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  1. I was so looking forward to watching this. I thought it would be a rom-com/drama with a touch of the supernatural thrown in. Today's show was too close to horror. I'm not sure if I'll be able to continue with the series.
  2. About 12 Again, we see people trying to solve problems for someone who is not in a coma, or having cognitive difficulties WITHOUT consulting them. Seriously WTH!?!??!!? HJ "Am I your/a child" need to be said to so many people, including the parents. I understand his family's concerns. AND I also understand JH sense of privacy. I assume he never brought the difficulties he was having in the business home to the family for fear that his father and brother would say--as they did without even knowing the true complexity--if you are not doing well, join the a
  3. Communications: The characters in this drama have mostly communicated well. It seems as if the series is about to change that. 1- I truly don't think that HJ should have gone to the police without Min-Jae. Right his his career is not his career, it is his and Min-Jae's career. I'm not sure what the police said to him, but he should have taken her with him. 2- I'm a little frustrated of people interfering into HJ career/life without consulting with him. If JH announce she's his girlfriend, without consulting with him that's not good. Ji-A interfering is
  4. I am confused by the point of your post. -- Are you an undercover marketer working to drum up audience share for Nine-Tailed Brahms After Lies? ? I have followed dramas that I sometime have issues with one or more elements, and I critique them. The information you have posted isn't about the drama, so much as it is and update on your viewing preference. BTW, originality is not the only thing in art, execution matters also.
  5. I'm so excited that Kim Beom is back. It's been forever since I've seen his work and he's usually so good and so interesting. His face has matured a lot since I last saw his work. Lee Dong-Wook always bring the pretty. He's a red fox, thus the red hair.
  6. Both fathers have negative examples in their lives that they are afraid of their sons following. HJ's father fear him becoming like his grandfather. Last episode, HH's mother said to her husband that her husband feared HH turning out like his uncle, HH's father older brother. Unfortunately both men are letting their fears suppress their love and support.
  7. DATING ON THE DOWNLOW I suspect there are a few reasons AH slipped away. 1- she hadn't met his family and it was a complicated and public way to meet HJ's family. If he had been seen her soon enough or Min-Jae had issued a formal invite, then she would have been more comfortable. HJ and Min-Jaw were the only people she knew so she wasn't free to join the group comfortable. 2- even though HJ and AH are dating freely within there "friend group" They are not dating publicly. I'm not sure that they are dating officially at the salon or when AH does HJ's make at an event. They talk
  8. I just wanted to stop by to say how much I LOVE Min-Jae. I love everything about her. I love her style. The hair, the clothes. I even love her depressed sloppy style that's so realistic. I LOVE her PERSONALITY. Shin Dong-Mi is kicking it out the . . . where ever one kicks things out of. [Not a sport fan and I should avoid athletic metaphors] This episode also answered my question of Hye-Jun walking off the set in a costume piece and getting it soaked in the rain--the suit belonged to him. Since I started watching K-dramas in 2005 the genre's portraya
  9. Thank you for so diligently responding to the questions. Some of them were rhetorical. More than being concerned about the actors in Record of Youth improvising their fight scenes, I was more concerned about how Record of Youth was portraying the Korean entertainment industry especially since in the past several actors have been injured doing stunts. In some ways I felt some of the transitions at the top of the episode 6 were not graceful but required the audience to fill in the blank. For instance Hye-Jun changed into a new outfit including shoes, that we had not seen befor
  10. @gumtaek Great to be here! It is good to have a series worth commenting on. What else are you watching? It is totally great to guide the actors through most of their performances. It is great way to work. However action scenes are a different beast. Of course the actors themselves might be trained in stunt coordinating. More that anything It is the idea of the series presenting spontaneity as the way fight scenes are done. in the US, fight choreography and intimate scene choreography must be worked our carefully to prevent accidents and misunderstanding.
  11. I'm so glad this drama is around. It's my weekly treat. I wish there were others that were as good but I Kinda sad that I haven't found another drama that is currently running that is as engaging. Enjoying having this drama to look forward to on Mondays and Tuesdays. PBG must know the geography of the set like the back of his hands since the Sa family seems to have taken over Jung-Hwan's family's home from Reply 1988. This drama confirms what I've often suspected PBG has a "Richard Gere" problem. He is a character actor trapped in a gorgeous leading man'
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