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  1. Huh that’s something I didn’t think about. She never explicitly says that he was dead. We never saw a casket or memorial. And the smile once she was outside by herself. But tbh I think he is dead because of her crying thinking about his memories and jacket. Also, the smile was probably in conjunction to highlight the fact that the fortune teller said she was going to be successful and happy even without being married.
  2. Ok this is a satisfactory finale I guess lol. LOVE how they handled the evil second brother + wife. Got caught red-handed so many times but they were truly disgusting how they always thought they had a Plan B. Also it’s funny since towards the end, the oldest brother is still included in the family but has to do everything Seri tells him to do. They weren’t evil just stupid and kinda funny. We all got it wrong when we thought SD’s uncle was bad but I guess the writer threw us a curveball there leading us to a wrong path lol. Glad he wasn’t since I liked his character. I saw someone mention that everyone feels awful for SD but she got to experience true love in that she had a person willingly die for her and make her feel special that JH didn’t. And the weird fortune teller lady said while she won’t ever marry she will be insanely successful which I think is not a bad outcome either but instead her mom wanted a man and ordered a one-month expedited love news for herself lol while her brother looked so done with her. So it looks like the OTP both moved permanently (assuming by the decorated house and their pictures all over it) to Swiss which is nice but kinda kicks a secondary theme of appreciating family/friends near you like Seri’s assistants and her mom or JH’s ducklings and parents etc. But I guess they made it so that they can visit every so often. But at least wasn’t vaguer than it could have been. Also looks like MB’s new job in Pyongyang is recording and listening outdoors instead of indoors lol. Apparently JH hired him to do that? I’m so happy MB was able to redeem himself and he was even willing to get in front of the gun to protect JH since he wanted to repay for what he was forced to do to his brother. Still glad JH saw past it and knew deep down he was a good man. It was a pleasure to laugh, cry, and predict all sorts of weird moments in the drama with you guys! Hope to see you guys in the next big one!
  3. If not, is there at least a way I can see more than 25 comments per page in a thread?
  4. Omg this is exactly all the scenes I want to see too! I feel that Seri will end up having to keep all the promise when she did her awards ceremony for the ducklings lol