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[Drama 2020] Once Again, 한번다녀왔습니다


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I'm so with you @Katsuragi

However professional she is yet she chose what her heart feels. Of course it sits right to us viewers, but realistically the option of going abroad for career development isn't so bad. NH's refusal to join dinner with the US professors is a sign that she isn't ready mentally. I hope more opportunities will come in the future. Anddddd the writers manage to portray BY and JR as antagonists but not of the rotten evil psychophatic type. Just ordinary people who's looking out for a man to fill her heart, complete a broken family and a father figure for a fatherless child (as in BY) and someone who has found an attractive woman that is on a par with him (as for JR). We still have about 40 episodes, and let see how it works for BY and JR too although it appears BY character is now gone, and JR will soon follow. 


2 hours ago, Katsuragi said:

NH is a realist without much patience, while GJ often wants to avoid conflicts. 


The writer, by exception, shows us how there is nothing intrinsically good or bad in respective personality.


You read them right! Differences attract and divide, that's exactly what happened to NH-GJ. They aren't bad people (so do BY and GJ), they are just human made up of different traits. Because both are willing to give another shot I hope they will manage the conflicts well. In the preview NH mentioned she wants to know him GRADUALLY, which I think make a lot of sense!! People don't change easily, and I believe they both were in relationship since medical college and up to this moment, they could be together for almost 10 years. That does not mean they should change 180 degree now, there is so much to learn about the other half thus taking baby steps is a way to go. They should first address their differences, and deal with family or the MIL later. Must be really overwhelming for them to restart a relationship knowing there's so much things aren't yet 'fixed'. I have always asked myself how a married couple found each other again after a divorce. Really, this is the first drama for me to learn that. I hope the flow of their relationship remain realistic as possible until the end of the drama. Or am I putting so much hope here??


I was telling myself yesterday I hope they don't put too much unnecessary kiss/bed scenes between NH-GJ because it might come across cringey, but look at their eyes looking at each other in the new stills!!! So adorable! Reminiscent of a foolish teenage first love kind of romance now. 

1 hour ago, heartslined said:

What if Na Hee and Gyu Jin run into Dahee and Jaeseok together.


1 hour ago, JumeeTya said:

could it be they see JS-DH on their dating spot (the stairs


Yes I had the same thought ! They are about to enjoy each other's company since many years, and now they got into another challenge. How things escalated so quick. I hope we all got that wrong. 

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@Katsuragi and @emerald ox ...I fully agree with your insights on NH and GJ's traits..


Finallyyyyy!!! I almost squealed when Nahee appeared infront of GJ outside the hospital..My ghosshhh..his eyes and expressions..Woww...I m actually in awe with Lee Sang Yeob's acting..He is about to become one of my bias..I read some translated Naver comments for episode 57-60. Lol!!! The top comments were solely mentioning Lee Sang Yeob's Melo eyes..

Btw that hug was so good..:winkx:..

Writernim really did them injustice by not developing their story nicely with very less screentime in the previous episodes..Had she given them proper attention the ratings could have already surpassed 40 pc by now...It is quite evident from the recent trends that ,as the screentime of the main leads increased the ratings are  also getting higher for the recent episodes. The Naver comment that @Katsuragi highlited was so funny.. Finally no more agonising moments between GJ and NH..Hope they take the correct steps this time. With Lee Sang Yi's Ost..and reunion of GJ-NH..I m positive that it will soar even higher ..Bravo to the casting director for choosing such compatible actors with amazing chemistry..


This show deserves the praise. Amongst the other lot of stressful dramas that I follow during weekends..this one is the only one which keeps me sane with its light and funny moments.. Can't wait for today's episode..


PS: Poor Seo Young..I cried while watching her scenes ..


The director pushed NH too much and it ultimately helped her to reassess what matters most to her ...I feel bad for him though but I read somewhere that he may leave for New York.

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5 hours ago, Katsuragi said:


I am actually relieved that the writer does not give us a fiction of how GJ or NH has changed for the "better" or undergone a total transformation. As someone who is married and being with my husband for almost two decades, I can avow for the fact that people don't really change---only to a very limited degree. (Those who are stuck in a domestic abuse situation often believe that their partners will change and stop beating them. Because of this "fiction," they will hardly get out of the abusive situation). However,  for GJ and NH, they can learn how to cope with issues gradually and openly with reason and compassion. 


Now GJ makes the first step communicating his needs to DH. I really hope that they can finally get to talk about the miscarriage and mother in law. 



Okay....while everyone else is happy about GJ-NH, and while I understand this is always been the end game, I am sad for the sunbae. I must be the only one that feel sad for him. I hope he gets a little bit more closure and can end things a bit better with NH  than just that 1 minute in the car to let her go. I am kind of angry that NH at least can't be straight forward and say she can't go with him instead of just sat there silently crying. It's just so not like her. Even to the end, it's the sunbae that gave her the way out than her saying it with her own mouth. It does however fit with how the sunbae is all along.


@Katsuragi : I agree with what you said, specially the part that people don't really change. But we have been down this path before. If NH-GJ doesn't change, even if they solved the miscarriage and MIL issues, will they get along okay in their 2nd marriage? Won't they fight again and divorce again? Previously they can't even finish a conversation or say everything that needs to be said without fighting/bickering. Everybody knows their personality is so different, eventually there will be something new that's huge (like the miscarriage) that can be their downfall again.


*sigh* please don't bash me for not being happy (yet) for NH-GJ. Let me mourn my sinking ship first :heartbreak::bawling: I'm also bored with the sadon couple situation now. 

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4 hours ago, heartslined said:

i just had a thought. What if Na Hee and Gyu Jin run into Dahee and Jaeseok together. Probably won't happen but who knows

haha i was right! Although they just saw their backs and didn't realize that it was Dahee and Jaeseok kissing. I am so looking forward to the moment both these couples get revealed 

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On 7/12/2020 at 9:08 PM, dramaninja said:



it seems there will be a break up coming soon, Jaesuk is drinking because NH AND GJ patched up and they will become in laws again.. I hope DH and JS will elope then secretly got married :sweat_smile: but i think he called JW for a drink .

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Hard sub:

GJ: It's been a long time since we walk together like this

NH: That's right. If we walk together after we divorced, anyone who sees us will think that it's strange

GJ: Na Hee-ya, I've been thinking. Hmm... In our marriage life, the thing that I did the worst was that I didn't tell you sincerely what inside my heart. 'I'm sorry', 'I love you', 'I forgive you', 'I didn't hate you', 'I need you', 'I wish you can hold my hand'. It's actually an easy thing to say, but since I couldn't tell you, we misunderstood each other. I couldn't tell you about my true feelings and hardship that we couldn't face it together. But now I decided I wouldn't do that anymore. I'm going to say everything and being honest. So, let's start again, Na Hee-ya

NH: I too have been thinking. I'm still feeling a little bit afraid. Back then, we also started our relationship because we loved each other. But what if it got repeated again? What if we became to hate each other again? So I decided to follow my heart. Let's just dating for the time being. Yoon Gyu Jin, let's date with me. I want to get to know you properly slowly from the beginning

GJ: Uhm, sure. Let's just dating for the time being

NH: Okay! Let's date

GJ: Sure



Hard sub

JS: It's been a while. This place holds many memories between the two of us

DH: That's right. I've been busy since I start going to school. I'm sorry. You are right. I was clueless and not observant

JS: You don't know how great you are as a person

DH: It's not true. But still...

JS: It was my bad. I was too jealous and keep acting rashly. I'm sorry. I'll try to be a better boyfriend

DH: I too will try to be a better girlfriend

JS: But you are wrong about one thing. I like you more, really more more than you like me

DH: No, it's me who like you more

JS: No, I like you more

DH: No it's me



NH: Gosh, are they kissing in a public place like this?

GJ: Whoa! Let's get closer

NH: Hey! We should have just walked away



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@JumeeTya @dramaninja @lampard7 Thanks for the clips and OST song by LSY!


@Katsuragi @emerald ox Yes great points on our OTP and finally looking forward to seeing mire than 5 mins of them in an episode.


@alleram95 Thanks for subbing! I am glad to see you here! When I heard I heard it raw (based on my understanding) , I was sooo proud of GJ stepping up and admitting his lack of communication with NH! Yes, thank you! 

Also the clip of JS and DH kissing was sweet and how they were bickering who likes the other more was adorable! Glad they had their first kiss at a memorable spot . Guesses by others that NH and GJ would see them were accurate (just not clearly). Hehe!


The subs are not out til another 2-3 hours. So just writing some thoughts from the clips.


-GJ so proud of you to admit what you didn’t communicate well with NH. Though you want to start over, I agree with NH to start dating slowly. They need to get to know each other again. Glad GJ understood. Their hug meant everything and was so emotional and their expressive eyes said it all their longing and missing each other.


-JR felt bad for him as I hope he finds someone , he apologized and knew that NH wasn’t all in with him. He admitted his greed and wanting to be with NH. But he is going to step away and appreciative he will. When he talked to NH after looking at the ER call log he knew NH checked it before him. 

-JS being upset that DH didn’t call back and going with friends. I was not liking Jiwon touching her phone and hanging up on JS plus not telling her. Grr. Glad she drew the line with him when she realized JS called and was going to call him. When Jiwon appealed to get my dad is a professor and mom is (some kind of musician - concert pianist? Not sure) and that he liked her a lot. Glad DH held strong and turned him down . She does love JS not JW. Glad DH apologized to JS not realizing that JW liked her and being wrong on blaming JS being sensitive. Glad that arc wasn’t stretched too long.


-JS mom at the market bumping into the money lender thug , glad that NH mom was there to soothe her. The united front against a common nuisance & how she wanted escort out as she feared seeing that guy again .


-YD talking to the cardboard collector and putting 2 + 2 together as the last source to know about his sis. When he said I used to be a shoe cobbler and YD was like was it at xxx place. Glad at least now YR knows his sis is NOT dead. In the preview he is upset of all the wasted years. I think he goes to the temple, CY priest father calls her and we are going to have that reunion (I so want to see soon ???!!).


-YD already big bro to her checking in saying you must had trembled inside while putting on that brave face . I cannot wait to see them reunited. CY appreciating YD. Last episode leech said your oppa looks handsome. Sad that CY thought either they died or forgot her after all these years. Oh the loneliness and pain ! 

-GH getting better first order and the stunt team being so good to get and encouraging as she was stressed and wondering to second guess herself. Glad HS was here to tell her no don’t do it regret telling off manager and steady paycheck etc. Def the jitters.


-GH ex wanting her back to start over. He was like you never did what she did listing all his complaints and treatment to him. He knows she is why he had strained relations with their son. GH asks him to apologize to their son. But she will not get back together again - Go GH. I don’t care his groveling back to her, he doesn’t deserve GH!


ok that’s it for now til I watch the episode. 

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