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  1. @diane90we are also looking for the song. For now, songs played grows on you. There are actually 2 songs played(am i right) and both are english songs. Yeah hae in will have the same MIL if in case lol. The bad person is the father but i think he will not be as annoying as the mother in SITR
  2. JI and GS don't have a perfect relationship to begin with. Before meeting JH, JI is already not happy with what she has with her longtime bf. She is missing something. There's already no spark in their relationship, reason why she is not even interested in marriage. It seems she is just with GS because they have been together for a while and they have grown with each other. I believe they met due to their parents working in the same school. And when JI asks GS to take a break, she even mentioned that if her goal is marriage, she have not stayed with him. So JI knows that she does not expect GS to be serious with her? Or that she has grown to love him too? I will watch the episodes again later. Waiting is just hard lol. I am not sure how people will view this drama but it is tackling a sensitive issue of cheating or not cheating. It is in the gray area actually. But the thing is if they will make everything according to societal norms, then we would not have a drama in the first place To add, is JI not expecting marriage to GS because of their family status? We know that in korea, family background and financial status is important in marriage. Marriage is not only between the 2 but it is also between their 2 families. I think she also sensed that his future father in law does not approve of her hmmm
  3. Being curious and having interest, it is already considered as cheating. This was mentioned to jeong in by her best friend. And jeong in and ji ho has been honest with their current situations. Before the entry of ji ho in jeong in's life, she is already having some thoughts on his relationship. But the entry of ji ho just solidifies it. Not many people will appreciate this drama as it tackles adult issues but as per ji min, when it comes to love you tend to be selfish. Will you stay in your long time relationship since it is already comfortable and accepted or you follow your heart and suffer those problems and consequences. I love PD ahn pan seok's dramas because it deals with human flaws. Cheating or not, i am sure they will clearly draw a line on this i am still rooting for jeong in and ji ho's happiness. They have this attraction that when their eyes met, it is like they want to jump into each others arms lol
  4. Our beautiful lee jeong in. Current drama of han ji min tackles adult issues. PD ahn pan seok is known for that. Can't wait for future episodes Always a good friend
  5. ^i want to know the title of the song too. But i hope this will not be the case of the song in SITR, sometimes it hard to be a woman lol. It still haunts me. Sometimes it still plays in my head, LSS lol The official photos from episode 2 are gorgeous.One reason why i love the PD is the cinematography is always beautiful
  6. Actually, SITR is one of the dramas that took ages for me to finish lol. I have this habit of donwloading dramas so i make sure i finish it even if it is really bad. My effort of downloading the episodes is what gives me the reason to finish all haha. There is something with OSN that makes me smile just by seeing yjh and lji together. Their relationship has this excitement and attraction that can't be denied. I was actually smiling while watching. I guess part of it can be attributed to their amazing chemistry. What if they become passionate, i don' know if i can handle it lol. The dagger look jeong in gave jae in if she makes a move with ji ho is just gold lol. And the conversations, very real. It has been a while since i have watched a melodrama and the 2 episodes are so good. I hope the writer can continue with the succeeding episodes. This writer might actually redeem herself if she will do it right this time. But it seems that we are on the right track so my hopes are up
  7. Duplicate post, my data is acting up again. I also liked something in the rain but only the beginning episodes. Half of it is very hard to finish really. I think that is the reason why the writer add more family dynamics like jeong in who has 2 sisters with their own issues. Actually i rather have these additional characters than having the half of the series to be annoying and boring
  8. Jeong in said she hates lying. But just in the dinner alone, she already lied a couple of times lol. Can't wait for the next episodes. This is the reason why i don't watch airing dramas. The only exception is han ji min's dramas ofcourse lol
  9. Ji min has a soothing voice. It has been a while since i saw her sing. How i wish she finished the song lol
  10. Omma lol. LJI will be an instant mother if in case. Story is getting exciting, can't wait for next week. I need the subtitles first. I can't understand much lol. Yjh is very attentive to lji, which sets him apart from the bf. Can a man and a woman be just friends, it's hard. Waiting for a week is just a pain. First 2 episodes is good
  11. @lu09i am sure chinggu that jeong in's mother is the opposite of the role she acted in SITR. Actually i hated her there lol. But i have watched her in other dramas and she can be the real opposite. I think jeong in's father is the one who will be hated here lol LJI is a strong woman and very opinionated as we can see her. She really is standing up to her father. She wants a different marriage as she already have seen what happened to her older sister. @tok-soompiThat scene to call the cops is embarrasing and quite funny lol. Ji min has these facial expressions that i really love. Looking forward to episode 2 Off to watching episode 1 again before checking episode 2. I hope my livestream works this time.
  12. I am not sour graping here but the timeslot of one spring night is one hour earlier. So i don't think that it is actually competing with sbs and kbs. Only 30 minutes of the drama is competing with tvn. Ratings is good for episode 2 so looking forward to episodes 3 and 4. In fairness, i really liked episodes 1 and 2. The only concern i have, it seems the scenes and still cuts are all from the episodes this week. It means that they don't have many scenes filmed yet which is not a good sign really. I believe the full teaser is also late because of this. As long as the story is good, i will not be concerned of the ratings I thought at first that her younger sister is her bff lol. Lji and her eonnie seems to get very well but all three have a good relationship as sisters. Some thoughts on the 1st episode. -i feel like they already have felt the attraction since yjh and lji met. Lji already lied to her long time bf when asked who she texted regarding the account number. I don't think she needs to lie as it is only about the money she owed the pharmacist if she sees him not as someone she is curious with. -it also seems to me that her relationship with her current bf is an arranged one since her father is the principal and gi seok's father is the chairman of the foundation. The problem is the father does not like lji. And ofcourse he sees her family not a good fit to his son. -i felt like the pacing of the story is fast, not that i am complaining but i hope the writer has a tightly knit story for whole of 32 episodes. We are only on episode 3 and 4 and lji already knows that yjh has a son out of wedlock. I hope episode 2 is much better and i will watch episode 1 again later. Thank you netflix for the subtitles lol Yes, he already told lji that he has a son. And lji also told him that he has a boyfriend that she intends to marry. It will be awkward and also, lji might be the center of their competition once bf knows that his gf is falling with someone who has a son. Yeah i agree. Lji should come clean before she starts something with yjh
  13. I love padam padam too. I believe ji min is so beautiful in that drama too. I also hope she can work again with jung woo sung but the chances are slim. Oh well we will never know. Ji min might take a long break after one spring night. It has been 3 dramas back to back. So we should cherish this new drama of hers. I think she will work on movies next which i am also looking forward too
  14. I just finished watching one spring night's 1st episode. Well, bias aside, i enjoyed it. It's raw, a breezy watch. Love every character. I have seen the ratings and it jumped in episode 2. Well, the timeslot is earlier so i can't say that it directly competes with other dramas. A good sign is the jump from 1st episode. Episode 2 ratings is crucial. Fighting ji min
  15. I love the first episode That qualifies as cheating lol. 1st episode is a great start to introduce each character. That attraction can't be denied. I am smiling while watching lol Bias aside, every character is interesting. Great music, raw and just very normal and realistic conversations. Love the attraction between lji and yjh. For now, gi seok is still a perfect bf with just being so workaholic as his flaw. But i am sure once lji breaks up with him and knowing that she is falling inlove with yjh, that is where his true self will be revealed. This is interesting
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