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  1. Nope. I feel no sorry for Eun Go & Choi Daout. Like hello you've got all the time before, but why now? Yesterday's episode was kinda special to me. Like yeah I enjoy watching the cute / funny scenes (even without sub) but that ending. She consoles him. She never ask him anything, she acknowledges how sensitive he is now. Just hug. I'm glad that he's slowly accept her concern and she of course trying best to make he feel better. The fact that they are both so receptive to each other's feelings, that they are so empathetic of each other, is such a beautiful thing. There are always be a safe space where both of them can let their guards down and become completely vulnerable. Tears are not a sign of weakness though. Those tears a sign of strength, love and trust. A man who are able to access his emotions can do so because he’s confident of their masculinity and feel comfortable in front of the woman who he’s crying to. Man, I definitely gonna have sick withdrawal symptoms when HPL ends
  2. It's exclusive on rakuten viki app, not available on web. Surely sooner someone will upload on youtube. . . Oh my Wednesdays seems so far away. I miss our lion . . Btw if anyone wondering what song did DM hummed here it's Loving You by Minnie Riperton
  3. Rrrrryan Gold. I keep falling in love with him. He's so cute today ottokee?! Btw why in next week preview clip he crying?!!
  4. Of course it has babe. It's manga though, even more than that is common. Now first thing next is time to admit he knows bout her fangirl life and he's totally fine about that so EG can no longer butt in. I can't stand his immature act, makes me always want to skip his scenes. .. No, I mean what I wish first thing in today's episode 10 is the encore of the kiss with asmr, no bgm
  5. Thisss. I really wanna give him a hug. He wasn't even mad or annoyed by her, just so embarrassed. Our lion
  6. I love how they sorted they problem real fast. I love Sung curator being naive. I love Ryan being so considerate. Even if he's not I still love him, he do nothing I also love him. He just breathe I also love him. Pardon me but why he's so fine?!
  7. I seconded. Never feel so much like this to other drama before/ever. Now partayyyyy (read= replay the kiss scene) while waiting for the sub version.
  8. I mean that kiss may not be extraordinary than the imaginary kiss before...but the feel. I swear I don't know what they're talking about but ughh that feeling. My heart pounding damn fast. Finally they're happy
  9. You guys...I just finished watching the raw. I just want to say, I can die smiling now
  10. Ditto. One of the reason I addicted to this drama. Little things may seem nothing but very meaningful to me. Not just by the leads but also co-stars. The comedic part also done without exaggerated expressions/reactions. Like Jaewook, he has these small, subtle reactions that makes scenes funny yet natural.
  11. "I just want to repeat everyday things with you.." - Lee Hae Ri (Maybe)
  12. I thought am the only person who don't want their first kiss to be rush. I put trust on writer-nim. It will come at the right time and place.
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