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  1. Episode 2 was daebak The show does great mixing comedy with thriller. I was rofling during the ending scene when Dong Shik tried hard to write backward like the psychopath killer. Contrary to popular opinion, I kinda like Dong Shik's beehive hair. It looks adorkable on him.
  2. I'm loving this drama. There are Dong Shik's scene which reminds me of Hyun Jae from "The Best Hit". Like the accident scene, amnesia and the FL stepping on his hand. LOL. It's kinda new and has a creative storyline. I'm psyched to find out what'll happen tonight.
  3. Woah, this is getting interesting. The ending for ep 4 is really good. Who sent that text to JS? She can’t be having split personality cause that text arrived while she was getting ready for bed. Someone else must had access to her computer. Or they hired a really good hacker. i know deep down that SJ didn’t cheat. However there’s so many mysteries yet to be revealed. We’ll just have to wait until next week then.
  4. The premiere date being moved way later now. Aw man, I was so looking forward to this next week. I guess they're trying to make this totally pre-produced then. SBS seems to be doing that lately.
  5. I'm definitely loving this drama. Yong Shik & Dong Baek are the most innocent couple. They totally fit each other with DB being too accommodating toward others even when they treats her badly and YS being someone who simply can't turn a blind eye towards injustice. Jong Ryul is supposed to be the "bad guy" but I just can't hate a guy wearing a baby carrier. And I kinda feel sorry he has to deal with such a wife... My favorite character has to be Pil Goo. That kid actor is super feisty and adorable at the same time. That scene when he was telling his mom how tired he was for having to always protect her had me bawling. Note: I'm trying to move-on from HDL but everytime I see Pill Goo, I'm reminded of KCS
  6. Wow, he’s really busy. Gotta ask how he manage his time with studying, acting, mc-ing and he got that event in Singapore next week.
  7. Super excited about this cause JNR rarely appears on variety. She seems very active in promoting this drama. It’s Master of the House actually. Lol.
  8. GHJ never disappoints. So I am kinda looking forward to this. The leads has a 10 year age gap, it's kinda interesting to see their chemistry both on screen and off screen. Fighting!
  9. I was gonna rewatch HDL again but I don’t want to go through all that heartbreak all over again so soon. Anyway, I didn’t know YJG could playbthe piano, guitar & sing. This legit sounds like his voice. Hey, maybe he can do a duet with IU in one of her concert
  10. Let’s all appreciate this: IU & YJG being in the same frame at BKK airport
  11. I haven't had the chance to catch the last 2 eps of HDL but spoiled myself with some non subbed clips and of course the "kind-of" open ending. Not my favorite kind of ending because I can see so many ways it could've been done on a happier note BUT I am not the writer, so... Both IU & YJG achieve new-found fame through HDL which is a good thing. Because that means they will get more offers in the future and we will see them in more projects. Yeay! Gonna refresh myself and wait for V.I.P in October!
  12. That’s a plausible theory. And I kinda like it. It sorts of like CS and MW are destined to be together since the beginning.
  13. Aaaack... tomorrow the finale begins. Please give us a good ending. YJG’s poem worries me Now we need to remain calm and imagine MW coming back to the hotel with CS at the bar like this....
  14. “You are the prettiest today” Is he..... flirting? Lol
  15. The memory loss arc is one of the storyline I cringe the most. It's like when a writer is out of ideas, they'll just use THAT to prolong the story. However, MW has hinted earlier she might lose her memories when crossing the bridge. We don't know how much she will remember when she returns. And I believe in CS. I think he will not take the potion and wait for her patiently. In Goblin, Eun Tak waited for Kim Shin for 10 years. Chan Sung can bear without Man Woel for 2 months... However it will turn out, just don't let CS & MW suffer for too long. I need to see them happy . It will be sad next week as we had to bid farewell to the hotel staff. Perhaps Yuna will follow HJ since she IS actually a ghost living in a mortal's body... Everyone will be gone and HDL will await it's new owner, which will not be CS or MW.
  16. Last night’s ending was the best, in my personal opinion. For the first time, I don’t know what to expect from tonight’s episode. Seems like MW might let her grudge gets the worst of her. She will definitely regrets her action later. Could the cliffhanger for the week be CS’s “death”? Hope not ! I so agree with this tweet. Can’t wait to see how he’ll portray CM tonight.
  17. YJG is no 11 for this month’s movie star brand reputation ranking. Though the list is for movie stars, I think he rose due to HDL. Last movie he was casted is in 2017.
  18. I know, right. That boy is growing on me as well. Also recently found out Park Bo Young is a big fan of his and confesses publicly, several time, that she wanted to do a melodrama with him. Haha, sorry PBY, IU got him first .
  19. So, he actually wears the laopard jacket Credit : HDL DC
  20. Uuuu~wonder how they will pose next... Hand holding maybe I was thinking about how the show would end and remembered that MW still holds on to that potion that would erase CS memory of HDL related stuff. I wonder if she ever gonna use them... I am fine with a sad ending as sometimes it creates more impact to the storyline. Just no open ending... that just sucks...
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