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  1. I dunno what are they trying to prove with too many skinships. Perhaps to show PMY is single and game to have skinships in her drama? Lol. If Mr Neighbor gets too jealous of her drama skinships, 50 Shades of SeoJoonie will happen once Miss Neighbor wraps up drama.
  2. Who would have expected Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan to separate. They were like a perfect couple. So I will only hope PPC are destined to be.
  3. If you check ig there are actually alot of GumKyo, BoKyo, JinSoo (PBG-SHK) accounts. Fans love shipping couples they love in dramas no matter what are their status in real life. I for one loved their on screen chemistry but of course I know how to draw the line between real and fantasy. Park Shin Hye admitted she has a bf but it did not stop fans shipping her with HyunBin and there is an active thread here in shippers paradise for Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Young even if she is married to Ji Sung.
  4. The Billion Dollar Wedding is a long time joke. Because Chinese tabloids before said it, complete with invitations and how many were invited and supposed to happen last August 2018 Even the richest in Korea and Hollywood for that matter do not spend that much. She is a PMY foreign fan not a Korean. She does not know much about what is really happening in reality. To everybody : Please do not take shipping seriously do not make it your only source of happiness. Just have fun playing detectives. Keep looking for clues with magnifying lenses.
  5. There are several K entertainment couples who prioritize their careers more that became affected if they have dating rumors, revert back to being just friends, or taking it slow for the sake of careers. May or may not be true, we will never really know. All we do are guessing games. As long as we won't make them our only source of joy then it's fine to delulu. Fangirling especially shipping is one hell of a roller-coaster ride. I wish they will end up together but if PMY and PSJ are not meant to be, I hope she will be with a non celebrity. It's hard to be married to a fellow top celebrity. Especially if your spouse is your former drama partner and you have plenty of shippers. I pity SHK she cannot do anything without being attacked by immature shippers and being on top of the news whether fake news or real news. While JJH who is married to a non celeb is more free to move around. This is why I understand why PMY solids want a non celebrity for her.
  6. Upload in postimages.org and copy the "direct link" it will automatically appear.
  7. If we are only here only because of the drama then we should have been posting at WWWSK Thread at Korean Drama Section of Soompi Forums and not here at ParkPark Thread of Shippers Paradise Section
  8. No, PMY is not yet on the current list of highest paid actresses in Korea there are so many on the highest paid such as KTH who is on long hiatus and pregnant but still on current list of highest paid. There is no need for PPC shippers to rush them to marry. Many always used SSC as example but they do not know the dramas and everything on SSC ship and solid fans its not a bed of roses for shippers even if your ship marries. Many SSC shippers have left and disappeared having been disappointed that they become even more private after marriage. Many shippers wrongfully thought once their favorite Korean stars marry, they can finally see them often together finally in public.
  9. PMY can choose not to read comments if she can discipline herself not to. That is why many celebs have private ig where they interact with their friends and only used their public ig to post something for fans. SHK closed her comments section though because of fanwars between shippers and solid fans and even if she can choose not to read them but media reads them and oftentimes make articles based on what fans are saying/speculating.
  10. Oh I hope Ms Park is fine. I noticed too that she was also not accompanying Hyungsik anymore too.
  11. Yes he was the one who had a crush on SHK. He was clueless SSC were dating now, many at the other ship are angry at PMY why always a pic with him and not with their oppa. Maybe towards the finale she will post pic with KJW and PD like the Three Parks of WWWSK
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