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  1. SBS morning dramas typically fall into the 7-9% range. Remember these dramas air after working people have left for work so the target audience is not huge. However, every once in a while, SBS does a morning drama that has higher ratings. Sweet Enemy and Happy Sisters consistently had ratings above 9-10% and aired back to back. They both had good writers and PDs with good casts. I’m a Mother Too kind of got blah in the middle but finished strong. I imagine it is hard to maintain an audience with these long dailys.
  2. I refrain from commenting because I do not get the opportunity to watch the episodes until they are at least 24 hours old. Therefore, I am behind most everyone in the thread.
  3. I would hope it would be something along the lines of, "Look at you Oma. You went to Seoul University, you have a good job that pays lots of money. However, your husband left you. And deep down inside you're a miserable person. Why would I want that for myself?!"
  4. Just watched ep 13 myself. Best scene of the drama IMO is Mr. Oh giving Soo Bin’s mom the business. Truer words have never been spoken although they fell on deaf ears. Although Soo Bin’s mom is a caricature in this drama, I know mothers just like her. My wife was one of them. What is it with mothers and their insane obsession with grades. Just so they can brag to their friends? I went to school with a kid who made a perfect score on the SAT and was valedictorian of our class. He also flunked out of college his freshman year and now works at a chemical plant. My own father barely graduated high school. However, he could quit one job on a Friday and be at another new job on Monday because he was one of the best in his profession where we lived and had a reputation. In the real world, academic achievement means jack squat. Employers hire based on skills and qualifications. Not if someone made straight A’s in high school or even college. /soapbox Sorry for the rant.
  5. Oh I can tell you how. NHM will be outed regarding her side piece golf pro and the fact that little Tae Ho is not the chairman's biological son.
  6. TBH I didn't like the direction the writer was taking the character during the EJ,DJ, and SA love triangle. Especially, if she had sprung the fake sonogram entrapment scheme. I just knew it was coming. It really seems @Lmangla and I's theory is true. The PD and writer must have been talked to about that story arc because it disappeared in a hurry. Anyway, back to EJ. While watching ep 72, I told my wife, "Ah. The old Eun Ji is back! Now I can enjoy her antics again." Now she will snooping and spying on her brother. Should be fun. Haven't watched ep 73 yet but it seems we are getting some movement now in the MS vs. Black Rose scheme. Anyone also think ES will never have to live with fake Mom? She will be in the wind before the wedding takes I believe.
  7. You may be on to something. Although, if I remember correctly the writer for Happy Sisters was a rookie which surprised me because of how well written that drama was. I didn't watch Kangnam Scandal so I don't know how well that one went. I'm a Mother Too was ok but I think the cast made that one better than it was written. I hope we see the writer from one of the two you mentioned in the one following this one. I haven't been emotionally involved with a drama as I was with Happy Sisters since then.
  8. At my wife’s recommendation, I went and found some pictures of Kim Hae Sook from 30 years ago. She was a stunner! I had no idea she had been acting that long. BTW...I loved the kimchi making scene with the whole family. My heart broke for SJ in that scene. She was enjoying her family together one last time. I’m miffed they are killing off my favorite character. I hope if there is a time jump at the end, it is everyone gathering for her memorial service.
  9. You should check out Aiga Dasut (Five Children). It aired 3 years ago and I loved it. Great cast and acting and great story.
  10. It was a filler episode for sure. Only highlight was DJ proposing to SA and even that was flat.
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