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  1. yes same, hope that CY and YD will reunite soon! i wonder how she will treat her newfound nephew and nieces and grandnephew and grandnieces! come to think of it, this makes her interactions with Seo Jin even more meaningful!! For Butcher Yang, actually I didn't expect him to be fickle-hearted, and he acknowledged it himself even, and added on that perhaps due to age, he preferred someone who liked him to someone whose heart seemed closed off to him. i guess that's understandable and he's a totally committed and sincere boyfriend despite the girlfriend being so needy, so i hope it's genuine! i admire how CY was really big-hearted about it when she realised what happened too. Throwback btw to JS saying him having a girlfriend is due to his hyung GJ (this is after JS gets beat up by mum), at first i was thinking is cos DH is NH's sister, but after that I think is cos GJ wore JS shirt present (his self-satisfied smile when he did was hilarious) and set in motion DH's realisation of her feelings xD i wonder what GJ will think of them, he has already said twice that the quiet ones surprise you haha (when DH got annulment, and when she was dead drunk). also, the MG bank PPL in the show is pretty funny xD EDIT: Look at what I found, 1h of his Little Star singing!! And a video on Lee Sang Yi i don't understand haha
  2. @fluffyloaf wow never thought of it that they actually resemble each other's parents!! Can see that after you said it..but while GJ and NH's parents get along well with their similar nice personalities, NH and GJ's mum cannot stand each other's prickly personalities x-x Many have said here they expected NH to dodge the kiss, but i totally didn't expect it! I guess i bought into the plot/acting that they were getting along pretty well haha lol yes the brother's bromance is really funny!! Their facial expressions also when their mum came over cos neither answered her calls and GJ was accusing JS with his eyes while JS was defending himself also with facial expression XD @cuplik yes i was just thinking about rooms this weekend also, cos they only show the master bedroom and toilet, and living room and balcony! JS sleeps on the couch i think, as mentioned when he went to live there (beats me where all his clothes are lol). but yeah what happened to that baby room? it wasn't their master bedroom since they had those 'entering and seeing / not seeing baby stuff' scenes for GJ and NH. maybe it's like a forbidden room after the incident. @Nodame yes i was surprised that the aunt (who I have disliked all this while for various reasons) did that! i thought she went there to tell CY to keep their relationship a secret and not to try to get together with Yang butcher. But she actually went to give a peace offering, so that was cool I also agree and am glad that BY decided to be upfront with GJ in the end, probably cos she was getting impatient and frustrated. Guess she got that way cos she did like him even back in their childhood. I don't agree with it, but can sympathize, so hard to let our loves go sometimes ='( Non-communicative unhappiness is exactly the right phrase to describe him!! Both of them actually, especially when they were still staying together (and had screen time..). Their lack of communication frustrated me so much i joked to my sis that i wanted to break the screen when they were on lol. I was wondering what the addition of this lady was for, but like a few of you said, she hopefully advances the sibling plot (though it might seem the opposite way at first). A real life problem indeed, i'm sure many working parents could relate to that scene where he had to choose work or family, and ended losing the latter ='( The Song family really should have a family group chat, he could have asked for help there. But i guess he blanked out on ideas other than calling (and failing to contact) his mum. I also think JS was trying to hint to NH to go care for him! He looked like he replied BY cos he had no choice since she directly asked but it seems like his loyalty still lies with NH ultimately (though not sure how that would work out for his own relationship with DH). I agree! and she was observant with DH and her 'hanwoo guy' haha! Btw anyone watched Lee Sang Yeob in this week's running man? It was a pity he didn't get much screen time TT
  3. @Nodame aww no prob! also i'm glad i can now react to the posts! =D and seems like i cant stop posting either lol xD i've always loved musical actors, ahhh can't believe we got to hear him sing!! also, random but for that clip of him singing, the kbs drama youtube has the additional part of gyujin asking if he is ok, while the other kbs channel (the pink logo one) doesnt, all the better to hear jaeseok's singing!! really liked the 'acting' that came through the singing too, if you know what i mean, the nervousness etc!!
  4. loving this drama and enjoying reading everyone's posts and thoughts! =DD was going to just be a phantom reader but i created this account to post to @Nodame because no one has yet told you that we are already half-way through the drama, not quarter-way through >< didnt want you to get a rude shock when it ends twice as fast as you expected! to add on some thoughts to this forum, i really like the da-jae couple! not sure if anyone noticed, but i kept looking out and saw that she was wearing the sunflower hairtie on her wrist all the way till after the celebration lunch with her family! been enjoying their real life interviews too, though i understand almost nothing xD but strangely and to my surprise, i liked the characters more before they got together, not sure why =/ still like them, but it's different somehow x-xpan widget
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