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  1. @Ayame I read the manhwa and was able to finish.. It has totally different story with a bit of similarity.. HK is a writer and I forgot DH's job.. In the manhwa, HK has lot of past relationships, however, the similarity is he doesn't go back to his old relationships and seemed like he's not affected at all when he will be left alone. DH has only experienced love once and it was with JH.. And she was initially confused wanting to get back with him but she realised their relationship doesn't work anymore because they usually fight on small things and they both grew tired of it until HK and DH met at a restaurant and the cashier thought they were dating and offered them couple discount as they were sitting with together waiting for other customer to finish so they'll have their own table.. They were both alone so they took the opportunity and ate together.. And it all started there.. They decided to be dinner mates everyweekend and they talk about each others relationship.. In the manhwa HK let DH decide for herself if she wants to get back with JH but she refuses to maybe because she started feeling something towards HK though she doesn't seem to give malice to it.. In the manhwa they both supressed their feelings for each other and really decided to not contact as DH has already fallen for HK and he agreed.. However, destiney decided to meet them again without contacting each other and it was there and then, HK decided to follow DH as she tried to escape from HK, but HK wasn't able to contain his feelings for DH as well.. They confessed each others feelings and decided to date.. Here's the link of the english manhwa.. https://mangakakalot.com/read-zb7ia158504931834 The drama really has a lot of real life sitaution twists especially in tackling mental illness.. Maybe the writer and the PD wanted to show this on the show that's why it has totally different plot than the manhwa.. Anyhow, enjoy the story.. I agree with this.. The characters of the manhwa and drama are totally reciprocated..
  2. Thank you for a very detailed perspective @akhenaten.. You've got a very good judgement towards DoHee's character.. Kudos!!
  3. I just saw another BTS of the kissing scene and it seemed like there's a reason why NE is still into HK, she saw them kissing! The BTS of the kiss scene was of another angle too!!.. I hate episode 12 that's why I want myself to be stuck at episode 11.. Can't get over the shift of the last two episodes..
  4. @Nodame I even thought the last episode was 11, not until JH trespassed into DH apartment.. Then, the story started to get messed up. :'(
  5. Seems like the story has just started, to think the drama only has 4 episodes left.. My mind can't put things to resolve the recent conflict between the characters in remaining 4 episodes.. However, I think to resolve this, Keanu will be of big help to DH and HK's conflict, how JH leaves his problems without facing them with right judgement, and someone wrote here when SSH posted the picture where DH, HK,GU and BJ were wearing black suits that it maybe a funeral for HK mother? In my perspective of how this story will be resolved, this will be the way DH will open up everything to HK, maybe her way of comforting him because she's guilty of not telling HK about what happened to JH inside her apartment. Thinking about it, it all started in that very night and she will be reflecting on her actions. In the previous episode (11- everyone was so hyped during this ep and it totally flipped upside down in today's-ep12), it is where HK told her that he doesn't want to keep secrets to her, though HK thought of believing in DH as well, it just doesn't go the same for DH that's why she will be telling him everything.. Actually I've read and finished the manhwa it just have refreshing vibes, but the drama has so many twist.. My mind is twisted as well on how this drama ends after seeing today's episode.. Still hopeful this will have (very) good ending though [not to mention having another kiss scene of DH and HK after they get together again].. Sorry, I'm actually disappointed of today's episode but still hopeful for the remaining 4.. Hehehe ^^ I know everyone feels the same?..
  6. I think the BTS kiss scene was shoot twice, it has 2 versions.. First one is while they were shooting and SJH used her left hand to put on SSH (broad) shoulder while the second one was her right hand on SSH chest and this was the one used in the film.. Thinking, who might be having good time taking the kiss scene twice?.. HAHAHA I think they were enjoying?..
  7. I always pick up my heart on the floor whenever I see the BTS kiss scene, this is the boldest kiss scene of SJH so far.. I think this was what she was taking about, "real acting" good thing she did it with SSH!! OMG this pair, you two build a house and already live together.. HAHAHA
  8. SJH just posted her first IG for today, just like SSH who posted his food truck from LBH.. She also posted a food truck from a writer Park JiEun.. Coincidence?..
  9. Shocks!! SSH just posted on his IG the full body pic of HK and DH with the kissing scene shot!! dugeun-dugeun
  10. I have observed that as well except in CLOY, but yes still has an angle.. Actually sh revealed this in Follow Me 8 days, she was asked by After School Lee Joo Yeon her co-MC if she had experienced or filmed a kiss scene (I think she meant the lip lock thing), sadly SJH answered "No".. Here's the yt video of the MC talking about kiss scenes and SJH was asked at around 1:50.. Seemed like SJH looks kinda shy and regretful of this.. HAHAH XD However, she eventually expalined that she wants real acting.. Maybe that's why during CLOY she was able to do kiss scene KJH.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1cFf_YPUSY Hopefully, SJH feels comfortable with SSH and allow him to do the thing (delulu mind activated- AGAIN).. HAHAHA XD I hate to expect too much but my mind can't control thinking of what kind os skinship will be aired tonight.. (fingers crossed)
  11. Thank you very much @Ayame!! I edited my earlier post because I tried to post the picture on twitter.. But seems like you're faster.. Kudos!! The writer of the article just called them "HaeHae Couple" I guess he/she meant "HaeHui Couple".. I tried to translate the article into English, though i know how to read the Hangeul, I can't still understand some of the vocabs so.. Hahaha XD Translator always saved the day..
  12. I just saw a pic in IG, HK attempting to kiss DH!! the one who posted it is "songseungheonturkeypage" better check it out guys.. My heart skipped a beat seeing it!! Posting it on my other twitter account.. Enjoy the view my friends.. OMO!! Can't wait for this.. https://twitter.com/kdrama413/status/1277410109971365889?s=21
  13. @akhenaten speaking of charisma, SJH has a natural vibe of it whenever I see her as an MC in her Follow Me 8 days.. But this striked me most in the episode, she's very charismatic here, even her fellow MC's would ask why.. HAHAHA XD I think this OTP just compliment each other so much that their charmismas are their highest.. Hehehe ^^ Here's the yt video at around 1:16
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