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[Drama 2019] Hotel Del Luna, 호텔 델루나

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Seriously how come that all guys in the hotel are so dense   I mean the girl hints    and hints    and HINTS    and hints some more  I mean EVERY

Ohmygod they're going official!   And oh no! Im Si Wan sent YJG a food truck and YJG replied, asking should he book room 404 for him...  

Sorry If someone already had posted this topic before   The Cards In The Intro/Opening Goo ChanSeong's Card   Jang ManWol's Card   Number of Cards  

17 minutes ago, realistic2280a said:

@lollyminx.... u mean he was really hounded in school? Can u give the video link? Thanks :)

Go to @manchan_couple and watch the stories. Not hounded, hounded, but students following him, like one step away, with their cameras on taking photos and videos hounded. There's also a photo of him outside school and people are surrounding him taking photos up close










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2 hours ago, lollyminx said:

Go to @manchan_couple and watch the stories. Not hounded, hounded, but students following him, like one step away, with their cameras on taking photos and videos hounded. There's also a photo of him outside school and people are surrounding him taking photos up close


Oh wow I feel bad for him. (Didn't watch the vid..)  Imagine all he wants is to attend school and score enough participation percentage. Imagine the amount of students who want to be on the same group as him.




Also. Imagine the amount of students who will turn up for classes now. LOL.

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i cant seem to let go hotel de luna yet...

and while rewatching it came to me JMW had wait for CS for 1300 years were sometimes he felt lonely of course she not loving cs so it make her life were so lonely...while CS will wait less than that and rather lonely missing her pieces of her memory make sometime make his put a smile without him realize... 


it did occur to me why dont both of them drink the water but i gues it doest work as if CS drink it will became normal drink since the drink had tight MW soul in the tree 


I glad both busier with their life it seem both of them move on except me..T.T 

YJG with campus and LJE with concert 

hoping this project make them open up new friendships that long lasting 

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9 hours ago, laura_waterhouse said:

Holding hands in IU's personal account


And because of that, some people are jokingly contemplating if it's MW or IU because it's posted on her personal IG...haha..


9 hours ago, realistic2280a said:

Gonna go and see some Chinese drama, though the dramas can be slow, but at least the leads are not always shy with skinships!


Agree to that!...hehe..Chinese do have lots of skinships, even their BTS are full of them leaving fans speculate couples are dating etc. But that doesn't stop them to do another drama again together :D. Currently watching some now while waiting for Arthdal and other upcoming dramas this month^^..


8 hours ago, lollyminx said:

Oh really? Chinese dramas are full of skinship? Like steamy ones? I haven't seen any Chinese drama. Me, I'm going for a thriller kdrama now hahaha 


I don't know why I'm not as tempted to try out Chinese or Japanese dramas. Tried a Japanese drama before and it felt so weird to me I didn't watch another one again. I think I'd feel the same about Chinese dramas so I haven't tried any. I feel like kdrama suits me better or I just have to watch the good Chinese/Jap ones.


Oh yeah, they do~...hahaha.. for most romance ones^^


Perhaps you started watching Kdramas first so that's why you find it weird to watch Jdramas or Cdramas^^. Jdramas is my first love..then came to watch Taiwanese ones..and then Kdrama..then Cdrama. If I want a drama closer to reality, I watch Jdramas. They're more realistic than just watching a drama that merely focuses on romance. What I like about them is they don't necessarily need to make a romance drama for it to be popular. You just got to choose the best ones to watch because just like any dramas, there are those that are so cringy as well. I like it because they're centered in family, friendships, love, career, life... etc. They're usually slife of life. I think I first watched Kdramas purely for entertainment but also came upon great ones and with a lot of depth. My choice of drama mostly evolves around the actors/actress that I know, plot, and chemistry..ha ha. Kdramas' episode duration is the ideal for me since they're mostly 16-24 eps, unlike Cdramas with lots of eps that I find unnecessary as I go. With Jdramas, they always left you hanging and wanting more..but I like it coz they're straightforward, precise and doesn't contain any unnecessary 'drama' between the characters.


4 hours ago, lollyminx said:

I saw videos on IG of YJG back at uni Hahaha if he's being hounded like this even in school, I have a feeling he'll choose a non-romantic project next. :lol:


Wrong time to go back to school as the drama is still so fresh and people are still having a fever....lol.



I wasn't meaning to post again here but you guys are still here..so^^. 


Idk about some of you but the ending for me is a happy one as well. Tho ofc I did want some things to be included esp. between MW and CS but all in all, I am very much satisfied with it because it has always been implied from the very beginning how it will end. Just like CS's imagination of how it will turn out in the future, it's also up to us to interpret however we want it. Mainly, it depends on how we see relationship, love, and yeah culture. Yes, it did made my cry...A LOT...but it didn't left me with any heavy feeling or regret with the ending. Except that cameo at the end...ha ha..that I suddenly felt I wanted more...lol..that cameo did backfire and came out too strong for all fans ^^.


After reading the Hongs' comments about YJG's acting, I totally agree. For such a young age, he is indeed very amazing and very smart and has great personality. That's why I can also see why Lee Se Young calls him "Wang oppa" during TCC. He's very mature for his age. I suddenly wonder how it feels like to have a conversation with him in personal. I always like people with such depth. And no wonder lots of noona actresses wants to work with him even when he was still young. And his portrayal of CS also, like what the Hongs said, even though his character is way more ordinary than of IU's, he really made the character shine. I mean, he just climbed up on top of the list of my fave male leads :kiss_closed:.



5 hours ago, Sakurafairy said:

  If they just added some steamy romance and more skinship, better connection would be created for ManChan.  Plus, the ManChung tandem would be easier to forget. 


The lack of skinship was never an issue for me...ofc I did want more too...ha ha.. just like so many of you. However, if you're actually watching it, you can see why they don't need so much. And that you tend to not think of it too much as well. At least for me^^.


And regarding the ManChung tandem, I forgot about it right after I learned about the real story behind it...ha ha..maybe because I am more invested in uri ManChan couple than of them, that's why. 



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@lightbringer06.... hi, curious what chinese drama are u following now? I just finish *put your head on my shoulder* ... man, first time i see such a height difference between the leads... its cute... (hold on, would coffee prince height difference between the leads similar?)


Aish, yes we still are here, venting frusturations if any, but also to see any more cutes skinships pictures or gifs between IU and YJG... hehee


Happy to see YJG  laugh so much... and his laugh is so genuine and deep... :)



see people are still.interested in the fullmoon IG updates... another 1k and they will reach 900k followers! OmG..

 Manchan, come bk and have a couple shot pls! For the fans!

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1 hour ago, Ameera Ali said:


He proof that he grow up with MW :mrgreen::joy:

oh man did you choose the refrigerator than her 

:sweat_smile: you make your sister proud :joy:



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Even side couple MR and YS have got nice lines. Size of love represented by the freezer vs the North Pole. The most unbelievable thing about Hong Sisters dramas is how poetic all the characters usually are. I wish I have conversations like this in my everyday life.


I am still on withdrawal. This morning, my first thoughts are about how in-sync MW and CS are. It was for comedy, but the way they convinced the famous writer to helping Mr. Bartender is nice to have in real life, a partner who gets your goals done with you. Other small stuff are when they ganged up on Ji Won at the rooftop and when they ensure to get lots of money from wealth MaGo

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I wanted CMs reincarnation to appear in the last episode.

I was sad when I realized this wasnt going to happen. 




But this is just a fantasy k-drama.

So I can imagine that CMs reincarnation still appeared at the end of the last episode.  ;) :lol:



Omo...that was  classy...:wub:



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I still get emotional ( Im a cry baby by nature) whenever I see excerpts of the finale in various social media.. and throught out the  1 hour or so episode  my heart hurts snd my eyes became puffy.specially departing of each and every HDL family.and that of MANCHAN scene where they bid farewell.I don't think I will be able to rewatch ep 16 right away as it will make feel sad and melancholy .specially CS' scene after MW left..personally Im not fond of open endings ! CS' imagination of him and MW being together someday made me more sadder that it will take a lifetime for him to make it happen

and that reality sets in that MW will always and forever be a  special memory. ❤️


I will and always love you my MANCHAN...❤️

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