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  1. Thank you. I was thinking of the same thing but do know how to write it out. If I'm not mistaken both YJ and DM got attached to each other when he was gone, DM is devasted and cried alot and had nightmare waking up crying. This was mentioned in one of the scene.
  2. I have a serious QUESTION TOO!!! How come no one noticed how he rubbed his head on her lap in the first gif???
  3. Honestly I don't think that it's only us whom will have withdrawal. Our OTP will have a big withdrawal too. I heard that after each drama the actors have to take time off to collect their feelings and go back to reality to distinguish what real and acting and here they are bumping of each other with their ad lip. Everything is real PMY always goes for a holiday after each drama with her mom. I am really going to miss them when it ends. Till their next project
  4. True it does nothing for the ratings but the YT clicks pays. I think it went over 1M just imagine the extra payout for the TV station.
  5. You mean this LOL It would be better 2 older siblings on his left and right. Life managed by the kids. OMG... Season 2
  6. Calling all the CSI, sorry I dont know how to input GIFs. Could someone take a look at Ep12 preview. There is a part where RG sat with a lady at the orphanage with and apple tree background. Is that DM?? or DM look alike??
  7. You're right that's not they way to reach out to an adult, but that's the way you speak when you are in love. I don't know where you are but here in Canada it a very common practice or more it's a culture. We compliment to encourage bonding. You might find it fake when you hear 'Oh!, you look pretty today' or 'that color suits you' (something like that) this is the greetings we use after our Good morning. To you it may sound off but to us it sounds natural when you in love like RG and DM.
  8. It's in 1hour 30 minutes and counting down the minutes. BTw it's 0410 hours here in Canada. Can't wait
  9. I see that lots of international fans, just a bit disapointed in Korea. I was hoping that it will somewhat at 5 -7% ratings. No matter HPL hwaiting. I am so hoping when Shi An finds out that she is, he will be Noona this and Noona that and he hogs her. RG will then EXCUSE ME she is mine. Love to see them bickering for her attention.
  10. @NaYouSabi? Please do more we need your wonderful input and translation of HPL to get us thru Fri to Tue... It's hard when we have nothing to talk about.
  11. @Odine Kamsa Hamida....OMG Jessica Taimi that is soo good. I would have believed it's a new drama. Editing was prefect how she place all the parts according to the BGM. LOL Now we need PDnim to get the gist for the next couple of episode.
  12. I am not good with words but would like to say I really enjoy this thread. I am having such a bad symptom of STS and refreshing this thread every 30 minutes to see what's going on. i'm am sort of sure they are aware of the sloppy edits these are years of experience Directors and editors, I think the PDnim and the actors have a very good understanding they sort of discuss what is the main point and what their story and trust the actors carry out their profession. Therefore the adlips and impromto actions. They added them because they think this is a better scene or shot and us being the the audience will enjoy seeing them and throw everything out the window. I am just so glad they added them in, it became more dreamy and spicy. So what it's a wood or the scarf. We are analysing they kiss slow mode and shot by shot. LOL As a PMY fan I see that KJW is a true challenge for her, it upped her game. LOL As he has done lots of other interesting characters and done mature drama. I think she knows she can play hard and still feel safe with oppa KJW.. Coming back to the drama. I feel sorry for EunGi. For a person whom has loved DM since high school and stuck with her with all her ups and down to be snatched away. I know I just love our DM and RG but as a normal person I think I'd behave like EG it's desperation and jealousy. RG is stealing his BFF whom he hopes to make his wife.
  13. Me too. Honestly this is one of the drama that makes me laugh and cry at the same time. Laughing at their quirky expression. I have always admired PMY's acting and how she has all those micro expressions. Now KJW how those tiny little worry turns into relief. Kudoos to PMY when you think she cannot top the previous lead actor's chemistry, she works it and makes it look good and natural. Really how many all of us thought their chemistry was unbeatable now we have another one to add to her list. Our Queen of chemistry. Fighting LOL - The video editor did not die while editing. Every second and minute of the video in BTS he is wondering is this allowed to release isn't this PG-R. The ones we are watching is PG-19 after editing. @fangirldeokjil94 you're now everyone's envy.
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