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  1. Haha I like how the ML is from Apple of my Eye for those of you who watched that one and he played a teenager’s father and now he’s a 20-year old here lol. Anyways, it seems intriguing enough and I like the cast for the most part. Will probably follow this since the revenge one is a letdown.
  2. Wow I’ve never wanted to physically hit a character this bad lol. The most spiteful and hateable kdrama character in history lmao at least other second leads weren’t *this* bad. They were just jealous of not being the love interest but this one is something else. Actually destroying someone’s entire career and that someone being someone who tried helping them too. Wow hopefully her downfall is glorious. But it’s a daily drama in this time slot, so unfortunately she’ll have her redemption and a kumbaya ending. She deserves the route of the revenge dailies lol. What she’s doing is definitely on the level of that time slot tbh
  3. Wow this is by far the worst SFL I’ve ever encountered. Taking everything bad other SFLs did to another level. I don’t think I’ve ever found the SFL this despicable. Suji needs to stop doing everything for this ungrateful POS. If I were her, I would’ve thrown out the trash a looooooong time ago.
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