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  1. I don't really see the evidence upholding this theory. The creepy guy from the bar asked why NJW was near HYY since she must remind him of death. If NJW cared about HYY before Kim Ian's murder and "wanted to save her" then wouldn't he still care about her afterward anyway? Thus, the person NJW cared about has to be the one who died: Kim Ian. There is a lot more that we don't know, like the involvement of JY's father, so it's hard to imagine what exactly happened. But I still feel that NJW was involved with Kim Ian and that he wants to know what HYY knows, and he wants that just as much as JY also wants to know.
  2. Apparently he was hit by a truck. But (unless I misunderstood) in a flashback scene in yesterday's episode, he said that Kim Ian also had a knife stuck in his gut.
  3. I guess it could seem funny but I did seriously think that NJW could have loved Kim Ian. On today's episode that creepy guy (I can't recall what or who he is--the guy at the restaurant/bar) was asking why NJW kept HYY around because she must just remind him of death. Also when we saw NJW looking down at Kim Ian's body, it seemed like he could be holding a knife. We know that someone stabbed Kim Ian, and we know from HYY's dream in an earlier episode that she was chased by someone with a knife. A famous mystery writer once said that there were four reasons for murder: Love, Lust, Loathing, and Lucre (money). If we guess that NJW is the killer, we need to know why he did it. I think we can leave Lucre off the list. So, if the person he loves/lusts after is involved with someone else, there's motive. And that leaves loathing for the loved one's lover. Makes sense to me.....but I'm not writing this drama. I'm just imagining, and I could be really wrong. In any case, NJW has been obviously manipulative in a variety of circumstances and he seems to enjoy watching other people fail because of his whims. Unfortunately, she seems to be both naive and dumb. I hope she wises up soon. I think she knows something but maybe she thinks she is protecting HYY somehow, like maybe the learning the truth would make her amnesia worse somehow.
  4. This was an interesting episode but a frustrating one. I still suspect that NJW was in love with (or maybe just obsessed with) Kim Ian. And while I understand that JY is really angry about his brother's death, I still think the way he is using HYY's trusting nature is creepy. He suspects her and he's angry with her but he is not being honest with her in any way. What he is doing can and does hurt her. I can't understand why HYY doesn't see that JY has an agenda. She was right the first time when she thought he was a stalker because he is! Now it seems that she could be in some sort of danger from NJW but she hasn't got a clue about that either. No one can be that naive. HYY's family should be honest with her. Even though she has traumatic memory loss, it just adds to the damage to withhold the truth.
  5. I am so disappointed that he would do this. By the way, I Love the Black Books gif! That was such a funny show. Yes but I cannot excuse this. YG knows clearly what these girls will suffer but he selfishly uses their innocence anyway. He has learned nothing. Now all he is just another tiresome evil cop when he had the potential to be so much more, when he had the opportunity to use his own pain to be more understanding of a child at risk. If the writer wanted to do character development, she should have shown how strong he could be in the face of temptation. Instead, the writer made YG weak and abased and cruel. Very true. This is precisely why I think that YG's actions are excessively inexcusable. Surely he blames himself for his dad going to prison for his mom's murder, so he should know right away what it will mean to the eldest daughter when her father's evil is exposed. I thought that the eldest daughter was particularly pathetic because of how pleased she was that her dad might actually have talked nice about her and shown her picture. She is very, very vulnerable because she is already hurt. And her younger sister is also deeply vulnerable because she's still just a baby.....but there is nasty YG sitting there reading Red Riding Hood to her in a rather threatening way. YG's actions made me feel sick. They cannot be justified, even from the standpoint of character development. He's supposed to be the male lead here, the hero. While heroes sometimes fall from grace, this is a deliberate leap off a cliff.
  6. I love spoilers! That makes it so much easier to wait for subs and also makes it so that I don't get too nervous watching. Thank you for the spoiler theory. It makes a lot of sense. I was wondering why she needed to be sung to sleep. Hope we don't have to wait long for subs today!
  7. Although no one seems to have addressed this yet, I will. I was very disturbed by the manner in which YG approached Jang's daughters. He may not mean to harm them at all but in fact they are being harmed because he is using them to get to their father. They are being harmed because he is showing them that the police cannot be trusted. They are being harmed because he is using his good looks and his deceptive actions to get what he wants without considering what his actions will mean long term. He menaced both of those girls. The older one seemed to have a little awareness of it (when she spoke about how his eyes looked odd) but the younger one hasn't realized it yet. When each of them becomes aware, that's when the deep damage happens--that's when they stop trusting any policeman, any man in power, any man who might be handsome, any man who tries to gain their trust, any man who asks them for information. Jang is responsible for the wrong that he has done, and he will have to pay for it. His daughters will inevitably suffer as a result because they will never be able to walk away from being labeled as the daughters of a criminal, of a murderer. While that is certainly a social injustice to them, that appears to be the way these things work in Korea because the extended family is held morally responsible for the actions of other family members. YG knows exactly what it feels like to be judged in this way. YG knows exactly what it feels like to be a witness to a crime. YG knows what it takes to overcome distrust and try to forge a life of his own despite this. No matter how enraged he is, there is NO excuse for him to involve Jang's daughters. If anyone is aware of this, it should be YG. I was thoroughly put off by his behavior in episode 14. Contrast his behavior here with the way he treated the little girl who believed that "he was a policeman who could be trusted" in episode 1. He has changed completely. And he is no longer worthy of either trust or respect. Somebody needs to rescue YG and help him get his actions under control. Am I angry at him? Yes. Very.
  8. I think that the reason Jang killed YG's mom was because she caught him in the apartment when he went to plant evidence on YG's dad. Or maybe Jang was there to kill YG's dad. YG's mom probably got in Jang's way because she was trying to keep him away from YG so that her son would be safe. It's too late for there to be a storyline about Jang messing with YG's mom. Despite the fact that YG's mom and dad had been arguing, it's obvious that they were still in love because of the anniversary rings that YG's dad had bought for her. A lot of evidence has been piling up about Jang since the beginning. He has always been a sketchy and untrustworthy character. Now we are coming full circle, and we will see what his intentions are.
  9. Oh my, it just hit me that this drama ends next week! I'm gonna miss Our Bodyguard, and he wasn't even in the preview.
  10. Nakayama Yuma is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to playing complex and disturbing characters. It's a shame that he hasn't had more roles where he could shine like this but he got into some trouble with his agency (he's a Johnny) so his career stalled for a few years. However, there is another drama where he absolutely did shine burning like the sun, and it's a drama that, sadly, seems to fall under the radar. With apologies, I am "borrowing" most of the summary from MyDramaList because I can't think of a better way to explain the plot. Name: Piece Summary: University student Mizuho Suga learns that her former high school classmate Haruka Origuchi died from an illness. At her funeral, Mizuho meets another former high school classmate Hikaru Narumi. In their high school days, Hikaru Narumi was famous for being a playboy. Mizuho and Hikaru Narumi were also in a special relationship. Hikaru was outgoing, but Mizuho found it difficult to make new friends. They once kissed in the classroom and went on a one day summer trip together. They weren't friends or lovers and kept their relationship a secret. Meanwhile, Haruka Origuchi's mother tries to talk to Mizuho, believing Mizuho was her daughter's best friend. Haruka's mother asks about Haruka's boyfriend. Haruka became pregnant with her boyfriend in the past. Now, Mizuho and her friends search for the truth about Origuchi whom none of them ever really knew. Watch when you are in the mood for: A mystery. And for when you want your heart to be broken a bit. Visual factor: Nakayama Yuma. Oh my: the allure of a bad boy who is so temptingly broken and cannot be redeemed. Emotional moments that you liked: Any scene with the leads. Annoying bits you need to ignore: The ending made perfect sense to me but some people don't care for it. I'd say watch anyhow; make your own judgment. Overall grade: B+ Can't find a trailer or the OST (which was released as a single by Nakayama) but this fanvid gives an idea of the emotional intensity between Suga and Narumi.
  11. This is a movie rather than a drama; hope that's okay. Name: Shiawase no Pan / Bread of Happiness Summary: A breadmaker and his wife leave the city to open a bakery cafe in rural Hokkaido. There they experience the seasons of the year and the seasons of life with the people who visit Cafe Mani. Watch when you are in the mood for: Quietness. Visual factor: The beauty of the scenery. The beauty of the food. Emotional moments that you liked: The pleasure on everyone's face as they are served at the cafe. The joys and sorrows that each character reveals. Annoying bits you might need to ignore: There is absolutely nothing annoying. However, be prepared for a very slow, very quiet experience (which is totally worth it). Overall grade: A. One of my favorite movies ever. I can watch this again and again. The subs on this trailer are not perfectly accurate but they do reflect the meaning well enough.
  12. Jae Sik is cool for sure! He has gotta survive this drama or I'm gonna flip tables. Interesting moment in episode 13 when Jae Sik hears Lawyer Han screaming from a nightmare. He says that she has been having more nightmares than usual.....and I can only think of one way that he is aware of that. Lucky Lawyer Han. I am so jealous.
  13. That makes me really happy! So glad that you enjoyed.
  14. Sounds a bit more similar than the synopsis I read. When I read this, it brought a movie to mind but it took awhile for me to find it because I'd forgotten the title and it has two titles anyway. But I definitely enjoyed the movie enough that I watched it twice. It's a joint production between Japan and Turkey: 125 Years Memory (Ertuğrul 1890). Quite worth watching. The cast from both countries is really good, and the two stories told in the film are inspiring. I'll spare sharing further details in favor of posting a link to an article about it and the movie trailer. News article: Japanese, Turkish teams film story of historical shipwreck editing because I'm not sure the mirror is opening for the movie trailer, so here's a link just in case: 125 Years Memory movie trailer I've watched rather a lot of Japanese drama and film, much more than I've seen of Korean, Taiwanese, and Chinese.
  15. I looked up the synopsis for Marriage Contract since I haven't seen it, and it seems very different. The major part of the storyline in Nagareboshi is about organ transplants because the contract between Kengo and Risa is illegal and is considered trading in human organs. They both genuinely want to save Kengo's sister's life but keeping their contract a secret becomes a big problem when Risa's bad brother gets involved. Both Takenouchi and Ueto really use expressions a lot in this drama. The action is somewhat slow and sometimes silence takes over; their expressions say it all.
  16. Name: Nagareboshi Summary: Kengo and Risa meet when each of them is at a crossroads in life. Kengo is desperate to find a liver donor to save the life of his terminally ill sister while Risa is considering throwing her own life away with suicide after having been forced into the sex trade to pay off her con-man brother's debt. They make a deal, and enter into a contract marriage. Neither of them expected to fall in love. Takenouchi Yutaka as Kengo Ueto Aya as Risa Watch when you are in the mood for: When you need to believe in love and healing. Visual factor: Moon jelly fish. They provide continuity to the plot, and they are pretty. Emotional moments that you liked: When Kengo helps Risa to dye her hair. When Kengo teaches Risa to ride a bike. When Risa asks Kengo to remember what her tummy looked like before she has surgery. When Kengo and Risa meet again in the final episode. Annoying bits you might need to ignore: The desire to strangle Risa's brother. And maybe the itch to slap Kengo's headstrong sister. Overall grade: A. Definitely. This is an older Japanese drama from 2010 but still very watchable. It is the first drama that I ever watched "raw" because I was so desperate to see what happened next that I could not be bothered to wait for subs. I believed completely in the love that Kengo and Risa found for one another. And I still re-watch this drama every autumn because it is so healing and so real. And I still also love the OST for this drama. It's so beautiful. Ryusei by Kobokuro. Found this fanmade vid on YT with scenes from Nagareboshi and subs for the lyrics of Ryusei.
  17. Now we just need someone to ask to borrow DCK's comb. Just kinda reminded me of this really, really old oldie..... Was going to edit my previous post but it wasn't working. Apologies for posting after myself. OMG what an episode! Almost too violent. DCK has gone evil, and killed Park. Lawyer Han isn't quite as smart as she thought she was--how did she not clue into the fact that her Ex was gonna take revenge on her?! Evil Ex is evil. And also an addict. It looks like YG's thumb is about to get snipped. Scary! But thank goodness: at least the BTeam of SY and Jae Sik are still on the job. I thought it was very clever of Jae Sik to remember to take the first aid kit before they left the office. Looks like YG is gonna need it. Yeom was only in the episode for a few seconds but that was just to remind us that she is still there and still potentially the Big Bad.
  18. Best comment ever! Enjoy the inebriation. And, oh yeah, the rugby. Since we've mentioned rugby, Jae Sik must be safe! Everyone, prepare to defend Jae Sik! On a more serious note, I have been thinking that she is vulnerable and could be scape-goated. But I think that it's more likely that we might lose DCK, especially as we see more of his bad side.
  19. Oh yes, I like Our Bodyguard's weapons! But, seriously, where does he keep all those items in that nicely fitted tailored suit?!
  20. To be fair, I absolutely could not stand Secret Life of My Secretary while hoardes of other people adored it. It made my flesh crawl, and this show is kinda doing that, too. Perhaps I'm just not suited for watching romantic comedy. Glad that you are enjoying!
  21. Although this is supposed to be "romantic comedy" I am not finding it funny; instead, it's making me cringe. I feel so sorry for one of the lead males that it's painful. Worse, I absolutely cannot either understand or tolerate any of the three FLs. After episode 3, I am done. Not worth my time. I may come back to see how things play out in the the (just because I am curious like that) but there is no way I am watching this show.
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