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[Drama 2019] Spring Night, 봄밤


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Year end review at dramabeans by missvictrix


12. A page from my heart

Did you ever watch a drama that seemed to peel a page from your heart and then make a drama out of it? At first, it feels like an affront (“Hey, that’s mine! Give it back!”), but later, it turns into an expression of something you wanted, needed, and craved to see expressed. That’s what One Spring Night did for me, with its subtle exploration of a couple coming together under complicated circumstances, and a woman who becomes a step-mom.


read full article at http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/12/year-in-dramas-my-top-20-dramaland-moments-of-2019/

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Dramabeans year end part 1 review by SailorJumun


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One Spring Night – The One With the Horribly Catchy Music



What I remember most from this drama? The songs “No Direction,” “Spring Rain,” “Is It You,” and “We Could Still Be Happy.” I didn’t even have to look those titles up — they’re still locked away in the back of my mind, constantly playing like distant elevator music. Once I get past that, I remember one of the most real and heartwarming romances I’ve seen, maybe ever.


The pace was achingly slow, with a lot of brooding and confrontations, but there was never one moment where I wasn’t fully engaged in our characters’ story. More than a drama, it felt like a documentary on modern-day love. And when actors make you feel that you’re watching something real, you know they’ve done their job. With this and The Light in Your Eyes, 2019 was definitely Han Ji-min’s year.


full article http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/12/year-in-dramas-the-one-where/

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