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  1. Which little devil is cutting up onions in my living room. Ah man sad it's all over. This was some good soul food your drama.
  2. Exactly they've helped each other to grow. DR and BR deserve each other same way JR and WT weasel does, that way the can save someone else from being saddled with them. They doing a public service. Sidenote: am I the only one who cracks up when DR has to show emotion. Such ham acting. Props as I couldn't do what they do as actors but dang man it's been so bad.
  3. Even HJS lived I don't think they'd be a couple. He's never seen her in that light and he should stop pussyfooting around and tell her straight over and over again until it sinks into that thick skull of hers. Also her nasty side and lack of morals will show, Byeori's mamma gave her a solid foundation when it comes to such things (that's one of the reason I will never believe she cheated on her husband) so no doubt Byeori would annoy her in some way shape or form and her fangs will show. Then she'll suggest Byeori is sent to the best boarding school some place in Europe all for "the betterment
  4. Got love the message they put out. No matter how toxic and soul crushing they are they are family and shall always be forgiven. Blood is more important than your sanity.
  5. Nah that old man not wanting to live with HS isn't selfish. It's called self preservation. Yes he's a shitty parent cause he stop talking to his daughter for divorcing a shitty husband instead of supporting her and disowned her for remarrying to someone he didn't approve. So yeah he's shitty but to say he's selfish for not going to live with HS is off mark I think. He hasn't seen them for years so in essence they're strangers especially JH. Yes it would be nice if they could play happy families but all he has to go on is his experiences he's had with them so far. Now think about
  6. Well that was just lazy. As much as I didn't like granny man to now kill him off after he's finally starting to put write the mess he's created is jus not fair. The writers couldn't be bother to find a way plausible for JH to come to his senses and for peace to finally be made. So what BR and DR will end up hitched and living in grandpa's house raising BR with help from AR? Then gramps moves back in? Oh maybe both couples under one roof helping to raise BR? Just how big is that darn house anyways? They better shut down the PD once and for all by the end of next week it's just to darn tedi
  7. The dam cheek of these people bout they were looking forward to meeting their grandchild. What level of cognitive dissonance is this? As for her pops not surprising really he still not owning his part in his failed marriage so off course he doesn't see his contribution to her miscarriage. At the end of the day Ah Ri and Byeo Ri were doing just fine until other people got involved. His blinkers have been gorilla glued on when it comes to any thing to do with granny man. The writing makes no sense they shouldn't have done the miscarriage without so many warning signs. The Ah Ri who w
  8. I'm sorry but if was JS I would cut ties with all off them AR ncluded. AR gonna have to own this she made the choice. Trust mister deluded to twist it to blame it on her having to care for BR. Off course that fact that he was the one of the people applying pressure and stress in terms of BR doesn't register with him. Gosh there's no redeeming this man. It's always everyone else's fault and he had nothing to do with it.
  9. Wow how very dear he shout at that old man. I'm sorry but why does the old man have to consult anyone about selling HIS house? Apart from the fact the it's his to do with what he pleases let's not forget that this family has only just reunited and haven't spoken for years so in the same way it was ridiculous for the old man to say he objects to Ah Ri's marriage it's ridiculous for them to think he should discuss it with them. Yeah he has dementia but he's still capable of making decisions. It's bad enough that JH forced the poor man hand in the first place or else he wouldn't even be selling,
  10. Nope nope nope I rebuke that shite. There's no way they can get rid of organic. They will loose all their viewers in an instant. They can't do that and still expect them to be kumbayaing at the end. No way they can be so bad and toxic with their writing can they!? We've sat through so much trash surely they must give us something good if they want us to ever watch a show they writer ever again. I hope JS gives them all both barrels. There should be no easy forgiveness. Time for some home truths.
  11. I really hope not. Why would mum go to the mountains and tell grannyman about Byeori and say lets live together as a family? Also it would mean that she was dabbling with both around the same time which would give THAT idiot some justification for his vitriol. I don't want him to have that out. He needs to own his part is his neglect of his family which also contributed to his family breaking up. Stand surety with your home is such a big thing he needs to ask himself why didn't his wife speak to him about something so big, where was he? He needs to feel the full weight of his flaws and his ow
  12. Not a sausage! None of them have shown any concern for her and organic apart from JS and BR. So many people owe this girl an apology and sadly it feels we'll be kumbyahing without any one giving her one.
  13. @afv I'm right there with you. When we thought he couldn't get any worst he does that. How dare he tell her to serve ties with her sister. I've said it before there is no way for him to be redeemed until he deals with his part in what happened to his marriage. Where the heck was he when his wife was supposedly galavanting and having an affair. Why was he so quick to think his wife's having an affair. I don't want Byeori to be his. He doesn't deserve her mind neither does granny man. I also feel Byeori is the result of two people who were in the RickRoll'D finding comfort in each other but for
  14. @UnniSarah I have long given up on him showing her any affection or being genuine concerned for her for her own sake and not because of his own agenda.
  15. Hi lovelies ain't been here a while good to see it's still going. Just caught up on the latest episodes. Just came by to make sure we're all still despise the fake holier than thou dad. Can't believe everyone still has to walk on eggshells because of this manbaby. Also why are they still playing the director storyline after they were grinning so much at seeing the sonogram these evil people are still putting Ah Ri through all this stress, it's such nonsense. So they planning to send her to A&E first before they end this foolishness? I want JS to find out how they've be plottin
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