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  1. oKAY I Found this. Is this what you are looking for?? Especially the last shot. Don't thankS me, THANKS HER. All her hardwork and candy to our eyes.
  2. We don't have a rumors about PMY and KJW yet is because the majority of the fans here are mature fans, We mostly that enjoyed the whole HPL drama and we analyse the character and plot (if I am using the right word) ie how we watch how the drama roll out LGBT, Korean adoption in the 70s and couples equal rights, etc etc. We may fantasize about this relationship and we may fang-lion (HPL fangirl) about them but we don't enforce it and we don't bash and if we have nothing nice we don't say it. Also if you notice the shipper thread is not that active is because lesson learned from the previous drama it got into such a situation was because of the media if I remember correctly they got some of their proof from the shippers thread.
  3. aHHH... I feel cheated of my bed scenes... Come On PD nim stop trolling us
  4. I'm not going to sleep.(Eyes closing bit by bit and going to stick tooth pik so that they keep open).. I'm going to start with Ep11 and binge till EP15 real time.
  5. @NaYouSabi?I love you !!! That's a direct confession. LOL Please keep up with your script. Someday some writernim is going to take you up. You are very good. That makes may day go faster. Anymore coming? Give me a shout which forum you are in I'll be there just for your posts
  6. I thought so too. I seems kinda of odd that the picked HPL up almost immediately after WWWSK. Hmmmm is it because of Lion Si?? Well after this she is definitely going for a long vacation to detox
  7. You said it all gurl Every drama his was in as a second lead he holds the presence, the vibe that he gives makes your knees weak. LOL that's why I read his company has been trying to convince him to take leading roles, moreover from the bts from other dramas most of the ladies practically falls in love with him. Just imagine it took us 2 hours (ie 2 episode) to completely fall in love with him. what happens to those whom work with him everyday for 8 weeks.. PMY is not losing much to KJW. Our Fiesty Queen of Rom Com LOL makes every single leading man whom works with her falls in love with her.
  8. Thank you. I was thinking of the same thing but do know how to write it out. If I'm not mistaken both YJ and DM got attached to each other when he was gone, DM is devasted and cried alot and had nightmare waking up crying. This was mentioned in one of the scene.
  9. I have a serious QUESTION TOO!!! How come no one noticed how he rubbed his head on her lap in the first gif???
  10. Honestly I don't think that it's only us whom will have withdrawal. Our OTP will have a big withdrawal too. I heard that after each drama the actors have to take time off to collect their feelings and go back to reality to distinguish what real and acting and here they are bumping of each other with their ad lip. Everything is real PMY always goes for a holiday after each drama with her mom. I am really going to miss them when it ends. Till their next project
  11. I think Min Young were trying to hide the redness with her hands. LOL
  12. True it does nothing for the ratings but the YT clicks pays. I think it went over 1M just imagine the extra payout for the TV station.
  13. You mean this LOL It would be better 2 older siblings on his left and right. Life managed by the kids. OMG... Season 2
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