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  1. +1 The actress was one of the leads in Your House Helper two years ago and she was not very good in that one either. I think she is a former member of an idol group but her acting is very lacking.
  2. Yeah but tall girls will also tell ya the field is limited when looking for boys taller than you. My sister is tall and used to tell me that. Anyway, PPH didn't take Halmoni's bait and instead ratted her out to Jun Won.
  3. It is certainly nice to see her starting to get recognition the last couple of years for her talent. Before last year she continuously got snubbed. She changed talent agencies after Happy Sisters and I think this agency must be doing a much better job promoting her and politicking on her behalf.
  4. So does anyone know? Is this the last week? I know the next drama in this time slot starts on 1/11. Does that mean there is one more week after this one?
  5. It is my theory BH does not really have leukemia. There was a mixup at the lab. They infused her with poison for no reason. Her health problems are something benign that is easily remedied.
  6. With SA going to prison and it looks like loser ex is next, doesn't it seem like things are wrapping up? I know it is scheduled for 120 episodes, but are there 20+ episodes of story left?
  7. I would like to know why a donated organ is being brought from a personal vehicle in a parking garage? I learned from a previous kdrama I watched that donated organs arrive in either an ambulance or a helicopter with a team of doctors and nurses.
  8. I don't really have anything to add to this conversation other than I am happy they went with my favorite SYY hairstyle for her CEO look. The bangs swept over from one side. Ok I lied. I do have something to add. The falling out between SA/JW. They're like 2 hungry snakes caged up together. Eventually, they are going to try and eat each other.
  9. She doesn't trust SA and that is the point. My point is SK's mom is simply handing the rope to SA to hang herself with. With the distractions out of the way and noone else to blame for her failures, SA will run the company into the ground.
  10. That is coming soon. I get what SK's mother is doing by having the company sell off Dreamy Children's clothing. By selling it off, it is no longer a distraction for SA. SK and BH are going to go run the resort business. With them out of the way and Dreamy gone, SA must now put up or shut up as the CEO. If she doesn't make Audrey and the rest of the company profitable, she will get kicked to the curb. We all know she is going to screw it up. She will get fired on her own merits.
  11. It doesn't look like there was an episode aired today (11/4/2020). A baseball game was broadcasted instead.
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