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  1. We fans got Seo Ji Hye's back ❤ We reported the nasty comments on her IG and they are gone now. We will continue to defend her from whoever posts bad things about her most specially in her IG.
  2. SSH is really a sweet guy and when he loves, I think he gives his all to his woman. In the interview in the near end of Dinner Mate, he said that he has found healing and I believe he truly meant meeting SJH gave him healing. And in all his appearances in post Dinner Mate like in Gamsung Camping, Men and Mission and even in his post DM IG posts, he really looks like a man in love. And in the radio guesting he did on July 14, 2020, he chose the song I'm In Love, so I'm sure it has a special meaning in his life. I truly believe that SSH really fell in love with SJH and he will protect her and m
  3. Just sharing an article on SSH. We miss him and hope he finish with shooting Voice4 and be back in Seoul soon and be with Seo Ji Hye and also post in his IG. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/109/0004379297?lfrom=facebook '180cm∙70kg' Song Seung-heon, a mannequin in a department store.. All-black charisma that is darker than eyebrows Input 2021.04.02. 7:01 pm Reporter Seung-Hoon Lee goo Cheer for me Rate it lik
  4. I believe what SJH said that they are only like brother and sister relationship with KJH. If she had been dating him for one year as what Dispatch reported, she wouldn't have been responsive to the affections of SSH in the first place. She would have drawn the boundaries with him and just remained professional keeping her distance with him. But that is not what we all saw with the two of them. And in the post Dinner Mate interviews SJH clearly expressed mutual admiration for SSH both in his physical attributes and in his wonderful personality which made her feel so comfortable. Being a very pr
  5. If we look at SSH's facial expression we will see that he has eyes only for his special someone and his post and his hug pose is only meant for that special person ❤ if you look at his eyes it looks lovestruck and his arms are outstretched for that special someone as if to say he is coming back. To think it's his last day at Jeju today, it means he may be back in Seoul. It could be his love msg for SJH. His pose like that with arms outstretched and really like waiting for a big hug from someone he missed. It's his last day of shooting in Jeju so maybe that's why he posted that photo to say to
  6. The lady beside SJH is one of her bff Kim Ok Bin who was her co star in Over The Rainbow and Whispering Corridors 4: Voice
  7. https://m.lotteimall.com/goods/viewGoodsDetail.lotte?goods_no=12677603&infw_disp_no_sct_cd=&infw_disp_no=0&allViewYn=N&t=54203 (Paul & Joe) Cotton 100 Crochet, 3 types of summer knit + 1 type of inner top
  8. Just sharing photos of SSH with his smiling and warm eyes even if he must be tired from shooting.
  9. https://m.tv.naver.com/v/14418923 Seo Ji Hye video I saw in Naver. No English Sub. She is gorgeous ❤
  10. Posted tonight on IG. SSH still look happy, his eyes say it all. Even if he must be so tired from shooting.
  11. It's not too fast too soon. When you meet the one for you and you are 100 percent sure he or she is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, why not get married right ❤ That happens to two people who feel that they can no longer live without the other or they want to start living the rest of their lives together and build a family ❤
  12. @Siomarathank you so much for this big find ❤ It means SSH did not forget the date they shot in that hotel in Jeju the passionate dream sequence of him and SJH and one year later he went by the same hotel and took a selfie and posted to his IG ❤ It must mean a lot to SSH and it must be his love message for SJH and a big hint for shippers. Thank you so much for excellent investigative skills @Siomara
  13. Shiseido CF that SJH made in 2020 and 2019. I wonder if for 2021 she will make a CF. She is gorgeous ❤
  14. @janeoztenthe drama is released in 2008 entitled I Love You. It is one of the imagination scenes of SJH. It is a funny drama. She got pregnant when the guy was drunk one time. The guy was more than 10 years older than her. The guy was irresponsible at first and rely on his mom to pay for his living expenses. But eventually when they got married the guy learned to be responsible. https://dramanice.so/drama/i-love-you-detail https://www9.myasiantv.io/show/i-love-you https://dramacool.vc/drama-detail/i-love-you
  15. Thank you so much @fiona628for this gem of an article about Seo Ji Hye ❤ She is really a good daughter who helps her parents and sacrificed her own comfort and education. Though eventually she went on to finish her college education at a prestigious university by sending herself to school while being an actress at the same time ❤ All her success came through her hard work and talent. She never wanted the limelight to be on her but just want to do her best in acting which she always does in all the roles she played ❤ She is beautiful inside and outside ❤
  16. @fiona628I agree with you that SJH's interview post Dinner Mate really revealed a lot. And I believe she is giving us hints about what she thinks of SSH and how he has made her really comfortable and that she was able to get close quickly with SSH. And SJH admitted that SSH is really handsome and that she likes how he looks ❤ Based on her interview, she is happy working with SSH and they have become close. And we have seen that closeness in all their BTS photos and videos. Like the 3 previous photos I posted here and reposting below, we saw how happy SJH is in all the photos they are together.
  17. @hrkharisthank you for this article where it was mentioned that Director Ko Jae Hyun really picked SSH and SJH for the lead roles because in his long career, he said that SSH and SJH never worked together and he felt that the two would fit together very well and their visual chemistry was good ❤ PD Ko Jae Hyun have been so right in pairing them and really played cupid and we thank him so much ❤ PD has known SSH for so many years and he has seen him heartbroken and most probably also know about SSH's biggest dream to meet his destined woman and have a family. PD picked SJH because he saw how ta
  18. I agree with you @fiona628that it's like SJH is describing SSH when she mentioned her ideal guy. The same way that it's like SSH is describing SJH when he talked about his ideal woman. When these interviews were made years ago and years apart, what are the odds that SSH and SJH who have never met each other until 2020, would be looking for the same ideal type in a relationship. We call that destiny/fate/soulmates/meant to be ❤ There is no way they are just coincidences ❤ Just saying how comfortable Seo Ji Hye is with Song Seung Heon. I think she never did the kind of photos below
  19. Sharing some great videos of SSH and SJH made by one of our fellow shipper dramaholic11. Please check her YouTube channel.
  20. Yes @Siomarathis is a big hint from SSH or maybe a love message for Seo Ji Hye ❤ That even though he is far away from her because of Voice4 shooting in Jeju, he thought about her and came back to the place where they shot the dream sequence of Do Hee and Hae Kyong having romantic dinner ❤
  21. Yes I agree with you @hrkharisthat in SSH's photo posted today, you can see in his eyes that he is certain, settled, assured, confident. He is happy, looks contented and have a beautiful aura of bliss ❤ Like he finally found what he has been looking for all his life, and we know from countless interviews what his biggest dream is. That is, to find the woman who is his destiny and to have a family of his own ❤ Seeing how happy he looks from his posts, I believe his search is over and we just wait and pray for his marriage to our dear Seo Ji Hye, who I believe is truly his destiny ❤
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