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  1. I'm still re-watching but now I've gotten to the difficult parts where the Evil side gets too many wins, where Grandpa Mo is murdered, and everything is taken away from SH. It was hard to watch the first time and it isn't any easier the second. I think I'm gonna hopscotch through like a kangaroo.
  2. Continuing with my re-watch. Interesting thing I've noticed: Second Son was trying to do something with "green" business. The land transactions that Han was trying to broker involved Greenbelt areas. And the case that got Han involved with MC group originally was when she gave a heavier-than-expected sentence to an environmental polluter (who, it appears was backed by MC Group). This is probably not important. It's too late in the series for another storyline to come up. But it does seem that there is a curious green thread that is woven into the cloth of our drama. I just remembered something: Han was reading that book before that was sort of anti-tech. Hey, I've got it: she's green, she's anti-tech, so maybe Han is a closet Luddite? (yes, I am just being silly; re-watching will do that to a person)
  3. I was disappointed, too. That was a really weird interval with her in his room. It was just sort of Not Cute and squirmy--just didn't fit in somehow. Couldn't really imagine his dad being okay with them in the same room either.
  4. At the beginning of episode 5, she is a judge. She meets Grandpa Mo after she makes a harsh sentence at a trial. Is this what you were looking for? editing to add: it may have been several years later after the verdict that she meet GMo in 2001. She was disillusioned and angry about not getting promoted.
  5. Continuing with my re-watch (which appears to be turning into a binge re-watch)..... Love how all the episodes start with a voiceover about the past. A lot of episodes 3 &4 is about Han, how tricky she is, and even a bit about her past. It becomes very clear that Han is willing to say anything and to betray anyone to get what she wants. She has no conscience or remorse. She is even willing to kill the head of the Mo family to get more control of MC Group. Han becomes more and more cruel as she attains more power. One of the most enlightening moments is when Han talks to YD on the roof of MC building and we get a little information about her past and her motivation: she is from a family at the top of the legal profession. She says that she was threatened to be killed in her legal profession and that the scope there was too limited to fulfill her dreams. She says that she is protecting the MC workers and even the country of Korea. "With my hands. With TOP's hands. Imagine the EMPIRE that is moving because of us." There's that word again: EMPIRE. Perhaps Han's motivation could be simply a massive case of megalomania. And then there was the weirdness of the Milk Witch. I expected something more to happen with her, especially as her conditions for loaning money to SH were that the Milk Witch would be able to sell 50% of MC Group's distribution rights whenever she chose to do so. It also sounded as though she told the doctor to wake Grandpa up from the coma, so was she somehow involved in keeping him asleep? Why haven't we seen more of the Milk Witch? She seems like the one person who might be able to bail SH out of a bad situation or who might have the power to defeat Han.
  6. Yes. Sleazy and gross. And in some places on this big world, it could be considered incestuous. I think it's creepy. To me, the problem isn't his age difference. It's the fact of a woman sleeping with her man's daddy. That is completely ewwww.
  7. I'm doing a re-watch leading up to the finale, so I'll share some thoughts as I go. Random thoughts and information from Episodes 1 & 2: Timing. The first job that Han did for TOP was covering up SH's mother's murder. SH was about 12-14 at the time, so her cousins would be in their 20's. How long was Han with MC Group before she started TOP? She only began TOP with Mr. Mo's assistance (that's when she got her office near his), so she must have worked with Grandad Mo for awhile before that. That EMPIRE pen: Han's symbol of power? She has it when she gets YD's uncle to sign away something. She still has it years later when she gets YD to sign a work contract for TOP. What is Empire? Maybe it was her family's company that got swallowed up by MC? The book that Ms. Han is reading in ep2: Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future by Peter Thiel, Blake Masters Following book blurb borrowed from GoodReads: .....and I can't really see this applying to Han but what do I know? editing to add one thing that I almost forgot: The script that First Son is trying to peddle is called White Bridge. The title was shown particularly in one scene so I'm wondering if the term White Bridge has meaning.
  8. "Carpet bombing" for sure. Ms. Han believes in complete destruction. Not exactly sure but I think that flashback happened early on, like maybe episode 2. I'm thinking of re-watching some of the drama this week so I'll let you know if I find it.
  9. Seems like the prosecutor son's hair-do has taken a drastic change now that he is aggrieved and ticked off. Funny how that happens.
  10. It's usually at this point in a drama that I tend to go off the rails a bit with Wild Theories but this time there's something I've been thinking ever since the very first episode, and I haven't said anything until now. However, it is in my nature to see patterns and connections, so I wonder if anyone else noticed this stuff. Since this is somewhat off-topic, I'll spoiler tag and, yes, this is just meant to be funny:
  11. @mylovekge Thank you! You have echoed exactly the same stuff that I'm wondering about. She has become so powerful that she makes everyone bow in fear in front of her. Scary. One thing I recall from the beginning of the drama is that it was mentioned more than once that she was living her life as a man. Now, that's an odd thing to say, even if they just meant that she was a female taking a Power role that would have traditionally have been for a male. She does have some characteristics that we see in male drama roles. These are mostly small things. She never lets anyone drive her in the car. And she likes to be alone in the car. She never serves tea (which would be traditional and somewhat feminine). Instead, she serves coffee which she takes pride in making herself. (Pardon me for this thought but I'm sure she enjoys grinding the coffee beans; that just seems so appropriate. And I wonder if she likes that nasty high-priced coffee that is made from beans processed through cat poop. Yes, there is such a thing and it's evil--just like Han.) She always wears powerful slender suits, albeit accented with very high heels (I bet that Second Son envies those!), and nearly always in dark sombre colors. But did you notice in episode 14 that she was wearing hot red. That made sense since she was literally out to spill blood. I've been wondering about some timing of events that have happened. When did Han come to power? Since this was when Grandpa was in charge, Mr. Mo was still married to First Wife and having an affair with Second. Han and Mr. Mo both seemed to want to give Grandpa a shove to get him out. Why? When did Second Wife show up at the mansion? It seems like First Son was about 10 years old and Second Son was about 6 (which means that SWife already knew that SSon was "bent" in his gender role). This time is really very interesting. We see First Wife at the table with Mr. Mo but her child SH is not there and never mentioned. SH was either not born yet or an infant. It is mentioned that FWife has let down the line of succession by not having an heir, so I am thinking that SH was not born. She appears to be about 10 years younger than FSon. Now, here's where I go off into Wild Theory: I have wondered before whether Mr. Mo was infertile. Surely he was married to FWife for some time but they had no child. Since SWife's sons were 10 and 6 (let's just go with those numbers), SH cannot have been born yet. It was the perfect timing for her to take over at the family mansion because she had the power of having two sons. But were those Mr. Mo's sons? SWife was a nurse. We have seen that she knew about poisonous medicines (like the ones she used on FWife), so she would also have known whether Mr. Mo might have a problem with fertility and she was bold enough to pass someone else's kids as Mo children. Certainly she is no stranger to having affairs (like the one with the young guy in episode one). If Grandpa knows that his son is a loser (in more ways than one) and if he is trying to keep FWife in power, is it possible that he would have done something as sneaky as IVF with her? I don't think that FWife is the sort of person who would do that.....but if she were trying to save her marriage (which seemed to be one where she and her husband might have cared for one another), then maybe she might have "borrowed" her father-in-law's sperm. Really I cannot imagine her having an affair with Grandpa, though. IVF or insemination, however, seem somewhat possible. So, back to Han: As we have seen, Han could have some gender identity problems. Who else has a gender identity problem? Hello, it's Second Son, JW. So we would have to assume that some characteristics tend to run in families (not trying to offend anyone; just trying to think the way attitudes tend to be in KDramas) we are gonna have to ask whether they are related. Who is Han determined to place as head of MC? It's SSon. He is the absolute focus of all of her plotting and she is willing to do anything (including kill) to put him on the throne. Why? Maybe because he is family? There are several possibilities (including maybe Han being raped by Grandpa, although I doubt this because how would she have hidden a pregnancy) but the most likely seems to me that Han and Second Wife are closely related. Sisters maybe? Or could Han be SWife's mother? Han is still, without a doubt, the Very Bad Guy here. But it is possible that she could be doing all the evil with reasons. Me, too. Me, too. .....editing to add one more thought: YD was talking about the reason for most crimes is love. Love. Yeah, if we add that one small component into Han's criteria, it only makes sense that she is related to Second Wife and Second Son.
  12. I have been wondering about this. Why did Grandpa Mo choose her after all? Han said that she loves MC Group more than the Mo Family. What is it that attracts her? Why is she so addicted to power and vengeance? We haven't seen enough of her backstory to understand. This drama is so well-written and so tight but this is something that hasn't been addressed and time is really short now with only two episodes left.
  13. Sorry, I have a feeling I've gotten completely confused on that now. I really thought it was Oldest Son but maybe not? This is a great theory! But it's so late in the drama that it seems not likely. If they had dropped clues lots earlier on, it would make sense. SH's relationship with her mom was so strong that it would be kinda sad to taint that now. It's more than just being accustomed to taking her orders: they KNOW exactly what will happen to them if they betray her even in the smallest way. Scary. Han doesn't just destroy people; she grinds them into dust. Looking forward to when the TOP team realizes that their only hope is to follow SH and YD. We cannot allow Han to become a fish. That role belongs to Picasso! > * ))))) >< {{ ....................Good news for Second Son in real life: “Graceful Family” Actor Kim Jin Woo Announces Birth Of Daughter
  14. Brilliant twist! I knew there had to be a major reason why they all felt so threatened by SH's presence and why they kept trying to crash her down. I think that there has to be more to come, especially if the reveal on this is enough to nearly kill Mr. Mo. It kinda seemed like he might have loved his first wife (even if he did have an affair on her for years with that wench Wife 2), so he may not have known or may have chosen not to realize that she was sleeping with his father. That's an interesting question. Here's a wild theory: what if Mr. Mo is infertile? At the beginning of the drama we thought he had four kids. Now we know that SH and youngest son are not his. What if he isn't the father of Sons One and Two, either? That would be interesting. The real problem is that we only have two episodes left for everything to get sorted out. And we still don't know why Han is so hot for MC group.
  15. Enjoy! Normally I can't stand chaebol stories and I run a mile to get away from them. But this drama caught my attention, and it has kept it in spite of the chaebol shenanigans. It's a great drama but the best part are the leads. They are the ones that make this worth watching.
  16. She is definitely stronger. The most important thing is that she has learned is to think ahead to get results instead of just flying off without considering the consequences--that's one of the ways she and the ML have helped to change one another. He has taught her to plan, and she has taught him to risk.
  17. I just did a hop-scotch fast forward through today's episode because I couldn't resist. And I noticed something that made me laugh.....but it's probably too ridiculous and too minor to be funny to anyone else. When Han goes to see Mr. Mo and tries to kill him with info about SH, we can see bottles and other decoratives on the window in his office. Well, one of those decor items is an antique-style jeweler's magnifier. You can't put magnifiers like those in a window unless you want the room to burst into flames when the sun hits the glass. I'm surprised that the light beam didn't hit that fish tank and fry Picasso long ago. Either Mr. Mo's decorator or his household staff are trying to kill him in a subtle way. Or maybe Han told them to put the magnifier there. You can also set fire by putting certain other glass objects in sunlight so be careful where you put the mirrors and other refractive glass objects in your house. Yeah, I admit it: I accidentally set a teakwood chest alight by putting a larger paperweight on it in front of a window. Just barely caught it in time as the flames started shooting upward. Yeah, that's a lesson that no one would ever forget.
  18. It seems like early on in the drama there was some question about SH having more right to inherit than her brothers. And I could almost swear someone said something about her grandad possibly being her father.....maybe that was just here on the thread, though.
  19. He's been taking pills for something, so it's no surprise that Mr. Mo would finally collapse under pressure. Thanks again for recapping. It's hard work! I tried to recap just once and I couldn't keep up--never gonna try that again. I think that what you did was really, really good.
  20. I didn't notice any "bad" because I was so happy to get the main plot of what will happen. Thank you so much!
  21. I hope someone will spoil us! Please. And I really, really, really hope that the subs aren't as slow as they were yesterday!
  22. YD Dad was so perfect here. But so was SH. When Dad said how she was from a rich and powerful family so she could save YD, the actress was amazing: the shadows in her eyes showed that she couldn't tell Dad the truth about how she had lost her power within the family and that her wealth was taken from her. The weapons that Dad assumes that she has to fight with are simply not there. The only things she has left are her wits and the few allies that she and YD have gathered. But she can't let Dad or YD down. None of this is said; this part of the story is portrayed simply by the look on Im Soo Hyang's face: stellar acting. Another reason why I absolutely loved this scene. 16. Final episode airs October 17.
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