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  1. I'm really enjoying the motherandchild reunion arc. I have one question. Is it possible for Koreans to fall in love with someone who they didn't know in childhood and then forgot about? I mean really . . .
  2. It is a very big deal for people to know about her biological daughter. Korea is a very conservative society. Look at how IS is using Director Park's unmarried daughter's pregnancy to blackmail him. -As best I can figured it, IS was a newsreader. Still not in the proper social level to marry into the chairman's family. -The public image she has created one of kind down to earth rich madame. This is why Director Park admire her. This was why she took off her show and the company's event to get herself on the same lever as ordinary employees. --That image would be blown to bit if it was reveal that she abandoned her daughter to be raised to the owner of a lowly ox-bone restaurant. --She would lose everything thing she had worked for since she married into the famiy. - Chairman would kick her out of family. She would lose all power. TJ might turn against her because he would doubt her sincerity. The board and the employees would turn against. The entire society would turn against her. --The chairman would do all he can to kill any serious relationship that TJ has that isn't on the same socio-economic level. FRom my understanding --gleaned from dramas-- marriages on that socio-economic level are more like business mergers than romantic coupling. Think about it as functioning the same marriages between foreign royalty when Europe was ruled by king and queens. --How is IS suppose to support a relationship/marriage between her "son" and daughter. What would her society think of it. It isn't genetic incest but it is weird--under usual circumstances. It's like someone allowing their child to marry their stepbrother. In dramas, it even an issue if someone falls in love with her sibling's spouse's sibling.
  3. So today this is the episode where mothers get called out for bad behavior. I don't think that IS is only doing whatever she is plotting just to get power and money. I may be wrong, but that's what I think. Whatever IS is trying to do--no matter how noble or just she think she is, her methods are bad, really problematic. I also have questions about the writing and the editing. Sometimes it seems like too different writer with different intentions. The editing seems to have these graceless jumps that makes disrupts the flow of the show. After the meeting with Chairman Grandpa, the way IS treated Director Park, one of only two people in the corporation on her side, made no sense. Then in the same episode in IS's second meeting with Director Park she acted as if they relationship was as strong as ever and tried to bribed him with a good marriage for his daughter. Well, Park may seem to go along with her plans, but she has revealed a ruthless about her that he did not know existed. He always spoke of her kindness to him, so the way she is treating her daughter is a shock to him and may lead him to re-evaluate who he thinks she in.. What I find so disgusting about IS's actions in these last two episodes is that she's been putting pressure on MiRi by lying and using information unscrupulously to have people MiRi care about to pressure MiRi. She tried to get the chairman to fire her and her mother pressure her to leave the country. --ANOTHER TOPIC-- I try to pay attention where the camera lingers. Sometimes it's just product placement [Yeah, Tiffany has . nice boxes], other times it is a plot point. The camera lingered on the picture of IS and TJ in TJ's bedroom. I suspect the next time MiRi is in TJ's bedroom she will see it and ask questions.
  4. Nice development with TJ and MR. But . . . You shouldn't get serious with someone until you let them know who you are. Now you might think it's the same to TJ and MR. I don't. MR's bio-mom ended that relationship. They don't have a relationship. As far as MR is concerned IS is still trying to end that relationship.The only reason for MR to tell TJ the truth is if she thing IS will retaliate and ruin his career. TJ's relationship with his family is on going. He knows how they are which is one reason he is living away from them. He should tell her before trying to get her to commit.
  5. When I read the forum posts I'm not always sure about that. When the forum start shipping the actors--I know I'm alone in this--but I find it a huge turn off and when the fans get rabid it ruins my enjoyment of the series. A drama set is a work place. I'd hope people don't ship their accountant and copy editor at work, so I just don't get it when the forum starts shipping actors instead of characters.
  6. To each his/her own. Where I come from town of mothers leave their children with family members and move away to work. Some leave their children in the country and seek work in the city. Some leave their children in their place of birth with family and immigrate to find work to support their children. Some send their children to boarding schools for all kinds of reasons. These separation are often very difficult for the parents and are seen as sacrifices to ensure their children's future. It is often an easier choice when it is clearly a matter of life and death. In the holocaust many Jewish families sent their children to live with friends or strangers to keep them safe.
  7. I'm not mad at IS for leaving her daughter behind. Many a mother have had to leave children behind/given up children for various reasons. I would be very surprised if the reasons that JS believes IS left MiRi behind is her true reason for doing so. I suspect that IS is in some extended long game with the Chairman for some reason and she left MiRi behind to keep her safe. MY UNSUPPORTED IDEA: IS insisting that Miri go abroad was to protect Miri from the chairman's family. I wouldn't be surprised if MiRi is a dangerous to the corporation ownership claim. THis is why the plot makes the chairman unaware of who Kang MIRI is to IS until the next couple of episode. Had he known He would have dealt with MiRi before. The reason I'm angry with IS because of the way she treated Miri as Miri's boss. Did anyone else's eyes pop when IS said that Miri was mean to her? . . .
  8. The seen between SJ and the 3-Mi- was so touching and hysterically funny. SJ hitting Mi-Ri because she "wasn't as happy" and the others growing up. Mi-Ri swearing she was happy. SJ claiming that if a mother could abandon her children by just paying money she would have abandon Mi-Sun and Mi-Hye long ago and Mi-Hye objecting. Tears and laughter all around.
  9. I really, really like Tae-Joo but I really hate how the writer is having him behave towards MiRi right now. I know that most people will disagree with me, but the way he is behaving is not romantic but something that is uncomfortable to watch. -Telepathy is not the language of love; speech is. -He has stated his interest in MiRi several times and NOT. ONCE. has she verbally accepted his feeling or said she feels the same way. -He hardly know her. Even if Tae-Joo thinks MiRi is interested in him, he has no right to act on what HE THINK without confirmation from her. -Tae-Joo is making Miri responsible for his feeling when she never did anything to bring them about. He need to take responsibility for his feeling and act from what she says, not what he assumes. There a dozen of men who KNOW that Taylor Swift is hopelessly in love with them and the only thing standing between Tay and them being a couple forever is her pesky staff and law enforcement. -Even if Tae-Joo has proof that MiRi is interested in him, unless she SAYS she wants to act on it, he can't demand that she she takes his feeling into account as she goes about arranging her life. Nor should be be grabbing her and kissing her against her will. He has no idea if she has suffered trauma from sexual assault or generalize violence. He has no idea how his behavior might be triggering. I think it is important to separate what the audience knows from what the character knows when judging the character behavior.
  10. An amazing beginning led to a disappointing end. Despite that, a generally nice episode overall. No even a half our on a 360 of Ahn Bo-Hyun wet naked body could make for for them choosing that tired kdrama trope of the of the delayed true feeling revelation. It's been a while since I've watched a Korean rom-com with scheming 2nd leads. Let's hope they don't stay in oldtropeland for too long.
  11. OMG OMG at 2:05 I was jumping up and down. Consent Consent Consent in a kdrama. 3:01 bubble burst--it was all a dream. No consent. Arrgg At least they manage to prove that consent can be as sexy as hell
  12. I understand most folks being upset with the ending, but I see it a little differently. In someways it seemed like a natural conclusion to SM's journey. Going off the recap, because I haven't seen the subs as yet. 1- I don't think the writers went back on anything the said/showed about SM's character. In truth, they said very little and showed very little about him. He was a mysterious package that we were invited to guess on the content. 2- He was kind, but distant. He didn't/couldn't share himself because he knew what he had done was unforgivable. He was kind to An. I believed SM loved An as a brother but he also thought An couldn't love him back after what he'd done. He protected Ji-Soo by keeping her away from him. 3- SM's solution to the situation he and his mother were in when he was a teenager makes perfect sense, considering his life up until then. I think human compassion can be stamped out of people by overwhelming cruelty, especially when they experienced cruelty at an early age. --I'm not sure how how old SM was at the time of the fire--but I suspect he was 14 or 15. He was captive until he was 9-10, so that was 9-10 years of brutal captivity and 4-5 years of living in the world of institutional indifference. -He didn't know anything beyond relying on and protecting his mother. - Over time he learned there might have other ways of dealing with the situation. One of his regret is that he did not know how to accept the help that was offered to him. He realized only after being in the world for much longer that there are kind people and people who do the right things along with the usual corrupt exploiters. -the show takes care to show how institutional indifference and the obsession with protecting an organization images can cause real harm. The police that dealt with SM and his mother after they escaped didn't do a proper investigation because they were afraid of calling attention to the fact that they had made a mistake. -the conclusion of the apartment fire investigation led to a wrong conviction because of cronyism and corruption. -with the world acting like that, who can blame SM for trying to find his own solution. 4- The most shocking and unforgivable thing the did was the cold murder of the 3 women as an means to an end. He didn't treat them as human beings but as disposable objects -It he had only started the fire, although it was a crime I would have found it excusable to my mind, because he didn't do it to kill. -Allowing Jae-in fathers to be imprisoned was also very bad. BUT he did try to correct that, but corrupt police officials did not listen, they had other fish to fry, taking bribes and getting promotions. The only thing he could have done would have been to confess and that would have removed the advantage he gained for this mother. 5- SM is clearly not a monster. -Over time the number of people he cared for and wanted to protect expanded. -He supported An and Jae-in financially as soon as he had money to do so because he had taken both their parents from them. It must have been hard for him because their parents were the only ones who SAW him and tried to offer him help when he was besieged. -He loves -He regrets. -He feels emotional pain. It seems to me that throughout the drama, there were two things that SM wanted and pursued relentlessly. 1-He wanted to kill his father, because that was the only way he knew to permanently protect his mother. 2-He wanted to be punished for what he had done. -SM seemed to have wanted An to be the one to make him suffer the consequence -SM was meticulous in tracking the development of An's ability, not because he wanted to avoid punishment, but because he was waiting to be punished. -SM put An and Jae-in together hoping that by doing so they would be able to know what he had done and get him punished. Perhaps the subs will explain why SM wouldn't turn himself in and needed An to reveal his crimes, but however you sliced it, he wasn't planning on keeping his transgressions a secret forever.
  13. @turtlegirl Thanks. I haven't watched it yet, but I assume how monstrous Seung Mo comes off depends on how he justifies/explains his behavior. In my opinion kdramas love to do the nurturer vs. nature debate and often falls on the side of nature. But I would put Seung Mo on the nurture side of the equation. I believe that most average people learn how to be human by watching how others around them are human. There are always a few people whose neurological wiring seems to resist nurturing adjustment. There are also people who seems to learn from art how to people open and compassionate. Back to Seung Mo. Seung Mo was held captive, not only physically but also mentally, by two moral extreme on spectrum. His seemingly all-powerful inhumane father and his helpless and supremely compassionate mother who tried to educate him to believe that the world was filled with good people. When they escaped his father-monster he entered a world that seem to have more indifferent uncaring people [the authorities] than caring helpful people his mother told him existed. Therefore it makes sense that he decided he needed to solve the problem of the monster himself. But Seung Mo is not his father. Seung Mo loves. He hurts. He regrets.
  14. But the vision he saw was from an object. It's the foyer cabinet. Not a person...? You are right. He's seeing someone thought off the object. I'm not sure if the thoughts he see are trapped in the time the object was touched or how the person feels about it in the present. I don't understand what you mean here... typo
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