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[Drama 2019] Spring Night, 봄밤


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Preview june 12

(He will hug her softly)

clips form ep 11-12

He arrived to her apartment :wub:

He leaves the apartment (maybe jelous) :wub:

Did she tell that she like him? :wub:




Beautiful future stepmother!! :wub:



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50 minutes ago, Phoenix26 said:

I dont think Gi Seok really loves her much. He is just manipulative inorder to keep her. 


Being manipulative isn't love.  It's abuse.  It's proof that he doesn't really love her; he wants to own her.


(editing because I left out half of what I was thinking!)

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The phone call between EU and JI is too much... too adorable... too lovable. And the way JH looked at her... it's like "Ah, this is the one. This is the person who I see myself growing old with, the person who can be a mother to EU."


The talk between GS, JH and HS was really weird. GS definitely knows something in order to laugh about it. Maybe it's just my guts, but the laugh was more of like "I was right. She's cheating on me." rather than "I worried for nothing." Then JH blabber foolishly... he makes it worst! 


Little JI is very quick witted, I really like her. She's very mature by telling her sister what to do, told her to sit calmly, and console her. I'm glad she came back to Korea and stayed with JI because if she didn't... JI will be a mess, a complete fool. I get that she's confused with her own feelings but she admitted she likes JH. So please be firm with what you said! Break up and cut ties with GS!!!


but then...! WHY IS HIS FATHER APPROVING THEIR RELATIONSHIP ALL OF A SUDDENNN?!!! WHY DID JH DECIDED TO RIDE WITH GS?!! His questions and statements are intended for JH to understand right? The moment JH said "Don't hang up", he declared war. WOOOooooT.


I have mixed feelings for next week's episodes. When JI said she'll protect him from the criticism, I think everyone knows about JH&JI and thus, decided to be apart for some time. Seeing the hug, all those smiles, and "You can take as long as you want. Just as long as you come to me. I'll wait no matter how long it takes." are making me :wub::wub::tears:.

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17 minutes ago, Chellsee said:

Wordings from the preview

I asked you to help me moved on...

why must I do that?

why should I care if your heart gets crushed or not?

what I want is my priority

remember how you got wound up on the day we had drinks?

Do you like my girlfriend?

I feel like I’m doomed because my love for you grows bigger by the day

After time passes, if you still feel the same way, come to me then.

Just done fall in love with anyone else.

When I finally make my way to you, 

I promise to protect you

From all the criticism and judgement

You can take as long as you want

Just as long as you come to me.

I’ll wait no matter how long it takes....


Oh my heart...be still!

Can’t wait for next week!

Thanks for the translation @Chellsee


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These people are giving me digestive issue.  All that tension.:anguished:


I almost couldn't cope when I saw they were eating in front of a glass window facing the street.  I was so afraid someone would see them.:grimace:


Everytime they are seated in a parked car, I'm watching for every parked car that drives by to see who was with them.:fearful:


I'm glad that Jung-In finally articulated what her issues are with Gi-Suk because I had no idea why it wasn't working.  It must have been psychologically debilitating to be with someone whose parents doesn't think you are good enough and to know that person is not defending your worth. So painful.  :cry:

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12 minutes ago, hushhh said:

I almost couldn't cope when I saw they were eating in front of a glass window facing the street.  I was so afraid someone would see them.:grimace:


Everytime they are seated in a parked car, I'm watching for every parked car that drives by to see who was with them.:fearful:


Me, too!  I was having a hissy fit during yesterday's episode when JH & JI were in front of the glass window and that white car stopped behind them.  I was trying so hard to remember what color GS's car was and then a black car went by, too, and I started worrying even more.

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Ugh, now the excruciating wait until next week starts.


Liked how much relationship progression we had this episode. I also like the younger sister and her relationship with the civil exam taker, I hope they also work out. I agree with other posters - I'm pretty sure everyone now knows what's up between JH and JI.


The scene with the older sister and abusive husband was really hard to watch. I really hope she confides in someone soon, and gets support from her workplace.


Onto the OTP interactions, loved the bedroom scene when JI told JH to pass over the phone so she could chat with the son too, and JH's reaction to that conversation. Also when JH left the apartment and gave JI's shoulder a little squeeze, so touching. I kind of wished he'd hugged her, because she needs one so badly, and you know she would just melt into him.


I kind of like how Ji-Ho is getting bolder around GiSeok, the eventual showdown could be delightfully awkward. When. Ji-Ho went to get in the car I especially noticed that Ji-Ho seemed to be challenging GiSeok.

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I honestly don't get Gi-Seok at all. Idk maybe it's 'cause typically it's the women who pressure the guy to rush the marriage LoL? So the fact he's so intent on tying her down just seem uncommon & off? I think it's more a pride thing though, I feel Gi-Seok is obligated to marry Jeong-In due to the time invested into their relationship which is a huge red flag. This happens a lot in Korea apparently I noticed. Not just in dramas but real life too.. It's no wonder why there's so many unhappy marriage concerns between spouses..


I really don't like the way Jeong-In's acting in regards to Ji-Ho either. Ji-Ho made it clear from the start that he did NOT see her platonically but romantically. Rather it's Jeong-In's so-called upright character that keep placing blame on Ji-Ho! She knew well where Ji-Ho stand but she kept arguing about how he's this or that LoL. Like she scolded him for not picking up her calls, seriously? For someone who insists they're friends she sure is acting hell of controlling.:rolleyes:


I know there's like a 5 year age gap between our leads but why is she styled so frumpy?! She actually looks older but it's probably 'cause Ji-Ho has a boyish face:lol: It's like she's Amish or something LMFAo! I get she works at the library...still sheesh.<_<    

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As someone with some minimal knowledge of stage combat Jung-In putting her hand on Ji-Ho's face is a clear example of one of the tenets of stage combat.  The rule is always keep your fingers together because fingers are vulnerable and fingers are dangerous. 


When Jung-In covered Ji-Ho's mouth to stop him from speaking it looked as if her pinky almost went up one of his nostril.  This is why fingers must be kept together because 1-she could have jammed her pinky and 2-she could have damaged his nostril.

#useafightcoordinator for all physicality.

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1 hour ago, Latte_Anyday said:


I know there's like a 5 year age gap between our leads but why is she styled so frumpy?! She actually looks older but it's probably 'cause Ji-Ho has a boyish face:lol: It's like she's Amish or something LMFAo! I get she works at the library...still sheesh


I don't think she looks older than him at all in the drama. I could be biased since I am a huge fan of HJM.  


I also like her style. It matches her job as a librarian - conservative, and professional looking, and appropriate for age 30s. Not every dramas characters should dress like chaebol, up to latest trend and colorful.


How come noone complains about JH dressing like an ahjusshi? :D Not that I complain, he looks very  charming here.

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Omg the ending. For the first time I was literally physically biting my nails during the phone call..


My heart was pounding with dread and anticipation. And now I have to get my act together for Fri.


That Ji Ho. Shesh. I mean who would have guessed he had balls of steel.



Have a nice time analyzing the episode. I have a full day and weekend plan. Hope it takes my mind off this drama. So much psychological stress. And yes so far, am still siding GS. Since I am not a fan of these 3rd party involved plot lines. But have been sucked in because of the writing, acting and directing. If they had started a physical relationship that early I would have dropped it like a hot potato already.


JI is Korean. Plus a Korean librarian and also a working professional. How in the world do you think she will get away with flashy or fitting clothing? Not to mention it is spring. Somehow a 30+ librarian dressing bright and youthful- doesn't seem as if it would go down with the readers? Also the way she dresses is the way I see my female colleagues especially the ones her age dress. Work clothes. It actually looks like expensive work clothes too. Seeing some of the cuts I can't wear that obviously since I need pants for mine and freedom of movement. We dress for the working environment and she seemed dressed like a senior librarian to me.


Have you seen how cold or raining spring can be? Plus the library is probably heated up like a sauna like most public places- and she has layers. Thank goodness. Although I felt like we were having heatstroke indoors during spring. They turn up the heat so much.

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OMG. The tension in the latest episode is killing me. This drama just keeps getting better. Ji Ho has shown a new side of him. I wonder how the writer will show the character developments of JH, JI and GS in the succeeding episodes. Can't wait for next week. :wub:

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Darn the cliff hanger, how can they end it right there?  I love JH's fiery eye when he told her not to hang up at the end.  Maybe the former crazy in love JH is finally back. JH just has too much self-pity to fight for his love.  I love his colleague pointed out where he's wrong about love.  Can we get more scenes of JH, JI, and EunWoo?


How can GS has no clue what's going on?  Either he isn't a brightest bulb or just playing dumb to see how things go.


I wonder if GS's dad playing reverse psychology on him, if I don't stop him marrying her, he might end it on his own.  


I am still concern that Eun-woo's mom will enter the picture and stir up more troubles. 


I hope the oldest sister seeks help or at least discuss her situation with her sisters.  They seems to be very supportive of each other.  Please seek help before it is too late.

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GS is over 30. If he breaks up with her he will be only going for matseon dates at his age. Plus he works in a bank. From a so called well to do family. He sort of just screams marriage age to me.


I don't see why if he thought she wasn't cheating and he is the sort that doesn't expects fireworks and hot raw sex all the time... why he shouldn't think they are compatible.


Technically they are around the same age, her father is a principal, she is probably from a good university. He has known her for a long time. Why are his expectations unrealistic? Not everyone rushes into marriage. Or wants to have the perfect romantic love.


Lol. I sound like their mother. But hey I was one of those people who did not date and change regularly before I got married. And therefore totally understand his views.


I did say earlier that GS was more of my type of guy didn't I? Lol.

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OMG i don't know how i can wait for next week. LJI make up your mind for good. YJH will not always be there to wait for you. 


Eun woo and JI's conversation is too cute. JH knows she is the one. But i am afraid once GS knows it will be too messy and hard for them. JH is not the sole reason for JI's feelings that changed but sure he has been the catalyst. Next week will be rewarding for us im sure. Be still and patient my heart:wub:


I love jae in. She quickly connect the dots. As she said unbelievable hahaha


Work is really a hindrance lol. I will have my weekend marathon again to ease the waiting. All i know is that once JI makes up her mind both of them will go all in. And i can't wait:D

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Finally got an opportunity to watch episode 6. I think Jae-In is my spirit animal, she's so vivacious and unhinged. She doesn't sugar coat anything and most of her she's got her sister's back no matter what. Since JI is a "fool", I'm so glad Jae-In has her back.


The beautiful scene between JI, JH and EU was just :wub:. From the music, to the warm tones, to the smiles - it was just so warm and fuzzy! I just felt like they were a family. You have to see the glances that JH kept giving JI, cuz this boy is head over heels! 


All*JI silently cleaning up while he's speaking on the phone*


EU: Daddy, why aren't you talking?

JH: Well I'm... I'm at a friend's place now.

EU: Are you at the teacher's place? (This kid is soooo perceptive!)

JH: No. EU you should go back to sleep.

EU: Let me talk to her.

JH: For what? Why do you want to talk to her?

*JI glances at JH*

EU, you should go back to sleep so you can... 

*JI gestures to let her speak on the phone*

JI: Hello?

*JH expression, I can't quite tell but I feel like he's trying to hide his smile, who wouldn't be happy the woman he likes wants to talk to his son!*

Hi EU.


*cut to an annoyed GS driving to JI house <_<*

*cut to JH mum smiling at EU in bed talking on the phone*


EU: A quail's egg.Yes. Yes. 

JI: EU, you need to go to bed early so that you can grow taller.

*JH finds the mask that she bought from the pharmacy when she came by to see him and just literally smiles to himself :wub:*

You'll, outgrow your dad? Then you should go to sleep now. You were reading a book about dinosaurs.

*JH glances and JI glances and smiles at him* 

Okay, EU-ah. I'll see you in your dream. 

*JH has his back turned and gazes lovingly through the mirror at JI* 

All right. You can have a good night's sleep, right? Pull up your blanket. Yes. Okay, see you soon..

*camera does a slow zoom up into JH torn look by this as well*

Yes, your daddy will go home soon.


Jae-In is super perceptive, in fact our wingmen tag-team (Jae-In and YJ)  know there is something going on between them, that's why they left them alone in the room. Seriously, Jae-In is becoming my favourite character, especially her straightforwardness to JI.


Jae-In: What is with you and the pharmacist? Be honest with me. What's going on?

JI: What?

Jae-In: You're the woman he likes, right? Damn it.

*JI looks like she just wants to disappear into the couch, whilst her sister Jae-In is glaring at her, standing her ground*

Do you like him too?

JI: Jae-In, I like him.

Jae-In: So the two men pining over you are currently together. (LMAOOOOO HOW TRUE IS THAT)

JI: GS has no idea.

Jae-In: He'll figure it out today. He already could have. 

*JI picks up her phone scrolling through to find JH contact*

Jae-In: Who are you calling?

JI: Ji-Ho. (I love that between GS and JH, JI wants to call JH. Seriously, actions speaks louder than words).

Jae-In: No wonder he said you're a fool. (LMAOO referring back to the earlier conversation in the beginning where 



The awkward drink between HS, JH and GS. Yes he looked tipsy drunk, and since his normal demeanour is reserved, it was so good to see him let loose when he told GS:


 "Cant you stay?"... "Can't your girlfriend come here instead"

You can tell his annoyed and pissed off he is seeing GS smiling and saying "she's telling me to hurry up to see her" UGH go away dude. So when JI said thatI was CHEERING! I LITERALLY couldn't believe what I was seeing so I had to hit the replay!


Like I said before, I really love Jae-In as a character. She's outspoken, led by emotions and stands her ground. She's a character that is an outlier to everyone else who just overthinks way too much. Like sometimes you just have to do it, and not think. And Jae-In has our puppy's back, and says exactly what I've been wanting to say to GS.


GS: You (speaking directly to Jae-In) said it was JH so there's nothing to consider.

Jae-In: That's not right.

GS: What?

Jae-In: You can't judge someone just because he's a single father. It's out of line to say that he's not even worth considering. (PREACH IT SISTER!)


There's this parallel hug scenes between JI/GS and JI/Jae-In that I really love. I always tell people that actions speaks louder than words, always. So this scene really )struck me. When GS was hugging JI out the apartment and said:


I didn't realise it until now. I now know how to love you. (WTF?) Let's be more in love (WHAT THE ACTUAL F*?)

 You can see how frustrated JI is at what GS said, and the fact that she's not hugging him back and just standing there like a log speaks magnitude about her feelings for GS.

This scene is contrasted to Jae-In and JI hug scene at the apartment, where JI reciprocates the hug.


JI: Are you disappointed? (I'm assuming she's referring to the fact that she likes another guy and is technically betraying GS)

Jae-In: Yes, with your boyfriend. I feel bad for JH. You should try to comfort him. (YES GIRL, omg finally someone who supports this relationship)

JI: All this time he comforted me. Have you made up your mind?

*JI looks downcast and shakes her head*

Jae-In: Just know... that I have your back no matter what.

*JI looks at Jae-In and smiles, being emotional*

Jae-In: How about a hug? 

*JI hugs her back and they just have a hug-fest filled with sisterly love*


ALSO finally our home-girl has says the "L word" (no not love, we gotta wait a few more episodes for that LMAO). She finally admits that she likes him and it's so good to hear her actually say it to him. No beating around the bush, no going round a circle anymore - she just says it clear-cut.


JH: Honestly, I'm good.

JI: That's the fourth time you said it.

JH: Because it's true. I was a bit pissed, (We know JH we know) but I came to the conclusion that you probably acted that way to protect me, so I'm all good now.

JI: You could've yelled over the phone. 

JH: Why do something I'd regret? (WHY IS HE SO FREAKING CUTE!!!)

JI: Ji-Ho.

JH: Yes?

JI: I'm sorry for liking you. 

*JH breaking into the biggest smile EVER* 


JH: What a pleasant morning.

*BEAUTIFUL shot of JI surrounded by sakura, which also has symbolises "a time of renewal, and the fleeting nature of life" (Takeda, 2014)*


How good is the director at these endings? JH has basically declared "war" as those of you who watched it notice.

When JH said:


Why?... Don't hang up.

Did ya'll hear his tone of determination. *fans myself* Is it just be or is it getting HOT IN HERE! The episodes just keeps getting better and better, there's no dilly-dallying and I hope it remains that way!


Side note:

I had a little bit of a giggle at  44:50 (on Netflix) when the teacher was getting out of the car to pick up EU but she hadn't taken off her seatbelt LMAOOOO I'm so glad that made the final cut!:lol:

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6 hours ago, Latte_Anyday said:

I know there's like a 5 year age gap between our leads but why is she styled so frumpy?! She actually looks older but it's probably 'cause Ji-Ho has a boyish face:lol: It's like she's Amish or something LMFAo! I get she works at the library...still sheesh.<_<    


Girl, please have you seen Romance is a Bonus Supplement, now that's atrocious and frumpy! So in comparison to DY clothes from that drama, JI is definitely slaying the I-am-librarian-and-a-professional game. Also I agree with @ck1Oz and think librarians all dress conservatively and in retrospect I haven't really seen any in real-life that dress outlandishly.

Also, that's how I dress to work and I'm in my early 20s LMAO!

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Hi everyone ! 

May i join this discussion

I got hook from this drama since 1st episodes. 

1st) I watched it because HJM is Han hyo joo friend because i miss her a lot, and i hope she will back in screen soon. 2nd) i  had a feeling this will be a 'realistic' drama not like others on screen right now ( really i'm tired of kdrama recently). And i was right! I love how i try to give change to watch this drama...and now i'm hook. :wub: not only to our main leads but also the sisters! And her & his friends and his cute-little son. I love this drama as a whole. 

My fav drama atm.

I don't think GS still love her JI. If someone still love her girlfriend, even if..he with his friends, he will constantly watched her. JH small gesture to silently give chopstick to JI..is something, GS do..as her boyfriends. Even with his father, he should said i want to marry her because he love her to his dad. Not insisting i-will-marry-her-day. Its not convicing enough. And now after she said she want break up suddenly he wise up?? What??! Where have you been this time?? :huh:


Enough for my rambling words. I hope this will come out really great. I love plot and chemistry so far. The sisters bond and friends bond. This drama warm me up. :blush:


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