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  1. Yep and I always thought that they wouldn’t have looked so discreet if they really were with a so called ‘group of friends’ lol it’s clear in the photos it’s just them two.
  2. I was randomly thinking about how HB’s agency seems to be denying the rumours a lot more than SYJ’s agency and I wonder if this is because SYJ has made it clear that she doesn’t want anyone to know about their relationship until it’s like really serious (as in marriage serious). I can imagine HB doing everything in his power to ensure SYJ’s image and reputation stays the way it always has because we all know how much her career means to her and she probably doesn’t want an official relationship to overshadow her career, unless it’s marriage and she’s ready to announce it herself. Generally dating rumours occur when an actor/actress star in a drama and have great chemistry together but rarely are they spotted together outside of the drama/drama production and once the hype wears down, the rumours normally do too. But in this case, there’s been ongoing rumours for over a year prior to them even starring in a drama together and they were actually spotted together in the US grocery shopping.. I also believe the first rumour about them being spotted together having dinner in the US like a week or so before they were spotted grocery shopping is true because it’s quiet a coincidence for one rumour to pop up and then like a week or so later, actual photo proof pops up of them grocery shopping in the US too. This means they likely saw each other a lot more than we know while in the US. I’m not sure how anyone would believe they aren’t dating or at least seeing each other lol Anyways just my random thoughts for tonight! @jinjin he certainly didn’t look too impressed he was probably thinking “that’s a strong list of actors to compete with, better act quickly”
  3. Hmm interesting. I haven’t been keeping up with the news so I didn’t know that. I haven’t read the books either. Hopefully there isn’t too much sloppy editing if they have already been filming, so at least the story will kind of flow on properly still. I imagine they would just focus on the main storyline perhaps and not incorporate too much of the secondary leads stories but again, I haven’t read the books so can’t comment too much. As someone who hasn’t read the book, I will probably feel less disappointed with the story if it does feel like a lot has been packed in because I’m not familiar with the story. For me, I would be happy with a smooth fast paced story with good chemistry between the leads.
  4. I have got my sister and one of my close friends hooked on this show now too I keep rewatching all my favourite scenes. It’s just such a great drama and one that you can just keep watching over and over again. I wish it had been more episodes because 16 just wasn’t enough for me Just waiting for another drama to come and create the same kind of magic now.. don’t think another drama is going to match the pairing of SYJ and HB though.
  5. I have been rewatching CLOY and their interviews and they are just so darn adorable together. SYJ has such a fun and contagious laugh, like you can’t help but laugh or smile when she laughs. HB seems as though he loves being around her and can’t help but smile when she laughs too. I’m still patiently waiting for the official announcement
  6. So sad that today’s usually the day but the dramas really finished I will be rewatching again tonight!
  7. I love the vibe in here and all of the shippers, whether CLOY brought you here or you were already a big shipper before. It’s great having a place to come to chat with other excited fans. I wasn’t a vocal shipper of HB and SYJ before this but always thought they matched and I remember being so excited when the first dating rumours came out. I think them having a proper project together where I could see them interact often has brought me out of my non vocal shipping to full blown obsessed about them lol I think it’s safe to say they had a sleep over based off the trolley contents
  8. Haha wouldn’t that be great! Especially if he were a shipper too! Like he is just waiting until HB and SYJ are ready to announce their relationship and he has his statements retracting the previous denials all ready to go Kinda like the NIS agent, just trying to do his job yet can’t help getting swept up in the romance
  9. Does anyone have that video or know where to find it? I remember people talking about it during the wrap party but apparently it was taken down? I can totally picture them being playful and teasing HB and SYJ. With their wise years and experience, they can probably spot a famous couple from a mile away I just feel like every single person on that set would have thought there might be something going on between HB and SYJ at least once. Those bts videos don’t lie
  10. Sorry but HB doesn’t just look like there’s ‘honey dripping from his eyes’, he looks like a man staring at the woman he is falling (or has fallen) for. I don’t think it’s just acting lol I think everyone is being clever with their wording during interviews
  11. @AnnieCheesecake thanks for keeping so many of us updated! Please don’t be disheartened by any rumours or articles. Thanks everyone for your opinions too. I find everyone’s insight interesting and valuable even if it involves a third party but completely understand why some discussions should be kept out of this forum. This is a shippers paradise after all. After all the denying from HB’s Agency, I highly doubt anyone from the set would be encouraging the dating rumours between HB and SYJ out of respect for them. We all know SYJ has never had an offical public relationship (or any type of scandal at that) since she first stepped into the industry 20 years ago so I’m sure everyone respects her enough that they will let her decide when she wants to announce her first public relationship. Same as HB, while he has had public relationships before, he’s a well respected actor who has been in the industry for so long and I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t want to announce another relationship unless it’s with the one he wants to marry. I’m sure all of the industry know to keep secrets to themselves because it’s not their business but particularly when you’re dealing with two superstars, you need to tread carefully. I’m convinced that there’s something going on. Even if they aren’t dating yet, it says a lot for rumours to be popping up constantly between two superstars. They were spotted in the US last year and they clearly thought they wouldn’t get recognised together in an entirely different country in a random grocery store but they were mistaken. And they were trying to hide even though they were in a different country.. like they’re literally wearing caps and looking down in all of the pics lol I completely understand them just trying to take it slow though and I think these photos alone speak more than words. I also imagine they’d be super busy with their very packed work schedules so what’s the best way to spend time together as a famous actor/actress? Star in a drama together of course I do love how much praise they have been getting from their costars for being so kind, professional and genuine too. Ok that’s enough from my shipper mind haha have a wonderful morning/day/night fellow shippers wherever you are in the world!
  12. @AnnieCheesecake can you dm me too please? I’m confused as to what’s going on but know we shouldn’t speculate in here either. Thanks in advance chingu!
  13. I am so obsessed with these two it isn’t even funny! Having been one of the fans who always thought they matched, I’m over the moon that they finally starred in a drama together but this thread makes it even better. So many shippers in one spot, it’s awesome! I rewatched some of their bts videos and interviews last night and I would bet money on it that if they aren’t already seeing each other then HB has a very big crush on SYJ. I think the feeling is definitely mutual of course but HB’s eyes just glow when he stares at her. I watched some of his other bts videos from his previous dramas and he just doesn’t light up the way he does when he’s around SYJ and he certainly isn’t as touchy and playful. They both are very private people in general but when they are around each other, it’s like it’s just the two of them and they just have a great time. I absolutely love the video where they read fan compliments to each other and need to guess which one they wrote for one another. It’s hilarious and there is soooo much chemistry. SYJ literally tricked him by writing a compliment that sounds like it’s by someone much younger, she was having so much fun teasing him lol You can really tell how much fun they have together and how playful SYJ is too. She’s always been genuine, kind, funny and confident and she certainly knows how to bring out his happy, playful and relaxed side. I seriously won’t be able to rest properly until I know these two are together haha
  14. In my opinion, cheating on someone generally applies to someone who is unfaithful when they are in a relationship so it’s hard to consider it cheating when JH and SD had no type of relationship whatsoever, I wouldn’t even call them friends.. It was an engagement of convenience. Also, technically they both fell in love with someone else, not just JH but at least he was open and honest about it from the moment he realised he had sincere feelings for SR.
  15. I can’t stop rewatching. It’s terribly sad that it’s over but upside is that I can just rewatch from start to end as many times as I like now How breathtaking did SR look in that floral dress and how insanely handsome did JH look at the end when they were watching the piano recital together. Such an incredibly attractive couple. I’m still sad that we didn’t get more happy clips at the end and we didn’t get to see the twins so I’ve created my own ending In my mind, SR and JH end up living together in Switzerland with SR working remotely and occasionally visiting the office in SK and JH managing the piano program in Switzerland. They then have twins and live happily on that gorgeous mountain in Switzerland, growing beautiful flowers and enjoying picnics in the sun together as a family. The ducklings are also permitted to visit Switzerland through some other type of program SR/JH establish and so they get to meet the twins and be uncles to them. SR also collaborates with SD’s mum for some type of fashion project and the ahjummas end up working with SD’s mum so they in turn get to travel with SD’s mum when she visits Europe so they get to meet SR again too. This is my kind of ending
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