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  1. 8 episodes only? I need more but at least it's revenge suspense drama not horror
  2. Based on Kyo's latest interview, she want something different from her previous dramas. What if this is going to be a horror or suspense drama. I am not so fond of horror dramas and movies but I will watch for Kyo.
  3. I hope this will be in Netflix. According to someone at Encounter thread, in November 2019, Studio Dragon signed an agreement with Netflix. But apparently not all their dramas before the agreement (such as Encounter) was signed were included in the agreement. Hoping this one will be a Netflix drama.
  4. This drama is said to be genre play, it coincides with Kyo's W Korea interview that she wants to do a drama that is a cross-genre. Mixed of several genres.
  5. Encounter Episode 2 tonight at TVN Asia 9:45 PM for GMT +8 Timezone. Different timeslot for Thailand and countries on other timezone.
  6. I think this will be a new genre not yet tried by Kyo. She mentioned in WKorea she wants another genre.
  7. History repeats itself In 2013, 5 years after the drama and two years after breaking up with the male lead of World's Within, Kyo reunited with Writer Noh for TWTWB In 2021, 5 years after DOTS and two years after breaking up with the male lead, Song Hye Kyo reunites with Writer KES
  8. This is also what I heard. Parental intervention. Anyway, he is not the one making Kyo inspired since 2020 so all is well. BinKyo pairing finally laid to rest exactly 10 years Jan 2011 - Jan 2021 Because of their highly secretive nature it took a long time to figure out.
  9. @DonnaMae I am a Song Hye Kyo fan only but please do not blame Hyun Bin. He preferred denials this time around. It was not his fault the fans made wrong assumptions. There was no BinKyo2.0 ever. I was only disappointed why he has no respect for an ex whom he had an amicable break up and he never instructed Vast admin to delete comments bashing Kyo.
  10. As SHK fan, I only started dropping posts here from time to time when I noticed that several people close to Kyo are now openly supporting Hyun Bin and many SHK fans may not admit this, but there are also those who do not like him, but had kept mum about him and the BinKyo issue till today because they were being careful just in case there's some truth to rumors. I am glad this issue is over now. Hoping some people will now stop bashing Song Hye Kyo and leave her alone "I am loved by many people and having embarrassing rumors are part of it" - from the latest W Korea is
  11. Looking back, 2020 was such an unexpected year. Posting on BinKyo thread is among the unexpected happenings this year. Happy New Year to all. New Year, New Me - Song Hye Kyo
  12. What a nice surprise to see both Kyo and Binnie as year starter magazine covers for W Korea and Esquire Korea. I can feel it and I am claiming it. SONG HYE KYO COMEBACK DRAMA IN 2021! THE QUEEN WILL BE BACK!
  13. By the way, among all BinKyo groups, this Soompi is my favorite.
  14. Trending in Weibo: HB AND OYS are dating. I wish them well if true. BinKyo and BJ shippers should stop fanwars now.
  15. I am not claiming to know Song Hye Kyo personally but through all these years my intuition on her has always been proven right. One of the primary reasons I like her is because I can relate to her most of the time. She is the typical girly type who loves poetry and music and a deep thinker. Her every post and like in social media has significance. With this, I think posting a pic of a sun setting on October 31 has meaning. For me, it means "The End" As Ralph Waldo Emerson famously said "Every Sunset brings the promise of a new dawn"
  16. I also love that new CF pics of Kyo dropped today and that Hot Tea caption
  17. She already deleted the IGS So it seems she was missing someone like the Night Night post. The post had personal meaning so she deleted. She was busy the whole day doing photoshoot and Hyun Bin was spotted yesterday also. While he had no photoshoot, he has doing some business works. My guess is caption "What you did today?" was a message to him While she added Soon for fans, Soon - the release of her new photoshoot. And "sweet dream" was for him and I would also claim for all of us. Although she knows English but she used "Dream"
  18. To whom she is addressing her captions? Someone took the pic of her and Baby R. She was busy for 2-3 days with photoshoots. I hope its for a magazine and I hope Baby R is part of the photoshoot.
  19. Maybe delulu and I know Kyo is just sooo pretty and many fellow celebrities often chooses her as most beautiful, but how come this actor whom she worked with only in 2008, 12 years ago to be exact, and has met many other actresses since then, still remember Kyo? Maybe because he heard the rumors of two WW co stars? That made him recall Kyo immediately.
  20. They are not in Busan only one friend of Kyo is there. BEAR: BIG AND LOVABLE, HUGGABLE. BABY R IS SMALLER BUT SLIGHTLY OLDER BY FEW MONTHS. Similar to BinKyo.
  21. Thanks to all Hyun Bin fans here I got to know the real him more. There are so many false impressions I heard of him from the past. These are I think the same vice versa for his long time fans about Kyo. We do not really know them personally but the fact THEY HAVE MANY COMMON FRIENDS WHO REFUSED TO TAKE SIDES WHEN THEY BROKE UP is proof enough they are both GOOD PERSONS!
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