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  1. Holy crap I forgot about that!! JW indeed had crazy snapping moments like in the many flashbacks of his army days! It would be a funny sight to see JW collabing with some other creepy psycho lady and doing the same thing again with a new JW. I agree with the comparison to Ted Bundy and I think that’s the point of the drama in retrospect. You can never tell by looks or even personality that someone can become crazy and a serial killer. that being said, I still hate the office guy, his gf and boss/college senior along with so many other NPCs because they did irk JW and me. It’s unfair to label JW as a psychopath while these fools were consistently being obnoxious... @Sushimi Would you mind sharing more crew pictures? I love seeing these sorts of stuff after a series lol
  2. So from what I can tell, these ACTUALLY happened: JW did kill perv, psycho landlady, bald guy, and of course MJ As pointed by above, the girlfriend recalls JW mumuring to himself and choking himself and repeating that it wasn't him who did it (the killings) He does not actually wear the teeth bracelet at the end MJ is dead, all MJ's appearances after the duel was just JW's emerging psychotic self but not before proclaiming that JW is destined to go his route Also, if you weren't able to catch it, looks like MJ was adopted by psycho landlady. During the scene that wasn't real where MJ uses a decoy on her by sending her to the kitchen, she gets mad and repeats how she adopted him when his parents died. When MJ says JW is his completed masterpiece and that they will always be together forever (since JW is starting to exhibit MJ's tendencies), the landlady alludes that she raised MJ to be like that. Bald guy also refers to her as mom when he says that his brother and mom are both dead after seeing landlady dead. I think that the people who died did committ alot of crimes and it wasn't entirely in JW's head the whole time. I know some people think JW was getting oversensitive and making up stuff that they were serial killers but I think everything up to the point where the bad guys started killing each other were real since the police confirm it was the work of an amateur at the last killings but before, they were as if a serial killer down to his art did it (MJ). Overall, good riddance but it would've been more funny if it ended the way before revealing that JW killed them all. Still alot of questions that I have and it felt somewhat incomplete and lacking of an ending but I enjoyed it. Honestly dunno why this was 19+ when the violence was about the same as previous episodes.
  3. Lovely ending. All in all, I was very satisfied with how this drama ended. From start to finish this was a pretty great series. (Other series I watched like Nameless Woman and My Golden Life had a crappy and meh ending respectively) I don’t have much to add since many of you wrapped it up nicely above but I have to say this was a happy ending but also not fairy-tale happy. It’s a heart-warming realistic ending, an ending you can stually see happening in real life. Props to the writers, directors, actors, and all involved and to you guys for the great conversations we had! See you around and happy thanksgiving and holidays!
  4. Wow they pulled it off with these past episodes. It would honestly not have been weird for the last episode to be the first three year time skip with KS in jail and everyone else living happily but they continued on the “what would happen afterwards” whereas other dramas usually end here. We get to see the main antagonist grow and develop and start a completely new story for two more weeks. And I expected it to crash and burn but they pulled it off pretty nicely. Props to the writers and actors involved. Not overtly unrealistic (well all except for TW’s trip to the hospital for a small fall like really?) and I actually enjoyed seeing how someone so despicable could change and repent. Well done and I’m excited to finish off the remaining two episodes with a bang. Nice! And I’m 99.9% sure HR’s pregnant with her husband being sick. Dramas that have cute couples tend to have the guy be sick rather than the girl when the girl’s pregnant lol. All in all really love how the drama wrapped up. I think there will possibly be another time skip at the last episode but really, I think another time skip isn’t really necessary tbh.
  5. That's a good point. I feel that she finally realized how she has acted and the painful result of what happened in spy. Although KS's situation is more selfish compared to spy who only wanted to save her mother, I feel that KS truly reflected back on her life and realized the reality of her actions. Hmm... I feel it's too early for the main villain (maybe this is JY's step brother...) to change sides this "quickly." Well we still got some plots left (but they can still technically be done in just one episode): JY's baby, HR and JG's wedding, and whatever the heck happens to KS.
  6. What makes me so excited for this is this is pretty much what’s supposed to happen in the last episode or so. Wonder what 11 more episodes will be?? All the evildoers are locked up/dead so do we expect some sort of wild plot twist? But yeah like @Ldy Gmerm summarized so well, everything is true. I’d like to add a bit more. SH apologizes in national TV and the three managers. He manages to convince them he’ll do good next time. SN does accidentally kill spy girl and I actually feel bad for her since she only did bad things out of loyalty to KS for saving her mother’s life. KS DOES have a heart and did a 180 after seeing spy die. She immediately calls the police and later asks her goons to take care of him. I was so convinced SHE was going to finish him off but just injured him even more saying that it’s her revenge in stead of spy. SN deserves to rot in prison. No loyalty to anybody let alone not hesitating to kill anyone either. Literally no one will be sad. I was convinced she was gonna attempt to die the same way as Jenny (similar area and situation) but ended calling up a taxi to go turn herself in. I really loved when she went to visit spy’s mother and gave all the money to use until she dies and then to request she be buried next to her daughter. Well, looks like we’re getting the bad-turn-good ending instead of jail/mental hospital/monk/dead ending. But this all happened really quickly. i guess they might make viewers’ dreams come true and have the rest of the episodes focus on rebuilding and reparations. We always wanted “what happens after EVERYTHING” and normally we only see like a 5 minute “5-Years later” stituation at the very end of a drama and looks like we’re treated to whole 11 episodes! Nice! Looks like everyone’s at KS’s trial. Based on How SH mentioned that they needed to find KS quickly before she did “something wreckless knowing her personality” I’m guessing him and his brother will become softies and try defending KS or something. Hmm very different spin from other dramas well done writer. (Looks like the spy’s death really is doing a 180 to KS) As much as I hated spy, I can’t help but feel a little bit sad. Overall, it’s quite a dark episode. some fluff amongst all this is HR and JG look very happy together as a family and the Lotieler employee getting agitated hearing about BG’s date with her former HS crush lool
  7. OMG! We’re getting content we normally get on epi 120 on 107!! KS FINALLY kicked out (dragged out) for tea with TW hidden HR admits her affection for JG and admits he’s the father as well! (Kiss too!!) Chairman Shin wakes up and gains memories after JY sings his fave song!! HJ might start dating the chairwoman of the company name I forgot! preview shows KS and her stupid spy trying to run but KS decides to meet with Jenny for whatever reason
  8. Just finished 106: super exciting one! Everyone figures out link between Jenny and KS kS keeps using TW as shield but at this or, no one gives a damn More and more of KS’s acts being uncovered, asked to leave house aggressively HR more jealous of JG pretty much it
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