted person. She is not getting any younger. I hope it is her priority, her own happiness
  5. That is actually what I am doing right now while waiting for Josee lol. I even posted one in the LeeYoo thread as I am thinking it is more appropriate to post there. I don't have any interest to watch korean dramas since last year sigh. Maybe because I have been so busy and not so much time to spare watching. A lot of dramas and casting has been announced. I really hope our ji min will pick her next drama very soon
  6. No apologies needed chinggu Here is the link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=l4t-77FLSX4#
  7. No, it is the full show featuring Josee. 33 minutes long with no subtitles but I think this is good to watch. As if they are talking about the movie This is the first time I have read this article. Thanks chinggu, a nice read. Ji min already have thoughts on marriage since kindergarten so we can be sure she dreams of being married lol. Happiness is being thankful for what we have. An angel indeed
  8. I didn't know that Ji min was only with his manager since 2018. So this manager of hers is really good. In 2018 until last year, she has familiar wife, TLIYE and OSN add Josee as her movie. She bounced back with these great pick of dramas. I hope his manager will take care of her for a long time And also, for our ji min to follow suit in getting married lol I think this is the famous aquarium scene
  9. Please let us know chinggus here where Josee will be available first. I can't wait to watch it https://www.instagram.com/p/CJxqVwxJUJz/?igshid=p9sywkewrepp
  10. Josee I can't wait to see you. So excited I have seen this will be available in Google Play too. Which ever comes first, as long as I can access it
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