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  1. The only pissing me off, well haters and trolss are really design for pissing someone's day , lol, is that they r blaming the two young actor /actress that gave their hearts, efforts, and went beyond their ways to promote the movie. Well, again, they are haters and trolls and no need to be pissed off about what they r saying, ahahaha but still it makes me angry,hahaha! Well let's move on. Nobody can bring a good man down, and thats our BOGUMMY! All blessings for him.
  2. Bogum's Eye Acting Goes Crazy!!! 1.1 M views in Twitter already. As in Wow! This Gets Viral! His eye acting has been the topic of discussion.
  3. It is no use crying over a spilled milk. Everyone will have that piece of failure. Even the great actors of Chungmuro: Song Kang Ho and Gang Dong Won of KEnt industry have their shares of this kind of experience. I still remember what Song Kang Ho said when he was interviewed about his previous flop movie : " after the project, I just move on to the next one because the next one is far more important than the past wc had a result already." Like what happened to Bogummy, he and everyone should just move on and focus to the next projects 😎
  4. NAVER NEWS!!! Producer Kim Tae-ho of ‘Gabriel’ was also surprised… Park Bo-gum's musical talent 'explodes'p Reorter Kang Hyo- jin [SPOTV News = Reporter Kang Hyo-jin] JTBC's new entertainment program 'My name is Gabriel' is finally unveiled. JTBC's new program 'My name is Gabriel' (directed by Kim Tae-ho and Lee Tae-kyung, written by Jo Mi-hyeon, hereinafter referred to as My Name is Gabriel), which will be broadcast for the first time at 8:50 pm on the 21st, is an entertainment show presented by production company TEO on JTBC, where no one knows me. is an observational reality show in which you live 'the real life of that person' for 72 hours under the name of one of the world's 8 billion people. Park Myung-soo (Chiang Mai, Thailand), Yeom Hye-ran (Chongqing, China), Hong Jin-kyung (Kigali, Rwanda), Ji Chang-wook (Guadalajara, Mexico), Park Bo-gum (Dublin, Ireland), Gabi (Mexico City, Mexico), and Dex (Tbilisi, Georgia) participated in 'Others' It becomes the main character of 'life' and offers an overwhelming scale and diverse attractions as it travels around the world. In the first broadcast of the day, the story of Park Bo-gum and Park Myung-soo, who live other people's lives for 72 hours, along with their names, residence, and occupation, are revealed for the first time. The sight of two people discovering a new ‘me’ in a place where no one knows them is expected to bring unique fun and laughter. Park Bo-gum, who said in a pre-interview with the production team, "I feel very overwhelmed when everyone applauds and cheers," will live the life of Ruri, the choir director, in Dublin, Ireland. Park Bo-gum cannot help but feel embarrassed after discovering his presence in an unfamiliar place where no one knows him, but he gradually infiltrates Ruri's life with his fluent English and unexpected musical ability. He is said to be thrown into chaos when he meets with his friends and learns that they have a busking performance scheduled two days later. Park Bo-gum takes advantage of his experience as a music director for musicals in college and leads choir practice as choir leader Ruri. Although it is a series of shocking situations that MC Defconn said, "This is the level of being hit with a hammer," attention is focused on Park Bo-gum's chaotic adaptation to Island, where he was sincerely immersed in Ruri's life and even showed tears. Producer Kim Tae-ho, who directed 'My Name Is Gabriel', said, "After casting Park Bo-gum, I was half confident and half anxious, wondering, 'Is this the right job?'" and "When the contestants first go, they are so embarrassed. They absorb and accept it to a certain extent." He raised expectations by saying, "We were watching the flow without predicting what would happen, but Park Bo-gum's musical ability as a choir leader that we had not expected was fully demonstrated on site." Producer Lee Tae-kyung said, “I remember MC Defconn saying during the recording, ‘I thought there was no dopamine, but there is dopamine.’ It may be an approach to life, but as an entertainment program, there are comedic elements here and there. “I hope you enjoy it together and look forward to it,” he said. Park Myung-soo said, "You may think that people's lives are all similar no matter where they are in the world. It seems like a trendy and sophisticated plan has been created that not only domestic but also overseas viewers can enjoy together. You will be able to experience new enjoyment," he said of the first broadcast. He asked for expectations. Meanwhile, 'My Name is Gabriel' will premiere on JTBC at 8:50 pm on the 21st. Reporter Kang Hyo-jin (bestest@spotvnews.co.kr) Reporter Kang Hyo- jin https://m.entertain.naver.com/article/477/0000497282
  5. [ENG trans] Bogum 616 YT Live Part 1 (Will post little by little as it is lengthy🤣 Bogum was very talkative) Based on: weibo.com/ttarticle/x/m/… Three more minutes towards Park Bo Gum's birthday. Oh no, two more minutes. Today, I finished the stage greeting tour of Wonderland in Busan and returned to my place. I finished washing up and planned to read the fan letters one by one to finish my day. But before that, I wanted to celebrate my birthday with everyone, so I started the live broadcast. I want to accept everyone's birthday blessings and love. In fact, last year was my first time to communicate with everyone through live broadcast in my company. Today, I am in Busan for a business trip, so I choose to greet everyone through video. I would like to express my gratitude for today. I don’t know if I can still do the live for an hour. The comments are flooding in now. I don’t know if I set it wrong. Anyway, I want to accept everyone’s congratulations, blessings, support and love for my birthday, so I use this way to greet everyone. Some fans asked me if Busan is great. Yes, Busan is amazing. Although the weather was hot, I still greeted everyone on stage and shared the blessings with a happy heart. (Counting down) Five, four, three, two, one, zero! ddang~happy bogum day. (Singing) Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ Dear "me " birthday~ Happy birthday to you~ Thank you~ Thank you~ I am so happy to receive so many congratulations and blessings. Today, my precious staff also made a cake for me, let me show it. Also, this is a gift from the drama shooting site, it says "Happy Birthday to the Flaming Fist on the Field". And this is a beautiful cake given to me by the Black Label. Thank you! I want to take a photo with these (cakes), I can't take them all by myself. Can you see it? Can't you see it? Ahrrrr. What a pity that you can't see it. I want to put them all in the frame, but can't. I will try to eat them today. Feel guilty to eat these cakes (they are too pretty). Is this from Celine? Thank you. This one says happy bogum day, this one is happy birthday bogummy, and this one is a flaming fist. Then let's have happy 616 again, how to hold them properly? It's a pity that the 'Flaming Fist on the Field' cake can't be fit into the camera. (Singing) Happy birthday to you~ Thank you! It’s really a happy birthday. It's a little bit awkward and embarrassing to do something like this alone to lighten up the atmosphere. The cakes are all beautiful, right? Yoon Dong-joo, made the cakes look like boxing gloves. I received a lot of blessings from everyone at the shooting site, so I was very happy and thankful to complete the shooting. This is the cake customized by the company, and this is the cake customized by Celine. OK, now you can see everything. Then, did I have the seaweed soup? Yes, I had seaweed soup. Today was the stage greeting, so I had two bowls of seaweed soup with gratitude. Thank you again! I ate the cakes and seaweed soup which were prepared for me. They are very delicious. Thank you again. 'Can I bear to eat the cakes?” No. I can't bear to eat them. The cakes are so beautiful. I feel guilty to eat them. But if I leave them like this, they will go bad, so it's better to eat them, right? Let's take a look at the messages in the live chat. Some asked me to taste the cakes and make a review, so which cake should I eat first? Which cake do you want to eat? It's bad to eat them all, let me take a picture later and eat them. For taking pictures, if I talk like this, (the cakes) might get spoiled, so let me arrange them again, thank you. Yes~ Our staff are still working together for my birthday at such a late time. #박보검 #ParkBoGum #パクボゴム #朴寶劍 [ENG trans] Bogum 616 YT Live Part 2 Based on: weibo.com/ttarticle/x/m/… Some people said they wanted me to try the Flaming Iron Fist(cake) but I want to chat with fans more than eating cake, so let's read some fan letters together. First of all, I would like to thank the audience and fans who attended the Wonderland stage greeting today. Although the stage greeting was also held in Seoul, everyone came from all over the world to watch movies . Thank you for coming and supporting me with your love. Thank you very much (Japanese) Thank you... your (love). I just learned Cantonese today, you, you, thank you, right? I really want to thank everyone and greet everyone, but I have a request. After all, I haven't met fans and audiences for a long time, so first of all, during the stage greeting, I also want to look at each of you, greet and communicate with each of you to express my gratitude. Our security team and staff asked everyone to maintain order. Thank you to those who maintained the order. Thank you for abiding the rule, so that no one is injured and no accident, and the stage greeting can be completed safely. But I still noticed some people who left their seats or didn't follow the rules , so I was worried that someone might get hurt or be in danger. I was very careful with my activities. However, there were lot of letters and support. When I walked to the seat to collect the letters, I could only see the letters in my eyes. So gradually, I lost my main purpose. I should have looked at the fans' faces and greeted them, but all I was thinking about is taking the letters. It was a pity that I couldn't look at everyone one by one. And everyone came from far away to give me the letters, which made me very worried(if I couldn’t take them all). So I would like to make a suggestion here. Tomorrow is my birthday, ah, it's already today. When we do the last stage greeting in Busan, I certainly understand and appreciate everyone's intention to give me letters, but can we agree to greet by eye contact this time? Another thing that I'm more concerned about is that it's a bit embarrassing for me to walk around to get the letters while the seniors or directors are speaking. U know what I mean? Do you understand what I mean? Do you understand my considerations and feelings? (Japanese) This is what I thought. Although I was very cautious and nervous, I still wanted to go to the fans to get the letters. If it were only me, I would walk around to greet my fans, take pictures and do the autographs. However, since time was tight, in order to greet the other stages on time, I can't do that. And I'm in a hurry, so i can’t greet everyone. I feel very sorry and sad. Do you understand what I mean? Right? There are still some people who may not watch (the live broadcast) now. When we meet tomorrow, if fans still give me letters, I will become softhearted gain. So, can someone spread this information before the stage greeting? I just saw (comment) that there could be a bucket at the door of the theater to collect the letters. Bucket to hold the letters? But this is not a fan meeting. That's right, I will read all the letters. So I collected letters from several fans and plan to read them to cheer for everyone. What do you think? That's right, let’s just write the letters in the official fan club - Bo Gum Welfare Department. If I set up a mailbox in the theater, I need to take it with me to different theaters. I can't carry it by myself, so the staff will need to help me. Right? I have to take the mailbox to different locations. In the end, I may have to take a moving truck. Collect all the letters at the door and pass them to me? I understand everyone's feelings of wanting to send me letters, but I find that sometimes the communication gets cut off when you hand over the letters and when I receive the letters. Can everyone understand? #박보검 #ParkBoGum #パクボゴム #朴寶劍 [ENG trans] Bogum 616 YT Live Part 3 Based on: weibo.com/ttarticle/x/m/… It's good to set up a mailbox?? But how can I bring this mailbox back to Seoul from Busan? (Read fan’s comments) “Do you understand fans’ desire to send you the letters?” Thank you, Now I'm holding these letters which were all received in Busan. I'm reading them one by one. I understand everyone's feelings, and I have received support and blessings from you. I will work harder during filming and cheer on the stage. Tomorrow is my birthday, and I found that someone secretly put a gift in the letter to me. Like I said before, I don’t accept gifts. I didn’t say I’m tired. I didn’t indicate anything about tiredness. If this leads to gossip, miscommunication, and misinformation, I’ll be even more sad. I know what I have said here in Korean will later be translated into English, Japanese, Chinese, and Indonesian, right? I have read all the letters that fans leave in the official fan club. Once I stop accepting the letters, (if fan still hands over the letter to me), I will become soft-hearted and feel guilty, everyone can understand my feeling, right? (In Japanese) I also want to speak more in Japanese, but it’s difficult to express clearly what I would like to say in Japanese. Not sure which word I should use. I know the fans’ hearts. So, today, on my birthday, in the stage greetings, I will only accept your wonderful thoughts and blessing (no letters) and I hope everyone can understand my concerns. Not sure if what I’ve just said (in Japanese) is correct or not. Someone asked me where this short-sleeved shirt is from. It's from Celine. Because my birthday is on the 16th, I chose this one with 16 printed on it. Thank you for confirming that you can understand what my request is. Since all of you are aware of my request, let's make more eye contact tomorrow. If someone still wants to give me a letter, I will do this hand gesture (to refuse). Anyway, at the beginning, I really wanted to accept all the letters, take all the selfies, and accept all the hairpins to wear them beautifully, but I can't do that. Can you understand? Can you feel my heart? Hope everyone can understand my thoughts. Using a plain book (to write on what you want to say)? Try to use iPAD or cell phone to show (what you want to say) After all, not everyone is as alert or as cautious about everything as I am. I will try to greet the fans using my eyes. (Some fans told me) When they rush on the road, they write letters to me. Every time fans send me a letter; I can fully understand their hearts. Your hands must be hurt to write so many words and put them in the letters, but I can't take every single letter (I can’t cover everyone) which makes me feel very sad. Everyone knows how I feel, right? (In Japanese) Thank you for your understanding. #박보검 #ParkBoGum #パクボゴム #朴 寶劍 [ENG trans] Bogum 616 YT Live Part 4 Based on: weibo.com/ttarticle/x/m/… (In Japanese) I won't accept letters and gifts like keychains, etc. anymore. So tomorrow, oh no, today, I won't accept letters, haha. it's really okay. That's enough (for this topic). I fully understand your desire to send the letters. Thank you everyone. Then let's talk about something else. Let me pick up some fans’ letters which I received today. Let's talk about them one by one. This is a letter from a high school student living in Busan. She said that she knew me through Reply 1988. Before that, she didn't have any favorite artists or crushes, but she fell in love with Taeki at first sight which also made her start like me as the actor. Thank you, a fan of the sophomore year in high school. Thank you for having liked me for nine years. She said her dream is to be a playwright, so I hope I can be selected in your project’s cast in the future. I will also work hard to improve my acting skills for this. Best wishes to you for becoming a TV drama writer! Thank you, can I expose your name? (spoke the fan’s name). Here is another fan who came to Busan on the first train this morning. She said she was very exhausted and asked me if I was tired. (fan’s statement) “Oppa is so amazing to have finished all the stage greetings in such a hot day.” Also, to participate in the stage greetings, some fans bought very expensive tickets from some ulterior motive people. These people are not fans. Don't buy tickets from sellers who sell tickets at high prices. I hope that everyone in the Bo Gum Welfare Department (my fans) will take the lead by not buying marked-up tickets to create a healthy culture. So, I think we should abandon (not to encourage) this kind of culture of purchasing marked up tickets for fan meetings or stage greetings. This hurts the hearts of fans. I hope everyone will not buy such tickets. I understand that everyone wants to see me this year. But this year I need to play the role of the “flaming iron fist on the field” (Good boy), so I need everyone's support. But you (the fans) cannot fall into the traps of those people with ulterior motives, understand? Some fans told me that they followed me to all the theaters for stage greetings, but I was worried (about their safety) from beginning to end. Because you (the fans) need to take a taxi to run around, which will incur a lot of taxi fares, and it's not just one theater, but many theaters, so the taxi fares will be very expensive. In addition to that, fans need to buy a lot of movie tickets to get in for the stage greetings. I feel guilty (by making fans spend that much money). So, I can understand the eagerness of the fans for me to hold a fan meeting. It's hard, hard, too hard, not easy. “Flaming Iron Fist”, (to those sellers who sold high price tickets to the fans) if you don't want to taste the Flaming Iron Fist, (better not to sell the marked-up tickets). Otherwise, Me, Yoon Dong-Joo, will go find you! #박보검 #ParkBoGum #パクボゴム #朴寶劍 WILL CONTINUE UPLOADING THE 5 & so on PARTS! THANK YOU TO OUR CO-BOGUMMY FAN LynnZ @youcanfindlynn X account for TRANSLATIONS!!!
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