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[Drama 2019] Her Private Life 그녀의 사생활

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Read a few posts in the last few pages on this topic, so just a gentle reminder to make use of this other thread for discussing the on/off-screen chemistry of the OTP :) 


IG update by another child actor, Yang Hee Jae - one of the cute Judo students :D


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FINALE KISSES                                    THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!   

Before we move on, I just want to appreciate their first kiss again:     Sorry it's night time at my place so can't find more proper lighting for the painting. Anyway, an art direc

My First Real Fangirl Experience   Since we all don't have BTS today, I thought I'd share with all my fangirl buddies here what happened to me last night as yall were going wild watching ep

58 minutes ago, fangirldeokjil94 said:

Gosh. Like other people have been saying.. STS is bad here.. when I played the video, trying to understand what they were saying, but then just lost focus staring at KJW and hearing his deep voice in my ear..... LOL.. totally cannot understand as my Korean is limited, and Chinese even worse......but mannn his voice is soooo sexy and deep.....and just like music to my ears.. shiver shiver...rawr


Ah MAI GAD I am still replaying that short moment when he said hello to me when I was at the filming site... ottoke fangirls... I'm such a gonerrrrrrr...






must be hard for you to recover from the "fever" after you met KJW! I feel you..Maybe you can go again to the filming site and if you're lucky enough, he surely recognize you..



I know how's the feeling.. I've met JCW 2 years ago..he is only i step closer to me and i almost want to grab his beautiful hand :phew: and I'm glad i had a group photo with him at his movie premiere and only God knows my feelings after seeing him in front of my own eyes..such a beautiful man with a very flawless skin...and I'm not sure when i can meet him again...


so while you still has a chance to meet KJW, please go to the filming site again and see if you're lucky to meet him again.. hwaiting!!  

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I've been lurking for a while then decided to join the discussion. Too bad i forgot my old acc then created a new one. LOLs. 


I really wanna thank the director and the writer of HPL for creating such a high EQ character of RG. And of course, for KJW that makes the character comes to life perfectly.


I've been learning a lot from RG, particularly in terms of being cool while listening and speaking in a low tone tranquil manner. I've been practicing the tone in a week and suprised by how it makes solving lots of problems easier! I'm a woman, at my 30th ;)

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1 hour ago, Oksana Sutra said:

Oh my, guys you did 120pages now !

 i know right 50 pages for two episodes ...

6 hours ago, tan10can said:

@NaYouSabi? Please do more we need your wonderful input and translation of HPL to get us thru Fri to Tue... It's hard when we have nothing to talk about.

i would like to , but am so slow at giffing and i get demotivted to in writing when am behind as i feel the episode has passed so no one is interested ... my post for episode ten will be more on the analysising side of things , but i would like top make a similar post for 11 as i think it would be a worthy episode ...


that watch scene has me writing a few fanfictions in my head that shall put my family to shame ...:ph34r:


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Link to full iQiyi interview with Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook

(post-press conference, so this is an old interview):





Translation of CN subtitles:

PMY:  Hello, I'm Her Private Life's Park Min Young.

KJW:  I'm Kim Jae Wook

PMY:  First of all, I think Oppa is very handsome, so I'm very happy. He's someone who is visually in sync with the character Ryan Gold. He lifts my spirits when I'm feeling tired. He has a nice personality, good manners and is very considerate. He's a very good actor. My impression of him till now has been getting better and better.

KJW:  I don't have experience doing this genre. Think you need to have a good range of expressions to act in this genre. Minyoung-ssi is very good at this. So it's very reassuring that she's here. When acting with Deok Mi, she shows a wide range of different emotions and expressions. It's awkward between our characters at the beginning. We are not so close yet, so there's a need to maintain a distance. [note: think he said "tension" in english in the original dialogue, but I'm translating the exact chinese subtitle.]

KJW:  It is tough. When you watch her display so many expressions for a scene, it's hard to hold back the laughter.

PMY:  Yeah, Oppa is always laughing out loud when he's supposed to be glaring at me.

KJW:  I'm certain everyone will also laugh out loud when watching those scenes.

PMY:  Maybe (I'm) like an alien  [note: according to someone else's translation, it should be "I" or "you" here, but needs to be confirmed]

KJW:  I've always wanted to do a drama that everyone could enjoy in a lighthearted way. Her Private Life sounded very suitable, so I agreed to join the case. I hope that the viewers can enjoy watching the drama.

PMY:  The most difficult part for me personally was... if I was only required to portray a hardcore fan (unni admin who runs fansite), then I would focus on that. But I have to portray a second persona as Sung Deok Mi Curator, so the difficulty is in juggling the character's two personas. She works during the day, then uses her spare time after work to participate in fangirling. I put a lot of effort in working on how to portray her dual lifestyles. I needed to turn into a productive fangirl in a short amount of time. I did a lot of research to prepare for this.

KJW:  She really did a lot of research. Viewers should watch the drama to see the results of how perfectly she has been able to portray her character on screen.

KJW:  I think I've learnt a lot. At first, I didn't understand the fan lingo mentioned in the script, so I went to do research to understand the terms. It's quite interesting. So we've been filming happily.

PMY:  Actually I even destroyed 'apartments'/buildings.

Q:  What tools did you use?

PMY:  That's a secret. Even though I'm known as a 'spoiler elf'...I destroyed buildings and even pulled them out.

[Footage of PMY hammering virtual buildings in the animation sequence when she was fantasizing about her good fortune of getting to visit Cha Si An's house for work reasons.]

Q: Please describe any memorable fan support that you've received.

PMY:  I celebrated my birthday recently, and fans from many countries did various events, e.g. planting trees, charity work, fundraising for charitable causes. I was moved to tears. They are so exemplary and reflect a meaningful fan culture.

KJW:  It's similar for me. Fans have done charity work/donation drives in my name. Such as year-end events where they donate to charity. Hearing such news makes me immensely touched and happy.

PMY:  After all the fans are showing support in a mature and meaningful way.


Note: See above post on this page for other parts that have already been translated.





Edited by Sky8lue
Update translation
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Agreed ... that shipping is a disservice to the actors....

Sadly I'm a mad shipper .....I become a fan of the OTP as a collective. 

In a way I ship  them because they portray such a perfect union... plus the Koreans also love to put up sweeter than sweet bts.....

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IMHO, there’s nothing wrong with whether shippers or individual fan of either KJW or PMY....:) Each of us have our own way to show appreciation to their work in HPL. Like most of us here majority are ladies, we are drooling over KJW the most but it doesn't’’t  mean that we don’t appreciate PMY. Or for those who love PMY but don’t care much about KJW, it doesn’t mean they disrespect KJW. We should co exist in this thread without the need to put down anyone’s way in showing their appreciation to this couple or drama. I cannot imagine if someone here would tell me to stop drooling over KJW because I am being disrespectful. Plus I don’t see any haters yet so far in this thread.


If we really wanted to strictly imposing Soompi Rules, we can only discuss about the drama in this thread nothing else. Because both PMY and KJW has their own respective thread. So let’s us enjoy and appreciate each individual way in expressing their love for HPL and the casts...:)

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Moving on from lurker mode to posting mode because I truly enjoyed this drama. My inner Deokmi-shin can’t resist this anymore! :joy:


By the way, whether you are a shipper or non shipper or simply enjoy this lovely show, it’s very insightful to hear so much theories and perspectives. This shows how engaged and engrossed we are with the show and it’s great to hear something new because who has thought watching k drama can evoke so much discussions! By the way, I read all the different threads relating to this dream because I simply can’t get enough of them. Patiently watching for Wed to come while continue to rewatch gifs and clips from everywhere :love:

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Glad someone pointed out Geon Woo, what an adorable kid. First child kdrama actor I've seen who I got the cutesies for (though I've been impressed before, by the WWWSK child actors). Wife loves seeing him when she sees me watching lol. 


@Sky8luethanks for the translation! Great seeing there tandem, and it's great they got paired up for this romcom because neither are romcom veterans. I mean, this is only PMY's 2nd romcom and KJW's 1st, but they both so good that they look like naturals. Love how the bounce off each other here. 

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How sweet is DM's mum for making a lion for RG and it's so adorable how DM has to explain to her mum that it's Ryan not Lion :joy: best way to input a nickname ever!


I'm thoroughly enjoying most of the side characters too. Cindy has surprisingly grown on me. At the start I thought she might be one of those frustrating type of characters but she is actually quiet adorable and I see her sticking up for the team against her mum in future. I love that Secretary Kim supports Cindys fangirling and the actress playing Cindys mum is doing an awesome job playing an eccentric Director too.


I am so excited for the next episode! Really can't wait! Thanks everyone for helping the time pass faster, no place better than discussing dramas with fellow drama lovers hehe we're all a little like DM in her SA fan cafe haha :D

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It's been awhile I've been hooked onto kdrama for almost 3 years. Very thankful to HPL for bringing up spices and acting as a motivation. And I am sure all of us here are always waiting for every Wednesdays and Thursdays. 


I am having so many feels and for this drama and both KJW and PMY had such a great chemistry and even joking and teasing around with each other. It's so heart fluttering to see just the both of them. :wub: 


I have some doubts about the scene where the Ajusshi who is in the car and speeding. Is he just trying to speed and nothing got to do with DM? :mellow:

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@sillygal yeah not sure why he was speeding but I don't think he meant any harm, he probably thought DM would have walked out of the way by the time he got to her. DM did say he was always illegally parking so he certainly doesn't pay attention to road rules.. RG's reaction was priceless though haha


Yes not long to go now until the next episode!! :D

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