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  1. I ship them, their chemistry is amazing. I wished though that rather having "Touch Your Heart" as their reunion drama, they would have a sageuk drama. But maybe they said yes to a fluffy drama in order to give closure to their angsty character ending in "Goblin"
  2. This was my first xianxia drama and it really did not disappoint. The chemistry between the leads is astounding. It was a long drama but I didn't feel that it was too long. I liked the backstory and even thought it was lowkey BL coz of Xuanji being ......and all but yep, I really enjoyed this and I'm glad this was my first. lol yeah hahahahaha
  3. This was my second venture in the xianxia genre of Chinese dramas and it did not disappoint. You wouldn't think it was 63 episodes since all the characters had their own character development. Of course, there were times where I hated Runyu but it was understandable given his situation. I still hated him at times though. The chemistry of everyone is outstanding and it would be in my list of recommended xianxia dramas.
  4. I like reading and understanding cultures in general but what first interested me is when the KDrama Winter Sonata came out. Was it 2001? I forgot. But yep, because of that Nami island was one of my travel list when I visit SK.
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