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[Drama 2019] Spring Night, 봄밤


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MBC Drama

Spring Night



Network: MBC

Episodes: 32 (2 back-to-back episodes)

Airdate: May 22nd - July 11th, 2019

Airtime: Wed & Thu @ 22:00 KST

Director: Ahn Pan Suk

Writer: Kim Eun

Official Site: HERE




The story of a couple who hits the point in their relationship where they must think about marriage, which prompts them to examine and appreciate and understand their love in a whole new way. Lee Jung In is a woman in her 30's. She works as a librarian. Yoo Ji Ho works as a pharmacist and he has a warm heart.




Han Ji Min as Lee Jung In

She is a librarian who is realist and finds happiness in the little, everyday things in life. She believes that the purpose of life is living on your own terms.



Jung Hae In as Yoo Ji Ho

He works hard as pharmacist. He’s a thoughtful and polite man, but once someone catches his attention, he won’t hesitate to pursue and make his interest known.



Kim Jun Han as Kwon Ki Suk



Supporting Cast:


Gil Hae Yun as Shin Hyung Sun (Jung In’s mother)
Im Sung Uhn as Lee Seo In (Jung In’s older sister)
Joo Min Kyung as Lee Jae In (Jung In’s younger sister)
Lee Sang Hee as Song Young Joo (Jung In’s friend)
Lee Moo Saeng as Nam Shi Hoon

Oh Man Suk as Yoo Nam Soo (Ji Ho’s father)
Seo Jung Yeon as Wang Hye Jung (Ji Ho’s colleague)
Lee Chang Hoon as Park Young Jae (Ji Ho’s friend)
Im Hyun Soo (임현수) as Choi Hyun Soo

Kim Chang Wan as Kwon Young Kook (Ki Suk’s father)


Character Chart:



Press Conference:










part 4

part 5



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I'm  a little afraid because this project sounds too similar to Pretty Noona who buys me food.

I really enjoyed the first half of the drama but the last half disappointed me a little.

I hope the writer of Spring Night don't use the cliché of 'her/his mother (or father/grandmother/grandfather...) is against of their relationship'.


I'm glad Son Ye Jin has declined the offer. I love her but I think it's too soon to watching her and Jung Hae In as a couple in a drama (especially with the same Producing Director).


And Han Ji Min is going to star three consecutive dramas (Familiar Wife, The light in your eyes/Dazzling and Spring night). I really hope she won't be too tired, because everyone knows how hard are some drama shootings.

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2019] Spring Night 봄밤 - Wed & Thu @ 22:00 KST - Jung Hae In & Han Ji Min - Premieres in May



Jung Hae In And Han Ji Min Confirmed For Drama By “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” Writer And PD


Jung Hae In And Han Ji Min Confirmed For Drama By âPretty Noona Who Buys Me Foodâ Writer And PD


Updated January 29 KST:

Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In will be uniting for a new drama!

It was reported on January 29 that Han Ji Min will be the female lead. In response to the reports, MBC confirmed, “Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In are confirmed to appear in ‘Spring Night’ (literal title).”

The drama is set to premiere in May via MBC.


Original Article:

Jung Hae In has selected his next project!

Earlier in the month, it was revealed that Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin are in talks to reunite for a new drama.

On January 29, it was confirmed that Jung Hae In has accepted the role for “Spring Night” (literal title). The drama is also his reunion with PD (producing director) Ahn Pan Seok and writer Kim Eun from “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food.”

Jung Hae In will be taking on the role of pharmacist Yoo Ji Ho in “Spring Night.”

The actor commented, “I wanted to greet viewers quickly after ‘Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food.’ The director gave me a good offer, and after reading the script, I really wanted to do it. I think I will be able to show different emotional expressions in ‘Spring Night’ from the other characters I have played, so I wanted to take on the challenge.”

Jung Hae In recently completed filming for his upcoming movie “Yoo Yeol’s Music Album” (working title) and will now begin preparations for “Spring Night.”



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Ji min is not too visible with her latest drama so i do think she can get to rest before filming this drama. My main issue here is the writer. SITR is good the first few episodes but i needed a lot of motivation watching it until the end. The mother is just so annoying. I hope the story will be different, relevant with the times. I like the PD but the writer might be a hit or miss.

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Spring Night has started filming this month.  Considering quite late comparing other dramas that plan to air in May.  But the PD is very confidence the schedule is comfortable timing for everyone. 


Copied from the link below with google translate:


'Spring Night' is a melodrama in which a librarian and an upright pharmacist love each other. Han Ji Min and Cho Seonin meet for the first time.



Maybe because it is melo, therefore ji min chose the project.  


Looking forward to May!


Credit to author

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From soompi. Omo the annoying mother from SITR is also here. I hope her role is different oh please lol.


Han Ji Min And Jung Hae In’s Upcoming Drama Adds More Actors To Its Supporting Cast

Han Ji Min And Jung Hae In’s Upcoming Drama Adds More Actors To Its Supporting Cast

Mar 11, 2019
by Y. Shin

Several actors have joined the cast lineup of Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In’s new MBC drama!

On March 11, it was announced that Kim Chang Wan, Gil Hae Yeon, Oh Man Seok, and Seo Jeong Yeon will be starring in “Spring Night” (literal title).

“Spring Night” is a drama centered around a longtime couple and the story of how they come to realize the new feelings of love that arise as they begin to look back on their relationship following their discussion of marriage.

Producing director Ahn Pan Seok and writer Kim Eun from “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” will collaborate once again for this drama. Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In were previously confirmed for the lead roles.

MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Spring Night” is set to premiere in May as the follow-up project to “Spring Turns to Spring” and “The Banker

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First script reading (source from soompi)

Han Ji Min And Jung Hae In Attend First Script Reading For Upcoming Drama

Han Ji Min And Jung Hae In Attend First Script Reading For Upcoming Drama

Mar 21, 2019
by K. Lew

Upcoming MBC drama “Spring Night” (literal title) recently held its first script reading.

“Spring Night” is about a man and a woman who meet one spring night and their heart-fluttering romance as they head towards love. It is the second collaboration between director Ahn Pan Suk and writer Kim Eun, who previously created hit drama “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food.” Director Ahn Pan Suk also directed popular dramas such as “Secret Love Affair” and “Behind the White Tower.”

In attendance at the script reading were director Ahn Pan Suk and writer Kim Eun as well as actors Han Ji Min, Jung Hae In, Kim Jun Han, Im Sung Uhn, Joo Min Kyung, Lee Moo Saeng, Lee Chang Hoon, Kim Chang Wan, Gil Hae Yeon, Oh Man Seok, and Seo Jeong Yeon.


Han Ji Min, who plays the local librarian Lee Jung In, filled the script reading with laughter with her lovely energy. She showed her professionalism as she conveyed the small changes in emotion of her character.

Jung Hae In, who plays pharmacist Yoo Ji Ho, brought his character to life with his mature voice and magnetic gaze. Filling his character with emotion, he evoked his character’s charms.

Kim Jun Han, who plays Lee Jung In’s boyfriend Kwon Ki Suk, perfectly pulled off the role with his affection for his on-screen girlfriend as well as his various tones and expressions. The director praised him saying, “It feels like you’ve been dating for 20 years.” Joo Min Kyung, who plays Lee Jung In’s little sister Lee Jae In, used her energy to bring out the robust charm in her character.


Amidst the script reading, the director shared, “Hearing the rehearsal, everyone was flexible and did well, so I feel relieved. You did it well and realistically.”

“Spring Night” is slated to air its first episode in May.


"Please enlighten me whether they are long term relationship or new relationship??"


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^their script reading:wub:i feel both excited and nervous lol. Han ji min just had 2 back to back dramas that are well received. Please make this one good too drama gods. Please be good writer. I am reading from some that this is like SITR/PNWBMF part 2. Most of the cast there are also here. I hope it would be totally different. I trust ji min's choice:D

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