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  1. I wish they had a magazine cover photoshoot together like Dazzeling drama.
  2. The first kiss looked a lot sweeter and satisfying in these gifs. Thanks.
  3. @tok-soompiWouldn't know she was holding chopsticks until you pointed out. I think you're really on point about GS's feelings for JI. He looked hurt and confused when she revealed her conversation with his dad. Totatlly agree, but it's also true that he looked down on her and lead to taken her for granted (dismissed her feelings). Am I the only one hoping that Young Joo and Hyun Soo would meet? He wants to have a girl who have him on a tight leash, and she is single too. They are both a little gossippy but good friends overall. I want group date with Eunwoo in the mix.
  4. I think a lot of the show is based on ad libs. I thought it was cute and normal how Ji Ho was scooping up mini sausages in to the plate for him and friend and picked up the one that got away and ate it.
  5. As long as we have a happy endings without any noble idiocy, head-scratching separation, or screaming and screeching characters in the next 6 episodes then I am satisfied whether we got a passionate kiss or not, but if we do that is a big plus plus. While we on this subject, I know you can give us a passionate kiss MBC. I don't care whether we get the kiss via acting, or camera shots and our imagination. If anyone has watched MBC Que Sera Sera, you would know what I am talking about all the kisses especially that kiss in the rain was something else.
  6. Another fantastic episode. I like that our ship is sailing smoothly at the moment. I like how we had the meet and greet between sisters and among friends. I love how they got so cheesy with each other and got glared at by their friends. Awesome moments. I really love the sister's bonds and trusts for each other. Our leads is so adorable. I could watch them all day interacting, eating Quizzno's or drinking their Ediya's coffee. doesn't help that I like food related images. I find that maknae and JH's friend's interactions are also cute. Why is he inquiring about her dad not for his JH's sake but his? Is he planning to announce I am dating your daughter to cover for JH. JH's dad is so sweet. I hope he gets to meet JI soon. GS is getting more pitiful each moments. I do think he acts the way he is because of his dad. No real confidence in himself, so he has to blame somebody else for everything. I would support him more if he just wants to win JI back because of his true love for her instead of JH is unworthy or JI is blinded by sympathy's reasons. I don't hate him yet, but do despite SH. I skipped his scene with the SH near the end during the first watch. I rewatched it later, it wasn't as bad as I thought, but I don't believe him about not wanting a loan for his wife's sake. He's a user and an abuser. @lu09, is that scene at his house? I was sure it was at her house until you mentioned it. I hope there will be some loving time in the shack for us without any interruptions. Please don't let me build my hopes up for nothing director.
  7. Why do I always get nervous when they show our couples on a date happy and enjoy themselves? When they zoomed in the back of a woman's head near the end, I thought it was Eun-woo's mom and readied to curse at the screen. Why can we bask in happiness for awhile? Aigooo!
  8. @richelle, I thought Han Ji Min did pretty good during those kissing scenes in HJM. I hope she'll bring in her A game for ep 9 and 10 lovey-dovey scenes.
  9. I love reading everyone's thoughts on this. I love how daily mundane interactions have so many meanings in this drama that displays characters' personalities. What is everyone's thoughts on how JH's refusal to pay for JI's meals? I didn't think much when I first watched, but now I believe it meant something like if i am buying a meal, it's a date, and we're dating.
  10. Strangely, I am interested in the back story of how GS and JI ended up dating. They could not be any more opposite personality wise. I always thought they're some sort of college sweetheart. I hope we get to explore this, and JH's past relationship. I wonder if EW's mom would make an appearance to stir the pot.
  11. @tok-soompi thanks for the hi-resolution kiss. I like how they tightly held hand while kissing.
  12. With the kiss preview like that. How the heck can I wait until next Wednesday!!!!!!!! Can't wait to watch this later. Woohoo!!!
  13. It's a fantastic episode. I am going to rewatch a little later. I love how subtle and romantic our OTP's moments at the park, the hug, the restaurant. All innocent and squeal worthy. Our OTP is just so honest with their feelings. Hopefully, this open communications would emain strong until the end. I think Gi-Seok is starting to connect the dots. The poor guy is too stubborn to break-up. Their moments together were so uncomfortable, especially the car scene.
  14. @tok-soompiI wonder how come mbc picked up this drama and not other cable companies. Since this director worked mostly with jtbc. I doubt we'll have any hot and heavy rawr time with public broadcast. However, I do appreciate any meaningful skinship from our OTP like that ones you mentioned. So please give us some happy times before turbulence takes over.
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