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[Drama 2019] Hotel Del Luna, 호텔 델루나

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34 minutes ago, wenlhy said:

Did Manwol lost her memory? I thought the reason CS seeing those memory is because it's his past life?


No. She didn’t lose her memory but these memories are the ones she chose not to remember. She kept it hidden within herself and CS is the one bringing it back to life for her. The memories CS received was from MaGo when she gave him the flower. However we have yet to find out if CS is the owner of those memories or if it is a path MaGo simply bestowed on CS to help MW. In other words, CS is either the reincarnation or he is someone who simply received the memories only :D



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11 hours ago, Heidi Seow said:

Yes! Looks like same scene and will reveal on Saturday! :w00t: 

But I'm curious that is CS missing some part of memory after room 13? Coz from preview he seems like recall back his memories when he touch the door knob.. Or maybe I think too much.. :D


Oh!...that could also be a good idea if you base it from the preview..ha ha...MW might have erased the memory of the kiss :D...we'll see ;)


..Hotel del Luna has been sticking with me just like CS does to MW now :P..



...and yeah, everyone, it's freaking SATURDAY!!!...


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Just in case our CEOnim forgot:P

Full.Moonshii today's HDL day:lol::wub:



Our CEOnim who's always counting days to tell her story of life...nice to know you're eagerly and excited waiting Sunday to comes like all fellows hereB)



 Have very good weekend  soompier

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The ghost is a true third wheeler! Awkward again!


Lol :joy: I think the ghost getting tired to be the third wheel & eating popcorn on the side  :joy:But Can I be ghost I am liking the VIP service :mrgreen: 





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Ah, didn't manage to watch live stream tonight because of some works came up. Gonna catch up with raw in half an hour... :wub:


Anyone watched the live broadcast just now? What word would summarize tonight's episode? :w00t:

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This show really likes to sneak up on me and hit me in the feels, huh?


I teared up when ghost bride cut the string and said "I love you. Be happy." (Or at least that's what I think she said.) And that vision of vulnerable warrior Man Wol in old-time bridal garb dripping blood...I love how they first showed that, when Chansung opened the door expecting it to be ghost bride...I gasped out loud. That image was pretty powerful, and way cool. Also, the Room 13 hug! Loved it! Now Chansung's first love has made her grand entrance...ooooh!


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As we knew Man wol is weirdo surprisingly Ma Go is not different then her:P


Does both the immortal ladies has same lifestyles?B)

Love how MW and CS war rhymes....their bickering fueled MW to alive:D

Oh...the sweet talking flashback is YW..?

So who's the Captain for MW?

And the blood in MW marriage costume is pain, grudges and despair....

What the hella ..heartbreaking story between them?:cry:


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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2019] Hotel Del Luna, 호텔 델루나

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