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  1. If the tutor is the birth mom of that little boy, why did she leave the 18-month baby back then? Was forced to leave or voluntarily? If the later, why back now? The dad met HeeSoo in England & was said working in a bookstore....was the baby there with him or left in Korea in the maid's care? Did the dad marry the birth mom or just had baby without marriage? How did the reporters not know about the baby existence then and had to ask during HeeSoo's interview? Is Mother Emma related to the dead mistress (Kim Mi Ja)? Came to peek without expectation for the 2 lead actr
  2. Got into this because I loved Kairos and because of Lee Seo Jin. Still watching but I couldn't really connect with this drama. First the FL, IMO just disconnected somehow and whiny in the beginning. Like half the time she is not ready with all the information when calling LSJ that she has to google it right there and then. I know sometimes the situation changes so fast but even when it's not, she is just not prepared. That just feels off. And maybe somewhat of her acting too that ticks me. Jin Woo was doing okay but ep 5-6 just feels wrong too somehow. Like someone else
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