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  1. Still, nobody suspects this conman. The storyline is, for me, unpalatable when even the female lead is clueless. Conman already has the code to the soup room that he got from GGO’s garbage bin in her bedroom thanks to the awfully stupid, brainless, idiot stepsister who brought Conman to the apartment with her. I don’t know how much more of this I can watch without taking a break. it’s utterly ridiculous how clueless they all are. Conman must be the only smart person among them and that isn’t saying much. @Manora, didn’t I say common sense will not prevail and that GGO will fall for Conman’s sob story and not actually tell Mr. Boo who he really is? They’re all fools and I really shouldn’t be upset if they fall/suffer through their own stupidity. Kocowa Translation: Conman: Thank you, So Young. We are a team now. We’re on the same boat. Conman: I got it! SA: Ah. GGO: Here you go. Hey! Aeri’s mother: What is all this? Aunt: Tomorrow’s the preliminary round. Aunt: I’m crazy. GGO: You’re here. Do you have something to say? Conman: Gye Ok...
  2. Preview for episode 106 (no video posted yet) GGO: Mr Boo! Are you there? Mr. Boo! Conman: Did he pass out? Conman: Our happy ending is near. Hang in there! Min Joo: If you leave, I have no regrets in this house. Min Joo: Try hanging on. Mr. Boo: Buruna Noodles and this house... GGO: Two, three, nine... Mr. Boo: GGO: Three, three, one... Mr. Boo: It seems the time has come.
  3. But this is dramaland. Don’t expect common sense. Watch how GGO will probably either confront him foolishly or believe SY’s nonsense that he had to do it in order to get a job. I wish I could hope in common sense but I won’t. The right thing to do would be to expose him to Mr. Boo (the employer) and let Mr. Boo deal properly with him. However, as they are a small family restaurant, I don’t expect them to handle this news in the right way. Mr. Boo might actually feel some sympathy for him. Somebody needs to see through this conman and I don’t want it to be Min Joo. I also hope JW eventually tells his aunt what he overheard in the bathroom. He must have heard it for a reason, I hope.
  4. Well, it’s very clear that Conman doesn’t even seem open to actually caring about his son. When JW sent him something about rapping, Conman’s response is that JW is too clingy like his mother. This, coming from a supposed father though a dead beat one. Someone asked previously if he might come to care about JW but it’s obvious that JW is part of the con. He played basketball with him but he was not even a bit moved that he has such a son. The man is thoroughly a criminal. Hope JW does tell GGO tomorrow who Conman is. I hope GGO doesn’t let on that she knows and begin to observe him carefully.
  5. @msmy here you go. Mr. Boo and Ga On from today’s episode. Preview 105 Kocowa Translation: Mr. Boo: Cheong Ah. I understand how much you would’ve missed her all these years. I’m begging you. SY: You don’t recognize him, right? Conman: I’ve lost a lot of weight. Stepmother: It seems you’ve had plastic surgery. Ae Ri: If I had a son, would things have been different? GG: Shall we move ahead with it? Baek Doo: Are you closing up? What is it? JW: Aunt. I have something to say. Can you promise not to tell Mom?
  6. Isn’t Mr. Boo’s mentality impaired right now? In any case, besides the fact that Mr. Boo probably holds to the belief, like most Asians, that blood is thicker than water, there’s also the fact that the girl’s mother threatened Mr. Boo that she intends to take back her daughter who is no blood relation to them. Added to that is the fact that the Nutcase mom kept barging into their place, uninvited, to stake her claims to her daughter. Then Mr. Boo witnessed the Nutcase call the police on them for alleged child abuse. Is it really worth it to continue this chaos in their home when the child clearly hasn’t rejected the mother and the mother keeps demanding the child back? In any case, Ga On will make her decision to leave tomorrow and I can’t say that I care. Seol Ak has given her lots of love and has shown her in many ways that he won’t give her up. Seol Ak has tried with her for many episodes now and so has GGO. I’m not sure what more she wants from them. Let her leave with her Nutcase mom. In terms of educational opportunities, I suppose her mother can give her what she wants. Seol Ak will undoubtedly miss her but I expect his future will include children of his own eventually so that’s something he can look forward to when things calm down.
  7. Firstly, ladies, never enter your home if you see the door was tampered with. Even if Tae Yi thought maybe her younger sister left the door unlocked, a quit text message or call could have ascertained that. I don’t know why common sense like this has to be forsaken. Drama could still be created in the scene even with common sense. Episode 6 made the time travel/dimensions much more sensible to me. Alice is in a different dimension. That’s why their time flows differently. It also explains why the future mother can kill her past self. The dimensions weren’t created when she committed the murder or changed the past. She actually came from a different dimension. This logic makes more sense to me. Seok Oh Wan is still suspicious to me. I hope Jin Gyeom never believes him completely. He definitely has his own agenda like everybody else. Now, who exactly is the guy who allegedly killed the researcher? Is he affiliated with SOW or is he from another organization. That would make three or four sets of players that we know of including the brokers.
  8. This is also what I believe too. However, technically no matter what happens in the various universes, I still think of Tae Yi as Jin Gyeom’s mother simply because they have the same DNA. It’s kind of like in Train where the protagonist’s alter ego was a drug addict and had a different personality but all his alter egos had the exact same finger print and DNA. That’s how I think of Tae Yi in all the universes. This show is still as exciting as ever even if I think their concept of dimensions are muddled like in the case of the future mother he murdered her past self.
  9. @Manora, Conman has never once shown any sincere feelings towards anyone. I don’t know if he actually feels something for Jang Won but ultimately it doesn’t matter because it’s not stopping him in his con of the idiotic stepsister. He’s rolling full steam ahead to continue his dastard plans to implicate GGO through dumb stepsister. I hope he ends up in jail for at least a decade. As to Ga On, it’s indeed true that GGO has been trying with her just as much as she did with the four sons. That’s even before she was willing to admit she liked Seol Ak. GGO is just a kind person. @lindab12 initially I thought that Ga On was brought up well too but @watchumlots pointed out early in the show that she was in fact a brat. It didn’t take me long to agree with her after a few more episodes. Just the way she dismisses her own father and the way she behaves and talk to adults at times. She is sweet to people like her grandfather and Min Joo, but straight up rude to her father and other people at times and honestly, we should admit her attitude sucks at times. She doesn’t get a pass because she’s a teenager. It just means that Seol Ak’s parenting majorly failed in some areas. This is not the first time we have seen a drama show where a girl grew up with only her father. @Manora, you’re spot on on the superficiality of this Ga On plot. It’s all fireworks with little to no depth. Forget everybody else...Seol Ak didn’t even tell Ga On why he decided to raise her. I would think that’s important for her to know. It’s not like he hasn’t proven his love for her over these 15 years. In fact, she should realize that she must have been special to him for him to raise her and she’s not even his biological kid. @tas82, it does look as though they want to give Min Joo and easy way out. The fact that she said that conman never took her to a motel seem to want to suggest that though they had an affair, she didn’t cross a certain line. I guess they are paving the way to make viewers sympathetic towards her. Whatever! I just want to see all her bad deeds come to light.
  10. Honestly, I’m so tired of this plot with Nutcase. While GGO is consumed with Nutcase and her daughter, poor Mr. Boo is on a regular regiment of poison. Meanwhile, her insanely stupid, brainless, worthless, idiotic, lazy stepsister even has conman strutting through their home. Does it even make sense that she knows he’s a conman and an ex-convict that she simply just takes his word for it that he’s changed? What a “waste of space” she is. Kocowa Translation: Nutcase: Ga On. What happened? Nutcase: Why are you here? Nutcase: Move away from my daughter! SA: What are you doing? Mr. Boo: What is this? GG: Dad! Mr. Boo: Am I going senile? Nutcase: I’ll let you go, but can’t you allow Ga On to be with me? Ga On: Grandpa. I have a question. Can I go to my mom?
  11. I also dislike where this writer is headed with Min Joo. The writer outed everybody. GGO and Mr. Boo’s contract was outed. Ae Ri and her bullying was outed. Seol Ak lying about being a biological dad was outed. Geum Gang making terrible financials decisions were outed and he became homeless. Baek Doo having an affair with his first love was outed. GGO and Seol Ak’s relationship was outed. GGO being in a fake marriage with an old man was outed. And the writer wants to keep Min Joo’s actions secret despite all she’s plotted and done with the man she was cheating with? She needs to be exposed, brought to her knees and kicked out of the family. At the very least her plot and schemes should be revealed to the family that she should never be trusted. I hope her pilfering over the years is also revealed. She constantly looks down her nose at Ae Ri but she’s far worse as a person.
  12. Quite frankly I’m so disappointed in Ga On. Seol Ak, Han Ra and Gye Ok are trying hard with her and all of their efforts are rebuffed. She’s acting like a brat even while they’re trying to show her that they care. If they didn’t want her they would have already shipped her off to her mom. Instead she rejects all of their attempts to get her to open up. Right now my biggest concern is Mr. Boo. I wish GGO would pay more attention to him instead.
  13. Oh. My. Gosh. Many thanks for letting us know. Now I can savor this show without worrying about the ending. I really enjoy this show and characters. I want to know who massacred her tribe though. So far this year this show and Qing Qing Zi Jin (maybe Song of Glory too) are my favorites.
  14. Perhaps, as someone else said, there is a one year time skip. If that’s the case, it’s probably like normal life where ACH has received an excellent offer and has probably moved on to another hospital. I wonder if the other head resident who was in season 1 will appear. Probably not since it looked like he moved on too. I guess by changing the characters it shows that life continues on like it would in real life. It’s sad yet exciting.
  15. Kocowa Translation: Nutcase: Ga On. You know that vegetarianism is a trend these days, right? GGO: Ga On. You’re still growing, so it’s good to eat a variety of foods. Conman: Finally, the things I lost... Brainless: Now it feels like I’m living a life. Min Joo: So there’s no need to comfort each other’s feelings as we’re professionals. Ga On: Heads for Mom and tails for Dad. Sales person: What are you doing? @Manora, I also hate the storyline of harming Mr. Boo’s health. It just seems so wrong on many levels and is quite disgusting.
  16. Indeed this would be plausible in this kind of genre except I think Eun Soo’s husband was already dead when Ji Min caught his wife cheating. But on a serious note, I can’t believe the ex-wife would be so shameless as to come looking for him again.
  17. It was pretty lame of GGO to bring a death certificate for Mr. Boo to the production meeting claiming he was dead. It’s easy enough to fact check and find out that he’s still alive. I like the brothers countermove. They themselves will go to the media to tell the story of how their father died and came back alive. They will use this as the basis for why their father decided to engage in a fake marriage to set them straight. They intend to be honest about their faults because as Baek Doo said, people will curse at them for being unfilial but at least they would have protected their father and gained sympathy towards their father since especially filial duty is a big deal in SK. I especially like that Baek Doo didn’t tell his gold digger wife because she just might accidentally leak it to Nutcase. I hope they are indeed able to tell their story on their own terms. In this way too Mr. Boo will be under the spotlight so the chef poisoning him might also end up in the media. Oh, but wait, can the writer even be trusted to connect the media story to putting an end to the conman’s plot to impair Mr. Boo’s mentality? In any case, I really don’t care if Ga On leaves with her Nutcase mom. I don’t know what it takes for SA to get through to her but she’s still thinking that she should go to her mother. Whatever! As long as Nutcase is gone by next week. Viewers are probably at their limit now. To think Nutcase reported GGO to the police in tomorrow’s episode is enough to drive away sane viewers. I will hang in there because I’ve reached this far but I will be using my fast forward button more than usual.
  18. I actually think it’s a possibility that she could have killed her son because she seems kind of unhinged in her obsession towards her son. Maybe he was a sacrifice for her greater ambition. Like she could be so twisted that she prefers to remember her son as she wanted him to be rather than how he actually was. On the other hand, she might not have been the one. In any case, I hope she gets her just desserts in the end. @Sleepy Owl, wasn’t Ji Min’s wife cheating on him? I thought I saw a scene where he came home and the bedroom door was ajar and clothes were on the ground and voices could be heard. Wasn’t that his wife?
  19. @Sleepy Owl, yep, I’m thinking the villain storyline is probably the greedy corporate people. Since we only have eight episodes left, maybe the story of the fire of the orphanage and more about the corporate fight will take up future episodes. They also have to find CYA and of course Wook’s story and ahjussi’s story of his missing daughter will be explored.
  20. Kocowa Translation: Police: We’ve received a report of child abuse. Police: Did you take Boo Ga On’s cellphone and lock her up? Ae Ri: Child abuse? Nutcase: I’m saying this for Ga On’s sake. We’re really close. SA: Cheong Ah. Are you insane? GSY: I think he’s into me. Chef: Mussel seaweed soup. Min Joo: Cha Jung Gwon, you did all this? Aren’t I right? Chef: You sure are smart, Min Joo.
  21. @Jillia @Sleepy Owl remember the Chairman also got Ji Min that promotion. She probably sees him as a fly. The moment he gets serious about harming her public image, I have no doubt she will make plans to crush him and his career. Regarding Ji Min and Eun Soo, I don’t think things will be smooth sailing for them. At least the synopsis at Viki seem to imply Eun Soo will develop a plan to woo Ji Min so that she can become the stepmother to her own daughter. That sounds like their relationship will be built on lies, initially. I really hope the synopsis isn’t accurate. Nevertheless, I suppose there might be circumstances that prevents Eun Soo from being honest with her identity. The fact that she’s an ex-convict might be a factor among other things.
  22. Honestly, it was difficult to sit through the first two episodes. The way she was railroaded into prison just gets my goat. I hope we don’t have to sit through the rest episodes watching her victimized by powerful people. I know she has found her daughter but I hope she will be just as passionate about uncovering the truth of what happened 10 years ago. On a side note, I was very surprised to hear the principle/concept of “the sins of the father visiting the children”. That’s the first time I have ever heard that said in a Korean drama as well as “divine justice” although I suppose it could be a matter of translation.
  23. @Manora, yes, it’s kind of hilarious how Ae Ri isn’t actually pregnant. However, she doesn’t intend to tell her husband until she gets a designer bag out of him. Regarding Mr Boo, I just feel so bad to see the old man’s mentality suffering. It’s absolutely terrible. Conman has no conscience left whatsoever. And there is the stupid stepsister falling for his scheme. I wouldn’t care except that GGO could be implicated in his con of the stepsister. Jang Won is a kid so he won’t really get affected in terms of reputation and losing money, but GGO could have to deal with the consequences resulting from her incredibly stupid stepsister. I’m just hoping this writer doesn’t intend to make Min Joo into a hero. Like you said, she will be the only one aware of conman’s true nature. I want her to be thoroughly exposed regardless. I want the blackmail pictures revealed to the public or family. I want Nutcase to reveal Min Joo’s tacit consent to revealing the fake marriage contract. I want Min Joo outed in every way. If we think about it, everybody else’s dirty laundry were aired already except hers and Conman’s. Tomorrow the Nutcase will show up at Seol Ak and GGO’s meeting with the tv production team. I hope GGO doesn’t just sit there and let Nutcase paint a picture that is untrue. She needs to shut her down because I don’t expect SA to do a thing.
  24. Yes, Song Ah has her own way with words. Just look at the way she gently scolded Joon Young about hiding the truth from her though he was well intentioned. I also enjoy her honesty with Joon Young about his performances. I also really appreciated the female maestro’s encouragement of Joon Yoon on the balcony. It’s one of the scenes that touched me a lot so far especially since I thought it was well timed considering he kept hearing people put down his talent in favor of the other successful Korean pianist. You are right. Perhaps Song Ah’s technique is not the best right now but her music can still touch others. I mean, she had a very late start. I don’t expect her to be as good as violinists who were playing from a young age. Like Chiaki-senpai said in the Nodame Cantabile anime, he can play the violin so well because he played it since he was a child until his nose bled. In other words, it was his hard work and consistency that made him a superb violinist and pianist. Song Ah will improve but I don’t know how far she will succeed in their industry. In the end, I hope she will have a clear path for her career.
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