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  1. So much screaming and self pity, makes it hard for me to watch even the actors/characters I like...KBS weekend dramas need to be retitled: "Let's watch a parent die in 3 months" - season 1, 2. 3....It has been done better in past 'seasons ' Writernim....the directing leaves much to be desired as well, I hang in there for MR & TJ ;))
  2. The jumping off the bridge attempt, already IS’s second attempt to do away with herself in one episode , does not work for me, the clutching after yes with TJ watching - but the writer seems to be catering to to the melodramatic wishes of the actress who plays IS trying to sway audiences to understand her abandoning her daughter. Sadly, almost all characters are becoming caricatures, stereotypes in contradictions, instead of the interesting creatures they were to begin with. Hopefully TJ and MR will stay together outside of the family & Corporation - that would be refreshing, also, that the women always sacrificing themselves for the benefit of no one in the end will stop and couples will face the problems together - (that includes mothers and daughter ) which would still give lots of chances for satisfying drama
  3. Though there is always a danger of 'hollywood-izing' or 'hallyu-izing' storylines, I am glad that KDramas, more & more, are addressing real issues....some of the scenes are heartbreakingly well done - highlighting the human stories behind the numbers, kudos to good cast - so far
  4. Writernim, you must have writer's block - the story is going nowhere , no character development - what a waste of mostly good actors!!! Stop taking away the spine you gave MR in the first place!!! You even put in the ol' " Let's die together!" line ...The best scene was when SJ let out her real self in front of the chairman, got a laugh out of that .... But enough with the stalling ....The cat needs to come out of the bag and play! It really would be interesting to see TJ finally understanding MR's hesitation & anger (after getting quickly over his own sense of betrayal), then trying to deal with his 'mother's' betrayal...... Looks like more stalling to come, though, with trophy wife & kid coming back - maybe they could bring a co-writer along to help with the storyline?
  5. Sadly the writers are going a bit overboard and repetitive, especially with the evil dad & real mom. TJ's immaturity in dealing with things looks only to get worse.... The still hidden secret of who MR's mother is, is the only balance to her finding out who he is. Their romance, because of TJ's youthful impatience was a bit too rushed, anyway, his know better attitude a bit irritating...It is Mi Ri's development, I am most interested in and wish the writers would give her the chance to gain true self-confidence away from that company & TJ, even if they would get back together later, enough with women having to put up with so much cr-p
  6. I can see that for many of us this drama lingers ... many thoughts about what love is : What IW did is not love, I can see the comments of many people that think it is but that is romanticizing, a type of brainwashing that so many women are still suffering from: Always to try to understand a guys behavior, how they just have to find the right button to push to get them to heal and show love - and the brainwashing that little boys still suffer from that tells them they cannot have emotions or vulnerability, that they have to constantly prove their masculinity and all those suppressed emotions often turn into control and violence but, no it is not love. IW could not see MR, he did not know who she was or even really care to find out, it was only his deep seated fear and insecurity that he wanted her to stop, he looked to her to give him his worth and became violent every time he felt she did not give it .... In the all too often real cases of so-called ‘domestic’ violence where someone kills his partner or ex partner, then himself, we cannot know the thoughts right before they end their lives but in this fictional version it seemed to be that he thought, yes he had succeeded in killing her so he could just go and join her, not because she dared to try to save another guy I still wonder, also, if the ‘happy’ ending was not just some sort of dream version because of the heart rate machine flat lining ... I still find the last episode went way too melodramatic and feel unsatisfactory with the ending At least K dramas are trying to broach such serious matters, so these are all baby steps
  7. With all the more violent series, I always enjoy the weekly visits with a family drama. Kim Hae Sook & Kim So Yeon have been some of my favorite actresses, both can bring many layers to each character they play. I know many like the MR & TJ pairing, but I find TJ very immature and at times arrogant, which may be fitting because he is a Chaebol child, but not so fitting as a romantic interest... The kiss in the elevator was just impulsively childish and demanding, not romantic or sensual. Though Hong Jong Hyun is cute, his acting is a little bit too pouting... There is still too much of this little boy attitude that women should be listening to the guys not vice versa, that goes also for our publisher friend, his talking down to MH really gets on my nerves - how do we know WJ has the talent to really recognize good writing? There is a tendency, also. in too many K dramas to make women look bad in leading businesses, such as IS’s emotional decisions because of MR... yes, I know they want to create conflict between mother and daughter, but still... Even with all that, I look forward to the unfolding of everyone’s stories, even though there are some annoying characters, no one is so horrible - hopefully the writing will bring out many layers of each, that makes for the best dramas...
  8. The last episode gave depth to SH's character, the fledgling actress was well played...sadly these things happen all too often, not just in S Korea , but much more has to be done to protect the young people S Korea counts on to make Hallyu popular throughout the world
  9. Being shocked is not a sign of lack of obsession, it was most likely being faced with the realization of what he did (subtext) and that it came out so 'identical' - this is a drama, of course, not reality, - in reality much prep goes into designing a cosmetic change - it is not like drawing on a canvass Although they are writing Hae Ra as the typical female opposition suffering from jealous unrequited love, her scene with SJW brought up some very needed questions of why he gave MR his wife's face... Though this drama may not really go there, how disturbing for Ma Ri, to be yet again a 'Face' with such meaning for someone else - another battle ahead to be herself. There is so much psychological depth to this theme...the illusions we fall for...the abuse so many women go through ...It will be interesting to see how they resolve this..though dramas are entertainment, they are always a comment on society
  10. Oh dear, yet another obligatory coma after an organ donation, such occurrences,, though possible, are seldom, no wonder many are afraid to donate, since so many get their "facts' from dramas... Having Kang unconscious does give an opportunity to advance the innocence project, glad that it seems Dae-Ryeok will pursue this... the other obligatory fallacy that those who love each other can get over each other quickly & like livestock mate with the next best thing , is always disturbing - even livestock would want to be free to choose.. Though TP is nice, he seems somewhat tossed to the side by the writing, whereas WDR's "friend', who is not so nice , is reentering the stage....Also love how Halmoni gives payback..she probably is the avenging fantasy of many a wife....
  11. Whether the males leads are to be identified with tragic or comic figures of fiction & opera, both males have an obsession. Even if for strategic reasons ( and storyline) doc recreates his wife's face , it's creepy,,,, poor Mari, like the women in opera and the classics, her options depend so much on the whims of the male figures. For both Catherine and Adina, "respectable' marriage was almost the only option,. Imagine no real say on with whom you will spend your intimate life with. To say Catherine rejected Heathcliff because he was beneath her, is not to understand the story. She understood the destruction in that "love", was indeed destroyed by it...all the characters comic & tragic, try to break out of the confines society imposes - the sicker ones do so violently ... It is hard to see such domestic abuse, it is a matter most serious. LMIH was done, for the most part, well. May LiS do as well
  12. Respectfully disagree: It’s not about adding characters, the ones that exist are very much in the position to want to know more. It’s about the natural urge people have to be curious, after all it is DR’s curiosity that got her to realize that Kang is her father. Getting to know him as the kind person he is would put doubt in their mind that he would be capable of killing. It is the writer that is introducing that Kang did not actually stab DY’s father, but that storyline is weakly built. This is a drama, not real life, of course, but it always reflects on the society around and human beings everywhere have more depth than has been portrayed, as of yet. I am one who actually loves the KBS weekend dramas because of the wonderfully imperfect human portrayals they often bring. This drama though promising, has been too one dimensional. I have a golden rule and that is: if you have to assume that your characters and your audience are stupid in order to further your storyline, you have failed as a writer...
  13. As so many note, the plot is stagnating, so much immaturity in the characters and writing...a big hole in the storyline is there is no one who is going through the incident with Kang, questioning, trying to put the pieces together, not even his daughter nor YJ - that would put some depth and layers to the story. Maybe that will happen soon. At least GR asked for his version. Writernim, you need a better storyboard! What is annoying is this insistence that from one minute to the other feelings between those who have loved should be forgotten (but the feelings of hate should not be), so I was glad for the scene with Grandma & DR, where DR could finally cry to let pent up feelings out. Kang being a possible donor would be his way of atoning, (even if he is found innocent , his desperate actions set everything in motion) weaving further the threads of fateful involvement, - just do not not know if the writer is up to doing this effectively. How these families are tied together could be poetic and heartwarming if the writer allowed more character and plot development
  14. In real life, often one bullet does kill, would be nice if it didn't, so many people would be alive Even if images are contractually limited, it is curious, that NWS was not mentioned at end, indeed he was included story-wise only sparsely. One would expect a real reaction from Sunny. It was a nice touch that Hyuk pretended to be him, button & all. Though not totally disappointed by the end, this made the writing very flawed and makes one wonder what the truth behind it all is....it is as if they were all Ari wanting to forget....
  15. So sad how the writer & director have messed up this drama, hard to have sympathy for characters that only scream...really bothers me that so many KDramas make many women look so bad, great that they have so many roles though. In this episode, self-pity ruled almost every character. So much overacting, compensation for a weak script. The way they showed "dropping off GrandMa" was disgusting! The FIL such a wishy-washy character, ugh! The story will, hopefully, start revealing the truth quickly - that would be the karmic reason for all the entanglement, though it would still not ensure a happy ending with such hateful weak people...
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