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  1. Those slightly open mouth kisses.. It's killing me, it's the reason I think why they are in a relationship.. kkkk ^^
  2. I can't help myself to think about this.. When I saw the LDW-YIN TYH kakaotalk where YIN was interviewed by LDW about who's making her feel warm during winter, and then LDW said and commented, "Why is this so hard to tell/say?" HAHAHA XD
  3. It's "Please, hurry up everyone!" If I too is not mistaken..
  4. Thank you for that @intrariverchingu you got a very good point there.. And my bad for my impulsive delusions but cheers for the Pichi Couple, especially for taking their own time and privacy.. I love how we interact here and respect each other, OTP & the shippers alike.. kkkk ^^
  5. I can't believe our out of the world delusions and ninja detective moves with their "in a relationship gestures." Our OTP is like giving us so much hints but because also of their out of the world ninja moves, even dispatch hasn't gathered evidences.. Should a few of us apply at dispatch and do the undercover for this couple?
  6. Seems like it isn't just YIN who is rushing about getting married soon, so does LDW.. His gestures from IG were like, "Be my Queen in this life and forever." with those looks from IG post and our assumptions for the couple celebration.. ㅋㅋㅋ I felt happy you really considered about my post about couple relationship celebration assumptions here and waited for the 14th of June to happen, and going back to LDW's new profile pic, he too is rushing things up.. PP of IG must be a sign for that celebration, "KISS"
  7. Just thought about it, again, after repeatedly watching TYH.. Hahaha XD Every LDW product endorsement always involves YIN.. I wonder if he really thought of accepting the role and planned ahead that he wants YIN to be the first to experience his product endorsements.. First, Bleu De Chanel.. YIN gave it to him after coming back from taping abroad in TYH.. Second, Volkswagen car where they have the same model, just with different color and to think of it, the one he is endorsing is what YIN used in TYH.. Another #deluluoverload before going to bed.. Good night!!
  8. @snowjewelz I guess everyone is waiting for this.. That's what 6/14 is, Kiss Day for couples..
  9. Ohhh sooo sooo truee!! I agree, 1000%.. Delulu overload.. It's his queen's day!! I guess he's giving her flowers privately, just the two of them.. I too am waiting for that day!! #PichiShippersThinkAlike
  10. I think @intrariver was referring to the comparison of expressions LDW has with the actress and the other one, LDW with YIN.. LDW suits having blonde hair. He looks good in everything but, his everything is YIN... kkkk ^^ His beautiful characteristic inside and out were revealed because of YIN, thinking he can easily be tamed with her.. kkkkk ^^
  11. Upon seeing this I imagined "what if" YIN and LDW starred in the HK, with those romatic and hot scenes from the drama.. kkkk ^^ The chemistry will be literally lit and will burn all of us.. HAHAHA
  12. I think I have mentioned that too in the previous post about the pink flower with regards to monthly celebration. Thanks for pointing that out again @louie_999, I almost forgot.. 깜빡 잊다, 미안합니다!
  13. Very visible, but sorry for missing this out and asking about what's the significance? Please enlighten my delulu mind.. And if ever some of the shippers clearly see this too that connects to the Pichi Couple, reply here.. I miss all the noise for this couple.. Enjoy the rest of the day y'all!!
  14. Can't get enough of them really.. I am re-watching the TYH for the nth time.. Today I just realized in the 4th episode that even OYS/OJS's doctor is also named Kwon.. It's so funny how she chose Atty. Kwon over Dr. Kwon.. HAHAHA XD To think of it, LDW has portrayed being a doctor for several dramas and OYS/OJS still chose to go with Atty. Kwon over her personal health having insomia. Maybe she was thinking she doesn't want the character of LDW as a doctor because he was paired with many actresses already and she chose the Atty Kwon portrayal of LDW because she knew he has never been dated anyone in that character portrayal.. HAHAHAH XD
  15. Almost all my favorite part here in TYH are combine perfectly.. I just thought how comfortable LDW & YIN are of their equal aggressiveness as couple in this drama.. I bet they are too in real life.. kkkk ^^ Keep those keen eyes for the Pichi Couple!! Let the the ship sail!! Good morning and may you all have a great day!!
  16. I thought I was the only one who noticed how they coordinated their color during every episode of the drama.. Thanks for supporting it with this chingu..
  17. I rewatched the kakao chat interview of LDW & YIN and my feelings of watching them never died.. A lot of things were running in my mind especially if they are doing the body language, the compliments and sweet talks they give to other.. I wanted to give meaning to it for the both of them as if I am enterpreting something for them.. HAHAHA XD I wanted to share them here but my mind can't focus because there are so many to interpret and I don't know how/where to begin.. Kkkkk ^^
  18. I'm sorry for the wrong statement there.. kkkk ^^ Thanks for pointing that out chingu @WinonaLee.. That meant she already really wanted to be tied up with someone in a hurry (LDW maybe).. kkkkk ^^ This means we are really eyeing for them and we are rooting for anyone who they wanted to get married with.. Still hopeful with this ship sailing!!
  19. Just as I have read from an article here in soompi, she wants to get married "within 3 years." It was not stated she wants a family right away. However, we really don't know what's her plan after that maybe she wants to have small versions of her or her future husband to be (I am thinking 100% that it's definitely small versions of LDW too.) ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  20. I agree of you that they aren't young anymore. ^^ That's why they need to get married and make babies.. kkkkk ^^ @MinyeonieI guess you were referring to the Kdrama "W" where the gf had this list in a book she wanted to do having bf. (Off topic) This drama was lead by Lee Jong-Suk & Han Hyo-Joo, their chemistry in this drama was amazing too.
  21. I love the word "rekindled" chingu it made my delulu mind active. I have read the article before too about Kyung Ho starring for TYH. I am just so happy that LDW & YIN were settled as leads of the drama. Speaking of the word "rekindled" with their meet-up gathering for Goblin, I personally thought (with my delulu mind being active), LDW & YIN maybe have this feelings for each other during Goblin days but tried to repress it and fought with destiny. However, fate brought them back together for TYH and realised they need not to separate themselves from each other. Though trying to hide their true emotions from the camera, they did not succeed as the idiom says, "action speaks louder than words" and as ninja shippers of the Pichi Couple we noticed their body language- sweet & lovely hidden ninja moves thinking they are really together and fated for each other.. I'm sorry for this delusional opinion about how they tried to agree in starring with TYH. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 최숭합니다 내 친구들..
  22. I can't veiw the picture on insta.. But anyways, I am really glad I have boarded this ship!! Let's continue to make this ship sailing and continue to gather some evidences with out detective works.. You guys are all so amazing!! Good morning from my timezone!
  23. I am indeed searching for evidences that makes sense my friends! I am glad you almost all agree to my detective ninja works for this couple.. However, these were all just my observations that were fed by my delulu mind. I am so sorry that it all became so widespread to you my friends.. ㅋㅋㅋ
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