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  1. "Until we die, we will remember each other!" This drama has some coolest quotes especially from JH. I hope this is not forshadowing something.
  2. I cried so much during the moms' scenes at a coffee shop and the bus stop. I enjoyed this episode more than I thought - not depressing like previous preview indicated. I thought it was understandable that JH got drunk after he learned his ex is married and had a child now. I think he was more hurt for EW to get abandon than for himself; and betrayed for EW's mom had another kid and not bother to look for her other child. I also think as much as JH loves JI and trust her but his self confidence never fully restore since his ex left him. Ep 13 is the best so far for me. So many cute scenes and the moment that Jae In stood up to her sorry piece of brother in laws. I hope we get to see how they resolve the oldest sister's story. I still don't get GS's dad at all.
  3. I think we all knew that something bad is bound to happen. I am actually glad that it happens this late at the game then happens earlier and drags on near the end. Previews can be misleadings too, so hang on everyone. I am sure JI and JH will work this out. So far they has been able to work out their differences and misinderstandings rather quickly. So my hope is high still that we'll have a happy endings.
  4. The next preview looks heartbreaking. I am scare now.
  5. Heart fluttering and quirky scene at the end. I can't help but grinning. It is better to see the last 5 minutes replay on big screen. Actually i like the way it played out better than the hot and heavy scene that I was hoping for. It is more fitting with our OTP. JI's dad is terrible in his response on staying married. I wonder if he knows the extend of SH's abuse. JH's parents and JI's mom are supportive, awesome parents. You can only hope that your child chose the right path, and supportive of their decision. 4 more episodes left, hope the writing will remains strong, more heart fluttering moments, MVP parents, older's sister finding her happines. Believe or not I want to see EW's biological mom stirring the pot too. Will she appear or will not? Getting tired if GS went on and on about "for your sake"
  6. Hopefully, the meeting with JH's mom will go well. I can imagine EW ran up and hugged JI.
  7. It is another great episode. So many cute scenes from our OTP. I love the scene between mom and SI at least she has someone to share her pains. I am glad the mom confronted her SIL. I'd hate to see what he would do in retaliation. Can we have the rest of her sisters know about it and support her. I want the women's in this family bonding scenes please. No comment on GS why would he wants to continue to sail on a sinking ship is beyond me. He seems like humane and understanding person while talking to his brother. I think we might see JH's mom make a special trip to the library to check out "the teacher". I have high hope that our OTP's relationship remains strong till the end w/o any noble idiot break up. @thistle Thanks again.
  8. How can bts scene is hotter than the actual clip! Thanks @annamchoi
  9. No raw, no soft subs. I can't get my drama fix yet.
  10. I wish they had a magazine cover photoshoot together like Dazzeling drama.
  11. The first kiss looked a lot sweeter and satisfying in these gifs. Thanks.
  12. @tok-soompiWouldn't know she was holding chopsticks until you pointed out. I think you're really on point about GS's feelings for JI. He looked hurt and confused when she revealed her conversation with his dad. Totatlly agree, but it's also true that he looked down on her and lead to taken her for granted (dismissed her feelings). Am I the only one hoping that Young Joo and Hyun Soo would meet? He wants to have a girl who have him on a tight leash, and she is single too. They are both a little gossippy but good friends overall. I want group date with Eunwoo in the mix.
  13. I think a lot of the show is based on ad libs. I thought it was cute and normal how Ji Ho was scooping up mini sausages in to the plate for him and friend and picked up the one that got away and ate it.
  14. As long as we have a happy endings without any noble idiocy, head-scratching separation, or screaming and screeching characters in the next 6 episodes then I am satisfied whether we got a passionate kiss or not, but if we do that is a big plus plus. While we on this subject, I know you can give us a passionate kiss MBC. I don't care whether we get the kiss via acting, or camera shots and our imagination. If anyone has watched MBC Que Sera Sera, you would know what I am talking about all the kisses especially that kiss in the rain was something else.
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