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  1. What an episode! Props to LJK for bringing out the emotions even more in episode 11. So sad that after all this time, DHS still thought he couldn’t love but he had already been showering his beautiful family with so much love, care and affection. I’m glad that JW knew how he felt just by his actions. I hope DHS’s noona finally works up the courage to tell the truth soon. It’s clearly been bothering her and I understand that she’s scared but how could you throw your family under the bus like that? I also get that she just wants to investigate the accomplice case a bit more for her b
  2. Soooooo good!!!! I love how this drama just keeps progressing so well!! And I’m so glad that DHS finally knows that JW knows the truth about him. First episodes to really make me cry. Particularly the flashback where DHS asked JW to trust him and when he told her he wanted to be a decent person for her. The moments between JW and DHS are just so heartbreaking and bitter sweet. I really feel for both of them. Ok so BMW is likely the accomplice. I was pretty convinced it was BHS but episode 10 seems to highlight BMW’s dark side even more. It’s been pretty apparent that he’s se
  3. Ok can they just announce that they’re dating already!?!?!? Seriously, I was hoping we would get something by now haha I’m still hopeful though and will continue to be until I hear otherwise! Just finished watching my fav scenes in CLOY again too and every time I watch, I feel the insane chemistry between these two all over again. So rare to find a pair who’s chemistry just flows on/off screen. They are just so well suited in every single way. I could not contain my excitement after the first dating rumours occurred and I still remain hopeful that we will get some good ne
  4. It’s funny how my mind just keeps flipping between possible theories when I read other peoples comments haha such great theories in here! The figure of the accomplice could certainly be female but I still think it could be the real BHS because I thought he had longer hair and he also seems to have a slimmer frame too. I absolutely think it would be an awesome twist if the accomplice is someone we least expect but I think an even better twist would be if DHS’s dad wasn’t a serial killer after all. He certainly doesn’t appear to be evil in the flashbacks, it’s the hallucinations that appear in D
  5. Such a great drama and so much progress in the last two episodes. I absolutely love JW. She wants to solve the case and yet still has faith and trust in her husband. I think watching the videos and learning more about him allowed her to see things a bit more from his perspective. I felt so sad for her when DHS said he didn’t love her but I hope she understands that he does in fact love her, he just doesn’t know what love feels like even though he’s already living it. I thought it was great how she didn’t become spiteful though and instead put their child first and she knows how great of a
  6. I’m so glad I stumbled on this! I always watch dramas that are more on the romance scale but something about this caught my interest and then I just ended up binge watching the first 4 episodes. I almost wish I’d just waited till all the episodes came out but where’s the fun in that I’m thinking DHS’s sister murdered the village head but I feel like it was out of self defence (maybe he tried to attack her?) and DHS took the blame for it. He may have an anti social disorder but he does not seem evil to me at all, he more so seems as though he just plays to everyone’s predictions/idea
  7. Oh man I wish I wasn’t so behind! I’m still waiting for subbed episodes but have been cheating by trying to find any clips and unsubbed episodes on YouTube lol I loved the original Taiwanese version and watched it so long ago but it still remains as one of my most favourite dramas. This one is my favourite remake probably because the chemistry is fantastic but I also just like the character styling and progression a little more than the others. I’ll be back to comment later once I’ve finished watching and will enjoy reading everyone’s comments for now
  8. Yay I’m so relieved we got a happy ending!! I was pretty convinced we would but I did also think we might get an open ending too so I’m glad that wasn’t the case. It hadn’t actually crossed my mind that TE and LG would continue to live in their own universe and just see each other every weekend but this seems to be the most logical solution for the time being seeing as each counterpart is still alive. I was fairly convinced that TE would end up in KOC but the ending was pleasantly satisfying to me. I definitely think this is just an interim measure though and they will work out a w
  9. I’m still waiting for the last two episodes to be entirely subbed but I’m very happy we got a happy ending. I absolutely love how the last scene looped right back to the very first time JS and JH met. He had already noticed her all the way back then
  10. I think with these types of storyline’s, there are always going to be different theories and potential loopholes but I always enjoy a good analysis and I think a good more complex drama should allow people to express their different interpretations, which is what this drama is doing. I quiet liked that when LG was travelling through time, he created additional memories with TE. I also thought this was his way of communicating with her given he knew she would have been worried about him. He was unable to stop LR when he travelled back to 1994 and once he realised he would need to sl
  11. Just under half an hour before episode 15 is available in Australia. I’m going to refrain from reading the spoilers in here for once haha I loved episode 14 because it really highlighted LG and TE’s love and devotion for one another. Those extra little memories LG was adding into TE’s life made me teary eyed, it was very sweet. The last hug was lovely and I love that she made her past self hug him too (at least that’s how I interpreted it). It was a nice little bonus that he didn’t forget her but rather, that was him during that point in time so he was a little surprised that she s
  12. Oh man he is just so insanely handsome but I’m going to have choose The King for both. I don’t know if he just looks more mature or has grown even more into his already insanely good looks or if I’ve just missed seeing him on the screen but I just love his style, charisma, demeanour and basically just everything about him in The King
  13. @aya02 oh my goodness really!? That’s the first I’ve ever heard of a drama episode being cancelled to air a movie.. how could they do this to us?? Haha
  14. Wow some of the theories in here are crazy good, I swear you guys could write your own drama lol this thread is also moving so fast, it’s almost impossible for me to keep up! I must have missed it but can someone please clarify why episode 13 and 14 are being released late in Australia this week? I stayed awake late last night waiting for the next episode lol And has episode 13 already aired in SK? Does TE actually pass away or is that a theory??
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