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[Drama 2020] Once Again, 한번다녀왔습니다


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On 7/11/2020 at 1:49 PM, emerald ox said:

I was wrong all along.

It wasn't JS that play cupid.

It wasn't BY nor JR that made NH-GJ fall in love again.

It wasn't past romance that awaken their new romance.

It was..





..sticky notes.

I promise to never underrate the power of a sticky note from that moment on




:lol: HAHAHA, I love it.


But really, it did not take a lot to get these two back together. Just a couple of caring messages to each other, and some porridge + band-aid and they are back together.


I don't love how they immediately slipped right into bicker mode. I guess that's just how they relate to each other.


While Gyu-Jin's mom is pretty screechy and rude, I think that maybe she is not THAT bad - at least compared to other K-drama nightmare MILs. At the very least, I'd like to imagine that she can change and see the error of her ways. It was kind of sweet when Na-Hee's mom protected her when those thugs came to the street market. They're frenemies who get into hair-pulling fights, but they do apparently care about each other.


So I'd like to think that she's not going to throw a fit about her two sons marrying the two sisters of the main family. And she really gets along well with Da-Hee, maybe she'll just be happy about having Da-Hee become her daughter-in-law without any of the typical arrogant show that drama MILs put on.


I hope the Father finds out that Cho-Yeon is his long-lost sister soon. It would be so nice if we can spend time after they reconnect, instead of having it happen in the last episode.



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@chickfactor Yes, I have been wanting the siblings story to be resolved as I want to see CY happy with YD family (not one episode) for sure. She has such a big heart and glad the market people and YD and family like her (after much misunderstandings) and she is now a respected person there.


Though I disliked Leech, she did finally waken up CY that her kimbap was horrible tasting. The staff tried to tell her but were TOO kind and nice. They did not push hard enough about taste when CY refuted no it tastes YUMMY. So when Leech told her and miserable foot traffic, even pretty Unni/Nunas staff cannot keep a steady flow for so long of clients if the food is horrible.


@emerald ox LOL yes Sticky Notes helped but behind them, you need the person writing in to have a simple caring message. The fact despite all the crazy situation, GJ worried about her finger/hand showed her , he was so attuned to her well being. She went out of the way to get specific congee/juk place for him (def thoughtful (granted still ticked he did not get to eat it thanks to BY) but glad he got the sticky note from her. I am glad she realized if she did not GJ was going to leave and since she cannot have him. At least she admitted the error of her ways to let him know.


@lampard7 Thanks for the episode preview and MV of our OTP.





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65-66회 미리보기 

영숙이 살아있을지도 모른다는 사실을 알게 된 영달은 동생의 흔적을 찾으러 동분서주하고 옥분은 그런 영달이 누구보다 안쓰럽다.

나희와 규진은 누구도 아닌 서로를 위해서 결혼 전과는 다르게 조금씩 변화하기 시작한다.

한편 지원이가 무단결석을 한다는 소식을 들은 재석, 남자답게 그를 호출하는데! 지원아 세상엔 여자는 많아. 물론 ‘다식이’는 한명 뿐이지만.

연홍이 떠난 용주 시장에 어슬렁거리며 영업을 방해하는 사채업자들 VS 시장 상인들! 갈등은 심화되고 그 가운데 초연은 전화 한 통을 받는데...




Preview for 65-66 translated:


When Yeong-Dal finds out that Yeong-Sook may be alive, he does everything he can to find any sign of her. Ok-Boon is concerned to see him this way.


Na-Hee and Gyu-Jin begin to change, little by little, for each other and no one else.


Jae-Seok hears that Ji-Won is absent from school without an excuse and calls him in a manly way. Ji-Won, there are many women in the world. However, there is only one "Da-Shik."


Yeon-Hong left YongJu Market, but the loan sharks still interfere with business. The loan sharks vs. the merchants! In the midst of the intensifying conflict, Cho-Yeon receives a phone call...

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33 minutes ago, chickfactor said:

Na-Hee and Gyu-Jin begin to change, little by little, for each other and no one else.


I love this description! For each other.

Attitude, habit and perception do change during the course of a marriage or a relationship. It requires commitment from both sides, and NH-GJ are willing to make that happen. They still bicker in the last episodes out of awkwardness. I'm hoping to see that they have built a strong dynamic before announcing their dating news to respective family. 

I look forward to see GJ enjoying hearty home cooked meals by NH's mom again!

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#나규커플 ★비밀연애 시작!!★ 이것이 바로 한번 다녀온 자들의 찐 사랑법♡(ft.#한번다녀왔습니다)


So Na Gyu Couple, secret dating begin. for this video. Cute!


Also article in the next episode Jaesuk contacts Jiwon.




Lee Sang Yi, SF9’s Chani, And Lee Cho Hee’s Relationship Takes An Unexpected Twist In “Once Again”

Jul 16, 2020
by S. Nam

KBS 2TV’s “Once Again” released new stills of SF9’s Chani, Lee Sang Yi, and Lee Cho Hee!


Previously, Ji Won (Chani) competed openly with Song Da Hee’s (Lee Cho Hee’s) boyfriend Yoon Jae Suk (Lee Sang Yi) by keeping him in check and sending him adorable threats. Furthermore, after noticing that Yoon Jae Suk and Song Na Hee had fought, Ji Won confessed to Song Na Hee, “I like you, Noona, really.”

The newly released stills reveal an unexpected meeting between Yoon Jae Suk and Ji Won, who look at each other affectionately. Unlike their previous competitive aura, the two share a friendly atmosphere, drawing curiosity over what could have occurred to cause such a drastic change in their relationship.


Another image also reveals Song Da Hee following them and spying from afar. Hiding behind a pole, she looks flustered and surprised by Yoon Jae Suk and Ji Won happily sharing a conversation.


To find out how the love triangle will develop, tune in to the next episode of “Once Again” on July 18 at 7:55 p.m. KST.

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Lee Min Jung And Lee Sang Yeob Are Just Inches Away From A Kiss In “Once Again”


KBS 2TV’s “Once Again” has released new stills teasing a sweet moment between Lee Min Jung and Lee Sang Yeob!


The weekend drama tells the story of four siblings following their individual lives and comparing their opinions on marriage and divorce.


Previously in the drama, Song Na Hee (Lee Min Jung) and Yoo Gyu Jin (Lee Sang Yeob) paid attention to each other even in urgent situations and expressed their unorganized feelings for each other. After honestly opening up to each other, they eventually decided to begin a secret relationship.


The new stills show Song Na Hee and Yoon Gyu Jin enjoying a secret date at the hospital rooftop during their break. Their eyes are filled with affection, and they can’t stop smiling in each other’s presence. Yoon Gyu Jin leans towards Song Na Hee, and instead of shying away, she smiles and closes her eyes in anticipation.


To find out what happens during their rooftop date, tune into the next episode of “Once Again,” airing on July 18 at 7:55 p.m. KST!



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Preview for ep 34 (67-68)

Hard Sub

GJ: My little brother, how about we take a walk and talk about things

JS: Yes big brother

GH ex: Song Ga Hee!

GH ex: Let's go somewhere

HS: She said to just do it in here

Donut ahjumma: It's big news! Big news!

Donut ahjumma: The kimbap owner has emptied her store and taken out all of her belongings and will leave tomorrow immediately

CY: My father has passed away few days ago

JS: Let's just hangout at my place

DH: What if we get caught again by your brother?

GJ: Come here

NH: Isn't it your brother?!

CS: Didn't you see a wallet in here? It was my friend's wallet who just ate in here

YH: Unnie, let me help you with that

JS: Are you Seo Jin? (Seo Jin finally talk?!)



Ahh I wish the writer won't drag the meeting between CY and YD too long. Just let them reunite as brother and sister soon T_T

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hellos! i've taken a break here cos i wasn't caught up to the previous 2 weekends episodes till now! it was great catching up on the posts, and i'm sorry that i'm not able to answer individually..thanks @Nodame for rough translating the TMI video i posted for Lee Sang Yi. I think someone here has posted the one for Lee Cho Hee too =D


collectively, i've enjoyed some of your analysis of NH and Gy's relationship! i was surprised why they started bickering again but as mentioned by some, i guess that was them processing their emotions while still wanting to be with each other. the convo they had was really nice - communication finally happening!! also interesting that NH is taking the lead, like how she did when they first started going out haha.


Also i like how @Silverlining93 changed their pic to the brothers' doing that hand-waving and face, so funny!! that's not the first time JS is imitating his bro XD am amused how GY and NH flirt behind JS' back...wonder how they will feel when they realise they themselves were had by JS and DH xD my heart stopped when they walked past them kissing at the stairs! but i guess the big reveal is not yet to be XD


Another thing i like is how DH confessed her love for JS. Like someone else mentioned, I thought it would be when she would reveal their relationship in front of the mothers. Also like others' mentioned, I also thought that she was not investing as much in the relationship, at least not openly (i do not however think that that means she definitely should give skinship as appreciation, that's another matter entirely), so i'm glad for the episode where he got to witness her confession of love - though really, how likely is that coincidence IRL lol. but it's ok, i'll just enjoy it here =3 I like the one who posted their analysis of why she liked him, it was not the things he boasted of and that JW tried to match, but that he made her a better person. furthermore I feel that part of what JW likes is what JS influenced, like her courage.


Lee Sang Yi is showing more acting range for JS! or maybe i appreciate the hilarity more this time round. his various faces in the conflict was quite funny to watch, especially where he called his brother to check if his phone is working then made a fuss after, and when his give-in call to DH didnt connect XD


The person leeching off CY was more fleshed out in the end, and really, it seems like she was dealt a bad hand and continued making bad decisions along the way. i hope there is a good ending to this, and that she will also change for the better.


Btw anyone think Ji Hoon's and Hyo Sin's acting starting to look similar? XD


I also saw some behind the scenes on KBS drama channel, though i understand nothing XD another great place for behind the scenes is the insta account cantina3, try it! =)


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@donutLover Thanks for the comments and yeah the LSY Video on him was cool!

@alleram95 Thanks as always translating the preview 


@JumeeTya & @lampard7 Thanks for newest episode clips 


i found this cute videos on the brothers lol



I haven’t watched while episode as fully subbed comes out in a few hours.


- JS is a sweet guy due to DH concern he calls JW. He admits she is cute not beautiful to him (JW). But I love how to JS she is beautiful to me ! Awwww and getting expressions and caring nature to others (omg he is smitten). When asking JW, he admires and liked she worked hard and was passionate about her studies. Proud JS appreciated JW complimenting his GF, as they got drunk JW was like what you got on me? I am younger maybe smarter ? Hehe JS IQ is higher than JW. Lol!


-GJ taking his time looking good to get ready even JS was like you are looking better than usual is there some event I am not aware of? Even DH noticed NH choosing dresses then putting on perfume (hehe then helping herself to Unni’s perfume.) Then by the elevators the Yoon brothers are like—- what is they shiny brightness lol at NH (for looking so good). Dating GJ and NH too cute!


- At the rooftop they sat and GY thoughtfully got snack which NH was like when did you get it. Liking this deleting reminding them of old memories and skipping out (but GJ but one thing- the pouty kiss face that NH rejected was adorbs!


- Sad CY ‘dad’ passed away plus being harassed by leech dongseng loan sharks is too much. 

Edited by Nodame
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hmmm.... from the preview i think i have a feeling that i wont like the story in upcoming episodes.... the leech friend notice about the similar family pictures.

why do i feel that she will steal CY's pic and she come up to YD and say that she's the long lost sister... and then the typical story will continue.. (YD take her home, help her with her loan & support her financially, she start to steal.. etc.. etc)


sigh!! hope it wont happen.. 

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On 7/14/2020 at 5:00 PM, acidrain33 said:

Nahee and Gyujin's chemistry is undeniable, that am shipping them also in real life... apology to lee byun hun....

anyways thanks dear writer the long await is over... 


Haha i had the same thought. Normally i dont ship people in real life but in this case i ship them not despite but because of lee byun hun lol

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@JumeeTya ..I agree with you..That from the preview it looks like the leech will pretend to be his long lost sister and extort money from him by doing emotional blackmail..

But..the thing is Cho Yeon sold off her store and she may pay up her debt..Also if the leech becomes his sister and CY goes far away then it will require another arc to reconcile them and I don't think we have that many episodes left to solely devote to the bro-sis issue..I may be wrong but I m hopefull about this writer for not going the cliche route and dragging it further..If you recall the previous episodes of this drama, whenever majority of the screentime is given to a certain issue, the issue resolves within that weekend itself..and this results in the good pacing of the drama.

Thus I think we will have the re-union on today's or maybe in the next week's episode..There is already too many things to explore..and we are running out of episodes..

BTW ..the Yoon brothers or should I say..the Lee brothers are gold..


PS: As usual we are back to Nagyu screentime reduced to 5 minutes.:crybaby:

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Oh gosh @JumeeTya that didn't even cross my mind. I just came here to say please don't tell she's gonna player her unnie like that. I was just think from the preview she helping her pack up so she can run off with her and keep her by her side so she can keep leeching off her. But your idea seems more plausible cause she has given him some looks previously and mention how he must be rich. She is the type though so am afraid you could be right. Eeek please writernim no more please let leech have a heart and once she sees how broken her unnie is she'll come clean. She was finally settling in and making friends too.Urgh this need resolving soon.

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3 hours ago, eLizza said:

As usual we are back to Nagyu screentime reduced to 5 minutes.


How ironic!

In ep 33 NH and GJ made lots of changes between themselves and also with colleagues. Plus closure scenes for JR. All that in a single episode amounted to I don't know maybe less than 10 minutes? I wonder what else lay in store.

Though it was nice seeing NH-GJ acting lovey-dovey, on one side that's a progress we all wish for. But on another side I think we are all back to square one where NH-GJ fell head over heels for each other, moms objecting their relationship yadda yadda yadda

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Glad we got Jeong-Rok out of the way. Both he and Bo-Yeong were nothing but plot devices.


It was rather funny and cute that Ji-Won just turned out to be lonely and needed a friend more than anything.


No other thought except that I'm glad that long-lost bro and sis will find each other. They devoted Saturday's episode mostly to them, so it better happen soon!







67-68회 미리보기 
영달은 인연의 끈을 옆에 두고도 알아보지 못했다는 속상한 마음에 무너지고, 연홍은 초연에게 영달이 오빠라는 사실을 알리고자 휴대폰을 드는데...
한편 초연은 가게를 접겠다고 선언하고 시장상인들과 이별을 준비한다.
나희 규진은 자신들을 알아보는 사람들 때문에 집에서 데이트를 하는데 갑작스럽게 들리는 현관키 누르는 소리! 과연 규진의 집으로 등장한 사람은?
점점 인기가 높아지는 ‘쏭바이가희’ 효신은 바쁜 가희의 일을 도와주는 가운데 자꾸 가희 앞에 나타나는 승현이 신경 쓰인다.
서로의 자리에서 힘든 시간을 보내고 있는 준선과 현경. 이들에게 생각지도 못한 일이 벌어지는데...



Episodes 67-68 preview translated:


Yeong-Dal falls apart when he learns that the "ribbon of fate" was right next to him and he failed to recognize it. Yeon-Hong picks up her phone to tell Cho-Yeon that Yeong-Dal is her brother...


Cho-Yeon declares she will close her shop and bids farewell to the other owners.


Na-Hee and Gyu-Jin have a date at home to avoid people who recognize them but someone is pushing the door keypad! Who enters Gyu-Jin's home?


"Ssong by Ga-Hee" becomes more and more popular and Hyo-Shin helps Ga-Hee. He is concerned when Seung-Hyeon keeps coming around.


Joon-Seon and Hyeon-Gyeong, both having a hard time by themselves. Something happens to them that they never imagined...


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SF9’s Chani And Lee Sang Yi’s Sudden Proximity Leaves Lee Cho Hee Flabbergasted In “Once Again”


Lee Sang Yi and SF9’s Chani are now the closest of friends in “Once Again”!


In the previous episodes, Yoon Jae Suk (Lee Sang Yi) and Ji Won (Chani) became close friends all of a sudden, confusing Song Da Hee (Lee Cho Hee). Ji Won didn’t show up for classes nor respond to Song Da Hee’s efforts to get in touch with him, but it turned out that Ji Won had been in touch with Yoon Jae Suk. Song Da Hee then ran into the two of them happily sharing a conversation.


In the new stills, Yoon Jae Suk and Ji Won share an emotional hug as Song Da Hee looks at them with a confused expression. It was shared that Song Da Hee will explode out of jealousy over Yoon Jae Suk and Ji Won’s close relationship.


After sending Ji Won off, Song Da Hee and Yoon Jae Suk will meet someone unexpected. Their eventful day will be shown in the July 19 broadcast of the drama at 7:55 p.m. KST.

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It was heartbreaking to see Cho Yeon abeoji has gone like that. He didn't even know that Cho Yeon and Yeong Shik are siblings. Now, I hope Yeon Hong will be useful and unites them together. I'm eager to see them unite! The writer has been playing around with us for 66 episodes. :(

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