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  1. Oh my @tok-soompi, male lead is Son Suk Ku. I will not complain🥰 PD Kim Suk Yoon brings out the best in our Ji min so whether it has romance or not, I don't mind. Romance is just a bonus🤣
  2. Bring it on. As long as I can see Ji min, I will be more than happy🥰 https://www.soompi.com/article/1660484wpp/han-ji-min-in-talks-to-star-in-new-drama-by-behind-your-touch-director
  3. Same feeling. Age, height difference, just perfect. I am dying of anticipation🥰 Be good writernim and PDnim lol Expectation is high. I hope the drama will leave up to their high expectations. I am also very curious how Ji min will act as a prickly, arrogant CEO. I hope she nails this role again. I noticed her acting is also dependent on how the PD directs it. Please be good PDnim🥰
  4. We need to wait until November to see Acquiantances😭 But I think since it is a healing drama, it is best to be shown around Christmas. I hope it is worth the wait🥰 I don't want to expect a lot not be disappointed in the end. I trust Ji min's judgment and it is with LJH and child actress KSY so I am very excited🥰
  5. She will be working again with the child actress in Our Blues. I can't wait🥰 https://www.instagram.com/p/C5dDdRNpxBn/?igsh=MXBhcmlhMG1qNGlnMw==
  6. We have an exact date on Acquiantances airing. Not sure where this will be streamed but I wish it will be shown on Netflix🥰 https://www.instagram.com/p/C4smixOrSEQ/?igsh=NzA3ZTdnOWljbnZo This is so beautiful🥰
  7. She will be working again with her previous bff in One Spring Night🥰 https://twitter.com/dryp_ineapple/status/1768076172578210119?t=chcXfuVcdy8mAMf3Sbt-CA&s=19
  8. We need to wait long for Acquaintances😪October or November, come sooner. Pali pali🥰 I hope theor drama streams in Netflix🥰 Happiest birthday Lee Jun Hyuk🥰
  9. This is a nice interview. I really hope Between Greetings is a workplace romance🤣She was misled by her PD in Behind your touch. Only comedy but no romance😢
  10. Coming soon🥰 It's a shame that they used Ji min's clip from HJMe. I am sure Ji min wanted to forget that it is her last drama from SBS🤣 Proud of you Queen as always🥰
  11. @tok-soompiI feel ji min and joon hyuk has been friends with some of those they are close with. Same set of friends in the industry. I actually think that they already have known each othet a bit because of those close to them. I feel like joon hyuk will match ji min's jolly personality🥰
  12. Atlast, script reading. I am so excited for this drama of ji min. I hope it will live up to my expectations. I don't mind 12 episodes as long as the story and pacing is good. Lee joon hyuk is a fantastic actor. Very matched with our ji min🥰
  13. Miss Baek is her most challenging role to date. Proud of Ji min for making this film. Happiest 21st debut anniversary again our queen. Looking forward to September for your new drama
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