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  1. OMG !! They holding hand my shipper heart. Sigh..how can i move on from this couple if they give us this kind of sweet pics. I love this couple, but i also love yukee and YunXi couple in her currently aired drama too.
  2. Yes. Try to watch it, it may slow pace in the beginning but after ep 14, the pace are getting fast and that where the plot are getting better. But if after ep 14, you still did not feel their chemistry...maybe this drama are not your 'cup of tea', LOL
  3. I don't know why you say they lack of chemistry? Because for me, i even feel their chemistry in 3rd episodes. The way they teasing, talking and interact each other send a fluffy vibe in me .I hope you can feel their chemistry too in the remaining episodes. I enjoying this kind of slow pace story. But thats me, LOL
  4. i read spoiler from other forum too. but according to them who read the novel, the plot in drama are really different but the character are same. i really don't mind even if in the drama slight different to the novel. i love story so far and ML & FL interaction are enjoyable to watch especially the way SGT looks to CXZ
  5. I love this drama very much. One is my favorite actress and the other is my Runyu...i love the story and how they talk with each others...i know fir some people drama with so much talk are boring...but for me..this looks like i feel they getting closer everytime they talk. And i really like how SGT looks her, whenever they talk.
  6. Finally i can watch until last episode with english sub. but i think i will wait until weekend to watch marathon from episode 1.
  7. Hallo friends. I heard AO3 get banned by government and can not be access anymore. What happend to all your HSDS fanfic story? Did you move it to another site?
  8. Long time to see friends! Yuuke new wuxia drama will be aired this feb 21th. This time she coupled with Alan Yu. As much i love Yuuke and joseph couple. I hope this drama will gain success too. Coz yuuke is a great actress. And i hope joseph will also come back to played another wuxia drama. I love seing him in wuxia costumes then modern time same as yuuke. She looks pretier in wuxia costumes than modern one.
  9. Lucky for you. I still don't have time to watch this 4 new episodes .
  10. Wow i like to read all insight and opinion about actor and actress in. Imho, DD act really good in TMOPB but for PB...i have watched several but somehow i did not get same feeling in TMOPB. DD acted really good in there but in PB..i found less love feeling. For YZ, i watched her several dramas including DOWS and AOL and two others dramas. For me, she can act, and very good at it, and not only cute act but she can also acted sad and fierce in convincing way. Thats way her dramas are quite popular. For Allen, i like his acting, first time seen him in DOWS and i love his character. But his acted in UTP, win him over. I really like how he acted as LuYi, not only in his expression but also his gestures and personality. And yes i blown away by his act, when he was poison and he become 13, 8, and 15? Or 16? Then going back to 22...i feel the different smile and gesture and somehow he really cute as a 8 years old kid. ( i watched this episode several time and become my fav episode so far . And seven Tan is pretty as jinxia. I like the way she looked at Luyi with her big eyes. Sometime full of admiration ..sometime full of question. (Yes, Luyi are such a complicated person, jinxia...we understand too ). And at last, i really like YanShiFan. First because he, one of antagonist who just bad guy but with style...and clever, i don't know how to describe him, but he not evil for sake to be an evil. But he just the way he is. A bad guy who always have his way. And more important he one of trigger for our OTP become close to each other. One in the boat and the other in wedding episode. LOL
  11. Yes, he was the one that help our couple ( our captain of this ship) even though he was the bad guy--i'm still thank him for that very moment in the boat
  12. @angelangie @LuMNaL i think i will wait until they complete and finish, really can't stand watching sad moment to the drama that acting are sold me out like this. Meanwhile i will watch another wuxia drama.
  13. Hopefully there will be a kiss when both of them awake and sober l, LOL
  14. @graceeedwardmom i don't think in wuxia drama you will see many kiss like in modern drama . But for me is Ok, coz only by seing they smile or just holding hand or hugging. I feel their chemistry already. i don't really care about kissing scene. And i think in the book also less kiss scene. Coz, they jump to case to another case really fast after they finished one case, pretty much like the drama ( i'm not finished reading so, i'm not sure)
  15. Just finished watching for ep 22 till 30 - finally - with english Sub. I love the development between each characters...too bad for Luyi..jinxia still not realize she beginning to love him