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  1. The trailer is super cute and it’s like visual eye candy overload. Dilraba and Yang Yang are just both so insanely attractive, it’s just so pleasing to the eyes haha Anyways looking forward to this one!
  2. I need to watch the subbed episodes but my internet has been super laggy lately. I did see the new character arrive and kinda hope he isn’t the big boss.. he just isn’t what I was visioning the big boss to look like. That is a surprise! And I agree, I would think you need to be of sound mind to agree to marry. Perhaps she signed off on the marriage certificate prior to completely becoming mentally ill? Anyways this is drama land where anything is possible haha Off topic but I love JH. He is just so incredibly sweet. Who wouldn’t fall for him in real life.
  3. This ones gonna be so good, I can feel it. Love both leads and ZLS is the kind of actress who moulds right into her characters and is compatible with every actor she’s paired with. I just cannot wait!
  4. @Table122000 gosh I hate when they cut kiss scenes in a drama! Do they not realise that’s one of the main reasons we watch!? Oh cool PP has uploaded episode 13 so I’ll have to get watching! He has a good personality on top of the looks so hopefully it was just a writing error. He is a total package haha
  5. I’m enjoying this drama so far. It’s very sweet and easy flowing. As a fan of ZLS, I’m naturally drawn to this drama too haha Storyline is simple and nothing extremely new but I’m not super fussy when it comes to storyline’s provided the chemistry between the leads is good and the storyline doesn’t take any absurd twists or turns. ZLS is always wonderful and is nailing the chemistry with LT. Honestly I’m yet to see her in a drama where I don’t ship her with the male lead. She’s one of those wonderful actresses who just nail the chemistry with every single actor she’s paired with!
  6. I haven’t logged on for a while but can’t miss popping into this thread when I do! Forever a shipper of these two and still cannot believe they are officially together. I imagine they have the most wonderful, supportive, encouraging and mature relationship and I am patiently waiting for a wedding announcement. I still think we will get it before the end of this year!
  7. This drama is a surprising delight and I’m sad to see how underrated it is. I love this kind of storyline where there’s a separation then a reunion a few years later and I’m always sold when the chemistry is good and it certainly is darn good here. I love how fast paced this drama is too. The ML is sooo handsome. My goodness, he is like the definition of swoon worthy! People who haven’t watched are definitely missing out lol I’m currently waiting to watch the last 4 episodes with subs so might rewatch some of my favourite scenes while I wait. I did cave and watched the la
  8. @JoyceDreamer sorry I haven’t read the manga so can’t help you but my theory to your second question is yes, I absolutely think the main leads will marry, not only cos they’ve actually fallen for each other, but because of the marriage agreement too. I was actually thinking about this while watching too haha I’m reallyyyyyyyyyyy hoping for a happy ending for both our main couples!
  9. @ipohtown ahhhh yes that makes sense! I haven’t read the manga but I’m sure there’s a lot more back story to everyone. Do you know if there’s an English translation? I actually like Prince Qin and really enjoy the flashbacks of him and LCG. LCG’s ‘dad’ didn’t seem like a very nice man either and it seemed like LCG’s mum was scared of him so I wonder if he took Prince Qin’s love (LCG’s mum) as an act of power or authority. I’m really eager to learn more about everyone and watch their characters develop. Might have to try find snippets of the manga for now cos it’s so har
  10. Replaying the soundtrack again. I still haven’t found a drama since this one with main songs that I loved so much. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years now since this wonderful drama aired. Is there really no chance of a part 2?? Maybe a modern day version of their love story in their next life. Pretty please
  11. I binge watched all of the current episodes and I’m HOOKED so I just had to come praise this drama. I think they really got the casting spot on. Everyone has moulded right into their character and I truly believe every emotion each character portrays and feel invested in basically all the main characters. The storyline is not entirely new but it’s being done right. I love a good revenge drama but when you get the chemistry and casting right, it just makes the drama that extra bit more special. I am also someone who is always there for the chemistry and romance and I can already see an
  12. Exciteeddd! I love both leads! JKY has great chemistry with all his leads and I can never get enough of SHK! I particularly loved him with Lim Soo Jung and SHK and LSJ both have that incredibly timeless, classic and elegant beauty and aura about them so I think he will pair very well with SHK. Looking forward to it!
  13. Anyone watching this one yet? Plot reminds me of DOTS, which is a good thing cos I loved that drama and always happy to watch something similar haha I’m in need of something new and addictive so might have to give it a shot!
  14. I was trying to stick it out until all episodes were released on viki but I made the mistake (like usual lol) of checking this forum and reading everyone’s comments so now I’m just going to give in and watch haha Wallace is always so charismatic and handsome
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