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[Drama 2020] Once Again, 한번다녀왔습니다


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1 hour ago, Nodame said:

I know I am going to replay the CY and YD reunion scene alot as I love these characters.

Lol isn’t that the truth. :D


Yeah I get having no stereotypical tropes is impractical if not impossible but it is definitely a tiredly used trope for sure.

I also am excited to see leech get caught red-handed and being banished what a piece of work she is...


Whatever the case is I can’t wait for the true reunion and everyone in the family meeting her and being happy (it seems the entire family likes CY as she is such a sweetheart! ❤️)

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@perfectmouse I know right?


CY had it hard in the beginning with the market and the ladies. With YD , he was always fair and open minded. He did not let the petty women's words/gossip or stayed out of it. He handled the complaints lodged to them and after interacting with her , he came to respect her. Also he and she felt that affinity to each other and how CY thought of him as such a real big brother/oppa. (OMG dear he IS your oppa.) 

Those missed chances to figure out if he IS her oppa were squashed. Like she asked the aunt and the aunt promised not to share that YD had a sister (as we know now, even the whole family were not in on that secret.)


The time when she figured out the scam they were having from someone YD and the butcher trusted, but due to her bookkeeping experiences in the past she saw it in the figures so quickly. 


When CY immediately steps up to help for VOLUNTEER events and causing Aunt who NEVER helps out -not to be outdone due to Butcher Yang --she went to the orphanage. CY heart is similar to YD makes sense. YD habit to give money when drunk is hilarious as he is usually so tight fisted otherwise.


I loved when HS saw YD affectionately and proudly talk about YS being a stunt man (though not to front of YS he is proud of him). Also how he gave money to Aunt (not to mention his support) instead. Why YD (Dad) you don't want to SHOW the truth of your love for your son and be forthright about it . YS doesn't believe you have confidence in him. (Def a tough love and very traditional Asian way, my parents did the same with me. I never heard PRAISE directly to me. Always from others telling me say, your mom is proud of you etc.)


CY being so kind to the two dongsengs and opening the kimbap place for them to all work together. Leech doesn't deserve her loyalty but her kindness to Leech' s mom hospitality to her and overlooking Leech's faults. She kept her promise to watch over LEECH. Def due to CY losing her mom at a young age, no knowing her family.


I teared when I saw the scene she called the Monk "dad" and she admitted his existence kept her going in life . CY def had a hard life. But to be such a good person in her character is def a FAMILY trait. So that makes me MORE invested in YD and CY/Youngsuk to be together FINALLY. Def glad not at the end and sooner.


CY would not be rude to Leech ---even giving her deposit to pay some of the interest to the loan sharks when she DOESN'T have to. The fact CY hid stuff of value from Leech as she know she would pawn it and go through her stuff. JEEZ privacy folks--still desperate people do desperate measures but she makes such BAD choices and is so entitled. (The actress is so good for making you want to dislike her. Not an easy feat  indeed--kudos to her.)

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Lee Min Jung And Lee Sang Yeob Cuddle Up On A Romantic Home Date In “Once Again”


KBS 2TV’s “Once Again” has released new stills of Lee Min Jung and Lee Sang Yeob!


The new preview of Song Na Hee (Lee Min Jung) and Yoon Gyu Jin (Lee Sang Yeob) reveal the two sharing a leisurely date at home after returning from work. In the photos, Song Na Hee is playful as she approaches Yoon Gyu Jin who stares back at her, completely enamored.


Furthermore, the stills clearly convey the couple’s affection for one another. With sweet smiles as they gaze into each other’s eyes, the two display their affection for one another after having to hide their feelings for so long.


Song Na Hee and Yoon Gyu Jin’s secret relationship will continue in the upcoming broadcast, which will air on August 1 at 7:55 p.m. KST.

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thanks @Nodame for pointing out a detail i had missed that OB was trying to squeeze out from sample while YD bought "sis" dept stuff! really gives much more meaning to that scene. your toothbrush DNA idea was spot-on too! 


i'm liking how the tables turned on NH-GJ - that park reveal mirroring the bus terminal one! and the talk after too xD the soundtrack at those times really add to the atmosphere too xD loving how JS copies DH's mannerisms and vice versa. i wonder if NH realises now that JS is the reason DH is able to stand up for herself now haha. the way GJ was hugging and begging JS to not ignore him was pretty hilarious too! glad that the sibling pairs made up in the end =D but like someone mentioned, GJ and NH need to talk abt their past so history doesnt repeat itself. hopefully during this weekend's episode! 


i also think Jeon Soon didnt really need to give up the company, but i guess the gesture is nice, though not practical lol. and actually it was ok, until he didnt know how to handle the work-life balance, but hope he is more aware now! i appreciate this family's arc in showing us some divorce causes and results on the children. 


when i saw Seo Jin and CY in the preview, i had the realisation that the show used Seo Jin alot to create/resolve many plot lines: JS and DH getting together, her sis and parents, her mum and dad, now probably YD and CY too haha! will GH and HY, and NH and GJ come under this magic too? xD


i'm also looking forward to the frenenemies hanging out! hahah


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@JumeeTya  OOOOH thanks for showing the OTP having a cozy date. Yes! Cute!


@donutLover Awww your welcome, I am enjoying my first weekend family drama. I admit the LEECH story line is bugging the heck out of me, I am enjoying the family feels and story. The veteran actors are amazing.


Agreed JS did not have to give up the company (frankly impractical) but when you realize you will lose that someone you will give up what makes them unhappy.


(My friend's dad was famous in Hong Kong entertainment, but her mom gave him an ultimatum the family or HK entertainment? He chose the family.  He had to take odd jobs and come to USA too. )


So him doing that is not UNHEARD of at all. Glad that HK was able to let him do it and shine at his brightest being a stunt man.)


Great observation that Seo Jin is used for many storylines. I did love how she played well with JS and cutely tried to play alot with him while JS was trying to talk to DH. HEHEHEHE. Yes now with CY and YD reunion it is Seo Jin too. Even marketplace people being nicer to CY when she took care of Seo Jin when she wandered away and everyone was frantic with worry. 


The preview of the frenemies hangout in space with facial and massage (man so envious). Def awesome! hehehehheeheee. 


Looks like things are picking up (other than HS story line with some accident ---dang hope it is not too serious.)

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@Nodame wow that real-life example you gave; good to know guys can mature irl too and make such sacrifices for family!


haha yes i like that scene of seo jin playing with JS when he wanted to talk to DH too, cute and hilarious! xD


for HS, i guess he decided to let them have a family meal when he saw how happy JH was to have his dad around. wonder why he confessed at the end, perhaps after GH has accepted his past and comforted him at his lowest, he felt he could say it? not sure i'm convinced GH has feelings for him but it's worth a shot since they've been friends for each other for some time now (though it was also cos he liked her already, like JS with DH haha) 

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On 7/30/2020 at 1:00 PM, Nodame said:


@donutLover Awww your welcome, I am enjoying my first weekend family drama.

You should make it a habit of watching them. This is my 4th KBS2 weekend family drama in a row and all of them have been outstanding in my book. I have loved everyone of them. It’s the wife and I’s weekend popcorn thing.

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Rough trans of the episode description for eps 75-76


Yeong-dal, who is frustrated with a sister that cannot recognize her deceased mother's handkerchief, decides to find out the truth. Ok-ja tells  her nieces and nephews that Yeon-hong is in charge of the business, and Na-hee directly commissions her to test the DNA of Yeon-dal and Yeongdal...


At the same time, Yeon-hong decides to leave with the fraudulent money and faces an unexpected situation at the hospital where her mother was admitted. Meanwhile, Cho Yeon who was about to forget everything and leave sees Yeongdal standing in front of her.



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Preview for ep 75 - 76 (ep 38)



Rough Translations


JS: Auntie, what are you talking about? What do you mean that Aunt Young Suk is suspicious?
GH: Did you remember the memories when you were 5 years old? I thought you didn't have any memories about your childhood
JH: Do you want me to pluck out your white hair?
NH: We have to check their DNA without them knowing. To make it sure
YH: Mister, please drive quick!
YJ: Ok Boon!!! About your brother's sister...
Fish ahjumma: My money!!!
JS: Hello there
YD: Seo Jin, did you receive that handkerchief from here? The woman who gave you came out from this place?
CY: Oppa? Oppa!

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58 minutes ago, nat_phoenix88 said:

Ahhh.. next week, the truth will finally revealed! It's gonna be a touching moment. I hope Cho Yeon will come back to unnie's kimbap and have a happy life.


Everything will be wrapped nicely. 

Pretty high time that CY and YD are reunited.

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About darn time! I’m dying to see the leech kicked out. I don’t care if she has a dying mother she sure doesn’t even think about her when she spent all those money she leeched off the Song household! I may be mistaken but fraud is a crime punishable by prison, if i may recall correctly. Considering how dramas like to end up it’s possible the leech won’t even be punished for her heinous acts, which is a shame since it kind of sends the message “it’s ok to con multiple ppl especially a man who is dying to meet a long lost sister that he presumed dead because everything and everyone will forgive you because you have a dying mother”

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10 hours ago, Sheenigummy said:

All I need now is for ga hee and hyo shin to end up together...come on writer nim!! Hyo shin even put his own safety at risk for Ji Hoon <3 gyu jin and na hee are such an adorable couple..so much chemistry between the two actors

I think they will end up together. 

Cant wait next week. 


And nahee will meet gyujin's mom. I hope they can improve their relationship. 

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Finally YD and the real YS (aka CY) met with each other :bawling: 



YH told the brother sisters herself when she saw that CY cares for her sick mother in the hospital. She also told JS where to find the loan shark.


These brothers are trying to battle for singing to their respective GFs :joy:

And then the sisters arguing whose BFs has a better voice. 



Preview for ep 77-78 (ep 39)



Rough Trans


CY: Will they (the rest of Song Family) like me?
All: Welcome Aunt!
CY: In all my life, today is my happiest day!
GH: How do you know about it?
HS: This is not working, but a date
JS: I'm going to move out of this place. Tomorrow I'm going to take a day off and look for my own place
GY: Until when should we put an act inside the hospital? 
NH: How are you doing, Mother?



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Wow tears all around the house after today’s episode!! I’m so glad they decided to let this happen 10 episodes earlier than usual!


One thing that does worry me is GJ and JS’s mom showing constant memory loss... I really hope they don’t take that route.. A thing I found out however is that alcohol-induced dementia can be reversible so I bet in the next episode or so, the sons notice something wrong and take their mom to a hospital where the doctor will recommend them to watch her drinking and this will in turn help them realize that their mom needs company so them along with their GFs can spend more time and understand each other more than maybe even marry? (I’m thinking too far ahead lol) but I think they introduced her dementia to help the characters bond more to her.


But I really can’t wait until the whole family meets their true aunt! By the looks of it, they all look super excited, I’d be too! She’s so amazing! Not just excited but throwing a whole party just for her return! <3


As for the leech, I think she finally gave into her guilt (real early huh?) and turned herself in. I hope she gets proper punishment I also agree that just because you have a dying mother and a sad life story, it’s not ok to ruin so many other’s lives as well as even purposefully not letting true siblings meet! Knowing the siblings, they will probably forgive her though and to quote the leech, “it’s as if they don’t help even their own enemies, no one would believe they were siblings.” Meaning both are real saints and take on after each other.


Surprisingly, the writer made the whole leech storyline work. It was relatively quick and painless since everything came out and it actually helped mend relationships.  


Regarding the ex-(future?)mother-in-law, I’m glad they’re not going the standard mother-in-law evil! route but she seems to be not a bad person just a bit blinded by being spoiled and naive. I think she’s slowly warming up to the family members other than DH who she originally adored. Hope the next preview is positive and NH and her ex/future mother-in-law get to become friendly again. After all, she’s going to have to look good to her since she’s going to once again be her mother-in-law!

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