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  1. Episode 11, Mama bear Lee is amazing, as a woman, wife and most of all a mother! Here I go with the scene highlights: JI and JI-Dad talking at the apartment JI going to JH apartment and waiting for him in there because he told her the passcode. The hesitation before she entered the house was interesting, it felt like it was a new experience for her... like someone trusting her enough to let "give her the keys" to their house. Voice call between JI and JH & EW. I just love JH-Dad walking away when he realised who the call was. He is amazing and knows how to give his grown-richard simmons adult son privacy and help! These two are my favourite scenes from the episode. Mama Lee is just the best! SI & Mama Lee (ML) at the apartment telling her mum she's pregnant but still wants the divorce and about the abuse ML visiting SH at his clinic The episode ends with JI visiting GS dad, which is very fitting because GS is visiting JI dad behind her back. The preview well pissed me off to say the least, I wonder why she accepted the box of ring? Jae-In's right, I would have chucked it at his face. WHY ACCEPT THE BOX GIRL!?
  2. @Chellsee Thanks baby girl for that gif of our OTP on their cute date. I wonder what book he is reading!? And you know what scene this reminded me of, when they were at the pharmacy because JI wanted to buy vitamins for her parents(?). They had a conversation about how JI doesn't like taking medicine and JH was like he doesn't like reading. JH-ya~ I think you will definitely find out the joy of reading now your with JI the librarian! Honestly reading for me is one of the greatest joys of my life!
  3. Episode 10 and you cannot wipe this smile off my face. I love it when a couple communicates, is supportive and trusting; these are exactly the characteristic that makes JH & JI relationship so endearing and long lasting. Episode highlights The Laundry Scene I love that JH took JI to his childhood place after the “confrontation scene” with GS. It’s monumental for their relationship, it’s like him showing her his past – where and how he came to be the person he is today. These are baby steps to meeting JH parent but JH & JI have a massive supporter – JH dad. JH Dad is honestly my favourite father (besides JH)! GS meeting with SI; @bebebisous33 you’re a drama fortune teller, you were completely right about this! I actually was disappointed at SI lack of reaction, yes she was shock but if I was pregnant and this guy is talking smack about a single parent – well I would have reacted MUCH MORE then SI. And SI girl, you’re pregnant please watch your caffeine intake. Anyways I was wondering why SI reaction was so lacklustre and then SI met JI, and everything made sense. SI and JI Conversation Scene. This was honestly the highlight of the episode for me, it shows the mental torment that SI is going through. Really would love to see more of her arc rather than their bloody father’s pouty face. I also love the sisterly support happening here – SI is going to be an awesome single parent and she’s going to have a bloody village to support her! JI & Librarian Friend (LF) & Pharmacy-Noona (PN) & JI having Chicken and Beer Scene. Y’all need to see this scene. Again, love the fact that their each introducing people around them to each other! And freaking love how LF and PN were dishing the dirt on their friends! This is LF telling JI/PN about the negative traits of JI. The ending scene. From yesterday's preview I immediately thought JI-JH meeting JI father was going to be somewhere in the end of the episode. But again, from today's preview I’m not worried about the meeting. It seems like JI and her father had a talk, but there are also scenes of JI & JH in the same clothes at her apartment smiling and laughing. Also on their clothes – JH top is an even lighter blue and JI sweater is a lighter green – if you contrast this clothing palette to yesterday’s coffee scene, is it coincidence? Definitely don’t think so, feel like the director-nim is showing us through the clothing that their relationship has gotten deeper, more fun and vibrant. Funny side note: When YJ thought Jae-In was giving him a massive glass of tea, and it turned out to be a glass vase to put the flowers. LMAOO, why is he so cute! Why are they so loveable!!!
  4. On the table cloth, I was super distracted by the mustard colour, which is highly contrast to the tones that JI and JH was wearing. So during the conversation when they had mid shots, my eyes kept being drawn to the table cloth. The colour palette was the scene was aesthetically please but I'm gonna over analyse this; JH is wearing vintage baby blue, symbolising he is emerging out of his self-imposed love exile and he is ready for a new relationship; JI is in vintage green symbolising her regrowth as a person and the start of a new beginning; the mustard yellow, floral tablecloth symbolises happiness and notion that their going to walk together on a "flowery road". Also about JH refusing to pay, I think it's just playful banter! I feel like they both reverted back to child giddiness and fun when their together! That's the best type of relationships when you can just have fun with the other. I'm excited to hear your thoughts when you watch episode 9! I agree with @thistle that kissing scenes need to have a sense of realism, and further emphasis that it is highly context based. For example when it's clearly a passionate scene and all their doing is pecking the others lips, it undermines the point of the entire emotions of the scene. Have you ever watched thai slap/kiss lakorns, man their basically like korean-melodramas on steroid. They're basically like crack, you can't stop watching it. Anyways due to the highly conservative Thai society - kiss scene are reduced to either angle shots that "appears to like they're kissing" or these days just full on long scenes of front pecks. I SAW THAT! They were at least trying to inconspicuous, rather than shoving the brand left, right and centre.
  5. My cheeks basically hurt from smiling so much. Despite all the seriousness of episode 9, it’s basically butterflies and rainbows towards the progression of JI & JH relationship. Episode Highlights: JH and GS conversation scene at the park. I swear in this drama a park is THE place to go for serious conversations. What I like about how this scene was shot was the interweaving scenes of other characters who are involved in this shenanigans. BTW JI librarian friend peeking through the blinds to see what was happening is totally relating – that’s me when someone knocks at my front door and I’m not expecting any company LMAO GS of course goes sees JI. Not going to type their full conversation because I literally just wanted to PUNCH HIS FACE so here's an extract: I love how they're “revealing” their relationship to other people. This is the pharmacy where the pharmacy-noona meets JI. Favourite scene from this episode – JH and JI coffee date. Both JI and JH have important conversation with their parent, but I just want to emphasis that for JH this is serious LIKE DEAD SERIOUS LIKE HE IS READY FOR….. The end scene of them in the park again, and they’re just so freaking adorable. The kiss was sweet but guys come on give me son SLA passionate kisses, is this coming up? LMAO Their date scene was so sweet, and they looked so happy. But of course it ends with the cliff hanger, which I’m not too fuss about since the preview is hinting to me that JI & JH leave together and continue their date at the laundry shop? LMAO Side note: SI pregnant, I just want to give the girl a big hug. I think as I read in this forum before, that SI pregnancy would be a catalyst for JI father maybe accepting JH as a single father? I just really do not want her to stay married, and SI is hiding it from SH but how long can this last? Baby girl, you need help to divorce him, please get help! @thistle What you want those ceramic mugs with that ugly blue capitalised Arial-like-font Ediya Coffee text. Um, not on my watch! Girl, I'll buy you a better one!
  6. Thank heavens its not Ediya Coffee; the excessive product placement for the coffee franchise haunts me! But it's working because now I want to know what it taste like! LMAO
  7. My worry is that, he is such a stereotypical patriarchal a**hole that SI being pregnant would in fact be a motivating factor for him to stay in the marriage. If they do follow the pregnancy narrative strand, I hope that SI has the guts to show her evidence to the police. I honestly think her showing him her collated evidence of abuse will just lead to him further terrorising her as she is (although it seems like she doesn't know herself) within this cycle of abuse. From my own observation on Korean society, the position of anchorwoman in Korea seems to hold a high position for both intellect and beauty. They are basically the perfect "wife-material" for chaebol/celebrities, so SH would definitely not divorce SI if she stayed in that position. And that's one of the reason why SI quit her job as an anchor, which honestly suck because she seems to enjoy her occupation.
  8. So I did a little bit of googling and skimming. I hope this will answer your queries: What are her rights in Korea to sole custody? "A child custody has two meanings in Korea. One is a right to make decisions for the child (so-called parental authority) and the other is right to foster the child. Getting divorced is not necessarily required to have the “right to foster” under Korean law. He can request the Korean Family Court to designate him as the sole child fosterer, maintaining his marriage. The court will consider certain factors such as child’s age, past and current life style, occupation and standard of living of both parties and so on in deciding who is going to be a right fosterer in terms of the child’s welfare. Regarding the expense of bringing up a child, if he is designated as a sole fosterer, the wife shall pay the certain proportion of total expenses of bringing up a child. In a case where he fails to be designated as a sole fosterer by the court, he shall be entitled to have a visitation right according to Korean law. He can request the court to prevent his wife from interrupting his regular visitation to his son. It is, however, shall be noted that he can not ask for a sole “parental authority” without getting divorced. That is because under the Korean family law the parental authority shall be jointly exercised by both parents when they are under marriage. In this case, if he and she have disagreement in making a decision for the child, he can ask the family court to determine it on behalf of them." Cr: ASK KOREA LAW Can she get a divorce if he doesn't consent? "Under Korean Civil Law, there are two ways to get a divorce; divorce by agreement and judicial divorce (divorce through a court ruling). There are some requirements in relation to who can initiate divorce proceedings. In Korea, the person at fault is not able to initiate a divorce process through the court unless there are other certain circumstances. Divorce via Mutual Agreement In order to get divorced through mutual agreement, both parties must report together at the family court and state their intent to get a divorce. They must submit the required documents as listed below. In some cases, the couple may be advised to seek professional counseling. Then, they will be given a “guidance on divorce” session. After about 1 to 3 months, they will receive the court’s confirmation of their divorce. Within 3 months of receiving this confirmation, they must file an official copy of this confirmation at their local gu-office. Here are the required documents for a divorce through agreement: – A written agreement regarding custody and custody fees. This should be written in detail and should mention visitation rights, and if possible, a steady visitation schedule for the parent without custody. – A completed application form for a divorce through mutual agreement (you can download a form at the following link) http://slfamily.scourt.go.kr/searchnew/search_form.jsp?p1=000230&q=이혼신청서 – Each party’s Korean ID – Marriage certificate – A copy of the Korean spouse’s family registry – 3 copies of the “divorce report form” (also obtained from the Seoul Family Court) Divorce via Court Ruling In order to get divorced through trial, each party is usually expected to hire a lawyer to go through the process, because it is comparatively more complicated and difficult than divorce through mutual agreement. Korea’s Family Court decisions acknowledge that the ‘spouse in fault’ is not permitted to initiate divorce proceedings through trial. In order to file a divorce through court, you need some grounds for it. Following are some of the grounds for divorce as listed in the Civil Law article 840: – Adultery** – Malicious desertion – Abuse by the spouse – Abuse by the spouse’s lineal descendent or ascendant(child, grandchild, parents, grandparents, etc.). – if the spouse is missing and it is unknown if s/he is dead or alive for a period of at least 3 years – other causes that make it difficult to continue in the marriage" Cr: Seoul Lawyers Side note: I know you didn't ask this but interesting just this year changed their abortion laws and LEGALISED it after 66 year. Everyone has their own opinion on abortion, I'm just grateful that now women in Korea have a choice for abortion. Cr: pannatic @adibadiba Check your pm!
  9. WOWSERS! How am I supposed to wait for next weeks episode FML Here I go with my scene highlights. JI telling JH off at the library Did y'all see how sheepish JH looked. And I find it really interesting that JI is the one correcting JH behaviour (for asking EW why he was crying when he just stepped outside), since she doesn't have kids. I feel like writer-nim is trying to portray that she has the characteristic to be a good mum and knows how to look after a child. Massive tangent BUT I swear I feel sorry for boys since it's been engrained in them from the beginning to not show emotions... would JH say this if EW was a girl? I hope we get rid of this stigma one day and value all human emotions Love the conversation between JH and EW. JH is totally bribing/apologising EW with sweets. But on a more serious note, I feel so upset hearing EW feelings about being abandoned. Children are super perceptive and catch onto things pretty quickly, and I always try to value their emotions. When I was in the wrong to my kids (my students) I would always apologise to them for my behaviour. Kids need to know adults make mistakes too and also know the art of apologising and acknowledging one's mistake. JH telling off JI for her attitude I'm going to say it, JI attitude really annoyed me at the library, when she was freaking out that GS was coming by.... She acts like she's trying to protect JI and EW, but really baby girl, I feel like you say things to JH and your actions are completely different. So who are you really protecting? LOL when GS met JH/EW outside, y'all there needs to be a gif for JH face when GS was giving his kid pocket money. That face is MOOD! On another note, I really like that GS gave him pocket money, seems like a good dude for doing that! GS seeing a really upset JI at the library Just when I thought JI was going to be an idiot and not go chase after JH to apologise. She not only does that but simultaneously reveals to GS of her feelings/relationship with JH. This was a better reveal then I had imagined and so very fitting! I think these two scenes are again really telling of how society will react to JI and JH relationship. What do you do when society tells you it's wrong to be with someone who has a child and it's wrong for you to be with someone who isn't of the same "situation" as you are in. Well, society said a lot of crap was wrong (same-sex marriage, divorce, being a single parent) and look where we are now. A still visibly upset JI with her library friend (LF) Visibly upset JH with his parent I feel like Jae-In is the bedrock for SI and JI, they rely on her a lot and it's so good to see the sisterly bond between all three of them who love each other so much! Jae-In and JI talking the kitchen My favourite scene of this episode. JI & JH they're back at the park, at that spot, at that bench. I think we need to do a healing trip to that park guys, there's something about that place that makes people pour their heart out. JI calling JH to inform him that GS outside his house Again, how telling is it that JI is calling JH instead of GS. It re-affirms how much she cares for him and further highlights their trust in each other. Other thoughts: If the writer-nim goes on the path of SI being pregnant, I'm going to be soooo annoyed. But also it would be an interesting path to explore with various questions to ask: Will she continue the divorce? Will she keep the baby? Will she even tell SH? And we finally get a KISS, I'm SOOO KEEN ON THAT. I saw JH was the one INITIATING IT so that's also super exciting to see that!
  10. On episode 7, did anyone laugh AT GS during this conversation: I feel like GS's always having a dig at JH, I don't know why he pushed JH to answer the call? Like dude why are you so pushy. Since there is a strong culture of hyung/dongsaeng in Korea, I felt like that influenced JH reason to take JI call along with the annoyance from GS pushy nature.
  11. LMAO, I agree with you about running water and basically monotonous actions. Since we are doing things that "soothes" us in a way, our brain relaxes and sometimes we just have deep thoughts. It would be interesting to make GS a "salvageable character", there is still time for that to happen BUT man he is so annoying to watch on screen. It's like he has a mental block when it comes to breaking up with JI, like he can keep saying it to her BUT when she says it to him - he's in disbelief. And some of the things that come out of his mouth, it's shocking. But if writer-nim can salvage his character in a way where he also has character development & apologises to JI about his actions, then that would be good. Girl, Doctor Google has all your answers cr: Behind the Name
  12. LOL good observation at the restaurant, I completely missed that. I went back and looked at the scene after you said that and I agree. It look like a barred cage scene. Kind of like a prison with all those cool tones and the reds. You can say it's like a torture chamber. Which technically is because JI does not want to be there. GS dad doesn't want to be there either. LMAO the only person who wants to be there is bloody GS who is shopping for he ring. My eyes rolled so hard when I saw those montage scenes, he is sooo infuriating. Also note the juxtaposition between JI/JH dinner scene and GS dad/JH. The former has a lot of warm tones, JI is wearing lighter and she's wearing a funky scarf to add a touch of lightheartedness. BTW I hated her outfit, trying to be retro but looking frumpy instead. Keep over-analysing girl! I do it too all the time because I'm an English minor in uni, and I do a lot of essays where I have analyse of film/novels. Our baby EW, He deserves the whole world, all kids do. I just want to mother him and protect him from the bloody discrimination he's gonna get because the doesn't have a mother. You know the conversation between JI and he friend, I have an inkling it's about JH having a son. Also in the preview JI is giving EW a hug, I feel like EW got scared because he couldn't find JH who was walking around. I'm waiting for more E/JI/JH scene! You can just see how much he melts when he sees JI and EW together.
  13. The momentum DOES.NOT.STOP! I love it! Plots are unravelling, and it's just so satisfying that JH & technically JI (I say technically because GS will not let her go FML) isn't hiding their relationship from people they care about. The tension in the beginning was palpable, I was on the edge of my seat. I swear I was holding my breath until JH and JI met. And the talk they had at the part was soooooooo heartbreaking yet satisfying! The emotions were so raw but most of all they have a good direction of where their next step is. I love the scene where JI is right behind JH but calls to talk to him instead. There was a funny scene where JI meets has an awkward meeting with HS/YJ/JH in front of her friend's apartment LMAOO, because now they all know what's happening between JI/JH. And that phone scene between JI and JH Also JI and GS dad's meeting went really well, but man I would not be able to digest in that eating environment. I feel like GS dad was getting quite impressed by what she was saying to him. Also the montage of GS shopping for a wedding ring, come one dude! WHAT THE ACTUAL F***K. Anyways back to GS dad and JI, I love what she said at the end. If she can't stop GS, maybe his dad can! The preview looks amazing, it looks like she's really going to cut things off with GS and them JH/JI will finally start seeing each other. I'm pretty sure it's JH voice saying: JI & JH keep talking about TIME TIME TIME, so I'm really worried there might be a time jump. Not that it's a bad thing, but I want JI to be a mum and just raise EW together. But it's only episode 7, so WHO KNOWS what obstacles they're going to throw at us! Side notes JI and JH mum are the best! No bad attitude mother-in-laws in this drama! While I was speculating about who's going to help SI, I totally forgot about mama bear. Goodness me, I was cheering at SI/MUM/SH scene. It was soo satisfying to watch her SHOVE HIM out of the house, TELL HIM OFF and literally stood her damn ground and made sure that SH was in the elevator leaving her daughters apartment. I know where all these girls get the bad - assery attitude from - mama bear! For JH mum, when she was crying at JH saying he has someone he likes. Gosh! You can tell how much JH mum's been worried about his attitude towards his own life. JH is her son, and of course she wants her son to have a happy life and find someone who loves him and EW. Don't worry mum, there's a great gal that I hope you meet soon! Also if you guys are wondering how long JI & GS have been in a relationship for?
  14. When I imagined GS dad saying "do you really love him?" with his nonchalant and bored voice I can't help but LOL. Man he looks so bored with life! Someone call the fun police cuz he needs to laugh more. On a side note I think if GS father asks that, it would be kind of a slap in the face for JI He doesn't consider love and marriage to be related. From the way he talks about marriage, he sees the transactional value in what marriage brings, so that's why he keeps urging GS to see the assemblyman's daughter. And that's why JI dad was trying to talk JI up by saying she has great characteristics and a good person because he knows she doesn't bring anything of transactional value for GS dad/family/business. You know what I'm excited for tonight, more tidbits of SI and SH scenes. I feel this strength in SI, that I WISH she could just use to break it off with him. She told SH that she would kill him if she messes with JI and not to do that. I was like girl, yesss but what are you doing? Please help yourself first. I need you to get help and find a way to get AWAY FROM THIS MONSTER. I feel like when JI and Jae-In find out about SI these girls are gonna pounce on him, and I AM SO READY FOR THAT!
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong but the apartment is under SI name, however the it's signed with a joint/SI/SH legal seal (ambiguous because the subs says it's his legal seal but I don't know how one can sign off on something and not have their name listed as an owner)? Because SI went to see SH to get the legal seal so that she can sign off on the house, which of course that scumbag refuses to give. My problem with SH loaning debt is that he is going to get into more debt because GS seems like he's about to approve SH loan... all because SH said he would help convince JI to marry him. Cannot believe GS is going to jeopardise his career over a non-family member asking for an unreasonable favour. I'm all about helping people but when this helping delves into your professional life, then there has to be clear cut boundaries. I wouldn't compare SH and SI to an "ugly version of the Titanic" just because I hate SH character so much (props to Lee Moo-Saeng who plays him, he is really doing a stellar job) and I would not be able to compare him to Jack - the OG of self-sacrificial ML (how freaking hot was a young Leonardo DiCaprio). Haven't watched SITR, just cuz I haven't gotten around to it. But I'm for certain of JI ability to grow as a character because she is progressing bit by bit in terms of returning to her old-vivacious-assertive self. There are glimpses that I'm seeing, and I'm gleeing over. My favourite being when she went to JH house because he didn't pick up her calls. I mean girl, wow! I think the call culture these days is different especially for people in my age bracket of their 20s maybe early 30s. No one calls each other UNLESS its super important and need to be dealt with immediately, or else a text message would suffice. I literally went on a tangent about the current call/message culture BUT I think what I'm trying to say is that JI went to JH house because she wants to see him and talk to him. Despite how confused she is with her feelings, he always puts a smile on her face. Have you noticed, whenever she is with GS she is either exasperated or annoyed.... LMAO bby girl if your man makes you feel like this constantly, just say goodbye to the relationship.
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