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  1. Woohoo! Another crack drama! Just completed the first 4 episodes on Netflix and I am officially hooked! I love the sudden turn of events between the two main leads. And I especially love the anger and feeling of betrayal that will fuel Kang Hee-So’s revenge against King Lee In. I can only imagine how painful it will be when he learns the truth about who she really is and she learns the convoluted reasons behind why he did what he did to take the throne, which went against everything that she knew him to be. In the meantime, I’m going to sit back and continue loving this drama.
  2. I think the culture of shame in Korean society is very prevalent, which is why agencies are very strict and dictatorial when it comes to the private lives of its talents, to the point of suffocating them. Maybe that was one of the factors that triggered Lee Sun-Kyun’s despair and eventually depression. The fact that he had become quite famous due to the film “Parasite”, expectations of him were much higher and the fall from grace would have more dire consequences. It was reported that his product endorsements dropped him right away after the affair and drug scandal broke out. It’s so sad that he has passed away, especially since I read that after “Parasite”, he was being eyed to play a major role in a Hollywood film.
  3. Hello all! This is the first time in a long time that I’m posting again on this forum and it’s because of the heartbreaking news of Lee Sun-kyun’s passing. To be honest, I already felt bad when I heard about the drug scandal being attributed to him and was hoping very strongly that he was innocent and only got caught in the middle of things without him knowing. But now it’s useless to even hope that his name will be cleared and his stature as a respected actor restored. This is very traumatic and sad, especially for his family. Goodbye, Our Ahjussi. May you finally find peace. I guess he never had a real-life Lee Ji-an to inspire him and to help him find hope again. It’s very sad. He probably felt so alone and helpless about everything that happened to him. :(
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