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  1. @bebebisous33 Definitely agree that Mrs Go/KYS was pretty annoying in this episode. I have been really liking Mrs Go because of the potential of goodness I see in her. However, her work ethics are stern and I felt that she thought DY was trying to get into the marketing position through the task support role. She's a walking hypocrite who really needs to let down her guard down more. And even though you don't want her and the CEO to hook up; the scenes between them have suggested they will form a couple. Because the CEO has everything she desires - a good man who understands her passion for her career and children! @gilaswan I actually disagree with you on the part about "But it does look like she was trying to land a marketing job in a roundabout manner." In fact I think she chose to role to have some sort of footing back into the working force. And her involvement with the marketing aspects of the company is completely by her own desire to help her co-workers and learn more on the job. Everyone except Mrs Go seems to be aiding growth in her understanding of the publishing field and the current marketing strategies. I don't think she has a specific ulterior motive to land a marketing job at the publishing firm. Also I don't think the CEO would directly give her a marketing job due to the conversation between him and EH at the restaurant. He made it clear that if employees wish to move into certain roles, they need to apply for it and prove their own capabilities, which I actually deem fair.
  2. Guys I am so glad you have brought up DY clothes! When she was changing for her date outfits, I was completely gobsmacked at what she had in her wardrobe! Someone call the fashion police because DY should be arrested for some of these articles of clothing she has! I get this outfit for staying at home. It's cute and looks super comfy! But for a date WHY ON EARTH WOULD SHE EVEN FATHOM WEARING THIS? Is this what you call high fashion? God bless! NEXT! Her actual date outfit! The top and bottom DON'T EVEN MATCH! I think the only outfit that I loved from her was when there was a flashback of EH and DY at the bar! Can we get KYS to help our girl out, because I love her outfits! It exudes elegance and beauty! Also on a side note: I don't think it's wrong to omit your qualifications for a job. I'm pretty sure a resume is job specific - it should contain all the details necessary to get the job. And if DY position only requires a high school graduate qualification, then is it wrong for DY to omit her university degrees and marketing experience? No. I'm pretty sure some companies would not hire people they deemed overqualified because they believe someone who has achieved a high level of qualification in a field should be working in that position, rather than a low level position that differs from their degree.
  3. Me while watching the end of episode 10 YAAAAAAASSSSS! FINALLY! When EH was telling DY that she can do whatever she wants despite his feelings for her. I was like BOY! Do not be a noble idiot! But thank the lord what he says and what he does is different for this matter. Although he said that to DY, I love how he casually intercepts SJ asking DY out on a dinner, by asking SJ out on a "congratulation for a first successful meeting" dinner. Y'all did you see EH face when he realised that SJ is cooking and literally brought out everything DY loves. And then his happy face when DY didn't give SJ a bandage for his cut. How can he be so freaking adorable!!! And the writer-nim was so kind enough to end the episode off with a KISS! On a more serious note KBJ it seems isn't EH biological father, and some of you have already determined this from the dialogue exchange with KBJ doctor(?) friend. Also although we don't know the exact details of the illness KBJ has, it can definitely as again some of youse have guessed be dementia. If the public finds out that KBJ has dementia, there are massive legal ramification for Gyoreoo especially if someone argues that KBJ was not in his right mind when signing his copyright ownership away. I also find it ironic that SJ (who we are assuming is KBJ bio dad) mother works as a volunteer at the hospital. This parallel of KBJ dad being sick and bed-bound and SJ mum recovering from cancer and actively volunteering care for sick people is not coincidental. Also on a side note, I understand this is a drama but the rope to tie up KBJ dad really left a bad taste. It provided a shock factor but assuming he has dementia, I'm pretty sure the physical restraints method (using special bondages that do not hurt the patient) is the last resort by medical professionals. Also there are MANY other ways to "restrain" a patient including making sure their environment they live in has procedures in place to minimise accident. When the dude said this wasn't the first time he has fallen, I was like WTF? The second time should never have happened if they actually reassessed his living environment for potential hazards that can lead to injury. Anyways that's just a mini rant! I'm so pumped for this weeks episode!
  4. YASSS girl! I totally agree with you! Even though DY realisation that EH likes her as a woman is up there. It just feels SO GOOD to see three women who each have their own difficulties drink together, listen to one another and just give so much LOVE and SUPPORT! I really hope their friendship continues and they are able to just talk about life to one another. Seeing Mrs Go vulnerable side has made me like and understand her actions in a way. She is cold and career orientated because she did give up a married life to be the women she is today. I think the scariest feeling for a human is loneliness, when you're lonely life just feels bleak. But with a blossoming sisterhood like this, I'm sure they can get through anything. Everyone has their own tunnel to pass A hand from others helps us forget our fear
  5. EH: "I already regretted all my life after letting her go once." "I shouldn't have let her go back then. I won't regret anymore" I think we need to all give EH a group hug! I literally feel like DY is being taken right before his eyes, and all he can do is just watch as a result of his unwillingness to bluntly say he loves her. There was a poignant moment between them in the kitchen, and what I loved about it was his blunt reply to her: DY: "Let's say you started to grow feelings for a woman. But she's eight years older than you, divorced and even has a kid. Wouldn't that turn you off?" EH: "It didn't turn me off. None of that bothered me." DY: "You even dated a divorcee? Come to your senses." EH: "What if I keep liking her?" DY: " I said, come to your senses." DY is soooo dense. I mean she's not as bad as the FL from Hajimete Koi wo Shita Hi ni Yomu Hanashi (great drama so far, I recommend). But sometimes she's so oblivious to what he's saying and doing that I just facepalm myself. Also what I love about EH is that even though he likes her, he understand that his love for DY doesn't make DY his possession. Also is there a significance with the moon that I'm missing out on. EH subtly confesses to DY by saying the moon is beautiful and SJ takes her to the Moonlight Bookstore. Maybe I'm overthinking but if more moon references comes up, it definitely mean the writer-nim is trying to tell us something.
  6. @thistle I totally understand where you're coming from and agree with @sal2. However, maybe you're viewing this drama in a "wrong way". Instead of seeing the storyline as "the devoted lover and the clueless loved one". Maybe you should see it instead as a recently divorced women who is attempting to raise her daughter, get back on her feet and find herself again. Although I'm invested in the romance between ML and FL, I'm more invested in seeing our DY grow as character. At the end of the day, if it's not your cup of tea, maybe just read the recaps! Also UNPOPULAR OPINION (probably) but I severely dislike the amount of "smoking scenes" that I am seeing. Even though they don't light the cigarette up and actually smoke, it still leaves the wrong impression. I just feel like children/teenagers who are more susceptible to be influenced may see these scene and view it as method to cope with stressful situations; all the scenes of smoking in the drama are a byproduct of a stressful situation - DY fighting with her ex-husband; EH thinking about his father (KBJ); EH stressed out about the author who's terminating the contract. What do you guys think?
  7. What I realised whilst watching this was that office politics can be so unfair, especially in the competitive environment. Although EH and HR tried to stand up for DY, it became clear that they held little power in swaying Director YS opinion. I felt that HR should have personally told DY instead of making a phone call to the printing company. Girl, you know this would hurt her and it would have been better if you told her personally before making a public call about the change. However, in saying all this I think this is important for DY to grow and strive to do better so that Director YS can finally acknowledge her capabilities. DY: I'll start all over again even if I think I know how because I'm a new employee (ep. 6) EH gift of the book with DY's name in it is a sweet gesture showing that no matter what he is on her side and is always rooting for her. How swoon worthy is that! A man who doesn't fight your battles for you but supports you and allow you do it yourself because he knows you are more than capable of doing so. DY: He didn't ask when he knew I was struggling We just had a silly conversation (ep. 5) EH: All I have to do is put on ointment when she falls I believe she will get up and charge forward (ep. 6) The snippets of inner thoughts and little background history gives more life to this drama. EH: I read Dani's favourite books to understand her That's how I learned more about her (ep. 5) EH: The moment I said I liked a lake I saw while on the bus, she hit the stop button I think is this one of the most important indicators that DY feels something for EH but due to their long relationship, she can't distinguish if it's just being friends or more. DY let me tell you that this happiness and feelings of wanting to be with someone longer is derived from romantic emotions. DY: When I'm with him, I wish the moment would continue and my day would last longer (ep. 5) @Dramanoona I definitely agree with you that EH is cautious of confessing his feeling for DY because the reality is that they have a history together. EH: On my first birthday after losing my mum, Dan-i cooked for me It was the best birthday ever (ep.5) EH needs to be clear with his feelings towards DY because if he makes a move and is rejected by DY, this would change the dynamics of their relationship. DY means way too much to EH to be just casually dating, I think if they do end up dating, marriage is definitely on the horizon. EH also said that he needed to ensure DY feelings before confessing, and he is willing to wait. Again I agree that this is where EJ's character comes into play. However, as many in the forum has started speculating there must be some sort of relation between EH and SJ. EH: I don't like her being with other men I keep making a fool of myself in front of her (ep. 6)
  8. With Episode 4 we have more character and plot development. Also the time transitioning of the scenes between past and present is really well done! I did not feel disorientated when they were doing mini-flashbacks of scenes of certain place. I like SJ and DI relationship, it's very casual and lovely! They seem to meet each other in just the right time and place. It almost seems fated, however I'm rooting for EH and DI to be together. I know EH is fully in love with DI, however I wonder what would be the catalyst for him to tell her that. Maybe when he finds out about DI and SJ relationship? In terms of ploy development we find out more about Kang Byeong-jun and why he is important to Gyeoroo Publishing. The tense/awkward scene between SJ (who was a complete donkey in that scene, but I feel like he is connected to to him), EH and the President. I wonder what SJ meant by the rumour that Kang was locked up by Gyeoroo after attaining publishing rights? The snippets of diary entry at the credits is becoming one of my favourite parts. It really makes me feel like I'm finding out the inner feelings of my character, more-so than what I'm seeing in the episode.
  9. That's it I'm joining this thread. I'm hooked on this drama! Episode 3 allowed viewers to get more glimpses of EH feelings for DI. It's like he doesn't even realise it himself, and that yearning and heart-ache he feels for DI is definitely not donsaeng/noona relationship. I feel that he was been so used to having DI by his side that he doesn't realise that he fell in love with her. Did you guys notice how nonchalant he is to other girls, specifically he is to his ex-girlfriend. His comment that he doesn't believe in love because of DI still perplex me. He doesn't believe in love because he can't believe DI couldn't see what an richard simmons her ex-husband was. Also I literally have been skipping the ending credits without realising that there's cute diary entries from DH and DI!
  10. Hi everyone! Ariel Lin is back in historical drama land - she totally rocks this genre. I've currently watched up to episode 6, and I was wondering where on earth is this time travel element? Maybe the fact that she is a goddess means that she has the ability to transcend space and time? I'm also loving CY/LYK character and his interaction with HBQ. I think it's going to be hilarious to see CY fall in love with HBQ, who he currently think is his father's illegitimate daughter.
  11. YAAAASSS! I definitely am agreeing with you about RY. The drama did a great job of fleshing out his character and allowing viewers to see from his side. I know his trying to take over the Heavenly throne, but his actions towards JM is honestly with no ill intentions. I mean heck he liked her before he knew that she could be of political benefit for him. LOVED their meeting scene and the fact that he kept the red knot around his wrist afterwards. It really shows JM impact towards him even in their first meeting! And the fact that Night purposefully said those words to JM when her father was behind them really shows his desire to marry her and leave a good impression. I mean he even took her out when she was stuck in the Floral Realm and showered her with her meteor show. He is soooo dreamy! But XF *internal squeeeeeaaallll* bless his soul, his ardent love for her really makes me just root for their love story more so than RY (though at times RY got me rooting for him as well)!
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