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  1. Hello!!! I haven’t been to this forum in ages but I’m so glad there are people who are still discovering this gem of a drama. I don’t know when I’ll find another one of the same caliber. I just hope Lee Sung Kyun and IU/Lee Ji Eun get to work together again soon. They had such great chemistry in My Mister and was the main reason why the story worked so well.
  2. Hello, everyone! Haven’t been here in a while and I’m so happy to see not just never before seen photos of our OTP but new fans as well. Welcome to our world. I’m so excited for the upcoming dramas of SSH and SJH. I’ve never seen the previous seasons of “Voice” but it seems to have an interesting premise. And now with SSH as one of the leads, it gives me a reason to watch season 4. As for “Dr. Brain”, not only will there be SJH but she’ll be cast with another one of my favorite Korean actors, Lee Sun Kyun. But of course, what I’m still holding out for is an announcement from them o
  3. @fiona628 does SJH wear corrective glasses? I noticed her wearing that in the photos you shared of her in Africa. @huckleberrymoonriver @bmm serajim both of them have beautiful eyes indeed, with her large eyes and his long eyelashes. Very expressive pairs of peepers.
  4. Hi, everyone! I just saw a post on a couple of IGs of SSH and SJH greeting fans in Japanese then Korean. Is that a new video or was that from the airing of DM in Japan last year?
  5. My personal take on this is that, if SJH and KJH are really already dating now, they weren’t dating yet when DM started and while it was airing. Maybe at the time, she was still being the supportive friend and noona to KJH. But maybe it developed into something more after DM. If SSH were really interested in her romantically, maybe he tried to show his interest early on, but when he saw how involved she already was in KJH at the time (whether as a friend or whatever), he decided to back off gracefully and just manifest his feelings through his playfulness. It also kind
  6. Before I go on, I'd like to premise this post with the statement that I wrote this while wearing the hat of a neutral, non-SSH/SJH shipper as far as this dating rumor is concerned so I can assess more objectively if there is a great likelihood of it being true. I haven't jumped ship yet and I'm still on board, and I will hold off my decision to jump ship until there is enough proof - preferably a proper statement from SJH and KJH - that they are a couple. I was going over the photos and statements again over at IG and if you think about it, they look similar to the photos of oth
  7. Hello, all. Haven’t been able to check out news about our fave couple in a while and suddenly - wham! Bam! Here we are. Conpared to the rumor mills in the entertainment industry in other countries, this seems pretty tame. But for someone like SJH, I guess, who seems to have a reputation for being highly professional and particular about keeping her personal life out of the public eye, this kind of rumor can be quite upsetting. More so if she were an innocent party who finds herself caught in the middle of some friction between KJH (who’s one of her good friends) and his agency.
  8. @hrkharis amazing analysis of their IG posts. The way you explain it, it’s so logical. Really looking forward to hearing about their real-life partnership (fingers crossed).
  9. Hallooo!!! How’s everybody? I hope you’re all safe. @huckleberrymoonriver seeing those photos that you posted showing how close SSH and SJH quickly became in just a few months brought me back to when DM was still showing and their BTS videos and photos were all over the place. I think it’s clear enough to everyone that they’re very happy in each other’s company.
  10. @SexyDolceVita agree, especially on your comment regarding SJH. If it’s true that a lot of men are intimidated by her personality coz she’s probably very professional and no-nonsense when it comes to work, then her actions that time were very OOC for her indeed. I wonder how they are? I’m really looking forward to their next project, whether separately or together.
  11. Watching their old Presscon clips and I swear it would be criminal if they don’t end up together in real life! Hahaha.
  12. @hrkharis hahaha. I like your use of the word “infected” to refer to SSH possibly acquiring SJH’s habit of pursing her lips. It’s like a virus. A love virus.
  13. Annyeong! It's amazing how much we're still discovering about these two in their past videos. And now we're surprised with their new photos. I know they've been silent for so long since DM ended and last we heard of them was the Japan interview. But like most of you here, I sincerely believe that was only the beginning of something wonderful for both of them. I wish SSH and SJH all the best and I really look forward to hearing good news from them soon.
  14. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Here's hoping our SSH and SJH are spending their first Valentine together happily. Almost a year from DM and I still feel the same way about them. Here's hoping we get good news from them soon.
  15. Hello, everyone! I haven't been here in a while. Glad to find new shippers on board. I'm currently watching "Mr. Queen" which incidentally stars SJH's partner in CLOY, Kim Jung Hyun. I enjoy it very much. Kim Jung Hyun and Shin Hye Sun have great comedic and romantic chemistry. Yet strangely enough, they don't trigger in me this desire to see them end up together in real life. Which brings SSH and SJH to mind again, because even now, every time I see photos or videos of them, that feeling comes back to me. When I watch "Mr. Queen", I see King Cheoljeong and Kim
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