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  1. I just watched the first 3 subbed episodes on Viki and I'm loving everything so far. This is going to be my next addiction, I can feel it! Leads are great and have good chemistry so far, story set up is great, hints of the backstory is interesting and intriguing, everything is visually beautiful and I'm liking the soundtrack. Perfect set up for the next addictive hit! Reminds me of the feelings I had for Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, Ashes of Love and Goodbye my Princess when I first started watching them and I love those 3 dramas tremendously (my top 3 fav Cdramas)! Hopefully it doesn't start going downhill halfway (like I've seen with quiet a few dramas) and we get a happy ending although, I'm sure they'll be a ton of tears beforehand given the premise. Edit: I'm just reading comments, has this drama already finished and Viki only just took it on? Bit confused lol
  2. Aw love that he's still happily smiling under his mask I might do a GMP rerun while I wait for his new drama. @Erafera1 haven't watched that one but I'll give it a shot. I was just about to start Love and Destiny and Love under the Moon. I want to watch Hotel Del Luna but not sure if there are scary parts cos I'm a chicken hahaha @jewelsc I just watched Before we get married too! It was sooo good! Wish it was longer than 13 episodes. Definitely on the JL dimple train now
  3. @Erafera1 love your rant haha I tried to watch it but gave up, it's not really a romance drama and I am hopeless romantic so not quiet for me lol main guy is very handsome though!
  4. Omg just seen some headlines, our handsome prince looks to be officially taken! He's dating his costar in his next drama, Hu Bing Qing!! There goes my PXR/CXX shipper dream lol but in all honesty, super happy for him!
  5. Tonight is usually when the next episode is uploaded and I'm super excited to watch it.. but reality has finally hit me and I'm so sad that this drama has ended I tried to re-watch the last episode with subs but the video isn't working on the Kissasian website and its not available in my country on Viki either I only watched the last episode raw when it first came out but would be nice to re-watch with subs. Please act together again PG and JL!!
  6. I haven't watched many GHS dramas but Boys Over Flowers is one of my fav dramas and I loved GHS in that. I have been reading the news articles and feel so sad for her.. she has always spoken so fondly of AJH that it's really quiet devasting seeing her now have to clarify and defend their marriage/divorce. I have read quiet a lot of negative comments on both GHS and AJH and while we'll never really know the whole story, I don't think GHS would be putting so much of her story out there for the public to see if there wasn't some truth to it. I hope they do divorce because given the circumstances, they'll never be entirely happy together and they both deserve happiness.
  7. @tiMadam I liked the ending too. It makes a lot of sense for WW to have some time to herself after putting herself aside for so long to make others happy. For only a 13 episode drama, there was so much progress between KH and WW that by the end, I felt like they really knew eachother so well and would have a happy life together. @aggiesbaby thanks for clarifying the time jumps! Oohhh hopefully we get a sequel or even mini clips of KH and WW! I liked the ending a lot but wish we got more KH and WW, I can never get enough of them! @Applechan I don't think we ever got a reason or maybe we did and I skipped that part? Lol I did find myself skipping ZY scenes quiet a bit lol I'm actually content with not knowing the reason why, I feel like it would have been irrelevant and perhaps ZY knew it hence why she spent her time trying to interfere with KH's career instead.
  8. Ok so I wanted to wait for subs to come out before watching the last episode but who am I kidding, I couldn't help myself and watched the raw and it did not disappoint! I do wish we got less HY and more KH and WW but the love scene made up for it DW and KF getting their happy ending was wonderful. I absolutely loved seeing DW stick up for KF against HY when he usually admires HY so much. I think that was when KF realized he was the one, her eyes just lit up. They are adorable and hilarious and I can see them having a very fun life together. I need to wait for subs but from what I could see, WW agreed to leave for KH's sake but then KH surprised ZY by resigning himself. ZY's face was priceless, no more trying to control KH anymore for you! I ended up forwarded most ZY scenes, I find her controlling, demanding, power tripping demeanour to be so annoying and unbearable.. hopefully she leaves the company alone now too and does something for herself finallly.. HY was literally being next level crazy, like I get that you're hurt but maybe take responsibility for WW leaving you and give the girl some space. He was being so obsessive that I couldnt stand watching scenes with him. I think he finally got the picture towards the end though.. I did feel a little bad for him when the realisation sunk in that WW really didn't love him anymore but it's his own fault and you can't force someone to love you. I agree with the previous comment someone else posted about HY likely being fine with the break up had MZ actually had feelings for him. Just goes to show what kind of person he is. I am so happy that WW and KH finally got a chance to spend some time together as a couple. They really click and bring out the best in eachother. The scene where KH leaves the press conference to rescue WW was epic, I love the background music used too. The kiss and love scene was so intimate and filmed so beautifully, the chemistry between the two is just crazy. Everything just seems so normal and natural between JL and PG. I know they're friends in real life but the chemistry is still insane. They need to film another drama together because them together is magic. I'm not sure if there was a time skip before the wedding but looks like WW and KH had some time apart? If so, I actually like that WW didnt run away in a dramatic manner, looks like KH respected WW's decision to have some time to herself, which is another big reason why I love him. I loved the wedding scene, watching the four of them in front of the altar just made me think about how fun and mischievous their lives will be together. Can't wait to re-watch with subs! It's been a fun ride and I'm sad to see it end but also so glad that I watched this drama cos it made me a PG and JL fan and I'll be waiting for their next projects that's for sure. I am officially on the JL dimple bandwagon
  9. Eeekkk HY is really stepping up the creep factor isn't he.. poor WW.. I really can't stand him continually stalking and forcing WW in the teaser. I can't wait to see her admit her feelings for KH especially to HY because he's clearly in denial and convinced that WW will go back to him because he's always been able to manipulate and guilt trip her back but not anymore mister! Sad this drama is ending this week but super excited for our main couple to finally get together! Side note: PG and JL just need to date already, they are both so darn attractive and have such good chemistry. I know they're friends in real life already so here's hoping all of the intense kisses brings out a different type of feeling between them. A fangirl can dream right?
  10. Wow MZ caught me by surprise that's for sure.. I was adamant that she would end up with HY but she really did just recognize his talent and want him to work for her. I do recall she gave tips to HY to help him win back WW but because we never got to hear everything she said, I thought there was something else behind it. I'm glad she gave him a dose of hard honest truth cos he really needed it, he has been acting like such a child. I finally watched ep 11 with subs too and everything HY said just made me cringe. He really didn't realise what he had until it's gone and it was satisfying watching him realise that she isn't coming back. I felt bad for him when I saw how his dad reacted to WW admitting fault though.. I can see why he has always aimed to achieve but still, he should have given some consideration to WW. I really hate that WW has to take the blame for everything. I do see why she just ended up saying she slept with KH though because HY was being so demanding and overbearing that she just caved and told him what he wanted to hear so he would back off. That's the problem with manipulative guilt tripping partners, you get to a point where you eventually give up defending yourself and just agree with what they're saying, because you just hope that this will at least make them leave you alone. I feel so bad for her and now that she knows that KH's position might be in jeopardy because he was dragged into this, she feels even more guilty. I completely understand her reasoning in not wanting to pursue a relationship with KH straight away and why she would back off so he doesn't lose the job he's worked so hard for. KH is just something else isn't he. I just adore him more and more after every episode because he continues to show us what determination is all about. Not just in continuing to support and encourage WW but in his career too, he knows that he is the one with the skills to do what he does and has gotten his position on his own. So awesome watching him challenge ZY when she wanted WW to leave, yes she might be putting in good words for him but he's the one doing the work and essentially bringing in the profit so I would assume the big bosses know who is more important and capable. I love that he still openly pursues WW and has never once tried to hide or deny his feelings for her. The scene where they both drink at the park after the office confrontation was perfect in showing just how much these two know eachother and how much their relationship has developed. KF and DW continue to make me laugh out loud. I was waiting for KF to realise that she actually liked DW and jealous in denial KF was hilarious. I love that DW became a puppy following KF around when he realised she was such a loyal friend. They are adorable and so fun to watch. I really wish this drama was more than 13 episodes. I need more JL and PG! They are perfect for eachother and suit this drama genre so much. Next week looks drama filled with some noble antics from WW and looks like KH leaves the press conference they've worked so hard towards to pursue WW. I definitely think HY will grow up and leave WW alone after he figures out that she didn't cheat but does have real feelings for KH. I foresee ZY backing off too when she realises she doesnt have any sway over KH anymore. I highly doubt KH will lose his position because the product they've established is probably going to do extremely well and the bosses know they can't lose him. I cannot wait for KH and WW to finally get together!!!! Looks like he meets her at their special karaoke booth too! Can't wait for the next episode
  11. @Dezzys I can totally see some noble idiocy from WW too which I can actually understand in her situation but I really hope that doesn't happen because she needs to see that she deserves happiness just like everyone else and not worry about what everyone else thinks. I wish we got more angst and moments of them together like in the first few episodes, this show is at its best when PG and JL are burning the screen with their explosive chemistry (and Jasper's sexy smile and dimples of course!). Yes I agree about KH and KF! I've commented quiet a few times on how much I love KF but when you put her and KH together as WW's life support, they are both just pure gold! KF has always been on team KH because she can see how much he genuinely cares about WW and she saw that WW had already developed feelings for KH a long time ago. KF has certainly played a big part in WW finding herself as well. KH also treats KF with admiration and respect too, you can see that he admires her confidence. Big contrast to HY who just roughly pushed KF out of the way when she was trying to defend WW. @aggiesbaby thanks for clarifying that scene! I didn't understand what they were saying but could catch the gist of it. Everything HY has been doing is pure selfishness and for his own benefit whereas KH has done nothing but grow and prove himself. Yes KH was definitely the trigger for WW in opening her eyes to the fact that she deserves more and giving her the confidence and encouragement she needed. I had just hoped the break up could have happened earlier in the drama though like episode 7 or 8 so all of this drama could have occurred earlier and then we could have lots of happy WW and KH moments and maybe even some WW chasing KH moments too. It is a short drama though so completely understand that the drama needed more time to develop the relationships and characters. Another long week to go before the next episode! I can't wait for WW and KH to finally get together!
  12. I'm still waiting for subs but very glad and proud of WW for not backing down and being manipulated by HY anymore. Even more proud of her for not backing down to ZY too. This was a good episode to show us just how far WW has come. I do wish the break up had happened sooner though because I would have liked to see more of WW showing her feelings for KH too. At this point, looks like we'll only get more romantic scenes between KH and WW in the last episode. I do wish this drama was longer than 13 episodes and not just 1 episode per week KH just makes me love him more and more after each episode. He has truly shown just how much he loves and cares for WW. He knows when to back off and when to be there. Big contrast from the start when he was intrigued and attracted to WW and couldn't help himself from staying away. They have both come so far in getting to know eachother and their relationship has really developed into friendship, respect and mutual attraction. HY and ZY should just get together lol both are selfish and dramatic when they don't get their own way. ZY wants a successful man so she can play the perfect wife and HY wants someone who lets him call the shots and doesn't complain. They are actually essentially perfect for one another if you think about it lol I did not like it all when HY appeared at the office after WW had made it pretty clear that she didn't want him around. I especially didnt like it when he pushed KF out of the way and was practically yelling in WW's face in the room no brownie points for you there mister.. I love KF and DW, they are hilarious. Such great comedic timing from the more serious moments. I can't wait for him to fall for KF! Next week's episode looks drama filled. I hope HY's boss doesn't come in and try interfere now with business/relationship stuff too. Surely it doesn't take that many other companies to assist in launching a product from an already established company right? I'm not sure how much more clear KH can be to ZY too.. anyways looking forward to watching WW finally realise her true feelings for KH and lots of romantic scenes between the two!
  13. Oh he is so handsome I was watching GMP again lastnight and fell in love all over again haha @Erafera1 oohhh I'll need to give Novoland a try! Gosh I'll end up being an ahjumma crushing on another young actor again haha CXX all over again might see you over there!
  14. Hopefully the subs for ep 10 come out soon cos I can only assume what's happening at the moment.. so I'm guessing HY got a house approval in Shanghai or accepted into something in Shanghai? HY is still being selfish and ignorant I see and ZY has stepped up her annoyance game.. did she give KH more insight into the abortion or is she just being her usual pest of a self using the chairwoman (I think it's the chairwoman or possibly chairman's wife or something, lady with the short hair)? He didn't seem too happy after their convo in the office. I do wish this episode focused more on our two leads.. there are only 3 episodes left so I'd rather not spend too much time on HY, ZY or the business stuff.. some parts are necessary for drama/tying up loose ends purposes but we really don't need a lot of time spent on them.. we're all mainly here for WW and KH after all anyways! Ep 11 looks intense. Hopefully this is the last we get of dramatic HY and ZY. Like c'mon guys, HY are you that blind that you can't see how selfish, unappreciative and inconsiderate you've been? I highly doubt his apology is genuine, he's just trying to pull WW back in so he has her naive self back again to help contribute to his plan. I think WW has implied that she has gone further with KH out of anger at him and perhaps to prove that she isn't going to be guilt tripped again. And ZY, where do I start? KH has not shown one inkling that he will get back together with you! Please quit your antics, take your younger sisters advice and learn to live on your own and for yourself. Ok rant over haha I just hope we get some more progress on WW and KH. Their chemistry is too good to waste!
  15. Yeah I agree. He doesn't look happy to see her and/or he doesn't like her questioning their relationship. I thought he seemed a bit suss after the celebratory work drinks already. Even if he is stressed about work, he has done a pretty poor job of making up to WW given he pushed their wedding back without consulting her and didn't even invite her to stay in Shanghai with him.. I can't recall seeing clothes in the bed but the bed didnt appear to be flat either, not sure if the bump was big enough to be a person either but he just seems shady.. I can imagine him being stressed if he has cheated or if his feelings are starting to grow for his boss though because I do think he cares for WW just definitely not as much as he should. Maybe I'm just on team KH too much that I'm overthinking everything HY does now too? @Table122000 Yes 100%! I've watched A LOT of dramas (Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese and Thai) and can honestly say this was the best kiss/bed scene I've seen. Their first kiss was actually better than a lot of kisses I've seen before too in terms of chemistry and the kiss in itself. There is so much chemistry between JL and PG, it's really hard to describe. Like there is no awkwardness between them and it all just seems so natural. You can feel the emotions, angst, tension and longing between them. There was so much progress between them in ep 9, WW is becoming so comfortable and happy around KH. I can't wait to see what ep 10 brings!
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