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  1. I have noticed missing threads including current schedule thread but I have also had problems opening any thread on Safari I am using chrome now
  2. Yes, men will never become “real men” until they do change and know that the heart is the muscle they need to flex the most... so it was wonderful to see the three men who needed to change the most: Moongi & Koala’s dads & NaRo make that journey... Both actors who played Park Pil Hong & Woo Jung Hoo, brought the change with humor and a twinkle in the eye, these have been the roles that I have liked them in the most...PPH’s crying fits were delightfully hysterical. One could believe that discovering his love for his daughter could really pierce his ConMan armor. I really appreci
  3. It’s upsetting to see remarks blaming AhRi for her miscarriage - again blaming the victim! In reality, no healthy pregnancy would have miscarried through the things that we saw her go through, as aggravating and unfair as they were. The writing is often miserable, in this regard - so many of these dailies want to put the blame on women, keep them in a place that women no longer want to stay, not even in Korea. This daily, at least, put elements of a woman striving to be herself without oppressive conventions. It is at its best when showing the sadness of AhRi and JunSoo in their separat
  4. The problem is, at this point ,there is no one to really care for, it doesn't matter who lives or dies when everything is an extreme, the acting way over the top,( though I am sure, as an actor, it still can be fun & many, though not all, are very good at their craft)) but there is no real shock value, very few layers, & without wanting to offend anyone, it concerns me that this type of extreme human hating violent drama is so popular - that deserves it's own study- says a lot about us as a society. For this reason, as someone from the industry, I am interested in where the writers wil
  5. I am so glad that the writers did not go too melo, that we will have some time to spend with Koala and Moongi as a married couple... these two young actors really have great chemistry. This whole cast has really put their heart and craft into giving us something to warm our hearts with. The taste in other shows seems to be for histrionics, but there are many of us that just want something heartwarming, where it stays in the realms of reality and the problems that people in a family and community face - with a happy ending which, of course, is not always realistic... Still, even in these h
  6. Although I like many of the actresses in Penthouse, and it is for them that I have watched, without Lee Ji Ah the story is unredeemable -so if she does not return, there is no one to really care for - just having over the top acting and story without someone to care for, is exhausting. I know many find this type of drama fun, but it doesn’t have enough layers and way too much repetition in the way people are directed to act. Instead, I will look forward to the posts here - before I consider watching any of part two
  7. It always takes me a bit to let go of a previous weekend family drama and get into the new family - but I liked the villa family from the start and was looking forward to their story - so, I am sorry, that, like daily melos, they are letting the jealous brat SA take over the plot.... There is such a contradiction about loving non-blood-families and 'evil' non-blood-children...a theme daily melos often use..it is disturbing and not very good drama... Why does CW need to be hidden again? It would make for better and more interesting drama to have her out in the open... I would lik
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