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[Drama 2019] Hotel Del Luna, 호텔 델루나

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4 hours ago, berny2 said:



Hi, sorry this is out-of-topic....


But why is it that there are no Eng subs for Thai dramas.... I 've been wanting to watch so many Lakorns....but i cannot find any subbed versions at all.


@berny2 I am sorry to say that Thai drama production companies will only do Eng subs usually when they secure distribution deals. So for example, if I deal is reached with Netflix - there will be subs in several languages. Or if they reach a distribution deal with a specific market - like China, they will add Chinese subs. I think they don’t do it unless they hear from the fans or confirm that there is a demand for the subs etc. 

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20 minutes ago, lollyminx said:

Maybe Grim Reaper is busy. I think they're shooting an upcoming drama for TVN the Cheap Cheonlima Mart (which I'm excited about lol). 


That's too bad. But a 4-day rest surely wouldn't hurt, right? :D


9 minutes ago, annamchoi said:

I didnt see Sanchez as well  ..


Oh yeah! The BFF should be there as well. Oh, well, at least both IU and YJG are present, that's enough for me :P.


@berny2 ...I only know some fansubs of some Lakorns..what specific drama do you want to watch, I might know some who have it :D.

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23 hours ago, lightbringer06 said:



Ha ha..I understand how you feel. However, his and their (MW and him) story has finally found its closure. His story ended when he crossed the Sanzu bridge :D.




Their story ended in the bridal room. :)

But, I like the scenes between CM and MW  on their own. :wub:

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Look at all these fans waiting at the airport! Some perseverance we need there! Fighting everyone!





Cr to owners



Someone doing live here












Mina, Ms Choi (I forgot the actress name), Lee Do Hyun, P.O




Yeo Jin Goo















Who is that lucky fan!:w00t:




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I guess all of us are like lingering ghosts here :lol:  I'm sure most of us will pass on before the 49 days.


I have so much to respond too.  I didn't expect the thread to grow so fast again.


@lollyminx, @aria26, @charlieblue17, @vangsweetie637 thank you for the compelling discussion regarding the miss opportunities.


With the recent release of information from the Hong Sisters about their vision of the series I feel they had something in mind and it just grew to something beyond what maybe they had thought it would ever come to.


The romance baiting, obviously they want people to tune in to see ManChan moments.  I mean the director isn't a novice, he could show what we the audience were craving for and I feel like IU and YJG as actors would be up for it.  But the script/writers seemed to have bound the director and the cast to perform in a certain way.  I think that is why I felt that suitcase scene was so weirdly edited in ;) It felt off for me.  Don't know if that was a last minute addition to just kind of give filler.  They could have done something better if that is the case.  For example the balcony scene where they pinch each other's cheeks.  That was just super cute and well executed.  


Now we all know that IU and YJG ad-lib lines in the farewell scene beyond the short 2 sentences in the script.  To me that just shows the Hong Sisters may have lost sight of the relationship between MW and CS.  And IU and YJG seemed to have come to really understand their characters well enough to know that those 2 lines did not do justice to the farewell MW and CS should share.  I understand ultimately the story of Hotel Del Luna was about MW and her journey to peace, forgiveness, and loving again.  That may have been the reason why Hong Sisters may have been strict on the "romance without happy moments".  I guess kudos to them to stand up for their work to make sure their vision is not altered.  But I am starting to feel they let the character of CS down.  If they had allowed CS's break down and have CS and MW "cross that line" I agree with you guys the impact would have been ten fold and I think the show would have been even more appreciated than it already has been. Well, it isn't uncommon to see this happen in dramas.  Generally one of the leads always seem to have better character development while the other one somehow falls short towards the end as they become the all sacrificing perfect partner -_-


But of course maybe this is our culture differences?  Maybe the way the things were shown and ended hit that sweet spot for the Korean audiences?


Either way still enjoyed the drama and will forever be fan of the ManChan couple :wub:





20 hours ago, lollyminx said:

Oh yes! I can watch them do mukbang. That would be okay. From what I've seen in YJG's 4 Wheeled Restaurant and IU's guesting in a variety show, they both eat well. I hope they also do an interview together post-HDL, and that YJG guest in IU's concert. OMG world, just give us something with these two interacting with one another. :lol:



So they're both going to the reward vacation. Nice! I hope they and the staff post photos together. :wub:


I only recently started going back to see some of IU's variety appearances.  Her really old ones back in the day were hilarious.  I keep seeing clips of when she was on Heroes and she was wearing the bunny costume.  She kept falling down :lol:  Poor kid had to do all sort of stuff to get her name out there back then.  Well, all her hard work has paid off.  Now, she's being recognized as a multi-entertainer - singer, songwriter, composer, actor.  I'm planning on watching Hyori's Bed and Breakfast with IU soon.


Hearing you talk so highly of 4 Wheeled Restaurant, I am going to have to find subs for the YJG's episodes.


Like you, I hope there are some nice photos of the cast and crew having fun at the reward vacation.



15 hours ago, Ellander88 said:

I never knew this drama would have that much effect to me personally. 

I know it's just a drama, but there were a lot of lessons regarding choice, fate, destiny, life and death that somehow change my perception about "the greater love". 


Btw, I am guessing that fullmoon.long IG will be deleted after 49 days from final episode as a sign that MW have fully crossed the bridge. But who knows, IU may decide to keep it forever as many wish for her to not delete the account. MW is gone. I don't think it will be updated anymore. 



Thank you for sharing your story with us.


I was surprise as well at how this drama affected me so.  I think it really brought to light our own mortality.  I lost someone dear to me a couple of years ago who was like family.  It really puts in perspective the time we have left in our lives with our love ones.



I have a feeling fullmoon.long IG will just be there without any updates after all MW is gone.  We will probably get the cast and crew reward vacation photos on IU's normal IG account.



12 hours ago, gilaswan said:

As regards the answer to Chanseong’s question to Mago in why she had chosen him to send ManWeol off — was it as simple as their first meeting in their past lives 1300 years ago? 



It was never really explained that well.  But from what I understood is that MW and CS were actually always fated to meet. And their lives would always cross in some manner.  They are tied together in their past, their current time, and their future.  My theory is that MW and CS were probably suppose to meet again in the past.  But due to circumstances with CM and YW, MW tied herself to the Moon Inn so CS never got to met her.  So after 1300 years MaGo 1 decided to intervene and bring CS to MW to help her cross over.   Pink MaGo let slip that CS and MW are tied together by a thread.  Hence, I still state the future dream of CS is what can be the future and will be the future for our ManChan couple.   The Hotel Del Luna chapter has closed but they will meet again obviously not as MW and CS but as whatever reincarnation.  That is another story.



12 hours ago, realistic2280a said:


@lightbringer06 Yes, definately will be watching Vegabond, will be in the thread when the drama stars, hehe... i have been trying to download some dramas but not sure which ones to watch. i dont want to waste data if the drama is boring, hence reviews are important for, or else i would waste a lot of time watching it, hahha...




@realistic2280a and @lightbringer06 oh, you guys going to watch Vagabond?  That was the next series I was thinking about watching.  I need something different from Hotel Del Luna.  I don't like watching sad dramas and I was hoping Hotel Del Luna was going to end on a happier note then the way it actually did.  



So Happy that majority of the cast got to go on the reward vacation.  Looking at the videos it seems most of the actors don't have bodyguards.  YJG's popularity is pretty hot right now, so glad IU's bodyguard saw him and came to help him out.  IU's staff are really nice.  I wonder if YJG called a staffer or a cast member when he was in the car and was like has everyone come?  And they were like yes, you're the last one.  And someone decided to tell their staff to help fetch him :lol:




@Ameera Ali

Thanks again for those memes.  It was a hard road for CS to get into bed cause we had some writers trying to stop them :lol:


That behind the scenes with YJG trying to carry IU LMFAO  IU wasn't prepared for it and started to move in the wrong direction forcing YJG to put her down but the way he just fell to the floor :lol:


@nastyacolors00 Thank you for sharing the Hong Sisters interview


@Minoz Ah LeeR Thank you for sharing your video works.

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