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  1. Got into this because I loved Kairos and because of Lee Seo Jin. Still watching but I couldn't really connect with this drama. First the FL, IMO just disconnected somehow and whiny in the beginning. Like half the time she is not ready with all the information when calling LSJ that she has to google it right there and then. I know sometimes the situation changes so fast but even when it's not, she is just not prepared. That just feels off. And maybe somewhat of her acting too that ticks me. Jin Woo was doing okay but ep 5-6 just feels wrong too somehow. Like someone else
  2. Does HyeWon not recognized her dad's pictures on that bookshelf as from WNV? Is there any banner or writing on that pics? Or has she/the police seen or found similar pictures when digging on Son Mino and WNV but HyeWon just can't put two and two together?
  3. Who is this Mr. Lee that they keep showing in the flashback (same timeline with Seo Jin's and AeRi's dad)? Is that guy related to Lee Tae Gyu?
  4. I was waiting to start watching this because I didn't want to suffer long time doing the weekly wait but this was so good and I couldn't help but binged watching at the end all 7 eps at once hahahaha.....and now I still have to wait every week for new eps! I was thinking same too. If the kidnapping didn't happen in first place, the future SeoJin shouldn't exist anymore so how did current SeoJin gets flashes of that future? Or the show will assume that future still exists up until SeoJin turns to ashes? Did AeRi's father do something to save SeoJin during the building
  5. Dang....that was it?? I'm disappointed. I expected and can accept the ladies to be happy by themselves without men on their sides.....but OMG! I'll still watch with proper english sub for closure. I hate to leave things open. But Li Haowei had the nerve to propose after what he had done?? Unbelievable. I am going back to kdramas after this.....need to cool down first.....
  6. Thank you. Yeah I saw all that but still kinda didn't make sense to give 2% just becoz he got paid too little and work overtime. That should apply to every workers in there then. Also if LY didn't like the pay, he could just not take the job but maybe he didn't have many other options. Also kinda funny that LY can work as his assistant doing experiments, what is his background that he can understand all that battery stuff? He was doing more of a civil engineer/environmental engineer or city planning kind of work before. Almost like when someone said it didn't make sense for ZhiZhi to be a new
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