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  1. The show is too comedic compared to Third Marriage, Meant to Be, Game of Witches, and Second Husband. The audience who watches dailies at that hour probably expecting something similar.
  2. They keep teasing the SFL's mom and FL's adopted father romantic connection/interactions. Sooner or later, this ship is gong to sail.
  3. Hana's (Escape of the Seven) first adopted mother is in the SFL? I don't think I've seen her in more than just supporting roles
  4. And that missing child is possibly Uri? So, if the episodes have aired in Korea, but it doesn't show on KocoWa then possible licensing dispute?
  5. How does NY afford to rent a mid-class apartment while SJ is renting a room at someone's house/restaurant? I missed the episode where both sisters moved out. NY is going to fall in love with the SML and vice versa. Ending the love triangle that was with her, SJ, and UR. SJ and UR will start falling in love, and the drama will introduce the little girl's mother (who will be UR's old girlfriend)
  6. That jam created by the FL is going to make her a fortune, isn't it? So, are they implying it was the SFL that broke up SML with the mother of his child?
  7. Since the timeline is 10 years in the future, I still think they should do a spin-off and bring back LUCA. LUCA becomes self-aware, and causes a nucular war that devestates Korea. Hana survives (played by a different adult actress) and is part of resistance force against LUCA. Make it a sci-fi story.
  8. NY and SML are going to end up marrying? Based of the story progression, it seems like it's heading that way.
  9. Sonds about right. If the timeline is right... If MN gave birth to Hanna when she was 17, and Mone and Hanna reunited on the abandon rooftop when Hanna was 4 then met again when Hanna started living with the school teacher which was one year later. Hanna should be 15-16 years old in the last episode.
  10. What is this drama trying to fool. JiYoung/Dora's face didn't change at all. It would of been more believable if Dora was played by different adult actress prior the suicide attempt and after played by the current actress. Is the face different in Grandma's POV? --- I still believe in my theory that Dora didn't try to commit suicide on her own. She was pushed into the sea (most likely on accident) by SML. Also... at some point, the real JiYoung has to come back? Right? Also... Is it selfish for the ML to not tell Dora's real family that she's alive? Or tell JiYoung that he knows about her true idenity?
  11. I feel like if this drama had a makjung twist then they would make DR and her mom not blood-related. The test between DR's mom and "JiYoung" is going to come off negetive.
  12. In the end.... it turns out this was all Han Mone and Min DoHyuk's story. --- Is this where LUCA wakes up as a self aware AI and causes a nucular war between North and South Korea? And there will be seven new characters including an adult Hana (Mone and DoHyuk died from nucular war) and they must escape an resist against LUCA?
  13. Kang Seran is one of the best SFL villians in recent years. She's up there with the SFL from Second Husband and Game of Witches. This villianous SFL is no better than the villianous SFL from Meant To Be.
  14. I don't get why the SFL is so against the FL. Is it really because she said that she would kick her out of her house, an wouldn't let her touch FL's chess set? Also, it looks like the jujube jam recipe is drama's secret soy sauce recipe. (Third Marriage) Someone will make a fortune with that recipe? Also, what excerise makes you toss small dumbells across the room?
  15. Korean does not have different terms for "He" and She". "Geu" (그) can mean "He", "She", "It", depending on the situation and context.
  16. In Korea, a person calls their aunt on their mother's side (mom's sister), Eemo and their aun on their father's side (dad's sister), Como. Samchon is a term used to call their uncle on their mom's side (mother's brother), but you can use that term to call their father's side if hey aren't married. People normally call their uncle on their father's side... Jagun Appa if they younger than their father, and Kun Appa if they are older than their father.
  17. How long do you think Dora will stay in this new idenity/personality? I see a scenerio where ML falls in love with "Ji Young".
  18. The SML's step-mother's henchman's daughter is the SFL. It seems the henchman doesn't know this. Also, there's got to be a bigger picture when it comes to FL's bio parents and the rest of the elders. We know what happened to FL's mother but was there foul play involving FL's father?
  19. You might be right. This is after all still a family weekend drama. I was kind of hoping that they would go full on makjung.
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