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  1. The moment that stood out to me in the JWon and Jang kiss scene was the very beginning, when JWon first smooth Jangs hair. Jang's hair always looked messy and that is clearly a choice on the part of the stylist and director creating Jang's aesthetics. There were so many times during the drama where there would be the urge to restrain her hair or fix it in some way. And while it might be a projection on my part, by first smoothing Jang's hair, then caressing her face, it gave me the sense that JWon always wanted to fix her hair, but had to restrain that impulse.
  2. My brain is a little fried. But I remember IJ saying to a doctor [can't remember which one] in one of the last 2 episodes that you can't save patients by being nice to them. @larus "We`ll see what really happened. What I suspect about them (I already mentioned about it) doesn`t contradict what IK Jun said. They were never really an open couple. They liked each other and probably dating in secret for a while. We all see that Ik Jun had serious/ strong feelings for Song Hwa and he never had the oportunity to confess. Or maybe they were not yet a couple but Ik Jun wanted to asked her to became a couple at her birthday. It doesn`t matter if thew were or not a couple, but they definitely had romantic feelings for each other and they knew it. I understand Ik Jun being the good friend (He thought about Seok-Hyeong `s feelings. He knew that probably their friendship would have been deteriorated because they were in love with the same woman.) but I believe he decided one-sided about the relationship with Song Hwa. And I think Song Hwa was disappointed and hurt (first love wouldn`t materialize). They both remain friends and repress their feelings. They care and love each other as friends but the question is if still there is romantic feelings left. As we saw, Ik Jun still has those feelings. Of course, he would have regreted the rest of his life if he would not confess now. Good for him. Even if she will not accept to rekindle their old romance, he/they can move on. If Song Hwa will have these lingering feelings left or new romantic feelings she will agree to became a romantic couple with Ik Jun. They know each other very well by now. She will know if they will be compatible or not. If not accept Ik Jun`s love confession , it will be a little awkard at first but they can be friends."
  3. Have Koreans discarded the superstition that if you give someone you love shoes, they'll run away? I couldn't figure out what to make of SongHwa giving Chi-Yong shoes. I also wanted to say, not becoming a priest isn't giving up on God, or else most Catholic would have forsaken God. At least in the West, not becoming a priest doesn't require giving up your Rosaries. All I can say is JWon's father must have been a committed Catholic to have 5 children who wanted to make service to God their vocation. I suspect it is the father, because Rosa doesn't come off as a dedicated Catholic. It hard to know what a dedicated Catholic would look like. People's health: Everyone is worried about JWon's headaches, Song's herniated disc, but the NetFlix translation of SH made it sound like he did have long to live. I don't speak Korean, so . . . I can't tell if it is the script or Netflix. "I don't want to waste time. My time is too precious for that. I want to live doing the things I like and the things I want to do right now. That's why I wanted to start a band. I used you guys." That's the speech they usually give to the hero whose dying young. I'm just going to make up random crap. SH came back to Korea to die and have a band with his friend. He divorced because he was dying and didn't want to be a burden to his wife. His wife loves him. He's keeping himself away from people because he doesn't want the burden of having more friends to leave behind. If he is sick and thinks he's dying he must be sick and dying because as a doctor with family money he would have been able to seek out the best cure. We don't see enough of him from the past to know if this perpetual sadness is new or just his neurological setting. OR He's as healthy as a healthy horse His ex-wife is back because she knows of the inheritance ***************************************************************
  4. I've been watching but not posting. It's the only Kdrama I've been following right now. Now that it's over I'm not sure how I will distract myself from the reality of the world. Season one wrapped up one loveline and that leaves 3 or 4 to wrap up. I really like Jang. I'm glad she got JWon because that is who she wanted. I'd have been happy if she matched with IJ because I really like both of those characters. I think the Jang-JWon pairing was a surprised to some who forgot at at his core JWon perpetually lied by omission. Despite knowing him for years, few of his friends knew about his family wealth and none of them knew about his running at his Daddy-LongLegs charity. So whatever is dear to JWon's heart he keeps it a secret until he must act on it. I think the maggot scene was what brought Jang to his attention. It reminded me of the Pope's practice of washing the feet of parishioner at Easter. It is the ultimate sign of service. As others have mentioned why single Jang out by deliberating withholding praise. JWon is impersonally kind and considerate to everyone so why not Jang. Well he was determined to leave. It would be dishonorably to encourage her affection even if he returned it because a relationship with one woman was not how he had chosen to do his life's journey. JWon did give you God for Jang; he stayed for the children, but figure if he were going to stay, he might as well have Jang in his life. From Reply 1988 (the only Reply drama I've seen so far) I suspect that this writer likes to give awkward late blooming women the prince of their dreams, so . . . Speaking of R88, JWan and IS relationship dynamics reminds me of Bora and SunWoo form Reply 1988, so I'm not too worried about their ending. Personally I find the mystery of IJ and Song story interesting because it seems to have the least movement/progress, but I suspect when it is revealed, we will see it is the oldest. I thought it was interesting that in E11 when Song said she was leaving for a year, JWon and SH were looking at Song and IJ was looking at nothing. That all that makes sense form a storytelling perspective. We know how IJ feels so it makes sense that he wouldn't know how to deal with the emotion around Song leaving. JWon and SH looking at the source of the news also made sense. What was unexpected is that JWan was looking at IJ checking to see if he was okay. This telegraphs that he knows the depth of IJ's feeling for Song. It's clear that JWan knows that IJ's feeling of Song isn't the same camaraderie that the other guys in the group feel. But I also don't think it is because of what is happening now. I think Jwan knew of IJ and Song's relationship in college. It is also possible that he didn't know that IJ and Song's relationship in college and that IS told him about IJ's feeling for Song. At one point IS told JWan that IJ should have pursue Song when he had a chance (or something like that). Like everything else, it can be read as a general statement referring to no time in particular--in a way similar to how all the mothers seem to want Song for their sons. Or it could be that IS speaking of a time in college when she knew IJ was interested in Song. But then IJ's feelings for Song hasn't been a mystery for sometime. The open question has been Song's feeling for who? I think Song and IJ were dating in college. I think she was waiting for IJ on her birthday when SH confessed and IJ didn't show up. IJ might be a bit odd but he isn't full off delusional. He wouldn't buy a ring for someone without a least a slight indication that the person might accept it. I think Song loves IJ but she fundamentally doesn't trust him. IJ chose to protect SH's feelings over Song's in the past and then he went and got married. I also doubt that group was aware of their relationship. It's bad enough to have a relationship go bad, but it is worse when that relationship was hidden from everyone. That means Song went through the break up alone with no one to comfort her. Even if Song loves IJ she doesn't trust that he wasn't abandon her again. I don't think she is pining for him. She is living her life and she'll have other relationships but they have a connection. I think IJ after giving up on his love of Song has been particularly passive in love. Someone pointed out that the way he discussed his sister's approach to love was actually about his own approach to love. He said his sister's lover would have to love his sister more than she loves him, and would have to chase after her. I suspect that shift came after his relationship with Song died. I think IJ wife chased him and he allowed her to catch him. IJ was committed to his family, but he was not committed to his wife. Cheating is never good, but his wife was breaking her marriage/family but not IJ's heart. JWon's accusing IJ of fooling around with Jang early in the drama is there to be re-examined once JWon and Jang's relationship is settled. It shows that JWon's thinking was warped by his feelings for Jang and that lead to to accuse his fundamentally honorable friend of doing something dishonorable. It also give you a way to measure the difference between how IJ interacts with Song when he is married and when he is divorced/free. His relationship to Song changed once his divorce was done legally and emotionally. He began to slip into their old physical ease of proximity of when they were dating. They ate together all the time. Before we mostly saw him socialize with her in the group. He sat closer to her. He touched her more frequently and casually than when he was married. I don't know about the significance of the rain to Song and IJ's relationship, but I suspect that it has some association to their relationship in college. That rain connection is specific to that pair, no one else in the friend group seems to have that connection. It is significant that even though everyone was concerned about Song doctor's appointment, IJ was the one who made the effort to be by her side as she went through the process. Song and IJ's physicality has become easier/more familiar since his divorce. He nags her and corrects her. She hits him. He stands closer to her as if being by her side is specifically his place. No one in the friend group have given any indication that they've notice the change. The one who has noticed it is Chi-Yong. He's now trying to get to the same level of intimacy both physical and conversational that IJ has with Song. That's why he asked that they converse informally for his birthday. That is also why he touched her shoulder as he was saying goodbye. It was very similar to the way IJ parted from Song. Song response to Chi-Yong touch was very apparent. It seemed to me that it was a "thing" that didn't feel "right". When IJ touch her in that way it registers as something that belongs/familial. I could mean that she see IJ in the same way that she see her brothers/familial and no sexual. Her response to Chi-Yong's touch could signal the beginning of a sexual awareness towards him. But in each case I doubt that's what's happening. From the first time I saw Song caring for WooJoo, I assumed Song was meant for IJ, especially since I wasn't aware that IJ was "married". I didn't actually believe the IJ when he first said he was married in the drama. I think it interesting that Song lumped WooJoo in with her nieces and nephews when she spoke about liking children. It seems she thinks of WooJoo as family. Kdrama tend to be conservative. I'm not sure how much time has passed, but I don't think they's want to have IJ get out of a marriage [even if the marriage seemed only real on paper] and start with a new relationship so soon. I love Seok Hyeong. I'm excited to see how his story plays out.
  5. I think it might have been because after she rejected SkHeong she called IJ to meet--it sounded like they had plans. Also SJ has a gift that seemed more then casual for her birthday. I was surprised that IJ was the only squad member that went with Song Hwa to her doctor visit. Also, if my memory serves me right--and it doesn't always, we saw that perhaps Song Hwa finding the men hiding out from the talent show wasn't a coincidence, but that she noticed IJ's absence and followed him. While I don't have a pony in the race I don't think that JWon is indifferent to Dr. Jang. He is generous and complimentary to all, but he is almost scrupulous in NOT acknowledging her efforts. I think he is attracted to her generosity of spirit. I think her lack of bedside manners and sticking to the facts without thinking of the emotional consequence [similar to Jwan in Ep.7 sharing the results of the operation to the child's parent] brought her to his attention in an off-putting way. I think Dr. Jang matter-a-factly removing the maggots from the homeless patient while everyone was repelled by the idea of touching him made JWon see her as pragmatic, without vanity, and someone in service to her patients. The fact that she ran after the abusive father, and kept going after she lost her shoe--and he said nothing!!! The fact that she ran to get the liver delivered in the least time possible--and he said nothing!!! suggest that she has more of his attention than an average resident. It feels as if he is deliberately withholding himself from her. I mean JWon would have showed more gratitude to the efforts of a food delivery person than that he did for Jang's effort.
  6. On point. Nicely summed up. [COVID 19--How awful it feels to live through a moment in history, assuming we all live through it.]
  7. I've been really enjoying the show. The cinematography is lovely and so is the acting. I feel as if the show's heart is in the right place, or more accurately its social conscience align with mine. There were a few moments that I found more earnest than artful and I couldn't watch. [Tony's grandmother's storyline, which I'm sure was very satisfying and heartfelt to others.] I've been worried the hard working, dedicated self-directed woman would not be rewarded in her loveline because k-drama historically have skewed conservative. I'm overjoyed that i'm wrong and Yi-Seo will gets her guy. I also didn't expect Soo-ah to be so brutally eviscerated by the series. I felt so bad for the character, even though I had no respect for her. Also the series has not given the chairman Jang Dae-Hee any softness. Everytime there is an opportunity for him to show sentimentality or heart, he passes on the opportunity and kicks someone in the teeth. As much as i love the direction of the series, I am disappointed by the justification the series suggests for SaeRoyi for not acting on YiSeo's attraction to him. I find that idea that SaeRoYi didn't act because he knew Geun-Soo liked YiSeo just jaw dropping. That is the most backward patriarchal bs justification for a show that is showing a progressive perspective. SaeRoYi overlooked YiSeos' clearly stated preference for being in a relationship with him. He thereby leaves space for Guen-Soo, who YiSeo has never show any romantic interest in. It only work if SaeRoYi only just realized he loves YiSeo, but if he had any idea previously, i'm just disappointed that the series decided to make YiSeo's choice to not be a part of SaeRoYi's calculations.
  8. My heart. The ajummas trying to sneak supplies to their friend had me in years
  9. Good points. If you consider it, all the familial relationships we saw in North Korea have been nurturing. All the parents are making choices that support their children's happiness JH and his fiancee's parents seem willing to subtly support their children's happiness over leveraging their children's relationship to get greater power.
  10. HB puts on a shirt in MyLovelyKimSamSoon and swims. Swims in a swimming trunk.
  11. "Mr. Lee. Why did we take such a huge detour?" "Because we had long lines." The look on his face? Priceless! LOL I'm now really really curious to see Lee Sun-Woong Father.