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  1. I thought the date at the dry cleaners was a brilliant move on JH's part [well, the writers of course]. By taking JI to his parents' business he is showing her every part of his life that might be seen as a lack in society's eyes. It was the same way he introduced his son. He introduced the information about EW early and EW himself in the process. Also the laundry date alerted JH's father to the kind of person JI is, someone who his son believes would be comfortable hanging out in a laundry. Also he saw JI"s face during that date, which had a look of pleasure.
  2. Was I the only one who noticed and was curious about the or sale signs on the entrance of the family home when SJ was leaving with TJ. or did I make that up?
  3. Still no subs, but from the chairman's household's domestic scene, we have now reach the point where we see the abuse that IS has endure over the years as a means of generating sympathy for the character. The production is making the audience into TJ. It seems as if IS after all this time owns nothing--she owns nothing so she can't leave. Anything she "has" can be taken away by the chairman with a stroke of the pen. I think that was the purpose of the scene where he ordered his wife stripped of assets and resources. She also can't get a job "at her level" because to hire here would be the same as crossing the chairman. She has been waiting for tJ to inherit to get her due. Now that IS role in the family has been dramatized, not just discussed the audience is expected to understand why TJ cannot leave IS in the family without support. Seeing IS as "head maid" makes clear it is always a bad thing to tie your fortune to the whim of an mercurial autocrat. Check out the body count of former allies in Richard III if you don't believe me. This makes me feel better of Miri NOT marrying into the family, but marrying TJ. I'm not sure how she would pull that off, but the having your happiness tied to the chairman is not a good option. Actually I don't think TJ is even safe in the hierarchy. I think the reason why the 2nd wife and 2nd son are back to undermine TJ place and you know, add drama. So far it seems like TJ isn't dying to inherit. I think he would accept being the head of the corporation so that he can take care of the employees. But he isn't into to money and power, like he's said, he's willing to walk away for Miri. I wonder if TJ owns anything independent of his father?
  4. @thistle I've put your quote under the spoiler out of consideration for those scrolling on their phone. I'm very aware of how cultural orientation shapes perspective can limit understanding of cross-cultural narratives. This is why I often mention that my perspective is predominately western. I do so because I know is limits my understanding of the nuances in the storytelling. I also know that my understanding of the story is limited by my worldview and I've never insisted that anyone see the world as I do. I think that different interpretations can peacefully co-exist. The better the art the more varied the interpretation will be. We get out of a story what we bring to the story (and more). I think the difference in perspectives adds richness to the forum. Things only become uncomfortable when individuals insist that their interpretation is the only valid one. I also have a sense of the difference between the Western-individual identity focus and the Asian-Collective responsibility focus ways of being oriented in the world. While I can't speak for the Asian perspective, I feel I can say that the western focus isn't entirely individualistic. We in the West love and support our families up and down the generational line. We also support our friends and community and I'm aware no one is saying otherwise. I also think that there is a spectrum or orientation towards parental investment. At one end there is the belief what a parent invest in a child and the child repays the parent's investment by investing in the parents when the parent is older and needs help. The other view is that the parent invest in the child to help the child become self sufficient and able to survive without the parent's help. Most families, Asian or Western falls somewhere on the spectrum. I don't think it is that easy for people in the West to stop speaking to their parents unless their parents have been and continue to be harmful to the child. There is often a family member or family friend working to mediate a reconciliation. The reason I watch Korean drama and Victorian novels is similar, to experience people struggling under different rules expectation navigate their world to fulfill the same desires that my peers and I have. I don't judge the "correctness" of their approach to life, I can and do judge how harmful their choices are to them. I think my investment of time in the story and characters gives me the right to bemoan and constrains that hinders their happiness. That's usually the results story expect--the audience being upset by whatever impedes the happiness of the protagonist. As far as I know, the obligations implicit in social contract across cultures go in both directions. I'm sorry. My eyes are bothering me so I'm going to cut to the chase. Leaders have an expectation of loyalty from their follower. Yet bad leaders deserve to be overthrown. Who decides when a leader is bad? Good-to mediocre parents should be honored and revered. Bad, abusive, destructive parents, should be rebelled against or avoided (run chile, run). It is important to understand the importance of filial piety in the society the drama was created for or the drama will lack conflict. If we don't understand how huge a transgression it is to go against the "adults", to go against one's parent, to go against one's father then there is not dramatic stake. [And I know these infraction are consequential to the society in which the drama was created because I remember a drama being censured because the mother (I think) was not treated with sufficient respect.] To my WESTERN mind the sister's father is a true failure as a father. He does not take his daughter's personhood in account. He see them as bargaining chips for his own advancement. SI's marriage seems to have been against her will for her father's benefit. Now he seems to want to do the same with JI. From my perspective this drama is not meant to be upholding traditional filial obligation. JI is presented as a disruptor. She will what she wants. Therefore, I may be wrong, but this battle that is coming will be about disrupting the traditional filial piety that is keeping everyone chained to misery. It keeps SI chained to a marriage that is hurting her body and soul. It is making GK wander around lost because he expected to societal hierarchy to cushion his life and didn't develop coping skill to deal with the cushion not being there. It made JH as romantic pariah Yes there will be consequences, the Greek chorus (Korean actually) has be predicting the destruction of the lovers because you know, they won't take the path society had determine they should take. And another note, if JI was willing to do a hunger strike to have her way as a teenager, I'm sure there is more she is willing to do to have JH as a partner.
  5. SJ got the MVP award today They can't tell the secret of secret because they don't have any other story to tell. It has to come out slowly and ensnare everyone in its web. I suspect that TJ will discover it or Miri will tell him. He will either break up over shame of depriving Miri of her mother or they will work together to manage the chairman's response. The chairman will find out, kick out IS. He will also kick out MiRi--TJ will try to go with MiRi. It will take time for TJ to convince Miri to let him take the blame with her. SJ will give the chairman a verbal beatdown. SJ will also try to convince Miri and TJ that they should all die together. IS will have a humungous pity party. Slowly MiRi and TJ will be back into the chairman's good graces. One by one IS will be forgiven.
  6. The subs are out in my region and I decided to do myself a favor and only watch SJ's scenes. Kim Hae-Sook/SJ must have had a ball this week. She had such great and varied scene. "Let's kill ourselves. Let's die together." Her scene were so ridiculous and over the top I have to assume they were fun to do. The fire (and I suspect glee) when she went after IS hair. Felt so sorry Choi Myoung-Gil /IS who had the thankless task of delivering repetitive pointless uninspired lines. Also the wardrobe people either hate the rich, the actor, or the character because they are dressing IS in clothes no one can make look good. Exactly whose talentless middle school child did they outsource the designs to? Did they mean to punish the child, who in turn decided to flip them the bird. Maybe only the truly high-class can see the beauty of her clothes, or maybe just folks who are high. The chairman may have outdated views of the world and class privilege, he is a misogynist but he seems to respect people who challenge/disagree with him to his face. He respected the Chinese business woman Wang(?) who disagreed with him and she shifted his views. He respects Miri and SJ who told him, "We are fine without your largess, thank you very much." We only see him being mean to IS who goes along with everything he wants and tries to act behind his back. Man, it would be ironic if his edict to IS to give up her child was a character test that she failed. Perhaps if she had told him, "Stuff it, thank you very much", she would not have given up her daughter. Miri would have grown up to be a very boring woman if it had turned out that way. There'd be no Mom asking her to die with her because she can't bear to see Miri's heart so badly broken.
  7. I'm sorry this drama isn't your cup of tea. [Not trying to change your mind because you know you.] I think it is a complex examination of relationships, not only romantic, and familial, but also communal. It's well written, beautiful (if darkly) shot. It is more cinematic than most dramas. I went back and scrolled through your post and I see that your don't like JI. I can see how someone might not like JI. The character isn't the usual kdrama female lead. Certainly not for a rom-com (which this isn't), but even most romance drama. She isn't trying to fix anyone, she isn't trying to save her family, she isn't self-sacrificing. In some ways her character is structured like a wounded male character--closed and self-preserving. Another way to see JI is that her desire to work towards her own happiness without catering to others because traditions and society says she should is as a Western feminist construction of women's right to autonomy, agency, and happiness. There is an element of agency and putting oneself first is is rarely afforded women in drama and in life that can seem harsh and off-putting. Women who pursue their own desires are often seen a villains--and to guarantee that the dramas tend to make them the entitled rich or the striving cunning or greedy. In someways JI reminds me of the female lead is My Ajusshi. The female lead in My Ajusshi seemed self-focused and selfish, but because she was fighting for basic survival it was easier to overlook her non-compliance with drama female norms of generosity and self-sacrifice. I think JI is fighting for spiritual/emotional survival in a similar way. Some of her early conversation with JH is confusing and off-putting, and she insisted she will do what she wants. I suspect that it is because my comprehension is being mediated through subtitles. My outlook is Western so I understand her fighting for JI own happiness. Something I found interesting about the character is how she flipped the relationship sequence of discovery. Often when people begin a romance they bring their best self to the table and then overtime their selfishness and less attractive qualities begin to show. JI reversed that. She started out tell JH that she is selfish, she not going to protect his heart, instead she'll be looking out for her own feelings. Every time he asked her to help him get over/stay away from her, she has refused, asking instead some version of, "what about how I feel. you take care of yourself." This is a very unusual for a woman in a romance drama to do. Yet as the drama goes on, we see JI working hard to shield JH from the negative outcome from her people. In fact, JI went out of her way to protect GS in the eyes of his father from their break up. I think a lot of the forum's reading on GS is a valid interpretation, even though some of it is not inline with my own. Also I haven't been watching as carefully as many in the forum because I'm often exhausted when I finally get to the drama. I often say the best dramas is not where the force is "good versus evil". The best drama is when you have "good and valid A" versus "good and valid B". There you get general heartache and pain. I'm pretty sure that GS is going to do something that makes me think a whole lot less of him, but right now, to me, he is a sad self-satisfied product of his class who lack the imagination to investigate the world to see if it is any different or more interesting than he was told it was. We already have a awful villain in SI husband and while the sisters' father might be standard issue in some cultures, to the western eye his lack of interest in anyone's perspective but men of higher status and his own puts him in the villain columns. Honestly I don't how anyone is going to stop JI from being with JH if she wants to. She lives independently, she seems to pay her own bill, she job isn't through either of the fathers, so how will they force her to stop seeing JH. I don't imagine they will try to lock her into a mental institution, since this isn't that kind of drama. Her father may stop talking to her, but how much of a loss is that?
  8. Unless one of these guys are trained fight coordinators this looks awful to me. You have a professional studio production and two actors working out a fight scene with each other. Do Korean actors have unions? @tok-soompi I see your point on GS and agree with much of it. Is he perfection? Nah. Is he someone I'd like to hitch my life to? Nah Do I think he is a little dense? Yeah. Do I think he lacks imagination? Yeah. Do I think he is right for JI? Not now. Maybe at one point before his job sucked the life out of him. While is behavior is not admirable, it is totally in range of normal hurt human behavior. For me the best ending would be for GS to realize that the break with JI is a door to freedom and use that door to find himself again and go off being happy doing music--if he has a talent for it.
  9. Yes more than 2 interaction. The meeting in the library with the gift of dinosaur books. The phone conversation in the bedroom. The 2nd library meet when Eun Woo was scared because he couldn't find JH. As best I understand it big ego/low self-esteem sometimes go together like bully/coward. Sometimes the huge is a over compensation for the low self-esteem
  10. I don't disagree with you. I think the writer's/production's intent in Episode 10 was to stir sympathy for GS. They put that intent into JH's mouth (and made JH more of a prince for saying so). I totally get why the majority of the forum has no time or sympathy for GS. I was taken aback by how low his self esteem is. He looked baffled as to why what he knew was no longer true. I sometimes see that look on kids' faces and it always breaks my heart even when that kid is a grownassman. I know his behavior will get worse an d I suspect like JH I will lose patience with him. Also, especially with yesterday's episode, i get a sense that I'm losing a lot of the language based subtly in the interactions. A lot of the reactions that I'm seeing doesn't seem supported by the sub-titles. When will people in the drama stop reacting as if being an single parent is some fatal contagious disease. I found JI's adoration on Eun-Woo a little out of the blue because she's only, [if memory serves me right] had two interactions with him. But then JH was attracted to her after only one interaction.
  11. Lovely episode. And in what might or might not have been the point, I'm going to follow JH instruction and be in full sympathy with GS. GS might be an richard simmons, but I was totally feeling sorry for his underdeveloped selfhood. His conversation with his father was heartbreaking. The fact that his father has someone following him and taking pictures is disturbing. The fact that he is discovering every rule he knows about the world does not apply when he needs it to apply is sad. Maybe he walks like a 50 year old man because he thinks like a 50 year old man.
  12. It is clear that SI never consider not having the baby because no one (or very few people) get a sonogram of a baby they don't plan to keep. Also once SI knew she was pregnant she began taking better care of herself by buy vegetables and make herself a healthy meal. If he does that one assumes everyone on the fence would support SI's effort to be free. But that is a harsh way for a woman her age who wants her child to be liberated from her brutalizer. I hope the FATHER would only have standing to press charges if SI dies. She should press charges if her body is brutalize.
  13. 1- I'm not calling anyone on the carpet. That would indicate more of an investment than I have. Carpet calling energy is reserved for folks I know in the world, and I would do that in private. I wasn't call you out, I was just disagreeing. I do believe that young actors, particularly, find it difficult to find the deep well of humanity in the "villainous" roles for fear of people hyper-identifying the real them with the villains. And I think comments like that just feeds their caution. Lots of American actors who play soap opera villains have stories of folks attacking them verbally or physically on the street for things their characters do. One of the best, and most disturbing piece of acting I've seen in Kdrama is Jung Woong-In in I Can Hear Your Voice. I'm not saying there hasn't been more "human" villains in drama, just that I haven't seen them since I studiously avoid watching cruelty, torture, and violence. That rom-com sucked me in. 2- Personally I don't think that the drama has to bow to what "the audience wants" because really the audience is not alway unanimous if what it want #shippingwar . I think the actors are obligated to deliver as much physical intimacy as is required for the story to be told fully. I'm not sure about SKorea, but it the US actors contract enumerate how much skin, how often, how much touching, kissing, simulating they are required to do the role--especially established actors. Even with a good contract it doesn't mean it is always a good or safe experience for actors to do that kind of work. When a kiss is needed it should be done, and done well. There is one SKorean actress and one Japanese actor that I wish would stop accepting romantic lead roles because they seem unwilling or incapable to create realistic romantic intimacy on screen. Much of the clamoring I read for physical intimacy, seems less about serving the story and more about, well . . . whatever. Personally I thought the kissing was beautiful done, The first short soft kiss checked whether physical intimacy was welcomed, the second acting on the welcome. That interaction and Her Secret Life has been great about modeling consent in intimacy, something Kdrama is not always good at doing. 3. I don't think small town matter and viewers are viewers and no one is a "non-entity". I don't know any human beings who are non-entities, and I'm assuming you are not a bot. Every viewer counts. The only way you might not matter is if you aren't able to consider using NH Bank or can't be persuaded to drink Ediya coffee. 4. This is the 1st time I'm seeing Kim Joon Han's work so I have no opinions of him except for GS. I tend not to be interested in meeting actors or any artist whose work I like because I wouldn't have any idea what to talk about. I never got creepy for Robin Williams, but I understand your feeling. I"m never wanted to meet artist with a capital "A" because I figure their intensity would be intimidating. Sometimes I see them on interviews and I am "Whoa". Prince, love his work, but never was interested in a one and one--he seemed like he wouldn't suffer fools, and most everyone not working on his plane would seem like a fool. You may be right, but kdrama loves doing point of view shots, behind tree, around a corner, and 99% of the time there is no one there that has an impact on the story.
  14. Minority opinion: I've got to say, even though I assume much of this is written is jest, as an actor ( who doesn't act much any more) and as a teacher of actors, I find this sentiment very disturbing. It's sentiments like this that keep actors from doing their best work Just as problematic is the real world "shipping" that insist that an actor doing their job well must be in some kind of romantic place with their costar. Also the clamoring for deeper longer kisses. Sometimes it all feels disrespectful of acting as a profession and actors as human beings. NoonaPharmacist is terrific
  15. Watching without subs: There is something that has been niggling my mind about GS; he stands and moves like a much older man. He moves like a man of this father's generation. JI apartment: I think this is the first kdrama I've seen with an apartment that front door opens on to a busy street. Most living situations I see in dramas are either these sumptuous mansions or traditional or rooftop apartment off tiny winding streets. I totally get why JH was trying to avoid introducing JI to his Noona Pharmacist boss, but NoonaP was determined to get an intro. JH shoo hand gesture and NoonaP "who is this" eye dart was so endearing. Something that we do so naturally in life can be so hard to explain to non-majors acting students. What was up with the set dressing for their coffee date. Was the table cloth askew for a reason. It was so distracting. I have to assume it was on purpose because the camera lingered for so long. I sympathize with folk with OCD who may have watched the scene. I think the reason JH would refuse to pay for JI's food previously was because it would indicate a dating relationship, that she was "his woman" and he didn't want to go there unless they were there. It was so delightful seeing them out in the light, even if it was only a brighter restaurant. I wonder if JI didn't recognize GS former band members. If she did, staying in that space was inconsiderate, even if she and GS were broken up, because she knew she hasn't accepted it as yet. The preview looks as if JH's community is welcoming JI while GS is trying to marshal JI community to his side. Looking forwards to the subs.
  16. Confession time: I am growing to dislike the theme song. I think they play it at least 5x per episode. The fact that it has lyrics means it is less able to fade into the background. It's worn me down.
  17. Sometimes in k-drama a topic or a trope will show up and suddenly it seems like every other k-drama is writing about it. At one point it seemed dissociative identity disorder was everywhere. Ok in 2 simultaneous drama. Then Alzheimer and early onset Alzheimer came to stay. [It's like the Korean psychiatric group petition to have the issue addressed.] This week in One Spring Night and Mother of Mine the fathers who wouldn't approve marriage because they thought their son's love interests didn't bring enough to the pairing got told off the the love interest and decided the women were good enough after all. Maybe not the first time it has happened, but it is interesting seeing both in the same week. Maybe chaebol fathers have petitioned to have their image improved by having these characters seem more reasonable. LOL
  18. Watched the subs 1- All of Miri's scenes were well written. Her first scene when she stood up to the chairman was amazing. Her integrity was her backbone. She did not lie. She said she had feeling for TJ but was not going to let her association with him undermine professional reputation after she had done years of work to create her reputation. She made no promise to the chairman she was not willing to keep. She called him on every blufff--she won. 2- 3- MiRi MUST tell TJ immediately, or at least before they take the next step in their relationship. -She doesn't have to tell the chairman--because she writers must have their tension. -She must tell TJ and this can be one of the first challenge they work through as a couple. -The issue is if she doesn't tell him, she is now doing the exact same thing he did [not tell her about his family] that led to distrust and disruption in their relationship. Writing the kind of drama is difficult, since you have to juggle so many plots and character to develop and give story arcs. The writer is doing a wonderful job creating fantasy perfection with Miri and TJ while keeping them rooted in as much reality as a drama will allow. However the writers are not serving the other characters as well. IS is very poorly written. Either IS is a one dimensional character or there more going on than we see. If there is more going on than status hunger and insecurity, the writers withholding information in order to build mystery is not working.The actress is working so hard to create complexity, but the written material is not supporting her at all. Maybe this is just my North American perspective about parenting: but seriously I just think IS is delusional. She doesn't explain her decision to leave her child behind yet she returns decade later and expect the deference and respect that hands-on parents EARN?!!?!?!?!?!?!? WTH? - The "I'm your mother, listen to me" BS just boils my blood because she has never made an attempt explain her choice to her daughter. - She has no one on her side, and usually I'd feel sorry for that kind of career, but even with that, she seems to feel entitled to the loyalty of others without doing one thing to earn it. To review her action with She leave her child and tells SJ to send the child to America -Where in America? -To whom in a America? -She talks about SJ lack of sophistication, so how could she expect SJ to make proper arrangements. -You are going to send a 8? year old child by herself to a country where she doesn't speak the language and knows no one? seriously? Who with a conscience would do that. I'm not saying sending a child away is heartless, but randomly sending a child away is. - IS never checked in to see how those arrangements were going, she only sent money. -I can't even be bothered writing more about IS the delusional.
  19. skipping through the raws. Question: Does anyone ever have a conversation with the chairman without shouting sajangnim at least once? TJ: So while I understand what he's doing I'm still on the fence about him dragging his "relationship" with Miri out for inspection, when she hasn't even agreed to the relationship. Just because someone loves you, doesn't mean they are willing to have a relationship with you. As divorce couples. Sometimes they may still love each other but can't figure out a way to be together. The office gossip: I know he is meant to be comic relief, but I just find him cringemaking. IS: She need a friend to stop her from drunk dialing her ex [daughter]. lol --I think the plotline of the chairman taking everything away from his wife and family is meant to show that IS fears aren't without basis. --I was going to write something else, but I'm tired of IS and her wanting EVERYFREAKINGPERSON to put her needs before their own when she hasn't done anything for them except push a child out of the birth canal 30+ years ago. What can I say I've run out of patience/out of sympathy. The Jung Husbands: --MiSun's husband's shopping is an addiction. He should get help or go live in his parent's basement. [Unfortunately they don't have a basement.] He and his father should just go live in that man playroom he's created in the hotel.
  20. Watched with the subs. Times might be changing and I don't know how things work in real world Korea, just drama world Korea. But I know that in most places when an office romance goes sour it is usually the woman's career that suffer, perhaps because the woman is usually the subordinate, and 1- the company will support the person with the more power because they have more invested in that person. 2- Society has channels in place to "richard simmons shame" women but no such channels or procedures are in place to hold men accountable when they can't or won't control their sexual desire. 3- The richard simmons-shaming gets worse when the man in the situation is wealthy, then gold-digger shaming is added to the richard simmons shaming indictment against the woman. Miri-- I get why, even without the IS complication, Miri wouldn't want to be seen as being in a relationship with TJ at worl. 1- He's younger and that seems to be a bit of a taboo in Korea 2- He's (or will be) the ultimate boss. She worked so hard to get where she is, she doesn't want her effort to be overlooked and her success attributed to sleeping with the boss. 3- Even if she doesn't advance in her career, the jealousy, fear of offending the big boss, and curiosity/gossip about her relationship can make it difficulty to collaborate with co-workers on an equal footing. Me- It kind of bothers me that TJ is overlooking Miri's preference on behaving professionally at the office. BUT--I'm tamping down my annoyance because I think TJ is being strategic more than he is being inconsiderate. TJ's strategy. 1- TJ isn't just pursuing Miri at work but he is making it clear that he is the one who is smitten in the couple. 2- He isn't sneaking around with her, because when you sneak to do things it implies you think it is wrong and dirty. 3- Instead of asking her to come to him, which he can do using several made up reason he comes to her, in front of her staff and repeatedly address her as someone with greater "status/knowledge" than he has himself. [Or at least that is what I think was happening--the subs were unclear.] 4- In the cafeteria he broadcasts his pleasure at being in her company when she looks at best professional and in reality irritated at being put upon to eat with him. His performance of "open courtship" continues through the coffee, where he reverses the status expectation of the lower ranked colleague getting coffee and instead TJ, the higher ranked employee, serves Miri suggesting the interaction is a social or romantic relationship. 5-The drama make the strategic nature of TJ action clear when he realized and says out loud that having lunch with her in the cafeteria could be interpreted innocently as a director having lunch with a manager. 6- When you think about it, it seems TJ's strategy protects Miri from office gossip whether the relationship works out of not. No reasonable person can say that Miri pursued TJ to move up the corporate ladder or for his money when it is clear he is the one "relentlessly" pursuing her. Instead if things don't work out, the reasonable people n the office should suggest Miri sue TJ for sexual harassment. But when have people ever been reasonable in dramas? I was happy that TJ got a chance to explain to Miri what his plans were before everything was exposed. Felt so sorry for TJ every time he referred to IS as his Mom, and explained IS's role in his life. Poor TJ didn't realize that every time the call IS Mom he widened the distance between him and Miri. Chairman-- Seriously, does the chairman have someone to go to the bathroom for him. What exactly does he do except for harass people. IS is suppose to raise TJ, monitor and control his wife, and take care of his young son? I wonder who he outsourced the conception of his children to? #annoying. Chairman was in full misogynistic mode today. It was like the writer decided we hadn't picked up on the behavior and decided to have the chairman spill the vitriol. @larus Maybe Jin Soo's issue can be considered similar to internet gaming addiction. One issue with Jin Soo's behavior is that not only did he not sell his super expensive toys to help support the household, he is now spending money/ renting a hotel room for his expensive toys, therefore keeping money that the family sorely need. Basically those toys are as expensive as an unemployed mistress.
  21. The episode is delayed where I usually stream. But from the clips I've seen the question I have every week remains the same, why does Miri speak to IS. I know it is necessary for the drama, but really . . .
  22. It may just be my interpretation but it seems as if GS didn't seem happy or relieved that his father approved JI. I know that GS is having problems getting JI to marry him, but he still thought he had enough of shot to invest in a ring. Although his father's approval remove an obstacle for him and addresses one of the reason JI gave him for not wanting to marry him, he looked more disappointed after his Dad's approval than before. My "theory" is that marrying JI is GS act of defiance against his father. HIs father made him give up music for a more practical profession. In response GS chose JI, which was meant to show he was his own person and would't do everything his father wants. Now that JI's been approved by his Dad, winning her over is doing his Dad's bidding. I don't think that it is an accident that GS went to see his former band members after JI gained his father's approval.
  23. If SI is pregnant i'm sure it is marital rape. Does the concept exist in Korea? It doesn't everywhere. Are abortions legal in Korea? I'm sure the pressure to keep the child will mount. It won't only be a private issue. I can see he crappy violent husband making it know publicly pressure SI to keep the marriage alive. Haven't seen with subs-but I'm not the least bit surprised that GS's father now thinks she would be a good partner for GS. The youngest sister's antipathy to GS is strong, I wonder if they had a run in that no one is aware of before.
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