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  1. Just watched ep 33-34 aaand oh my how frustrating this week's episodes were. Not because of lacklustre acting or chemistry from main characters or their immediate family members but really, some storylines were dragged for way too long unnecessarily. I feel you @JumeeTya @perfectmouse @tas82 @maribella I understand family drama like this are designed to address social and cultural boundaries and push forward ideas to changing the norms, but seriously how could you discuss the change when conflicts are unnecessarily introduced into the plot while the existing issues were left unattended or addressed with just 1-minute scenes. I'm thinking to drop now and revisit later after drama ends.
  2. How ironic! In ep 33 NH and GJ made lots of changes between themselves and also with colleagues. Plus closure scenes for JR. All that in a single episode amounted to I don't know maybe less than 10 minutes? I wonder what else lay in store. Though it was nice seeing NH-GJ acting lovey-dovey, on one side that's a progress we all wish for. But on another side I think we are all back to square one where NH-GJ fell head over heels for each other, moms objecting their relationship yadda yadda yadda
  3. I love this description! For each other. Attitude, habit and perception do change during the course of a marriage or a relationship. It requires commitment from both sides, and NH-GJ are willing to make that happen. They still bicker in the last episodes out of awkwardness. I'm hoping to see that they have built a strong dynamic before announcing their dating news to respective family. I look forward to see GJ enjoying hearty home cooked meals by NH's mom again!
  4. Oh i wonder why? Perhaps the teens look up to this kind of relationship as somewhat ideal marriage life or romance they dream of? And women from 30-40s are missing the nostalgia and yearning for raw romance? That's super interesting. I'm the opposite. I first got to know LMJ when she joined ugly duckling as invited host. Surprisingly LMJ and LSY are of the same age, and can see them as real life couple. I'm guilty for that too!
  5. We all probably have the same idea. Them resolving known issues and then live happily ever after, how easy is that? I can't stop thinking about the last 2 episodes, how happy they both are as they appreciate each other's presence. Again, I might be bias but NH's words as they talked at the park served a strong foundation to their new relationship, how anxious she is that they were in love in the past but crumbled, and what if history repeats itself? How difficult is it for a professional couple who was once divorced but meet again in this modern society? Communication is indeed important, and now GJ is changing that. He will no longer keep mum but utter every words he has to say. Yes, both will use that to learn about each other but when presented conflicts are they ready to work as a team for the sake of new relationship? Earlier in the drama we saw NH's mom facing struggles, not only because and for the children but also she tried to ride on NH-GJ's so called popularity. We came to a conclusion that NH's mom isolating NH after divorce is unacceptable and the she is also at fault, but do we all understand well how a mother should feel in this situation? Even up until now and in the upcoming episodes I still feel pity for NH's mom, she must've had and will have the most emotional roller coster.
  6. I'm so with you @Katsuragi However professional she is yet she chose what her heart feels. Of course it sits right to us viewers, but realistically the option of going abroad for career development isn't so bad. NH's refusal to join dinner with the US professors is a sign that she isn't ready mentally. I hope more opportunities will come in the future. Anddddd the writers manage to portray BY and JR as antagonists but not of the rotten evil psychophatic type. Just ordinary people who's looking out for a man to fill her heart, complete a broken family and a father figure for a fatherless child (as in BY) and someone who has found an attractive woman that is on a par with him (as for JR). We still have about 40 episodes, and let see how it works for BY and JR too although it appears BY character is now gone, and JR will soon follow. You read them right! Differences attract and divide, that's exactly what happened to NH-GJ. They aren't bad people (so do BY and GJ), they are just human made up of different traits. Because both are willing to give another shot I hope they will manage the conflicts well. In the preview NH mentioned she wants to know him GRADUALLY, which I think make a lot of sense!! People don't change easily, and I believe they both were in relationship since medical college and up to this moment, they could be together for almost 10 years. That does not mean they should change 180 degree now, there is so much to learn about the other half thus taking baby steps is a way to go. They should first address their differences, and deal with family or the MIL later. Must be really overwhelming for them to restart a relationship knowing there's so much things aren't yet 'fixed'. I have always asked myself how a married couple found each other again after a divorce. Really, this is the first drama for me to learn that. I hope the flow of their relationship remain realistic as possible until the end of the drama. Or am I putting so much hope here?? I was telling myself yesterday I hope they don't put too much unnecessary kiss/bed scenes between NH-GJ because it might come across cringey, but look at their eyes looking at each other in the new stills!!! So adorable! Reminiscent of a foolish teenage first love kind of romance now. Yes I had the same thought ! They are about to enjoy each other's company since many years, and now they got into another challenge. How things escalated so quick. I hope we all got that wrong.
  7. I was wrong all along. It wasn't JS that play cupid. It wasn't BY nor JR that made NH-GJ fall in love again. It wasn't past romance that awaken their new romance. It was.. . . . . ..sticky notes. I promise to never underrate the power of a sticky note from that moment on
  8. I'm glad not only because they rekindle their love but they have longer screen time this round !! I might be wrong but it looks like the hospital room where they often go for rest.
  9. @Katsuragi @cuplik I like your observation! NH has been assessing the situations (MIL, NH-GJ relationship after miscarriage), failed to get GJ for marriage counselling, got herself prepared for divorce and went through with that. She's taking the post-divorce blues well now, although she was insecure at the beginning because of BY. Not to GJ though, he didn't see divorce was coming, did not prepare himself for what's coming after that, and now he's caught in his own world. NH is open for changes for the better, but not GJ. He tried hard to see things from NH's eyes but not for himself. What's new for GJ? None. He is still a people-pleaser, he even accommodates NH's happiness. I'm all up for his idea to move to countryside for fresh start, away from NH and heals his broken heart. He needs longer time to move on, unlike NH. I don't see him fulfilling NH's utmost dream of happiness now, so why should he tell her that he still long for her? I read comments that GJ should express his feeling for NH, but what for? If NH is made aware of his undying love, what's next? Would she reciprocate his love? Would she talk to GJ about what's happened in their marriage as if presenting a clinical case to convince GJ that they are not meant to be together? Are they both willing to change personality and address differences just to be together again? How about the MIL? If MIL's interference is such a huge fuss, would it be better if both GJ and NH move to countryside, build a little family of their own? Just a thought, but probably doesn't fit NH's ambitious character but if she's willing to give and take, why not? Writing all these I realized, just like many of you, how did both of them fall in love with each other? Their mothers were high-school friends, NH and GJ probably were born and raised there, living in the same neighbourhood so they have been knowing each other and their families since forever? I might have missed some information, did GJ's family move back into the neighbourhood? Whatever it was, I am torn, I do see they can achieve happiness while being together but the same time I think they can't manage conflicts well and not meant to be together. Unfortunately marriage is not all about unicorn rainbow and roses.
  10. I watch again the recent 2 episodes and realise that NH hasn't once asked GJ about BY. She isn't curious or threatened by his newfound relationship anymore. That, and what she said by the swing at the playground how happy and comfortable her life now, to me she has completely moved on. Her concern merely as a colleague and when she thought she might irritate GJ, she really meant to say that she's now so over him. GJ too tried his very best to let her go, and get past but he is still strongly bound by his love or regretful, yet he knew too well he's unable to provide hope, dream and happiness for NH. He kept dropping subtle hints and she seemed flustered somehow, but I hope NH won't be easily swayed. Indeed they have issue, lots of issues that set them apart.
  11. Lots kdrama do this but it appears to me this particular drama captures day to day events across different age and characters. If GJ-NH have time jump, so do others. Or GJ-NH scenes might as well disappear after moving to NY/countryside and revive say ep 99 or 100? It seems like the writers wrote life events and how people face them (instance, poor NH's brother, what he's going through now hurts), so I'm looking forward to see how GJ-NH's story unfold
  12. I secretly wish this too. What NH told GJ at the bakery shop as why divorce is an ideal solution resonate powerfully, she made it very clear that love aren't enough, things have broken apart and it was too late to mend. Let's hope for some progress for their happiness, either as an individual or better yet as a strong couple.
  13. Completely agree with you. At this point, as much as this will hurt GJ (and us viewers) he should advise NH to go NY if that what makes her happy. In fact GJ is planning to move to countryside. GJ realises his undying love for NH and NH cares for GJ, and then what? Get into a romantic relationship, propose and enter another chapter of marriage? Love aren't enough for them to go through another marriage and conflicts that come with it. I'm more interested to see how they addressed and overcome disputes as a unit, otherwise there's no point for them to get back together. Perhaps time and distance will help them realise what they have been missing. I believe if they are bound by fate, they will eventually reunite.
  14. I think he murmurs to himself. I don't think he's that 'open' to let other people know what he feels, especially JS who's close to NH. I'm curious too! He may ask something like are you happy now? or do you really hate me? or do you remember the first time we meet. But then I think these questions are way too deep for his character now. There's possibility the scene will end up comical LOL
  15. NH dodges Sunbae's kiss as she's not completely into him. I wonder if she's thinking of GJ at that particular moment? She initially takes this as a casual relationship, we all see it as rebound, but Sunbae is being honest, genuinely interested and pursuing her with all his might. He will have a heartbreak if all his effort go to waste but he should know better when offering 'please use me'. I mean as a boss, you want to cheer up your employee who's going through difficulties but this is really another level !! GJ realises he still has some kind of feeling for NH. He hates himself because of that-because he wants to bury deep this feeling but he just can't. It is more like unrequited love but the type where he does not want the other party to reciprocate. Next week's preview is interesting, we will see vulnerable side of GJ. I wonder how he goes from here, whether he will ask NH to help him move on (as cliche as it may sound) or whether NH too admits that GJ is still very dear to her. One-week guessing game begins.
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