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  1. And I suddenly remembered this, maybe she just wanted to have it "low-key" kkkkk ^^ and pretending by not reciprocating through this “Pretend that you’re not into the guy so much”.. kkkk ^^
  2. Back again to disturb your day with the OTP.. kkkk ^^ "I like REAL ACTING more these days"-서지혜 (Seo JiHye) FM8 2017She might have not tried more kissing scenes but definitely her first REAL ACTING KISSING SCENE was the best with SSH!.. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ5swfSJINn/ SSH and SJH are both lucky with each other.. Shippers!~ Just keep sailing~ just keep sailing~ keep, keep, keep sailing~ (sound like Dori singing) kkkkk ^^
  3. Hello!~ Just dropping by to tickle your delulu minds with this clip I just made for the OTP, great move for SJH if she really suggested this part in DM.. kkkkk ^^ "If you walk down the street, it's so pretty to see a tall man hugging a short woman."-서지혜From just a romantic fantasy to real thing quick FM8 x Dinner Mate Calling all HyeonHye shippers who support the adlibs of these two, imagine who suggested the walk.. And who accepted the suggestion without second thought.. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ3XFWMJ57B/ May this ship sail last a life time!~ Have a great
  4. Hello guys!~ I'm back again!~ I hope you had a good start for the year of Ox and I loved reading all the shippers ideas, undercover investigations, and so much more (as usual) that help us understand these two from hopeful REEL to REAL OTP.. Looking back at my previous post, as I have read here someone mentioned Jessica Jung and Krystal might be connected with SJH as what I have posted previously (see quoted post above).. We know from tteokbeoki_couple's IG account that our SJH have liked a video from an OCN Here's the link of pic though this dated 2018 and probably most
  5. And here's a familiar place on SSH's IG as New Year's greeting.. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJhludrAdUT/?igshid=1649zvvhsoe6e
  6. This is what I've always though also.. Considering the co-stars they've filmed before.. But, yeah looking at their match made coincidence, well, we call it shippers "DESTINY" of events, clothes and etc, it can't be impossible.. Anyway, I hope you guys had a HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! Cheers to surviving 2020 and meeting each other because of this OTP!~ Keep sailing! I have here the 5 Minute Clip of SJH Family Secret in her Life Bar Episode, I've decided to translate step by step her Part 2 of Life Bar Episode 21 as it's the one who had no translation.. I chose this short clip because t
  7. Guys!~ Good day!~ Our couple has been nominated and that's really good start and hopefully we will see them together again at the awards show.. We can help them through the voting poll provided by Hancinema (though as stated it won't be counted by MBC) and so far our couple's drama has the highest rating from all the nominees, this just means that among the nominees they have the highest number of viewers?.. Here's the link so you can vote as well.. Keep spreading the love of this ship and let's keep sailing.. https://www.hancinema.net/mbc-drama-awards-2020-nominees--dramas-147704.html#!p
  8. This could be a hint though with SSH answer to his question about who he thinks having a meal.. HAHAHA
  9. Good day everyone!~ Back reading from page 63 as I haven't visited the forum 'til then.. So yeah, about those antis for this we still need to compose ourselves interacting with them and ignoring is the best thing we can do as mentioned by @mtdgmend and @fiona628. There are few shippers here who messaged me through my IG kdrama413 account and are already doubting and have been having conflicts if this OTP is real.. For me, the first thing we can do is ACCEPT who these actor/actress choose who they want to be regardless, if they choose to be REAL then it's a win for this ship, and if not, i
  10. It's on her her IG post few years ago!~ ^^ https://www.instagram.com/p/BPMvnbJh1aO/?igshid=19mcbnh7yfwun
  11. @SexyDolceVitaActually thinking the same thing!~ I hope they invite her as she has met most of the hosts there probably. Solar the member (leader of her favorite girl group MAMAMOO), NaEun as her costar in the recent DM, Park NaRae meeting her in ILA together with the other member Hwasa of MAMAMOO.. So excited, and for her country theme it should be Australia since her sister already lives there and as she had said during ILA she visits her every year, except this year around. JTBC, hear us!~ HAHAHAHA XD As per Sunmin, she has been friends with SJH, she was also the one who
  12. Hello everyone and @fiona628.. Good to know, in Korean Dramas and Movies the released English titles vary most of the time.. Always refer and check several media sites for the names of Kdramas or movies.. I find hancinema, asianwiki, and wikipedia of the actors/actress filmography reliable but expect that this sites has lacking if you compare each other as well as titles of the dramas/movies. I find this online viewing site to watch as well with good uploads of old and latest ones.. Just check the other titles of the Kdramas and KMovies.. Here's the link for the KMovie
  13. I'm back, thanks for appreciating SJH's drama special.. I've read everyone's observation about how constant our SJH is especially after appearing in ILA.. And indeed, this proves how she's really true to herself. We have seen her in interviews, variety and reality shows.. I noticed a constant thing about her as well.. In her Arirang interview few yearrs ago, she mentioned that for her to be able to act in a sad and emotional scene she doesn't want to immerse herself in a gloomy atmosphere, instead she wants a bright one.. And to prove that, we saw her on ILA laughing very hard and
  14. It's nice to be back here (posting) and loving to read wonderful insight and love to both SJH and SSH as a ship or as actor or actress individually as they have recently appeared in recent variety and reality shows!~ Continue to spread the love.. Anyhow, I'm writing again for everyone who has difficulty searching for old SJH dramas and movies. I have attained one KDrama special where SJH appeared and I'm here to gladly spread it to you guys she had with MBC Drama Festival way back 2013 titled "Me, Mom, Dad, Granny, Anna" I am posting it on my other account on IG kdrama413 into
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