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  1. 49 days has passed without even a glimpse of her hair. The last time she was long MIA was mid July to September last year although there came out an Aug fan photo in France posted late by a fan in September. Her MIA last year was understandable due to the media frenzy on the divorce. It was so hard as we didnt get to see her in social media also. How about now? At least now we always see her online and happy. I am already convinced she's MIA this time to focus on her lovelife. That also made me afraid she is willing to take a backseat in her career because of love. I know HB is really the love of her life. She was always the happiest with him but I hope she makes a new drama before she will go on long hiatus. But whatever Kyo, if you read this, I am always for your personal happiness.
  2. (please do not quote animated GIF) I remember this also. I was wondering who was it at the time. Now I think it's Kyo but why did she use a Panda pic and an old username that connects way back to 2010.
  3. This thread is active again not because people are pushing Bin and Kyo together but because most of us were shocked when their friend started teasing them followed by other coincidences. The basis here therefore are mostly concrete and not analysis of song lyrics and other delulus. Although of course this group has that also but the main driving factors here are not those silly stuff. Most of the mainstays here are entertaining delulus now compared to last May. Why? Because after spending about 2 months of investigating about movements and coincidences, several conclusions lead to BK have something right now. Not everything can be said here publicly because we protect them especially Song Hye Kyo. She has been called so many things already. All is fair in love and war as they say and its their lives not ours. We are only mere SPECTATORS. Again, this thread is not for matchmaking but supporting because based on rational observation and hunch, there is something going on.
  4. Imagine Bin telling Kyo "It's because of you and him that nobody believes me now no matter how many times I denied" How ironic.
  5. My vote goes to Ogu's mommy She was the one who posted Kyo and Panda throwback last January. It was a clue.
  6. We are also aware how some people intentionally pretend to be SHK fans to become spies. Those trying hard so much to force them to speak are not with this ship. Because we know and understand very well why they are silent.
  7. Issue: Why would his stylist disable the comment section? The comments were all from delulu shippers. Shippers Arguments: They want privacy so they did not want shippers to comment about their delulus. My rebuttal: Then why didn't Vast which issued all denials didn't close comment section? Shippers will always be shipping of course they know and understand it even if it oftentimes has become rabid. My opinion: Unlike Vast, Stylist is being followed by Kyo. If I am in her shoes, I would also disable comments because there is a very high chance that Kyo might see the delulu comments and I respect her being the real someone special of HB.
  8. Dispatch says the wedding pics of stylist with Hyun Bin became a hot topic but they did not elaborate that it became a hot topic because of Song Hye Kyo connection. Dispatch is a troll. They knew something. Hyun Bin is preparing his money now to silence them until the right time to reveal everything. they deliberately left out some important details to tease Hyun Bin pay us or we will reveal LOL
  9. Stylist mentioned "Jekyll and Hyde" in a comment 이모 지킬 엔 하이드 세? Aunt Jekyll and Hyde se? 세 either means three, generation or influence
  10. Another thing to add to series of coincidences is Kyo's Ninja Power is on the Highest Level when she is secretly seeing someone special  She is so loving and humble despite being Hallyu Queen that is why I hope she will finally found forever with someone who really really love her as a person and not as a Hallyu Star. What I love about Hyun Bin was when they were working, he talked about Kyo as a person, for example, how she made him laugh, that is very different to his other interviews when he talked about his drama partners as Actress. The way Kyo talked about him before too has not been the way his all other drama partners talk about him. Its very obvious how him and Kyo knew each other so well.
  11. Big fan of it too I posted before in the Drama thread but I did not become GumKyo
  12. Granting BinKyo are not really back together but merely Friends now, can they are least do this kind Star Crossed Lovers melodrama for all their Squirrel Armies out there? Of course I would understand they will never do a drama together again if they are for real back together.
  13. Thank you for the emphasis. There are many on facebook who said they are SHK fans but who are laughing saying Kyo is lucky to have Captains.