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  1. Oh nooooo it's the last episode. I'm about to watch it. I agree with everyone. I hope they do a season 2 even if it is hard and they probably have new projects. They can do 2-day shoots in between! :D Also, I hope to see YSJ in other similar variety shows because he's a really good worker. How much he's progressed since day 1 is amazing. From a dishwasher to an all around employee.
  2. What?!?!?! There are only 8 episodes?!?!?! Will there be a season 2?! EDIT: Oh, 9 episodes in all right? The one with NJH will be the last? Also, so happy NJH came back. I also awwww-ed when they showed a list of all his part-time jobs.
  3. LOL at Sehun. I just watched EXO's Ladder and in one episode, he won like an entire floor for himself at a pool villa they were staying in while some of the others had to sleep on the floor in one room. Sehun went to the others and asked them to sleep with him because he can't sleep alone. LOL
  4. Did they run out of bread because Chef BJW kept on giving them out to customers? LOL Or is it because it's dinnertime and people eat more than usual? NJH is painfully shy. It would have been nice if he could stay longer. EDIT: My mistake. The preview shows NJH returning to work as a part-timer.
  5. I've been in a drama slump since I finished Eun Joo's Room, and I've been waiting for this since. First few minutes and I'm hooked. I mean... the 25 year old grandma, she's so funny, plus I've been obsessed with Coffee Friends lately, so SHJ got me into this. I just paused the show to post this. Haha I'll continue watching it now.
  6. HAHAHAHA I know right? I wonder if there's someone at the entrance telling people what they can and are not allowed to do. LOL Do they get to take photos with the staff or not? I would have been drooling watching YSJ. LOL
  7. Right??? He's like "Focus, YSJ. Focus." And he knows to switch places with JJY in washing dishes, and takes care of the older guys. Lucky people who get to see YYS at his bar. So funny when SHJ asked if he should run a bakery since his bread come out so well. Then YYS said he wants to do it with SHJ as co-owner. LOL Can't wait for the next ep. I'm in a drama slump. Nothing has caught my attention yet! OMG
  8. I just hope Youn's Kitchen 3 returns with the same staff because LSJ has really great work ethic in Youn's Kitchen 2. Also, JYM's energy is one of the charms of the series. Hahaha the bread boys! I was laughing so hard when SHJ called his bread pretty after brushing butter on them, like they're his children. Also, YSJ!!! OMG!!! Been obsessed with him since Thirty but Seventeen. I love it when he talks to himself and tries to cheer himself up. LOL It's also funny when they assign the dishwasher job to the new guy. I thought they're going to let Jo (it feels weird watching him be himself when I remember so many creepy roles he did, like the cult person in Save Me *shudders*) do it all the time, but then he found his place by the door selling tangerines. The sneak peek shows that Yun-ho will do a better job tho. Hah!
  9. This series fills the space left by Youn's Kitchen. I was really hoping there'd by a season 3 of Youn's Kitchen in the latter part of 2018 but no. I also just finished watching Eun Joo's room, without the subs, and I was really sad that it ended. I'm so glad I discovered this right away. I love everything that's happening in this series. How many episodes in all will this series be? 10? Or less?
  10. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I am obsessed with this drama. Four episodes in AND WITHOUT ENGLISH SUBS. But I'm hooked! I jumped into this because of Bo-ra from Reply 1988 and Hong Sim's brother in 100 Days My Prince, as well as the story, and this story is perfect for me. I love the pace, I love the story. It's so simple, but also not. I love the actors and the way they act naturally. I wish we had more of these kinds of drama, but I hope someone will sub this really soon.
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