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  1. JinGoo's fan meeting. He's singing So Long! And he wore Zebra, Tiger, and Leopard prints I need fullmoon.long to seriously make a comment about his wardrobe. EDIT: can't seem to figure out how to get the Instagram post to appear like in image format like those above me who have been positing the twitter updates You'll just have to click on the links I guess JinGoo singing So Long https://www.instagram.com/p/B3hfFjDJb28/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet JinGoo wearing Zebra, Leopard, and Tiger prints plus gif of Man Wol saying she will buy him a Zebra suit. https://www.instagram.com/p/B3hi9o_p8Vu/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Another post of JinGoo wearting the Tiger and Leopard shirt along with the V neck sweater https://www.instagram.com/p/B3hMsbxJ46e/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Another clip of JinGoo singing So Long but on a different day wearing a different outfit (part 1) https://www.instagram.com/p/B3hJJaBJENM/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Another clip of JinGoo singing So Long but on a different day wearing a different outfit (part 2) https://www.instagram.com/p/B3gyQeWpne3/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  2. Yay!! Happy Ending is going to be released! Seriously just shows how nice IU is to her fans to include Happy Ending as a bonus track on her new album.
  3. Thanks for clarifying. Wow LOL yeah that would be bad to upload a 3 hr concert.
  4. When I saw the notification on YT I clicked so fast they published it and set it as private a couple of days ago so I was wondering what was going to be uploaded Then today it was finally released. Cannot wait to watch the interview again with subs. IU sure knows how to treat those still hung up on Hotel Del Luna. I was already following Man Wolie's account. I am sure it will reach 1 million soon. Edit: Oh that clip of Jin Goo singing Paul Kim's So Long is so good. He has a nice voice
  5. At least we got an ending that has a hopeful vibe that they will reincarnate and are tied together in some way. It would be worse if it had ended with just MW walking across the bridge. I enjoyed the IU behind the scenes on IU TV. We got to see some of YJG. Their little hand clapping game was funny. I guess that is what actors can do to amuse themselves on set sometimes. Poor IU staying on set for 7 days Was she just sleeping on the couch in her vanity room? And if she was doing that did that mean YJG was probably doing something like that too? And if the actors where doing that the staff and crew were doing something similar. Seriously they deserved that vacation reward they got.
  6. @dazzylin Looks like YJG figured out how the lighting block works. On IU's Instagram story she couldn't figure out how to get it to light up. Maybe she needs to ask him
  7. Aww, I was hoping for an interview. But cool that they will be filming some TV greetings for the international broadcasts.
  8. Do post your thoughts when you are finished. It is always interesting to read other people's perspectives. @lollyminx you and your imagination. But I was surprised too why they were wearing masks coming back Their faces may have been really puffy. Too many late nights And here I am saying no shipping and I making comments like this @Angelica Claudia that elevator video OMG was hilarious and also scary. I would have freaked out as to why the doors wouldn't close. I could sense his inner panic and all he could do was just wave and wonder why the door wouldn't close
  9. I think even YJG was wondering that. Sometimes I find it funny when they do these TMI segments. Sometimes the questions asked or the responses given are not really TMI @gilaswan I don't think MW killed herself after she killed CM. She explained after CM died she enacted her revenge and probably killed more soliders in the palace grounds and then set everything on fire. She then decided to go looking for the Moon Inn so her family/gang could pass over. I think she was badly hurt in her last encounter with the soliders sent to track her down. When she showed up at the Moon Inn I think she was half way dead. Like CS's father when he fall down the stairs. When she drank the Moon Tree Spirit liquor all of her life was taken and she was then tied to the Moon Inn. Yea, realistically probably couldn't happen if MW truly was a spirit. But there have been so many ancient folklore of ghost and human interactions and within the world of Hotel Del Luna (fantasy) it could happen. I mean MW and CS hold hands, hug, and even kissed. She is pretty powerful to show herself for long periods of time in the real world. I think the mechanics of this fantasy world would allow for it if they had decided to head there.
  10. I have a good friend who is Indian so I've watched a few Indian TV serials. The actors I was referring to was from an Indian TV series. Considering they will be there for 5 days and we haven't seen any pictures since that cruise dinner who knows what is happening
  11. @aria26 and @lollyminx I didn't mean to stop the shipping dream. I've shipped TV series people before and they never quite worked out one couple actually got in bit of a public tiff. Like they were friendly on and off set and after the show wrapped they did appear in a few special entertainment segments here and there. But a lot of the fans of the show really craved to see them in one frame again and again. An entertainment news crew tried to arrange a fun meeting segment but the male lead he was busy filming another show and he sort of stood the actress up. At least that is how it all played out in the entertainment segment. At that point you know it almost felt burdensome for both parties as the fans were putting pressure for interactions. Eventually things sort of worked out and the two actors patched up. So I never want that to happen again and hope that people remain friends and don't feel burden to have to interact then the interactions will seem less genuine. I'm not saying IU and YJG are not genuine in their interactions with each other. I think they respect each other as actors and they are friendly enough to each other. Hence I am content with them hopefully becoming food truck friends Thanks for bring those discussions over at bitchesoverdramas. It's a very interesting read regarding that challenge that was set. I never thought to think that MW had passed in her sleep. I knew the sleepiness was an indication that MW had little time left as her powers were waning and she would have to cross over soon. But I agree with another user who countered that if MW had passed in her sleep I don't think CS would have acted so calmly to MaGo 3 when she came to pick up the scissors. He'd probably be a bit of a wreck unless he didn't realize she had passed? I have to agree although a brief moment I was like could it be they would have a season 2 with KSH? But then I thought about it and I was like what story could they possibly show without re-hashing the same plot points. HDL did it perfectly so there is no real need for a season 2. Of course I will forgive if we get a Honey Moon with CS and MW going to room 404 cameo I'm up for IU and YJG doing a normal contemporary series. I like that part too from YJG that he acted out that hesitation. It was a nice touch. @lollyminx, @Ellander88, @Sorary, and @Meggie I like all of your variety show suggestions. I've been watching Hyori's Bed and Breakfast season 2 and I keep thinking wouldn't it be cool to have a special episode where they go camping and they bring back the past employees IU, Yoona, and Park Bo Gum. And they could add in YJG in as the special new employee for the brief season 3 By the way for any one who's seen season 1 (DM if you know a place I can still see season 1 with subs, cannot seem to find a place) ManChan couple on a date in Bangkok in season 2
  12. I try not to ship people. I do hope they are friends...enough to send food trucks to each other. But I still get the vibe they are just a little awkward around each other. Or maybe they only get that way when the cameras are rolling on them. Their staff seems to have become friendly with each other but I agree a part of me thinks they are sort of hanging around each other because they know the fans are watching. And also it's sort of promotions in a way? The series is going to be exported so its always nice to show that the main leads are both friendly on and off set.
  13. That's great that Hotel Del Luna OST is doing so well on iTunes chart. Can anyone explain to me why they like to release everything as singles first before releasing the full album? I've like bought ever single of the songs I liked. And the OST album doesn't include instrumentals so I don't really have an incentive to re-purchase the entire album Yeah, same how can you enjoy a vacation when everyone is looking at you It's like it's one or two people hanging out they are like in this huge group And of course IU has the most security around her. Maybe that is why he's hanging around her. He needs protection The making of the doll sort of creep me out but kudos to the person who decided to take all that time to make a Jang Man Wol doll and show people how it's done. The Hong Sisters need to get on it. They can make so much profit off of a special Hotel Del Luna doll line. IU and YJG are both shy people so I think it's own natural to see them space out next to each other. I guess cause of their nature and out of all the cast members they spent the most time together they naturally gravitate towards each other. It's like ah, here is someone I hung out with the most and although I may still be awkward I'd rather be awkward around him/her cause I think she/he would understand me. You bring up an interesting point. Which is more painful to remember sweet memories or hold regret? I think all of us can probably come up with some justifiable reasoning to ease our own minds and hearts of what we thought the characters were doing, etc. I can easily say maybe this part here is the one flaw of CS. He has been seen as almost perfect in the end. Doing what is necessary yet not making selfish or stupid decisions. CS kept his sixth sense because it was the only gift that he could choose to keep from MW. Even though MW kept telling him to eat the medicine. It's the one stubborn decision he won't budge on and he's content to live with this piece of haunting forever. It could also show that he's not really willing to let go maybe he hopes he could see MW's ghost in his lifetime. A just in case because he don't want to miss her. CS could be silently regretting that he didn't cross the line. That's his flaw that he didn't take the one chance given to him that probably wouldn't have altered the outcome. CS showering all his love on MW so their memories together can be even more sweet despite the farewell they know that is coming. At this point it seems the Hong Sisters were simply determined to give a sad ending for this drama. @Joseph Lim Thank you for that video. It was interesting to hear from a Korean viewer there review, analysis, and perspective. Even the reviewer felt that some where at the end the characters of MW and CS got pushed to the side when they showed that the Moon Inn continues on. Kim SooHyun's entrance was definitely grand and exciting. But as the reviewer Uppercut Tube said "It's not about the ending being sad or happy. But for the viewers who would have watched the drama with this kind of bitter hearts, Kim SooHyun's appearance at the end for me, was like I am forced to erase Ku Chan Seong and Jang Man Wol from my head... So if there's no season 2 confirmed and they write this kind of epilogue, I don't think the writers themselves love their characters." Can't help but agree to his feelings. Of course I think even the Hong Sisters didn't think the director would shoot such a cool and amazing entrance cameo scene for Kim SooHyun. Which reinforces my thinking that if the director and cast were allowed to come up with romance for MW and CS that we would have had the characters cross that line. It would have been sweet with that touch of sadness. And enhance that experience of a "romance without happy moments" because the big elephant in the room is no matter what happy moments they have together the conclusion is that they will have to part. Here are the videos from @manchan_couple and another shot of them at the night market.
  14. I totally get what you are saying about the show. I love K-Variety shows. I enjoyed Family Outing back in the day. Granted that was more scripted but they were hilarious on that show. Made me really admire Lee Hyori but for whatever reason when her Bed and Breakfast show came out I never really bothered to tune in. I didn't even bother for season 2 when I'm a SNSD fan and Yoona was going to be on the show I couldn't bother to try and track down subs for the show...I guess feeling lazy. I guess you've done your research on IU and YJG I think it would be nice if they became good friends. Maybe YJG could ask for advice from IU on poetry writing. I mean writing songs is sort of like poetry. And was it you or another soompier that provided information that YJG always wanted to write poetry but in the end loose his nerve to put his words down. But it seems Hotel Del Luna has inspired him as he started to pen his thoughts down in his Instagram posts. @aria26 Those mashup drama videos seem fun. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any of the series other than Hotel Del Luna. I'm making my way to Goblin. But I think I have to take a break from any potentially sad dramas and watch something fun or different before I go down another roller-coaster ride of emotions.
  15. I guess all of us are like lingering ghosts here I'm sure most of us will pass on before the 49 days. I have so much to respond too. I didn't expect the thread to grow so fast again. @lollyminx, @aria26, @charlieblue17, @vangsweetie637 thank you for the compelling discussion regarding the miss opportunities. With the recent release of information from the Hong Sisters about their vision of the series I feel they had something in mind and it just grew to something beyond what maybe they had thought it would ever come to. The romance baiting, obviously they want people to tune in to see ManChan moments. I mean the director isn't a novice, he could show what we the audience were craving for and I feel like IU and YJG as actors would be up for it. But the script/writers seemed to have bound the director and the cast to perform in a certain way. I think that is why I felt that suitcase scene was so weirdly edited in It felt off for me. Don't know if that was a last minute addition to just kind of give filler. They could have done something better if that is the case. For example the balcony scene where they pinch each other's cheeks. That was just super cute and well executed. Now we all know that IU and YJG ad-lib lines in the farewell scene beyond the short 2 sentences in the script. To me that just shows the Hong Sisters may have lost sight of the relationship between MW and CS. And IU and YJG seemed to have come to really understand their characters well enough to know that those 2 lines did not do justice to the farewell MW and CS should share. I understand ultimately the story of Hotel Del Luna was about MW and her journey to peace, forgiveness, and loving again. That may have been the reason why Hong Sisters may have been strict on the "romance without happy moments". I guess kudos to them to stand up for their work to make sure their vision is not altered. But I am starting to feel they let the character of CS down. If they had allowed CS's break down and have CS and MW "cross that line" I agree with you guys the impact would have been ten fold and I think the show would have been even more appreciated than it already has been. Well, it isn't uncommon to see this happen in dramas. Generally one of the leads always seem to have better character development while the other one somehow falls short towards the end as they become the all sacrificing perfect partner But of course maybe this is our culture differences? Maybe the way the things were shown and ended hit that sweet spot for the Korean audiences? Either way still enjoyed the drama and will forever be fan of the ManChan couple I only recently started going back to see some of IU's variety appearances. Her really old ones back in the day were hilarious. I keep seeing clips of when she was on Heroes and she was wearing the bunny costume. She kept falling down Poor kid had to do all sort of stuff to get her name out there back then. Well, all her hard work has paid off. Now, she's being recognized as a multi-entertainer - singer, songwriter, composer, actor. I'm planning on watching Hyori's Bed and Breakfast with IU soon. Hearing you talk so highly of 4 Wheeled Restaurant, I am going to have to find subs for the YJG's episodes. Like you, I hope there are some nice photos of the cast and crew having fun at the reward vacation. @Ellander88 Thank you for sharing your story with us. I was surprise as well at how this drama affected me so. I think it really brought to light our own mortality. I lost someone dear to me a couple of years ago who was like family. It really puts in perspective the time we have left in our lives with our love ones. I have a feeling fullmoon.long IG will just be there without any updates after all MW is gone. We will probably get the cast and crew reward vacation photos on IU's normal IG account. @gilaswan It was never really explained that well. But from what I understood is that MW and CS were actually always fated to meet. And their lives would always cross in some manner. They are tied together in their past, their current time, and their future. My theory is that MW and CS were probably suppose to meet again in the past. But due to circumstances with CM and YW, MW tied herself to the Moon Inn so CS never got to met her. So after 1300 years MaGo 1 decided to intervene and bring CS to MW to help her cross over. Pink MaGo let slip that CS and MW are tied together by a thread. Hence, I still state the future dream of CS is what can be the future and will be the future for our ManChan couple. The Hotel Del Luna chapter has closed but they will meet again obviously not as MW and CS but as whatever reincarnation. That is another story. @realistic2280a and @lightbringer06 oh, you guys going to watch Vagabond? That was the next series I was thinking about watching. I need something different from Hotel Del Luna. I don't like watching sad dramas and I was hoping Hotel Del Luna was going to end on a happier note then the way it actually did. So Happy that majority of the cast got to go on the reward vacation. Looking at the videos it seems most of the actors don't have bodyguards. YJG's popularity is pretty hot right now, so glad IU's bodyguard saw him and came to help him out. IU's staff are really nice. I wonder if YJG called a staffer or a cast member when he was in the car and was like has everyone come? And they were like yes, you're the last one. And someone decided to tell their staff to help fetch him Edit: @Ameera Ali Thanks again for those memes. It was a hard road for CS to get into bed cause we had some writers trying to stop them That behind the scenes with YJG trying to carry IU LMFAO IU wasn't prepared for it and started to move in the wrong direction forcing YJG to put her down but the way he just fell to the floor @nastyacolors00 Thank you for sharing the Hong Sisters interview @Minoz Ah LeeR Thank you for sharing your video works.
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