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  1. @Lmangla Thanks for the tag. Just watched the first 2 episodes myself. I'm intrigued by this one. Took Gangnam Scandal off but was getting the morning drama itch again. Problem is we leave to go to Korea next Monday for 4 weeks. Don't know if we'll be able to stay caught up with our schedule like it is while there. Omo. I didn't catch that the son in law's Dad was the one killed.
  2. I get SJ's reaction because I see SJ in my wife. SJ is a typical Korean mother. She was not upset with MR because MR and IS works at the same company and MR knew it. She was upset with her because after MR found out about IS, she did not come to SJ for consolation or to share her feelings about it. That being said SJ was way over the top in her reaction.
  3. With my limited understanding of Korean, MR mentioned ox-bone soup house (solongtang chib). When MR started to cry, IS asked “What’s wrong?” That’s all I got out of it. Subs should be out on Viki in a couple hours.
  4. Actually, this one is scheduled for 100 episodes I think. So we sill have a long way to go. There will be a lot of back and forth until about episode 50.
  5. I don't know why when so many (including my wife) hated her, but I took a liking to MH almost immediately. Geez I spit and snorted my coffee when I read the JB friend zone comment. Poor sap doesn't even realize it either.
  6. Oh yes this is Kdrama and they will all be singing Kumbaya at the end. I'm just hoping IS gets knocked down a few notches before it is all over with. I also think the chairman will pipe in before MR makes her exit from the company. It is obvious he thinks highly of her and the value she brings to his company. IS is just a place holder in the company now. She will be out before it is all said and done.
  7. So. After watching this weekend's episodes my spider sense is whispering in my ear. What are the chances the chairman already knows about IS's past? I'm starting to think he knows her back ground already and that is why he keeps placing Mi Ri in proximity with In Sook. I started to laugh out loud when she started lecturing TJ about staying within his class of people. She has some nerve!
  8. When In Sook visited Sun Ja she called her Hyung-nim. They must have been sisters-in-law at one point. Sun Ja was married to the older brother and In Sook was married to the younger one. Right now it appears In Sook met the rich man and dumped Mi Ri. However, as we know in Kdrama land, all is not what it seems.
  9. 죄송합니다. Late to the party. I always seem to take a few weeks off from the time slot after a drama ends as it takes a week or two for me to say goodbye to the previous drama. Have caught up now and back in the groove for this one. I really like this one so far. It seems different some how. There is more to it and seems deeper than just the typical rich boy chases poor girl story line you usually see in romcoms. I seem to be falling in love with Sun Ja. She really fits the bill of the mother who constantly worries about their kids even after they are grown. She puts up this hard exterior but really is tender hearted and loves her children very much including Mi Ri whom she took in after In Sook abandoned her. It seems we are wrapping up the setting up the story lines phase. Looking forward to this weekend's subs.
  10. One of my favorite dramas. Great cast and great story. Has some really funny moments in it as well. Enjoy!
  11. We knew there was going to be a kumbaya ending so there were no surprises. I know I for one and many others in thread wanted revenge and retribution for EY and DY but we didn't get it. Instead we got something else that I didn't realize until after letting the final two episodes soak in a little. I have a couple of things to unpack so here goes... EY... She didn't get punished for how she treated DR but she learned the hard lesson that TP's grandfather learned too late. She learned her son's love life was not about her. It was about him and his happiness. I said ealier in this thread that WDR was going to have to start turning his back on his family in order to snap her out of it and it worked. True her only motivation in trying to get WDR and DR back together was to save her son from his path of self destruction. However, she gained something else in the process. She now has a peaceful and happy house with a family. I couldn't help but chuckle when Mr. Wang saw her in bed upset over WDR and her shot her a poisonous dart. I paraphrasing here but he pretty much told her she got what she wanted. WDR and DR were still separated so she had no reason to be upset. My heart couldn't help but break for her when she pleaded with DR and Kang-sam for DR to come back. She was desperate at that point. It is just too bad it had to go that far. I credit her invoking sympathy from me by the wonderful acting job of Cha Hwa-Yeon. She never disappoints. Wonderful actress. Kang-sam...I get where he was coming for not wanting DR to go back to WDR and start dating TP instead. Like he said, TP accepted them despite their circumstances. Kang-sam was only trying to protect his daughter from more pain from the Wangs. However, what he didn't realize that to DR the pain and suffering was worth being with the man she loved. However, I think the sleepless night he had got him to thinking that maybe he was breaking DR's heart by keeping her away from WDR. Especially after HJ told him DR was crying in her room after he turned EY away. I think he realized he was causing her to suffer all over again and that was the last thing he wanted. DY...While watching the episode I couldn't help but think the way the writer reconciled her to DR was stupid. But then again, maybe not. When DR saw her fighting with YR's concubine she could have easily scoffed and laughed at DY and said, "How do you feel now to get a dose of your own medicine?" But she didn't. Instead, she backed DY up and even confronted YR with her. Loved it! That is what DY needed was for someone else to be in her corner. You could also tell from some of the episodes this weekend her mind set regarding DR and Kang-sam was starting to change. And her heart even broke for her brother-in-law seeing how broken he had become. She realized she had done wrong and repented. You really can't ask for more than that. Finally, I really enjoyed this drama. It evoked every emotion from the viewer. I felt it drug out too much with the extension but it was still good. I give much of the credit to the cast. If I could give a medal it would be to the casting director. They did an outstanding job of putting the right actors with the right characters. Whew done. Happy trails everyone! I enjoyed this thread with everyone in it and hope to see you in another thread somewhere here in Soompi Forums.
  12. I can fill in a couple of blanks... HJ bought DR’s mom a building. All of the kids running around at the birthday party was because Kang-sam opened an orphanage. Will save final comments until after watching subs.
  13. Other than confusing DR and DY’s names initially I don’t see what was posted here being wrong. Everyone makes typos and errors (gasp!) on these forums. That is why there is an edit button. You keep marching @dramaninja!. I still like you even though you made an error. I won’t get upset and make three posts about it.
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