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  1. Yes just date already please! They are so comfortable around eachother and the way they glance at eachother.. just dateeeeeee!! Hopefully it was just him joking and referencing the male fans as her 'boyfriend' haha otherwise, who is this man!?
  2. @pad-hari yep that was a big no no for me too! I was mainly referencing when majority of fans started being upset with Gu Jian, it seemed to occur after he pretended to be GXW. I think his first action in pushing XF to LCY at the start was ridiculous too. It was quiet sad that he tried to hide his part in it while allowing LCY to suffer more because LCY was the one who had to do the dirty work when he and XF had already fallen in love. I think I could have put this aside though if GJ had repented by just being a loyal friend and confidant to XF once she lost her memories or by telling her the truth if he really couldn't bear the guilt but he used it to his advantage instead.. I get he didn't have much time left to live but maybe start by being truthful first.. anyways I completely agree with you, he definitely had a hand to play in all of this to start with! @Erafera1 yes those ones!! My goodness, she is just stunning! I hope we get to see more photoshoots of her, major girl crush haha and thanks for the tip, I think I can't locate the link because I used the Instagram app? I forgot my password so I don't logon to the actual website and am too lazy to reset it (yes I really am hopeless haha)!
  3. I think there are some small similarities between GMP and TKW but mostly because of the time in which they were set and that both male leads could generally be seen as not your typical male lead. The storylines were different though and I much rather prefer LCY's complex character and XF's character as a female lead. Both were gorgeous dramas though (with handsome male leads ) and I'm a big fan of ZBB and now CXX too of course! I love discussing the character of LCY, he is such a complex character and unlike any males leads I've encountered before. I agree that he accepts the predicament he is in and embraces it but in my opinion, he certainly feels apologetic and regretful to XF. He doesn't entirely defend himself though because he knows it's common practice for these types of incidents to occur e.g. killing her grandpa to avenge his brother and earn military merits but he certainly regretted it hence why he jumped in the river of forgetfullness with her. When he acts indifferent to XF after forgetting his memories, he does little things to make up for his actions because he feels apologetic to her and because he truly cares about her. I think the situation with people defending LCY and not GJ is because frankly GJ made a big mistake in pretending to be GXW in the end, manipulated and took advantage of XF and then encouraged LCY's insecurities. I tried to be open minded about it and thought well, he was just trying to get XF home but it's clear that him manipulating XF in the end was for his own benefit. He obviously was aware that XF had already fallen in love with LCY again so if he really wanted to make up for the past, he would have just told her the whole truth and allowed her to make her own decisions but he was more concerned that she would hate him again for lying to her too. Yeah, he felt bad but so did every other character who didn't tell XF the truth but at least they didn't try and twist the situation to their advantage and instead, just allowed things to flow naturally while doing what they could to be there for XF. I really just wish someone could have told XF and LCY the truth early on.. still makes me so sad at what could have been even though I know it would have been hard for her to forgive him again after having the exact memories ingrained in her mind but maybe she wouldn't have died Anyways off topic but have you guys seen the gorgeous photos of PXR in a recent photoshoot I think for a magazine? I don't know how to post instagram pics (I know, I'm hopeless haha) but my gawd.. she looks STUNNING! Anyways sorry for yet another long post from me!
  4. @pad-hari he is so precious and innocent haha I adore him even more seeing how adorable he is in real life! PXR couldn't look at him when CXX was talking at the end these two
  5. @pad-hari yesss I hope so too!! Surely someone or somewhere is going to air the full uncut episodes right!? They'd be silly not to given the hype and popularity! @Erafera1 thanks for sharing why is CXX so handsome and dreamy!? And PXR is beyond beautiful! Those little cartoon pictures are just adorable
  6. Aw so good seeing this thread still going strong! Feels like I haven't been in here for ages (probably just a week or two though haha)! Our two fav leads are still getting praise and attention which is awesome and very well deserved. I hope that with all of this, we get to see them headline a new drama soon even if it's not together. I must admit though, it'll be hard seeing them with a different actor/actress.. Their chemistry completely won me over and made me full blown obsessed with this drama so their next main roles will be hard to compare to but I won't complain too much Regarding the comments on LCY/GJ, I've always found myself defending LCY too. It was a different time and age back then and as I've said before too, LCY didn't have the advantage that everyone else did because the poor guy didn't regain his memories until basically the very end. I do agree that him forcing XF to watch him kill GJ was excessive but for me, it was mainly because he also disregarded Adu lying in the direct vicinity of all of the flying arrows. I also can't justify him forcing XF to bed.. I get he was confused, angry, hurt and jealous but that part was a big no no. All in all though, I find it very hard to be mad at LCY because he really has suffered too and GJ really shouldn't have kept feeding LCY's doubt, confusion, jealousy and anger. I understand XF not telling LCY the truth was perhaps her way of getting back at him but perhaps if she (or one of the others who knew the truth) just told LCY the truth then alot of the upcoming events could have been prevented. It's interesting because at the start, I felt so awful mainly for XF but as I watched the drama more, I really felt so bad for LCY. It's easy to forget the political side of things and only see LCY as some vengeful man who got jealous and possesive but he really wasn't like that at all. He had to avenge his brother and his mother, happened to fall in love with the one person he least expected to fall in love with, lost his memories, unknowingly fell in love with the same woman again, spent a lot of his time and energy ensuring XF was safe while killing himself inside because he was purposefully hurting her to keep her safe, was made to believe his wife who he knew had fallen in love with him too was all of a sudden in love with another man who apparently was his cousin and wanted to leave him forever then when he finally regained his memories, it was too late so he lived a long lonely life because he also happened to promise his love that he'd live on.. It's just a really sad story.. Awesome to see how this drama is still bringing out lots of different opinions and perspectives, it's what a good quality drama should do! It's always great coming together with other fellow drama lovers to analyze the different aspects of dramas and just plain old fangirl too
  7. Thanks for sharing the pics and vids guys! Why is CXX soooooo handsome
  8. @nuttyz thank you for translating! It's such a sad poem/song isn't it and it can be interpreted in so many ways. They both had their turn of being the fox, fate just wasn't on their side. So sad..
  9. Noooooooo!!! I was starting to get attached to their modern day selves please production team, give us a few more episodes!! CXX is sooo handsome and charasmatic! PXR is just gorgeous! They really both suit whatever era they're in, just such a gorgeous pair. I really hope we get a season 2 now or even a whole new drama but with these two starring together! Pleaseeeeee drama gods!!
  10. Thanks for sharing! The little piglets are so cute! I love how even though Xiaofeng doesn't know Adu in this life, she still has her back cos she gave Li Chengyin the 'shhh let her continue' face haha maybe cos she was interested in whatever Adu was trying to promote but still haha So lovely hearing our fav soundtrack incorporated into these sweet clips too, really brings out the romance! It's so rewarding to see how happy and carefree they are after knowing how much they suffered in their last life. Can't wait for the next episode!
  11. Haha yes! So hilarious and of course she suggested for him to sell wine I love that he still doesn't like walnuts and she wants to eat crab! And the camera definitely modern day Gu Jian haha The way he looks at her though, so much love and chemistry! He still looks at her exactly the same as in their past life Seriously how clever are the writers in establishing such great short clips with so many awesome references but making it into something lighthearted and fun! Polar opposite of what we just watched and experienced so it's just so refreshing and exciting to see so much happiness between our leads!
  12. I love all the little references to the drama/their past life in these lovely short clips. I love how he is actually a tea merchant in this life and his name is Old Wu. I also love that she said she wanted him to catch her 100 fireflies. They finally got a blissful normal life together. The production team is so clever in adding these little references and giving us some humour after all the tears. I'm so glad they actually done something for the fans too. Best cast and crew ever!
  13. It is the only song she knew but it also can be interpreted in so many ways so when she sang it with Li Chengyin the first time, the lyrics could be interpreted into a more lighthearted way but still with an underlying message. In her case with Gu Jian, I thought it referred back to when she was waiting for him at the start on the sand dune so therefore perhaps she is apologising for being the 'fox' and not waiting for the 'shepherd girl' being Gu Jian to return. This is also where a lot of the tragedy started as she first encountered Li Chengyin in the desert while waiting for Gu Jian. I always thought when she sung it to Li Chengyin before she died, it was her way of saying he was the fox, impatient and unable to wait for the shepherd girl (this time the shepherd girl being Xiaofeng). I find it interesting that they chose the exact same scene of her waiting for Gu Jian on the sand dune as the last vision of her whilst Li Chengyin was walking through the desert, it's a symbolic scene because while she was waiting for her supposed love Gu Jian, she encountered her one true love Li Chengyin. Lots of interesting parts to depict and lots of different interpretations. Shows how much thought was put into the drama!
  14. I just rewatched the last 2 episodes with subs finally and my goodness.. this really is the most tragically sad drama I've ever watched. I don't know how I ended up being as obsessed as I am over such a tragic drama! So many parts just made me tear up.. Li Chengyin being so desperate to have just the smallest place in Xiaofengs heart, the tragic goodbye kiss and Xiaofeng saying "goodbye my Gu Xiao Wu", Yongniang helping Xiaofeng and Adu escape, General Pei finally relenting and opening the gate for Xiaofeng and Adu, Xiaofeng silently crying as she holds Adus body and of course the tragic last scene with our two leads what I also found incredibly sad because I didn't understand what they were saying when I watched the unsubbed episode was Li Chengyins delusional belief that Xiaofeng was still alive. Even if he was aware that she had died, he literally spent the remainder of his lifetime looking for the river of forgetfulness and in my opinion, her.. I still believe she waited for him in the afterlife because he would have paid for his sins by living a long life without her and this was kind of her karma to him so once he could prove that he could keep his promise to her, perhaps they could move on together to a new life. I just found myself going back and forth between the two of them and how tragic their fates were and felt so sad for them both. I could see both of their perspectives and just wish things could have resolved better. I wish they'd either slowly reconciled later down the track or even just lived apart for the rest of their lives but secretly looking out for eachother. I was completely open to this ending when I first started watching the drama but now I just wish she didn't die Superb acting all around but again I gotta highlight CXX, he really is something else isn't he!? And while rewatching the subbed episodes I've really been noticing even more just how gorgeous everything is, the costumes, scenary, palace and the soundtrack really is one of the best! I'm so glad we got these adorable short epilogue clips too! They are perfect to settle our heartbroken obsessed drama fan hearts haha If I'm not mistaken, they have just been reborn into this life correct? Does anyone know if they will be releasing longer clips and how many clips they plan on releasing? They should just do a proper season 2 if you ask me They really do have the most amazing chemistry. All the bts clips just look like the whole cast and crew had so much fun and worked amazingly well together. Perfect cast and crew for an unexpected smash hit! P.S. wow I didn't really take notice before but CXX really does have lovely hands!
  15. P.s. I can't stop rewatching the subbed episodes.. literally a crazy obsessed lady with no life who scours the internet for any updates on my work break haha lucky my two little kids sleep early and hubby just lets me be a crazy drama obsessed woman this drama will be the death of me I really wish they'd given us more sweet couple scenes! I feel like they owed us that at least given the crazy rollercoaster of emotions they made us go through! I still haven't gotten off the rollercoaster yet by the way haha
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