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  1. SA's petty immaturity will be her downfall. I guess she thought throwing in her lot with JW and SK's mom that they would just give her the keys of the kingdom and let her run it the way she wanted to. She was just a pawn. She is going to test JW and cross him and he will strike back harder than she struck him. Those three will bring each other down. It's coming but we will have to wait a while I think. I think I read somewhere that SA doesn't have a long game. She is a petty, immature, and impulsive person. Whereas, SK and BH are playing the long game. They will be the victors in the end.
  2. Although we dropped this drama because we got way too behind on it, I would check in and peek at a couple of episodes every once in a while. So this drama had the same director as Happy Sisters and the very same ending scene. A wedding on the soccer field at the production facility. I kind of lol's at that. Anyway, I am going to try and juggle two dailies at the same time. Phoenix and My Wonderful Life. I hope I can manage. See everyone on Phoenix.
  3. After catching up a few thoughts: SA- This girl is not only evil but she is naive as well. She has been played by SK's mom and the ginger. If she thinks they (and Madame Wang) are going to let her just waltz right in and take the CEO's spot because she help them in the hostile takeover, she is sadly mistaken. She was a tool in their efforts and nothing more especially after she kept reject the ginger's passes at her. Note: I know the ginger is not actually a ginger, I just think his choice of hair color looks ridiculous. SK's Mom: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
  4. I have been out on some R&R this week (no internet can be liberating) so need to catch up on this week's episodes. I'll be back when I catch up this weekend.
  5. Not sure unless it was a sporting event or something. According to On Demand Korea, this drama and a couple of other prime time shows were not shown Friday evening. English translation at bottom of page: ODK Cancel
  6. I for one do not believe for one second that the chairman caused SK's father to go bankrupt. Personally, I believe there was unrequited love from SK's mother to the chairman. I think she was in love with him even though he was married and was spurned. Switching the babies at the hospital was revenge for being spurned. On another note, I asked my wife if the actress playing SK's mother has been an actress for a long time and to my surprise she said yes. I find her acting very lacking. She speaks in a monotone, expressionless voice and her countenance hardly changes. Just the same b
  7. This will probably be a day the subs are delayed. SMH. @chococarmela Yeah you missed quite a bit. Ep 58 is a good place to start if you want to get up to speed.
  8. SA literally has no money or assets to leverage. She lost all her company shares in the first financial scandal. She had to sell some to pay back the money she embezzled that resulted in her losing the CEO job. The ones she didn't sell, she had to surrender to the chairman. She owned a building but used it as collateral with a loan shark to get the money to bribe the subcontractor and frame BH for embezzlement. She's broke.
  9. Actually, this is just for show. SYY could have got into that position on her own. I read an article one time that she does yoga and pilates to stay in shape. Ok. I have to give a tip of the hat to the writer and directornim. The scene of SA sitting on the toilet and crying because it did not have a bidet was the episode stealer. I rolled on the floor laughing. Oh the injustice of it all!
  10. Did I hear the chairman right when he was confronting Dorito Chin? She owned a building, put it up for collateral to a loan shark to get the money to bribe the CEO and put in BH's account to make her look guilty? Not very bright. Does she even have any assets left? If I was BH I would walk into the office the next morning and thank my intern for the $20,000.
  11. I'm glad you can tolerate Chinese. For some odd reason, listening to someone talking in Mandarin is like nails on a chalk board to me.
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