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  1. I wonder whether he is Ba Wu's brother, an illegitimate son of his aunt and Ba Wu's father. Apart from being illegitimate and their two families being enemies, they hid it because Ba Wu's family was judged to be treasonous and sentenced to death. So if they were related, the Left Councilor's family would also have been sentenced to death by relation. The fraternal relationship would explain why the two men had an instant connection when they met. So now that the Princess is with Ba Wu, she's still Dae Yeob's sister in law.
  2. My complaint about the last episode is regarding the Geumga bunch again. Why in the middle of the lovely atmospheric run-up to his declaration of love did we need to have a sudden interruption/ digression showing how the Geumga bunch (plus CY too, I know) stowed the gold away to CY's house? Such elegant dark soft-focus lighting and music, and then a sharp turn to comedy, and back again. The two parts of their reunion were well-done, and interrupting the flow was not necessary. Couldn't the editors have found another way to tie up that loose end, other than interjecting it at the mo
  3. Though they are entertaining to watch and carry their scenes well, its really strange that there was suddenly so much of Han Seo and Director Han in these two episodes. I don't think these two were intended to be the main side characters. I wonder if the director/producer saw that Geumga Plaza crowd didn't fulfill their potential, and hence, decided to do last minute changes instead. Even Han Seok, the real villain, seems to have reached a plateau where character-development is concerned. He got sidelined in these two episodes and all he was allowed to do was look angry, fume, plot and be frus
  4. I discovered Makgeolli thanks to this show. Better than soju.
  5. I am following this show for the sake of the two leads and their conflict with Babel. I had not been a SJK fan before, but he has won me over. The two Wusang lawyers are very strong actors. That conflict in first few episodes was compelling. I am sorry to say that I am really not invested in the Geumga Plaza crowd, except for Special Agent An and Mr Nam. The rest remain annoying caricatures at this point, with few redeeming qualities. I am concerned that this is going to descend into a fight over the gold. I fast-forward the scenes involving them. I am still watching bu
  6. @kara_mella Didn't read it anywhere. Purely my own speculation/ wishful thinking. Too difficult to reconcile with history, which as you point out, was very sad. In fact, I read that in history, it was the Queen Dowager who "won" in the hand, and chose and manipulated the next king. My bad. In Korean history, his heir was King of Korean Empire, not his biological son.
  7. Here is a possible ending that might satisfy everyone, that would take the original PRC elements but add a Back to the Future twist. Because of the SoBong's actions, the future is being altered, eg, castrating Han so that he doesn't have children, doing what Sobong's mother had wanted her to do. The changes result in the fact that the altered future, Jang Bong Hwan was NOT born a male, but instead, as his mother had wanted, JBH was born a female. In the Joseon dynasty, Cheoljong dies while saving Sobong, or gets killed by assassins (like a few of the PRC versions). SoBo
  8. I see that like me, many people are quite conflicted between So Bong and So Yong, and who ultimately Cheol-jong loves and may/ may not end up with. Perhaps having SB's "soul" in her has not erased SY's existence. Having SB's personality was a way for SY to grow to become her real self, in teaching her to live with courage and humour. Perhaps with the loss of SB's voice, what we are seeing is a gradual departure of SB, SY's growth, giving up her false self (like she said she wanted in her red embroidery) and reclaiming of her real self. Perhaps the best way for the drama
  9. I am wondering how they will end this, and also how I want them to end this. According to Wikipedia, the real King Cheoljong died in his thirties and was survived by Queen Cheorin, and there was a fight about his successor. I would like it that in the show, they explain that Cheoljong actually disappeared and went with So Yong to modern day Korea. So they made up a story that he died to explain his disappearance. That way, he gets to escape his nightmare life. But I am conflicted - do I want him to be with So Yong or So Yong possessed by Jang Bong Hwan? I like So Yong b
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