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  1. That has to be the cutest suggestive "rawr scene". It didn't feel force. I miss this drama too.
  2. @qynn , @raynsity I believed Edward Kang was her first love in college during Joo Hyuk's first successful time travel. She didn't have any memories of him. I assumed she went to the same college the second timeline and met Edward Kang. Things happened when it meant to happen. Overall, the episode is very entertaining, without any twists until the end. I felt like it the calm before the storm. Can't wait to see what happen next. The rating dropped a bit. I was hoping we would reach a solid 9% for the drama. It deserves more.
  3. Are we going to get a cameo appearance for Woojin's first crush? Cho jung suk, shin sung rok would be a great choice. I love Jung Woo Sung and Ji min's chemistry in Padam Padam but he is such A+ mobie star, I higy doubt that. Ultimately, Lee Seo Jin would have my vote for the cameo. I'd love to see him and Joo Hyuk compete for Woojin's attention.
  4. Episode 14 is fantastic. There were a lot of pain and suffering for botb parties, but the last 5 minutes made up for everything. I love the cinematography and the color scheme during the reunion.
  5. Did she confirm the casting? I am not too fond of NJH's acting. Hoefully, he declined and another actor step in. I really like Im Ju Hwan's acting eventhough he us extremely underrated. If this is noona bromance, then can we have Ji Soo, or Park Hyun Shik, or Yoo Seung Ho (he's busy with another drama). I was wishing that HJM got an offer for Item drama. Still hoping someday she and LJK could collaborate. Anyway, HJM and JS's chemistry is sizzling hot.
  6. @qynn, I also believe that JH would not go to the bus stop, but unfortunately WJ knows where he went to school. I am sure she'd seek him out and countinue their fated love. I might be similiar to the original timeline where she pursued him strongly. I also wonder if the bus crashed that JH heard over the radio before his date will come into play later. Beside the romance, I really like the friendship among the men, and Woojin - Joo Eun's friendship. I'd love at the end, the three couples could have MT's trip.
  7. Now I feel like we need to wait another full week before they travel back. This episode marks a new emotional low for our main trios. I sympathize them. There are no rights or wrong when it came to love. I fell bad for Jong Hoo, because he is a good guy with a big heart. He deserves to be with his girl and be happy. He is more mad that he is not in the loop regarding Joo Hyuk's feelings for WJ, but he still allowed JH to stay. However, I continue to root for Joo Hyuk and Woo Jin's reconciliation. We deserve to see them happy with their extended family for the last 2 eps of the drama please. I am also glad that HW's character is not only one dimension than I thought.
  8. I also hope the transition to another timeline will be fast and smooth. The new preview suggested a possible noble idiocy JH asking for transferring. Can't tvn be any more stingier with these super short bts. There are still nengative comments about our drama but I am glad there was no complains about acting. I find these characters are flawed but very endearing.
  9. It is quiet in here. I wonder how did WJ's mom know about the toll gate and two moons. I cam't wait to see what in store for next week after the kiss. I am sure Jong Hoo saw it. What would he do? I hope he didn't though. I love the men's friendships and more bromance. I am pretty sure JH's sister lnew now that WJ likes JH, would she for it or against it? I like the idea that WJ also get a chance to go back to the past to fix her regrets, or get her fated husband again.
  10. @himmawarie I believe he went to court and signed the divorce paper with Hye Won hefore that. He even begged her for separation and some times to think about it. I wonder now if HW would have 2nd thought about the divorce now. The episode is too short. Arggghhh. I want to know what happen next. Rating for ep 10 is 8.210% https://twitter.com/8l7l5l2l000/status/1035294732811825152?s=19
  11. What's everyone thoughts about ep 9? The last 10 minutes touched my heart so much. Roy kim OST and their brief fingers touched scene was perfect. So much emotions and sadness, yet very romantic. Woojin and her current boyfriend are still very entertain and cute together, but I am truly rooting for Woojin and Joo Hyuk. I won't be very upset if she ends up with either one or both. I am not sure why knetizens are so critical to Joo Hyuk, called him an adulter or accused JH of having affair. Yet, everyone was rooting for adulter characters like Secret's Affair, or Hirugao. Don't get me wrong I like those shows too, and rooting for them to find their happiness. HW continued to be very selfish. I found that she is a hypocrite. For example, she doesn't like people who use money to win her affections yet she does that to her in laws and her gold digger boy toy. She doesn't compromise in her marriage. Either her way or the high way. It doesn't make her a bad person. I am glad that JH realized that, and how he contributed to her behaviors. Knetizens comments https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2018/08/knowing-wife-ep-9-kang-han-na-is.html?m=1
  12. When Woojin walked Joo Hyuk out after they found her mom, I found their talk is very touching and interesting. It gave Joo Hyuk a chance to express his regrets and apology to his wife, and confession of his love to her. During this exchange, didn't Woojin also expresses her love for him? Roy Kim's song is perfect during this scene. I like this song so much. Woo Jin will not pursue Joo Hyuk since he's married man. Joo Hyuk will just wish for Woo Jin's happiness, and won't interfere with his love line. So I believe that these two won't step out of their bounds and cheated unless there are some external forces such as Hye Won's upcoming antics. Joo Hyuk already cheated mentally with Woo Jin, but I'll give him a free pass since she was with him for almost a decade. Like his MIL said, "You can't just cut away a connection so easily like flipping a hand." This episode is not as funny as previous episodes, but it is still very entertaining and touching. It's awesome that the rating went up a little. I can't wait to see next week @richelle Hyewon vs Woojin or (Hyewon vs Woojin's oppas) I wonder how interesting would it be if Woojin finally got her original memory back, and would travel back in time with Joo Hyuk this time so they can change their destiny. So it isn't just only his decision but their. I also rooting for the two team leaders to get together. Will we ever get the back story of the homeless/train man? @randomlee I just love your assessment. You described it beautifully.
  13. Even if he is going to the original time line, i doubt that it'd happened in tomorrow ep. https://twitter.com/8l7l5l2l000/status/1032395581799378945 tvN #아는와이프 #FamiliarWife 6.506% Rating went down a bit, but it is still very good. I think usually there would be a slight drop on rating for the first day. For me, it was always a treat to see Joo Hyuk interacted with this MIL. Hopefully, we get to see more of her and Joo Hyuk's parents. I wish the trip was a little longer. We get to see more of the three couples. Joo Hyuk's jealousy is still in full swings, but he isn't going out of his way to sabobage his friend. I can feel his pains and regrets now. His first kiss with the familiar wife was sweet, and innocent in a way. To me, it is very fitting with the situation. Thank goodness. There wasn't a force kiss, or your typical fish wide eye kiss. I want to see more flashback of Woo Jin and Joo Hyuk and more Jong Hoo and Woo Jin in the current time line. I also really like the cinematography of this drama. For this episode, I love the lighting during the kiss scene, and the lush green of trees while Joo Hyuk reminiscing about his first kiss. He just looked so lonely.
  14. @qynn, I think WJ would give up first. My guess is WJ realizes that she likes JH after the head pat, but will give Jong Hoo a chance since JH is a married man. I am not sure where the writer will take us since we are not even half way done. Too soon to time travel again right? I am happy that I asked for JH's jealousy and pettiness over his wife, and we've seen plenty of that during ep. 6. It was funny and sad as the same time. JH obviously isn't over his wife yet, but he didn't realize that he was jealous until his friend pointed out. He have some wild imagination. I am glad he realized he was the one to turn her into a monster. However, I think WJ should have be more honest and communicate more with her husband about her feelings like her teen self. Maybe years of trying and failing, she gave up. Maybe they both take each other's understanding for granted. Jong Hoo is adorable and puppylike when he is with WJ. How can he be a player? Hopefully there is another alternative universe where another version of Jong Hoo and Woo Jin can be together. Wouldn't it be hilarious if Lee Bo Yong cameo as Jong Hoo's wife (mother of the twins) Can't wait for the next episode, so many things I want to know. Hopefully the writer will adress them all. Great actings on all our cast especially our 3 main leads. I am not really feeling Hye Won's pursuiter acting though.
  15. I think Joo Hyuk just got too much beef from some viewers. However, I like flawed characters. In the real world, there are many gray areas not just black or white. That makes it more interesting, and our characters more human. Through the drama, I see that JH saw glimpse of his failing marriage and his own doings. We should watch and support their own learning and discover to be better. I can't wait to watch ep 6 in sub. Woohoo!! I enjoy reading everyone's discussion too. Keep it up!!
  16. @richelle I am hoping she said yes at the end of ep 5, but probably wishful thinking. Mother in laws and son in laws scenes are excellence. The emotions through the actings are no joke. I am not so sure about Hye won now.
  17. I wonder if Joo Hyuk wants to time travel again, he must find the man in the subway to get coins again around the same time in this alternative time line? And if he gets the same year coins. I want them to travel back to the original universe, but with a better finance.
  18. I think near the end of August, he'd travel back to the original time. I hope we get to see a glimpse of their reconcile lives together, and other people lives. Secretly, I hope they can stay in this time line, since Woo Jin's life looks less pathetic. They are both somewhat success in their carreers. But they need to get back to their children.
  19. SF9 Love Me Again song fits perfectly with this drama. Ep 4 was wonderful. I love how Woo Jin is so spunky, and outspoken in this new present. No matter how Joo Hyuk tried to avoid her, I can see that he still very much interest in her. He kept stealing glances at her, and how he spoke up about her love for strawberry. They had sweet memories together. I am still going to hold out on Hye Won is not a villian or a cheater. She is vain and very selfish. We can see this during her interactions with her in laws. People were saying that Joo Hyuk was inconsiderate to his wife, but if she really loves him. She would put up with his parents for a day. How bad can it be? Also I disliked how she rubbed it in Joo Hyuk's face that he is poor and if he doesn't like he can give everything back. It is true but you don't have to say it. I think Hye Won chose Joo Hyuk not because of love, but because of his dedications to her, or she was in love with the idea. I suspect that Woo Jin is closed to her in laws. They spent money to his and her parents during their marriage. I do like Woo jin chemistry with Jong Hoo not romantically but more of a bff in the making.
  20. I agree with everyone's assesment about this episode. I would also like to mention that I loved Woojin's interactions with her mom. It was very touching. Hope we have more of this. So I'd guess that Woo Jin's were good to Joo Hyuk's parents to while they're married. His relationship with his parents isn't strained it like now. I also like how his dream wife wasn't perfect when he remembered how his familiar wife ate all the expired foods to save money. It is so funny how he so terrified of his familiar wife. I want more office and jealousy antics please.
  21. https://twitter.com/kdrama_news/status/1027322739525210112?s=19 Ep 3 rating 5.1%
  22. @nidcha202 I also skimmed through the ep without sub. Does his ex wife had a dream of their past history, yet she doesn't know who was the male counter part? Need to go home and watch with sub. Can't help but lol with Ja Hyuk's side eyed his friend with jealousy.
  23. @richelle I think that they are not promoting this drama much. There aren't whole lot of bts, or pictures. I wonder how many episodes have been shot so far?
  24. https://www.instagram.com/p/BmLLq6NBOka/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1o8y7gc3dbhpdThese are cute. I can't wait till next episode.
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