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  1. hi All ! Because of pandemic, i start working at home since 3 months ago and i have a lot of time to rewatch again this drama ( the download version, IQiYI app version and VIKI version -- they use a different translation and there also there is an extended version in Rooftop kiss -- which i lovee so much) , after passing several months and watching a lot of drama, still this drama is my favorite one ! So recently, i accidentally read in MDL comment section that someone kindly translate it in English and Indonesia ( Thank you very much ). and an Indonesia translation has reach 69 chapters by today. and in this chapter 69, i can't stop laughing, Jinxia is such a unique characters..i wish drama adaptation also included this scene, it must be hilarious. LOL.
  2. OMG !! They holding hand my shipper heart. Sigh..how can i move on from this couple if they give us this kind of sweet pics. I love this couple, but i also love yukee and YunXi couple in her currently aired drama too.
  3. Yes. Try to watch it, it may slow pace in the beginning but after ep 14, the pace are getting fast and that where the plot are getting better. But if after ep 14, you still did not feel their chemistry...maybe this drama are not your 'cup of tea', LOL
  4. I don't know why you say they lack of chemistry? Because for me, i even feel their chemistry in 3rd episodes. The way they teasing, talking and interact each other send a fluffy vibe in me .I hope you can feel their chemistry too in the remaining episodes. I enjoying this kind of slow pace story. But thats me, LOL
  5. i read spoiler from other forum too. but according to them who read the novel, the plot in drama are really different but the character are same. i really don't mind even if in the drama slight different to the novel. i love story so far and ML & FL interaction are enjoyable to watch especially the way SGT looks to CXZ
  6. I love this drama very much. One is my favorite actress and the other is my Runyu...i love the story and how they talk with each others...i know fir some people drama with so much talk are boring...but for me..this looks like i feel they getting closer everytime they talk. And i really like how SGT looks her, whenever they talk.
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