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  1. Hmm whether the original intention was to kill or not, Miss M decided to go through it as evidenced by not calling the ambulance or just simply bringing the container actually containing the pills whether they’re placebos or not. Still I’m super excited to see what happens next…
  2. Im super worried about the next episode. Looks like evil maid is about to tell the truth of what happened to HJ’s mom... Grandma is either gonna pass out or the evil stepmom is going to get her. Please don’t go that overused route. The hospital scene kidnapping EJ is hilarious. Yes a whole entire floor with creepy lights with no one in a busy hospital so easy to access by anyone... yeah right. Anyways, how did SH even know to go that way such a deus ex machina but I guess I should be used to this by now in dailies lol. Wonder what SR will do to be the “new” Dongdaemun G
  3. Ahh I can totally see New Mom being used as a ploy to slow EJ. New Mom should just tell EJ the truth and say she also has some personal revenge to do against Stepmom. They’re still gonna be on the same team and it’s not like EJ will feel betrayed since she saved her life and is helping her do all this stuff in the first place. One of those rats will certainly use this against the duo I just know it. Really a dumb play and I’m not a fan of it... just a time bomb waiting to explode. Also, I really hope they don’t turn BM into a villain. I highly doubt they’ll take that ro
  4. Maybe Hoon was never on a “flight.” Because HR is watching so asking where are you? Will just make it worse for him. Perhaps New Mom thinks she’s doing her job: to use SH and make him waver and hence make HR go crazy and jealous but yeah I’m also curious as to why she didn’t mention anything either. But that would make the drama too simple lol gotta twist and turn everything for the remaining 50+ Episodes lol I totally agree that EJ is flipping 180 degrees over and over again and self contradicting herself a ridiculous amount of times. Huh? She made
  5. REALLY loved SH’s mom defending EJ’s mom. Didn’t like her at first but she’s really becoming one of my favorites. But EJ is quickly losing her purpose and is wavering hard with her original fiancée and her revenge is becoming shallower and shallower each episode :/ also what happened to the original thread?
  6. It’s refreshing to see the ML not trying to play mediator between his evil mom and his girl and actually stand up for what he wants not like a loser. Really love his resilience and nonchalance lol. But please writer don’t kill off grandma it doesn’t fit in with the theme and it serves nothing except as a plot hole.
  7. Oh no please dont kill off Halmoni :(( but I’m scared the writers plan is to make him die and have AR’s father regret it and finally forgive after he dies
  8. Yes it is indeed the same actress! I agree I didn’t notice her until I heard her voice which was so similar to the one she used there. She lost all the heavy makeup but is still the same mean, ill-spirited witch though! You know I respect your opinion though I will still at the end of the day disagree. It’s such a deus ex machina for her late mother’s diary to change her mind on something so drastic especially when she knew and didn’t want the child. It’s definitely not something that is reflective of real life. Akin to having a dream and saying “God told me to do this.” I’m
  9. That’s not my implication. She’s clearly extremely stressed about the child and she would be so much better off not having the child, bolstering her job and position, and find a person she actually wants to marry and have a child with. Why should she have to be punished and live the rest of her life unhappy because of a “mistake?” It just makes it seem super foolish and selfish and the way the writers are going about is sending a pretty harmful and ugly message whether it was intentional or not. It’s like saying oh everything will be alright once the child is born which only happens i
  10. Definitely a train wreck of a drama and a bad message. They’re advocating for having a child no matter what even if it means the child does not grow up with a father and is hated by his entire side just because “she wanted the child.” It’s a bit selfish if you ask me and pushes the pro-life mindset Koreans have with their super conservative values. So basically the takeaway is have a kid no matter what because otherwise you’re an awful person even if it makes more sense realistically. Also saying it’s ok to manipulate the other side with the threat of having a child. They’re treating the guy a
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