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  1. See Writernim, we don’t need cancer or Alzheimer drama, fake sisters or gangster-lenders, what we need are the ridiculous little scrapes we all get ourselves into when we try to please everyone around us, when we try to deal with budding love, re-found love, our own childish insecurities - the everyday clashes and the coming together when we just try to understand each other, sometimes with success and sometimes without. That’s what I love about the best weekend family dramas, sharing time for a while with many layered people who are like us with all their quirks. Yes, sickness and other unforeseen tragedies are a part of normal lives, but they don’t have to be in every K drama - especially at this time of social distancing and in many places, social unrest. A bit of intrigue and drama spices things up, but in family dramas, what we mostly crave is warmth and laughter for the heart and with that, this episode was filled to the brim! (An aside :noticed they have given a lot of very small roles actual lines, which doesn’t always happen, kudos!)
  2. What a joy to see these two wonderful actors in the real reunion scene, what so many of us have been waiting for... Yes, writernim managed to turn the tired fraud story quickly around....hopefully that will also be the case for the Mother-in-law's maybe Alzheimers - that like the cancer scare, this will be curable - if it is to be alcohol caused, that would also speak to the overuse of alcohol in K-Dramas.and elsewhere ...would really rather see mom-in-law grow up just bit without losing her marbles in the process... There is so much that can be fleshed out in the last episodes, letting us get closer to these many-sided enjoyable characters and in this time, where the world is often socially distancing, something to warm our hearts with...
  3. Sorry to see the storyline still hijacked by fraud-sister plot, preview seems to show that this badly written tangent will soon end - only bonus is that we will see the two mothers, ( really like Cha Hwa-Yeon and Kim Bo-Yeon) more as they bond. Really miss seeing Lee Jeong-Eun (Cho-Yeon) and hope they give some good screen time for her story ahead - So we know now why Seo-Jin needed to regain her speech, so she will relate the story of the handkerchief
  4. First time I skipped over scenes, glad the cancer scare turned 'benign". now hopefully the sister scam will quickly be resolved, I do so hope that Cho-Yeon has no false sense of obligation to let the lie stand - I want to enjoy the real sister and brother re-bonding, especially with these two wonderful actors! I want to enjoy the madcap romances developing ..
  5. So sad when a writer apparently loses steam and relies on tired making plots...was hoping this show would skip the usual cancer/dementia - but no, cancer is now on stage..and on top of that the "friend' stealing missing relative's identity' worn out track! The debt gangsters in a seemingly lawless Korea was already too much. (If gangsters run around so freely terrorizing people, how is S.Korea so organized when it comes to Corona?l) They are wasting good opportunities with a wonderful cast to explore and grow the real relationships that would come after a sister and brother find each other, or couples discover and rediscover each other - The producers, director and writer do not trust their audiences to care about the characters we are spending time with - they break a ground rule when they have to make the characters so stupid to progress with their intended plot line and they are on the wrong path - one example: at the monastery, after finding out that the monk had taken his sister, then finding out he had passed, why did Young Dal not ask if the other monks if they knew anything about a young girl he had taken in? - why - because they would have known the answer and the brother and sister would have already been together... I would have been thrilled to see the plotline let them get to know each other. I know the pandemic makes things more complicated to film shows but it is really also an opportunity to produce quality in content, which we all need
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