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  1. Thank you @fiona628for this gem of an article about SSH's kind of marriage ceremony he would like and his modest dream to form a family and be with his wife and kids whom he loves. I really wish that it will happen soon to him and SJH ❤ Being married in private ceremony is a good thing because it is more solemn and romantic. And they can announce later to the public when they are already married ❤ SSH said that "If I was given the choice of choosing between being a great father or a great actor, I would choose to be a great father without hesitation. My most modest dream is to for
  2. Just sharing some Dinner Mate videos made by fans. If you are missing our couple SSH and SJH like I do, I just always watch their scenes in Dinner Mate, their BTS, or the fan made videos in YouTube. Happy watching and all the love and support to our couple Song Seung Heon and Seo Ji Hye ❤
  3. SJH is really an outstanding beauty from the very start and her acting is great in all the roles she portrayed. I love her in all her dramas. SSH once said in an interview that if it was not for Shin Dong Yeop's encouragement/belief in him, that he won't be still an actor today. Because his acting was bad in Three Men and Three Women and there was talk about replacing him but Shin Dong Yeop said he would work with SSH until the end and that he thought that SSH would make it as an actor. Below is the link to the interview. https://www.soompi.com/article/1237207wpp/song-s
  4. When SSH posted his mirror selfie on March 1, I said to myself he looks so young and boyish with his hair and his pose in that photo with his lips pursed. And in his previous photos he never did that kind of pursed lips pose. I thought he must be really mirroring his special someone SJH ❤
  5. I agree with you about the eyes. His eyes are happy and in that photo he has an aura of being relaxed, contented, and he looks like he is smiling only for a special person ❤ Even if he might have been getting only a few hours sleep and his body must be tired from the action scenes of Voice 4, his face does not show it, but instead he has that look/aura that he is very happy and relaxed and fulfilled, like he can't ask for anything more in life because he already has that special woman in his life ❤ Also, he posted about the photos of the things that bring back childhood memories/memories of ou
  6. Have you seen all of her dramas? Do you know a link to Chunja's Happy Events and Ice Girl? Thank you.
  7. @hrkharisunfortunately I also can't find any English sub of Chunja's Happy Events. The story seems good and it's a shame we can't find it anywhere. There are a few short videos of it without subs in the MBC site http://playvod.imbc.com/Vod/ClipPlay?broadcastId=1000875100001100002 Have you watched SJH's show The Noblesse also known as Lady or Noblewoman? I recommend you to watch it. It is one of her greatest performance in her career in her role as Shin-Ae. She is so great in her acting and we all can relate to her and my heart goes out to her character ❤ You can watch it in the li
  8. Yes fans from IG said that pic was from Black and the new photos are only with the food truck shown. No face photo of SSH was posted.
  9. SSH and SJH look like a real couple there in the photos who are socialising with their guests who visited them ❤ The clothes they are wearing there was for their scene when HK went to DH's workplace to do the show and DH went to the dressing room where HK was and did her cute expression of love ❤
  10. Just want to share some beautiful artworks made by fans in IG. Credit to IG account picku.id https://www.instagram.com/p/CEQlF2Jhsdj/?igshid=qi5l0hbjp3sm Credit to IG account digi.kdramart https://www.instagram.com/p/CDx4zCUhDv9/?igshid=17jzs04oh5tyy Credit to IG account kfanghorl https://www.instagram.com/p/CD62tPjpEM_/?igshid=1pd9xo8539nsi Credit to IG account kfanghorl https://www.instagram.com/p/CD62UreJ3Nv/?igshid=vtlxnvmur7ni Credit to IG account kfanghorl https://www.instagram.com/p/CD6
  11. @lu.husso nice to read your post. When I first saw SSH in Autumn in My Heart in year 2000, I admired his acting and the sad love story of that drama, but I have not actively watched his other kdramas back then and only when in quarantine last year watched him in Dinner Mate. I watched it after I saw CLOY and I became a Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin and Seo Ji Hye fan. Now I have seen almost of SJH's dramas except maybe five which I plan to finish before she has a new drama. I'm both a SSH and SJH fan and I love and support them individually and as a couple on screen and off screen. You're r
  12. Dinner Mate Official Poster "Making" photos https://www.instagram.com/p/CLQDmiPJQ2D/?igshid=qtth2jd8qcm9
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