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  1. Flash back to the early 2000s...the song that got me into Kpop <3 BoA
  2. True !!! ......daymm... the thoughts of pineapple on pizza...mmm...actually, the thoughts of pizza itself....I now have cravings..... AHAHAHAHHA. Next person enjoys sleeping in on the weekends.
  3. 482 Heya @MinLyn . yeah I rarely post in here these days. The forums is also acting like poopoo and sometimes doesnt load properly. =/
  4. Just caught up with the new 2 eps.....this bit was a bit odd to me hahahahaha. Like OK, im a guy, but im pretty sure most girls dont wear high heels at home when they wake up or are having trouble sleep and go out of their room etc. LMFAO And here we see the flamboyant Mun Yeong in emerald green high heels right after she cant sleep.... hahahahaha I like this light blue outfit though.........Legs
  5. Team Add has plenty of people, so I don't need to step in. Also have no points either. Back to watching kdramas.
  6. Gongcha or Xin Fu Tang I need my Bubble Milk Tea with pearls .... hahaha
  7. Well, just caught up to Ep 11 n 12. The writers definitely make you dislike JaeHyeok and NoEul like HEAAPPSSS....hats of to Ji Hoon and Na Eun though, they play their characters well. But I do like every cute adorable warm fuzzy UWU interaction between HaeKyung and DoHee So simple but i loved this scene lots. Eating good food with someone you adore.....with some cringey moves like feeding each other. hahaha I wantssss. hahaha Seeing Ayoung and Keanu get together is super awesome. happy feels there hahaha The story behind Keanu and JaeHyeok is interesting, hopefully a good outcome in the coming episodes. The sadness of HK's mum and DH parents I'd hope for a good outcome in the following episodes too, but im probably asking for too much....heh. Time to wait for the next 2 episodesssss..... UWU
  8. OmG its happeninggg hahahha, I think I jumped into this thread too early before ep 11 and 12 are out...sauceyyyyy hehehehehe, gonna be heaps of warm and fuzzy feels UWU
  9. interesting episode, the near ending with flashbacks got me sad Hits the feels emotion for me. Joo Ri is soo mysterious, seems like theres more to her. Moon Young's mum, would be crazy cool if when the face is revealed its a cameo from another celeb....like IU or something since KSH did a cameo in hotel del luna. haha The manager guy Sang In.....man that guy is always on rage mode. LOL. Unfortunately, not much legs this episode from Moon Young She was very pretty in the white dress though.
  10. hahaha she definitely wanted her hands on that. This just made me LOL at everything that had to do with this patient. Her outfit for this episode.....sooo hot...LEGS PLEASE!
  11. Just watched Ep 4, starting to warm up to Saet Byul now, as for Yeon Joo, yeah nah starting to dislike her. LOL. Dae Hyun ( Chang Wook ) is a bit of a dork haha, weird for me to see him in a role like this, seen him in a few other dramas, but they were like serious ones. hahaha Dal Sik is soooooooo weirdly creepy but good in a sense that he us used to break the tension in some scenes. What a way to end the episode...cant wait for next week....sooo far away...
  12. Still love the girls, but finding it a bit tricky to like the new song 'How you like that'. Its a bit......eehhh.....
  13. [ no number post, dont include in] Thanks @angelangie
  14. [ no number post, dont include in] @angelangie I see, bit of a shame she has to go through pages just to figure out the number because people dont follow the rules dont you think? Shes not really the thread owner and shouldnt have to do that just to find out what number to post correctly and have the next few people mess it up. Need some policing in here i reckon. Have some penalties aye.
  15. @angelangie no worries, thanks. [ no number ]
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